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~~~~What liars fear most~~~( Revamped)

I walked through the double glass doors of a building that was the home of people that were unwanted and unloved. I clutched on to one small white envelope and my purse as I approached the receptionist desk wondering why I didn’t just turn back around, get in my car, and just drive off.

“Excuse me”. I called out in a nervous tone.

The receptionist looked up from her computer and gave me a warm smile

“Hi how can I help you” she said giving me her full attention

“I am here to see Abigail Williams.” I said

Her smile quickly turned into a frown

“Mam you must be mistaken Ms.Williams doesn’t allow visitors” she said in a stern tone

“No there’s no mistake she invited me here to come visit her” I said handing her the envelope with a letter enclosed in it

The receptionist quickly opened the envelope and skimmed over the letter. With a shocked expression she handed it back to me

“Im going to need you to sign in then take the elevator to the 2nd floor you will find ms.williams in room 204” she said as she handed me a clip board and turned back to her computer

As I looked at the sign in sheet attached to the clip board I could see that it was completely blank.


Walking down the hallway to room 204 gave me the chills. It was lined with doors and was filled with twist and turns leading to dead ends like a maze. It was very dimly lit because it had no windows. To make matters worse the door numbers were not in order which was very odd.

After what felt like an hour I decided to just give up but as I turned back around everything looked completely different.

“wtf”. I said to myself

Everything was now extremely bright and the hall I was walking down was now divided in two hallways going into two different directions. I turned to look behind me and the path I was walking down was now gone instead stood blank white wall. What the hell was going on I didn’t know if I should just knock on one of the doors for help or if I should just randomly pick a path and pray that it would lead me to the elevator.

As I was in the middle of thought my heart nearly stopped when I heard a blood curdling scream coming from behind one of the doors. I bolted down one of the halls no longer caring where it lead me I didn’t know what the f*ck was going on all I knew was the only thing that mattered was finding a way out of here.

(I'm re doing this story because I finally figured out how I want to end it)