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(_*_The ƸӜƷ Effect_*_)B O R N With This C U R S E

My name is Pandora Smith. Im wat they call "special" at dis school,but theres nothing special about bein half demon its a CURSE.I've killed before s*** we all have...but can u blame us we were born this way.

If u wanna be in it-


I'm proud of jasmine violence solves stuff I wudnt hav le her spit in my face n I hope she dnt kill but she shud almost b near there them stupid hoes ugh cnt stand ppm lik eat n sht we shud plays double Dutch that wud b fun if we so bord. N mhmn this heffa ain't tell us she was engaged she suppose to b our girl lol run it

<strong> At Gym.Free Period <strong>

<strong>With Nic,Pandora,Jasmine,Soso,and La'nia<strong>

Jasmine:god im so f***ing bored*falls out on the bleachers*
Soso:oh shutup
Nic:*pops her gum*lets play double dutch
Pandora:*plucks her in the head* nobody feel lik doing the bull
La'nia:*laugs* ya'll some lazy ass hoes
Soso:yo momma heffa
Nic:ugh! so what the hell we doin
Jasmine:word like i dont wanna sit here
Pandora:so txt ya "boo" diggy
Soso:*under her breath*why yu aint txtn yo boo cory
Pandora:*yellin*that aint boo damn*sucks her teeth*
Nic:yeah right you fronter you know you want him i dont know why yu fronting
Everyone Except Pandora:*cracks up*
Pandora:whatever i do not
La'nia:yea yea yea you say that s*** now
Jasmine:i know this "engaged" heffa aint tlkin s***
Nic:word! the nerve of her
La'nia:oh gosh!! *laughs* im sorry guys okay sheesh
Pandora:hmmm...apology not accepted
La'nia:*laughs* truely i am sorry i love you guys i would never keep that from ya'll i just wanted to wit till my fiancee was okay with commin out with the news
Soso:hmmmm... i guess we accept then
La'Nia:awwww thank u thank u thank u*hugs them all tight*
Nic:*short of breath*cant....breathe....titty....blockin....air
(the gym doors open and chasity *corey's gf* and her friends rain and erica walkin in)
Chasity:ha...well who do we have here..isnt it the sneaky b**** that wants my man
Pandora:b**** plz back the f*** up out my face with your breath smelling lik straight ass and for the record i dont want your man he wants me *rolls her eyes*
Chasity:b**** please you wish he wanted your sorry ass
Soso:god just go away damn your breath is killin the ozone
Rain:so is the smell commin from between your legs
Soso:*raises her eyebrow* b**** dont ever get me confused with your mother my pussy stay clean ...f*** you thought this was
Nic:look can you hoe just fly away already*fans her self with her hand*
Jasmine:word like your stank is starting to turn my stomach
Chasity:if i was u goofy b****es i'd shut the f*** up
Erica:word*snaps her fingers*
La'nia:rachet b****es *shakes her head*
Erica:funny trey doesnt seem to think im soo rachet *smirks*
La'nia:*raises her eyebrow as she gets up* wat did she say *chuckles,and tries to punch erica in the face*
(soso grabs her back)
Pandora:just dimiss ya'll selves before ya'll get hurt *her eyes turn black for a momment*
Chasity:*rolls her eyes and turns around to walk away wth erica and rain*
(rain turns around and tries to spit on soso but it lands right n jasmine's face)
Jasmine:*her eyes turn black and she grabs rain's hair slamming her into the ground as she jumps on top of her and starts to punch in her face as rain scratches away at her hands*
Erica & Chasity:*move forward like their about to jump in*
La'nia& Pandora:*blocks them off*
Jasmine:starts choking rain as she slams her in head into the blenchers,finally gets up off her but grabs her head in the position to snap her neck*
Pandora:*yells*Jasmine NOOOOOO!
Jasmine:*grins at her friends and.............*

Srry if its short but still RUN IT!!

Run it.!!!!!

ima add later soooo yea run it a bit more

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh me and trey gettin married.! *whoot whooot* lol haa

I wanna see their powers more

Run it

Lmao shad is so fat. N me n Trey I will beat his a$$ if he dnt stop playn so much. N yay we goin to da club imma b dancin n not paying attention to nuthn run it

Lol run all of this

<em><strong>At Lunch<em><strong>

Chris:so wat ugly
Tyga:plz u guys dnt start again not again lol
Trey:wrd ya'll two go at it lik sister and brother
Soso:i kno u not tlkin the way yu and nic bicker
Corey:lol wrd
Jasmine:lol cus those 4 are nuttin but lil ass kids at heart
Diggy:nobody asked yu (plucks her in the head)
Jasmine:imma f*** u up(holdin her head)
Diggy:(falls out laughing)
everyone but diggy and jasmine:(shakes their head and laughs)
Nic:anyways i dnt bicker trey is just ....ughhhh
Trey:and your sooo....ewwwww
Nic:(flips him off)
Asia:lol ya'll are a mess
Chris:lol (whispers to her) and im trynna mess with u
Asia:(rolls her eyes) wateva loser (makes an L with her fingers and puts it up to her forehead)
Soso:lol stop frontin asia
Tyga:(wraps his arms around soso's waist) wrd stop frontin on my bro
Trey:ohhhh...i got something to tell ya'll
Lania:(looks at trey) yu mean we got something to tell them
Trey:(smiles) yea we......we're getttin married yu guys
Lania:(shows her ring)
Pandora:whoa wen we're ya'll ever a couple
NIc,Asia,Jasmine:wrd lol
Lania & Trey:since nunya lol
Diggy:i kno i'd lik to be a couple with somebody(takes a sip of his soda and looks at jasmine)
Jasmine:dnt look at me .....
Soso:stop frontin
Tyga:(pecks soso's cheek) wrd
Asia:(makes a disgusted faace) can ya'll stop being sooo......ew lol
Chris:stop hatinf=....we cud be lik dat too if you'd stop frontin
Corey:she aint the only one(looks at pandora and rolls his eyes)
Pandora:yu got a "girl" remember kno yu wifey yu just gotta kum claim the throne(makes a gesture to his d***)lol
Pandora:(rolls her eyes) no thnks i'll pass
Everybody but corey and pandora:(falls out laughin)
Corey:lol ok but just remember we'll be waiting for you (pats his d***)
Tyga:lol anyways we still didnt make no plans for the weekend
Trey:wrd wat r we doin
Chris:lets go to the movies and den clubbin and den idk
Shad:im with it (stuff his mouth with fries)
Nic:(looks at shad and shakes her head) me too
Shad:(mouth full) wat( looks at nic)
Nic:nothing lol
Trey:ummm.......hmmmmm lol(eyes nic )
Lania:dnt start with her baby
Chris:ugghhhh......stop it with da lovey dovey crap my wife acttin up so i dnt wanna see it
Asia:who ya wife (looks around)
everyone but asia:YOU!
Asia:(rolls her eyes)lol

<em><strong>*the bell rings*<em><strong>

Pandora:ugh plans will have to wait i got gym

<em>(everybody leaves out and heads to their last class<em>\

srry if its kinda short but imma trynna update my other sotry as well
run it

Ok no problem

So i wnt be addin until tuesday for these reasons:
1 i wnt be able to get to a computer this weekend
2ive got things to do
3monday is my son's bday so ima really be busy

dnt wrry tho i will add tuesday.I PROMISE

omg i loove it!! sos i havent run it its cuz i been busy with skool work!! but i love it and yhhh i looooooooooooooooove frontin but diggy u know u my boo!!

-from Kush

With Soso,Tyga,Jasmine,Diggy,La'nia,Trey

Jasmine:wrd dat man is just too mm mm good
Diggy:(rolls his eyes)
Lania:(laughs,pinches his cheek)aw is sum one jealous
Diggy:(pushes ha off)no....players dnt get jealous
Trey:(laughs)u tellem pimpin pimpin
Tyga:where is dat black nigga
Soso:look dnt be tlkin bout my boo....(gets cut off)
Tyga:(gets in a face)your who
Soso:(backs away a lil)nothin
Tyga:(laughs)dats wat i thought
Soso:(flips him off & wlks away)
Tyga:(smacks her butt,winks & blows her a kiss)
Soso:(rolls her eyes)
Jasmine:wat was dat about
Soso:i dnt kno
Lania:y not
Soso:cus i aint with fightin b****es
Jasmine:girl stop playin just go out already
Soso & Lania:(stares at ha)
Lania:u much as u front on diggy
Jasmine:(laughs)i just be playin he kno he my boo
Soso & Lania:(laughs)
Mr.Draleau:good morning class i kno im late but now that im here enough tlkin pull out ur books and study
(everyone pulls out their stuff)
txt messages
*Tyga & Soso*
Tyga:u never gave me an answer
Soso:i dnt kno...u a player
ill give dat up for u
i dnt kno....i aint w fightin jealous b****es
:man..even if we not together they gonna b jealous they kno u wifey
: =)
:yes i'll be ur girl

*Trey & Lania*
lol wen we gonna tell them
Trey:at lunch babe
ohok :) love u
Trey:love u too

*the bell rings*

Mr.Draleau:yall kno wat that means BOUNCE

(everyone leaves and heads for lunch)

Chapter 3 soon
Run it

I sent them to u soso

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How can I do it cuz I dnt see nun dat say forward or anything lik that

send it to me if you can & i'll post it

Sorry y'all it won't let me post for her on my ipod

LMAOO! Hell yeah Chris, I will be yo'
baby momz. <3 LOL! I love him.

Run it

Yooo run it

I like this story

aweeee! ty wanna be with me?!!
yea mrs. french thought she had
my muhfxckin phone, but nope!
asia too funny for callin her a hooker, lmao!
asia nic pandora r sum muthafxcka fools!



run it! ♥

Im goin to send it now but its gonna be more than one kus im on my phone

Jus message me The Otha half

Daaaaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnn he jus kissed me lik dat to shut me up dats what I lik he took control Whhooo he so sexy lol I can post the last half well I can try. I'm future moss yay

<em><strong> With Chris,Asia,Pandora,Corey,Nic,Shad <em><strong>

F/V:good morning class .... please take your seats
Asia:oh god..this hooker
Pandora & Nic:(snickers)
Chris:ya'll needs stop being some haters ...hating on <a href=",r:2,s:18&tx=101&ty=101">Ms.Boyderaya</a>
Corey & Shad:wrd (gives eachother dap_
Asia,Nic,Pandora:(roll their eyes)
F/v:today i'll give you each a planet you'll take care of lik its ur baby,change it feed it, care for it,sing to it
Nic(laughs and tries to cover it up with a cough)
Ms.Boyderaya:now any questions
Chris:(raisies his hand)
Ms.Boyderaya:wlks over and sits on his desk)yes Mr.brown
Nic & Pandora:(falls out laughin)
Ms.Boyderaya:(leans over showin her chest)
Chris:(studdering) umm...wat do
Shad:(laughs)i think he means wat do mean sing to it
Ms.Boyderaya:(laughs and caresses shad cheek) i mean thats the only way it'll grown/....(to the class) now go pick ur partners and i'll give u the plants
pandora:(nudges nic) yeo your turnin red
nic:that b**** must die
asia & pandora:(falls out laughin)
chris:Asia boo wanna be my baby momma
Asia:(rolls her eyes) why dnt you ask ms.boyderaya to be your babymomma
chris:quit playin (wraps his arm around her) you kno yu future mrs.brown(pecks her lips)
corey:dora wanna be my partner (pecks her lips)
pandora:(rolls her eyes) i guess
shad:Mrs moss you my partner
nic:(looks around) who you tlkin to
shad:( -_____-) girl quit playin you kno im tlkin to u
nic:(rolls her eyes) no i dnt kno cus....(gets cut off)
shad:(pecks her on the lips) lik i said im tlkin to you

RUN IT ........Imma need some one to add the last hlf of this chapter im at the library and its about to close so if you dnt mind havin to put the pics up den lemme know other den dat run it

Awh Ty wanna b wit her run it n yay shad n pandora got cool powers cnt wait to see how everyone else uses there's n lol I said shad is sooooo sexy

<em> <strong> *In Class* <em> <strong>

<strong> With Chris,Shad,Nic & Lania <strong>

F/v: ok clas todat we'll be learning how to push our powers...i kno your thinkin wat thats insane (eyes turn lavender)....well it wud be if we has limits (blinks and her eyes turn back) but we dnt (smiles)
La'nia:(whispers) this b**** crazy
F/V:Shad would you be the first to volunter
Shad:ok (wlks up to the front of the class)
F/v:ok now you see that apple i want you to make hlf of it disappear
Shad:Um....<a href="">Ms.WifflePiffle</a>(lol i kno) i dnt kno how to make "half " of anything disappear its either all or nothin at all
Ms.WifflePiffle:i kno mr.moss thats why this class is called Enhancement now just take a deep breath and relax ....clear your mind just picture hlf the apple in your mind
Shad:(stares at the apple,his eyes start turnin green)
NIc:(whispers) damn....his sooo sexy
La'nia:(falls out laughin)
(half the apple disappears, the class claps)
Shad:(eyes turn back normal) i did it (smiles)
WifflePiffle:(claps her hands bouncing up and down) good good
(Shad,Chris,Every other boy in the class stares at her tits bounce)
La'nia:(smacks chris in the back of his head) your drooling
Chris:(rubbing his head)Owww

<em>* bell rings*<em>

WifflePiffle:ok class see you nxt time bye bye (blows kisses)

<em><strong>With Asia,Trey,Corey,Asia<em><strong>

M/v:good morning class,hope everyone is well rested for today
Asia:(whispers to pandora) goddamn <a href="">Mr.French</a> is too sexy
Pandora:(whispers back) I kno he can put my body to rest anytime (laughs and slap fives with asia)
Corey:(Rolls his eyes)
Mr.French:Okay you (point to a student)Andrew come up here
Classmate 1:(steps up beside him)
Mr.French:Okay And you (points to pandora) come up
Pandora:(steps up on the other side)
Mr.French:okay face eachother (they do as he says) noe
Andrew your offense you attack by any means, Pandora you defense you prtect by any means got it?!? good!! now go
Andrew:(sends a sword flyin by lookin at it)
Pandora:(doges it by fallin to the floor,her eyes turn black,her hands turn red
Andrew:(tries to cut her with the sword)
Pandora(grabs the sword and melts it ,runs towards andrew drop kicking him,picks him up by his throat and slams him back onto the ground then punches him)
Mr.French:(claps)ok dats enough
Pandora:(wlks back ova to the rest of the class,her eyes and hands go back to normal)
Andrew:(gets up with his eye and neck burned)
Mr.french:go to the nurse sir
Andrew:(leaves out)

<em>*The Bell Rings*<em>

<em><strong>With Jasmine,Soso,Diggy<em><strong>

F/v:(slaps the ruler against the board)pay attention i wont say it again
Jasmine:(whispers) <a href=",r:0,s:0&tx=84&ty=33">Mrs.French</a> better tell mr.french stop frontin and give her da d*** already (shakes her head)
Mrs.French:wat was that jasmine
Jasmine:Nothin(fake smiles)
Diggy:Ah ha(sticks his tongue out at her)
Jasmine:(tries to slap him)
Mrs.French:(to jasmine and diggy) you two stop dat...(ti the class) ok today well be goin ova our history goin as far back as ....(to tyga) bring it here
Tyga:(looks up from his phone)(sucks his teeth)man
Mrs.French:do i look like a man to you
Tyga:(rasies his eyebrow)do you really want me to answer that
Mrs.French:thats it get out my classroom
Tyga:(throws up the dueces and wlks out)
Jasmine:(to asia) your man always gettin into trouble
Soso:(smirks)that aint my man
Diggy:(cuts in)yet
Mrs.French:(to diggy,jasmine,soso)do i have to kick ya'll out to with ur lil friend
Diggy,soso.,jasmine:(roll their eyes)no
Mrs.French:good(goes back to teachin)
Soso:(feels her phone viberate)

<em> *txt messages*
Tyga:why u aint follow me when she kicked me out
Soso:f*** im followin u for shuda ask dat hoe u was txtin to follow u
Tyga:i wasnt txtin no how i was txtin u
Soso:yea rite so send me da txt
Tyga:Sofia i've know you for a yr and hlf now i kno we're good friends but i wanna be more i want you to be my girl and someday in the future my wife <em>

Mrs.French:Sofia...brine it...(gets cut off)

<em> *the bell rings* <em>

Soso:(throws the dueces and wlks out)

Lmaooo runnn it

Run it me n Trey so childish


run it!

LMAO! They tooooo funny!
Run it!