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...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things <3 {2/7/12} FINISHED HALLELUJAH

- - this is gonna go a lil different then planned before. I don't remember everybody in it before so ima just write! then everything might flow then.



I walked into the house and saw my mom and dad fckin on the couch. I walked on the other side of the couch and watched my mom and dad fck. They didn't seem to mind so I continued to watch. I wanted to know why my mom was yelling so much...I didn't understand. My dad looked at me every now and would smile. "look chris" my dad said. I did exactly what he said and looked."this is how you get in that pussy". I got up and walked over to my parents and watched my dad. "you wanna try?" my dad asked me. I didn't understand what he mean't so I didn't answer. "boy I asked you a question" he said sternly. I cleared my throat and played dumb."sir?" I said scared. "I said do you wanna try...matter of fact, come on" my dad said. I didn't want to but I could tell disobeying my dad wasn't gonna turn out nice. My mom started crying and screaming because she didn't want me near her. I looked up at my dad because I didn't know what to do. "boy get in there". I started to walk away and I could hear my father footsteps coming right behind me. I started running and got caught by my dad. He started ruffing me up and beating me. I could hear my mom crying downstairs. It was probably because she knew she was next. Once my dad was done he brought me some toys and my mom some roses and nice jewelry. I didn't understand why my dad would beat me and then by my everything I want. It was crazy because I wouldn't get what I want on a regular but after getting my ass whooped that's when I got what I always wanted. I didn't complain because I love ...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things, they were the only things that made me happy..





f*ck you mean!


I hate everybody in this story except Martin!!!!!



Hoes got me cussing EARLY in the morning!




Ughhh, run it!

I swear I can't do this right now. i swear. I wanna come through the story sooooo f*cking bad! PUSSY ASS NIGGA!!!!! Ughhhh, go f*cking die somewhere.

Y'all hoes are a trip with y'all self in this story! Smh, the f*ck the world comes to?

Lol, I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOO F*CKING DONE! I <strong> HOPE</strong> Chris kills Cali because of how much he loves her, but she's scared and find out! He then realizes that he can't have her and blow her brains out!



yes chris got that bytch nigga mike.!!!! lol
i just hope he dnt get caught kuz him and cali need
each other. cali needs to just divorce martin and
be with chris and stop being a punk

Run It

Aww damn! He finally got him. Well that's really good that he got a job for him. I just hope he doesn't get arrested again. Btw, Chris was creepin me out too s*** it wasn't just Cali. Lol Update Soon

I think I changed my mind.... Ima just bring this story to a close with whateva numb chapter it land on cause setting a goal ion think gonna get it, just not feeling it no more-

27.) Time had blew like the wind outside. It's been 4 months since me and cali had been hitting it off. I was getting her right where I wanted her. I can finally say that I was actually "in" love with somebody. She was still married and working on a "divorce" she said. I wasnt worried because with her wrapped around my finger, I knew she wasnt going anywhere.

Cali encouraged me to get a job and I ended up finding one. I was a manager of 3 different departments at wal-mart. Yeah it was a typical job but sht money was money and plus I needed to continue to keep a roof over my head. I wasnt going back to the way I use to be. I looked at the way that I allowed myself to grow up. I knew I didn't have to be like my dad, I knew I didn't have to be the way that I am, but lowkey---- I was slowly changing all because of Cali. If it wasn't for her, I'd probably be better off still in jail. Tracy and I were still good friends and every since lauren died, I can say that she's been by my side every single time I needed a shoulder to cry on. I sometimes hated the fact that Cali couldn't do a lot because of her marriage. She still had to go home to him while I laid in a bed by myself. Sometimes she would lie and say she's spending the night with her girls and then come lay in my arms. I didn't feel bad because this was the women that God wanted me to be with and her only. Martin wasnt gonna be in the picture soon.

I got up and showered and got ready because today was a good day. I had mission 1 to accomplish. I would of gotten it together a while ago but work and sht started fcking with my plans. Once I was done I got everything together and headed out. I pulled up 3 blocks away from my destination. I been doing my research and studying and knew his every move. I started to walk toward this abandon house where a lot of drug dealing went down. I rolled up on <a href=",r:1,s:0">him</a> He quickly turned around and started laughin. "Long time no see chris" He said. "whats good nigga" I said. "what you doing round here and this neighborhood" He said looking around. "I was made for the streets" I said in a cold tone. We looked at each other. "I should be asking you what you doing round here" I said. He looked at me and laughed a lil. "handling business" He said. I snickered " 2" I said c**king my gun and pointing it at mike. He looked at me and smile "you not bold enough to sh- I cut him off and fired right in the head. He dropped to the ground while some people ran off screaming. I looked at him and said "I aint bold enough to what?....shoot you? can't hear you mike...speak up.." I laughed and got up. I went back to my car and then left as I started to hear sirens of the police cars.

I went home and got myself settled. I started dinner and then heard the door ring. I opened it and it was cali. I smiled and hugged her. "how you doing beautiful?" I greeted her. She smiled "im good..and you?" She asked me. "I couldn't be doing any better right now.." I said. "oh well thats good" She said giggling a lil bit. She got comfortable with my house and started wondering off. "im making dinner...i guess u can stay for it" I yelled to her. "OKAYYY" She yelled back. I couldnt help but to smile. Just any day now she could be officially mines. I heard cali from my room gasping and saying things like "omggg" I pretty much knew exactly what she was talking about. I didnt care but I had to act like I did. I ran back there to see what was the "issue". "whats going on..." I looked at her and she had tears rolling down her eyes. I looked at her and hugged her. She pushed me back forcefully and started backing up.

"cali what the fck?" I said being serious. "chris please...don...don't come near me" She said. "cali baby, let me help you through this hard time" I said walking near her. "NOOOO" She yelled. "YOU THOUGHT I DID THAT SHT?" I yelled at her. She looked at me with fear in her eyes. "baby I didn't do that...I promise I gotta believe me" I said. She looked at me. I walked up to her and she look scared. I tried kissing her but she moved her face away. "are you serious right now?" I said looking at her. She couldn't even make no eye contact with me. "chriss...I don't trust you" She said softly. "WHAT!" I yelled. She fringed a lil. I was starting to get upset but had to think about it. Me getting angry was only gonna show I was guilty. I sighed deeply and then sat on the bed. "i don't have an appetite anymore" I said softly. I didn't hear her say anything.


I didn't know what to think or say at this point. I wanted to believe chris but something was telling me that he hasn't fully changed like he claimed. Yea during these 4 months he has been showing me sides to him that I never imagined and I was actually intrigued by his actions but something still made me fear him. There was something about him that still made me question. Me and martin were fine but...I was getting so close to chris it was like he was poison to me. Sometimes my brain would tell me to leave him alone as well as my heart. But, then somedays my heart would tell me to leave martin alone and that chris is who I really want to be with. I didn't really want to leave my marriage but I was starting to get unhappy but I wasn't happy having an affair with chris either. Who was I becoming? I never wanted to be the girl having an affair with someone else and couldnt even be happy in my own marriage. Why be married? was the question I wanted to know myself. "im going to check on my food" Chris said interrupting my thoughts.

I watched him walk out the room. I looked to the ground still speechless about this situation. He said he loves me but was that true? Sometimes i felt like he should it and other times I felt like it was apart of his "game". I looked around to see if the coast was clear. I started to wonder around his room to see if I could find a gun. I looked everywhere as quickly as possible without making noise. My heart was pounding each second. The last thing I wanted to do was have chris find me. I jumped when my phone vibrated in my jeans. I took it out and then started talking to my husband. Once I got off the phone with him I walked into the kitchen and then saw chris eating. "umm..ima go ahead and leave" I said. "did you find what you were looking for?" He said. I looked at him caught off guard. "wh-what are you talking about?" He said. "you know, did u find whateva you were looking for in my room?" He asked again. I tried to laugh it off because he was creeping me out. "i don't know what your talking about.." I said about to leave. He came up to me and grabbed me and I screamed out of fright. He laughed a lil "calm down girl.." he said. I sighed "what chris.." I said. He leaned in and kissed my lips passionately. I broke the chris looking into his eyes.. "believe me...I love you" He said. I turned around and walked out his house closing the door. I walked to my car quickly with the wind trying to stop me. Once I got in, I immediately drove off and went home.


Something told me in my soul that she knew exactly what was going on. I mean I really loved her foreal and I thought I had her but she still fears me. The last thing I wanted to do was have her afraid of me. I wanted to be her everything. I never been so crazy over a girl in sooooo long. I didn't know what it was about cali but everything about her I love from head to toe. I finished up my dinner and then decided to just take a shower and call it a night.

lol thanks yall!

bree u silly! lol and I laughed to when he said he Heisman the fck outta people too low key lol

<strong> Chapter 26</strong>

Sooooooo....... Cali didn't know about Lauren's death.

And I see she's still messing with him like an a**hole!

But yeah he's showing his sensitive side.

And I agree Cali, you DO need special therapy.

Like seriously, come on now.

And this nigga something crazy talking about he gon' get her no matter what it takes.

Chris has ALWAYS been a special case.

And look at this psycho talking about getting guns and bullets.

He about to go on a killing spree I see for Cali.

Run it.

Damn so much goin on with those 2. Cali Chris obviously loves you. If you aren't gonna be with him, than stop playing with his emotions. I. Know she may not beee trying to, but she is. I wonder how his plan is gonna work out. Update Soon

<strong> Chapter 25</strong>

Po' lil' Lauren. She's gone and that shid honestly sucks and that poem made me become teary-eyed.

And it's good Tracy is by his side. Still wondering why she's STILL there lol. like come on ho!

And Cali..... i guess it's good she still there too.

Aughh, but I'm still done with them.

<strong> Chapter 24 </strong>

I'm sorry, but I laughed my f*cking ass off when Chris said he heisman'd the people out of the way! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!

I know this isn't supposed to be a funny chapter and I'M NOT FEELING cHRIS ANYMORE, BUT THAT WAS FUNNY AF TO ME!

And then the fact that their no-good ass parents didn't even show up?


Like I said before, I NEVER liked them and they need to go jump off a building into a shark's mouth.

And this is sad that it happened to Lauren. It kinda made me sad.

<strong> Chapter 23</strong>

Smh, really tho?

Obviously this nigga has issues. That's really evident!

Well, he almost killed himself for you Cali. That's love right?

*Rolls eyes and shakes head*

I'm done with everyone in this story.

SERIOUSLY. A story full of dumb and naive MOFOS.

26.) I woke up nexted to cali. She was sleeping so peacefully. I didn't want to bother her. I looked at my clock and it was 6am, it was only 2 hours that I got of sleep after making love to cali all night. I positioned myself to look at the ceiling. <cite>"I love you..." </cite> I mouthed as tears started to developed in my eyes. Once I let a tear drop, I let a million more do the same. I got tired of feeling it go it my ear so I sat up and rested my elbows on my knees and continued to cry silently. A few minutes with by and I felt cali rubbing my back. I looked at her with sadness in my eyes. "im sorry..." I said.

"whats wrong? chris.." She said concerned. "my sister...she's gone" I said crying more now. She instantly grew sad. "go whereee?" She said. "she's dead...someone shoot her like a week ago and 5 days ago, we had her funeral" I said... "thats why you haven't been getting a response from me" I said again. "im so sorry chrisss..." She said getting sad. "no...don't feel bad for me" I said. She quickly whipped a tear that fell. "i mean it...ill be fine, as long as your here with me" I said. Cali checked her phone and saw 6 missed calls from her husband. "chris are you gonna be okay?" She asked. "you have to go don't you?" I asked her whipping my tears. "if you don't want me to go then i wont" She said. I nodded "i really want you here..." I said. "well i won't go..." She said. I smiled .."thank you" I said. "your welcome"


I decided to stay with chris because I have never saw him like this ever before and I felt so bad. I wanted to be there for him anyway I could. I texted martin <strong> "one of my friends sister died and im over there house keeping them company, im sorry babe...ill be home tomorrow first thing"</strong>. I heard chris sigh. I looked at him "you think you can go back to sleep?" I asked him. He shook his head no. "well...your going to be drained tomorrow if you don't get any sleep" I said. "It aint like I have a life anyway...(he laughed a lil) I can sleep all day" He said. I looked at him with a serious face. "you need to find a job and stop be-" He cutt me off. "Cali I don't need you tellin me what the fck I gotta do, I already know that....iight" he said. "Chris please don't talk to me like that" I said kinda upset. He sighed "im sorry, I Just want you to realize that im going through a lot right now and all i need is someone who wants to be there for me right now." he said. "well thats me..." I said. He nodded. I got back in the bed and turned to the side and starting to close my eyes. A few mintues later and I felt chris arms wrap around me. It felt comfortable but uncomfortable at the same. I can't believe I just cheated on my husband for the 2nd time with chris. I was starting to think that I needed to talk to professional help because I couldn't continue to do this and I knew I had to end up tellin martin about instead of him finding out.


I woke up and rolled around my bed to find it empty. I woke up and saw a note from cali saying she had to go home to her husband and last night's sex was a mistake, im sorry chris. I didn't know what she meant, because if she didn't want it or felt a connection with it then she would of never did it with me. I got up and looked for my phone and texted her <cite>"cali, i got your note.. i understand"</cite> I only said that because she was starting to believe in me and I couldn't mess that up with the text that I really wanted to send. I was gonna get her and I didn't care how long it took. She and I were meant. I looked at my phone thinking it was a reply from cali but it was from tracy saying <cite>"you were on my mind all last night, i hope you have a good day...if you ever need me, im here"</cite> I ignored it and put my phone down. I went into the shower and got my sht together. I took a trip to some of the places for guns and bullets. I was on to my mission and wasn't gonna stop until it was complete.

ok :) n i understand about school

ok :) n i understand about school

I've been sooooo busy with school!
It's hard for me to find time to write my stories
I do wanna finish them tho
but I do read as you guys post
I just barely have time to comment

just bare with me! lol

I know right lol you been M.I.A monroe!

Lauren died...
that poem was everything
Chris gonna take that sh*t hard
He goin after Cam young ass
And Tracy salty as hell
cuz he want Cali n not her
And Cali know she want him
No matter how hard she try to deny it
AND i hope that nigga used a fckn condom


I know thats messed up aint it smh!

Aww damn she was murdered. I was starting to get teary-eyed :(. Poor Chris I wish I could have givin him a hug :( Poor baby. I cannot believe their parents didn't even show up to the hospital like WTF? Update Soon

thanks rozayy

aw man that was so sad
poor lauren.!!!
that poem really was good
this chapter almost made
me cry fareal.!

Run it.!!!

damn readin that poem made me sad as hell...poor lauren!

this story is so realistic in many ways that yall probably cant see right now until i give the morals!

hell that ch. 25 and poem just brought some emotions in me! im sleepy and going to sleep good night

well...I changed my mind lol im 2 excitied.

25.) After waiting 6 long hours the docters came out and brought us Good news!......the insurance was gonna cover her death. Yup! Gun shot wounded perched her lungs and the surgery didn't help. I punched a wall in the hospital wall and we got kicked out. I wanted to blow that btch up real talk. I got into tracy's car and didn't want to do nothing but go home. I had missed calls from my mom and some from cali. I knew she'd be worried but I didn't feel like talking right now. Once tracy pulled up to my house, I was about to get out the car without speaking but she stopped me. " here for you ok!" She said. I nodded my head and walked away. I was extremely sad. I never knew what it felt to lose a family member. Especially when you didn't even have that many to begin with. I wish she had a chance to live her life more but were never suppose to question God. I just wanted to know why not me? All the sht i've done to people , the way I am. Why not me out of all people. Im probably nexted though... I walked in my house and went straight to my bed.

5 days later...

I woke up sluggish and lazy not really wanting to do anything. I had to get ready for the funeral. All of my mom and dad's side of the families had flown in to come. They never was there for me and lauren so why come to a funeral when you couldnt come to a birthday party? I didn't understand. This was going to be the first time since going to my family reunion when i was 2 seeing all this family. In my eyes I lost all the family that I had which was lauren. She even sometimes mad me mad and I wanted to break her neck but I loved her. She was everything to me and I just wish I can turn back times. Maybe if I didn't get so mad at her and let her actually go to public school she wouldn't of mad the decisions she mad. I wanted to know why she died the way she did. She someone want to kill her? Was it that boy? So many thoughts ran through my mind. All i know is was I was gonna be paying kat a visit because my ass was gonna be in jail again.

I finally got ready and tracy came to the funeral with me. Our family had the first 5 rows of the church. The pastor was up there saying a whole bunch a crap I wasnt listening to, my mind was just blank. It was was wondering everywhere and I was everywhere but on earth. My mouth was dry and my head was starting to hurt. I looked at my phone and saw a text from cali <cite>"is everything okay, we havent talked in a couple of days...please respond, im worried about you"</cite> I put my phone away because I didn't want to text in church. My aunt bella from Detroit got up there and sung a song that I tried not to pay attention to but the words was so powerful. Tears started to develop in my eyes and tracy noticed my body tensing up and grabbed my hand. She whispered "im here for u...let it out" I felt a lump in my throat and I looked down and tears started to fall. I missed my sister so much. I looked at the program and it was my turn to go up. I whipped my tears and tracy patted my back. I looked at my mom and dad and proceeded to the alter.

I got behind the microphone and started to speak. "I just want to first out say that Lauren Brown was an awesome person. She was beautiful in a lot of ways and there will never be anyone like her. However, me and her lived a rough childhood and it was sooo rough that I wanted to protect her, I wrote a poem witnessing some of the things lauren didn't know I knew about her and these are some of the reason why I wanted to save her from a destructive life style. Excuse me for the language in advance." I took a deep breath and cleared my throat as I began to read.

"Just because your feet fit perfectly in your mother’s shoes that does not make you a woman little girl Cherry popping I wonder of you put lip stick on your vagina Draw pubic hairs with your mother’s eye liner I wonder if you try on tampons just to see what a penis feels like Only difference is you pull out when you want to I wonder if you rape yourself in your sleep Too young to understand how to love yourself properly

Sticking your Crayola fingers in between your thighs It always hurts the first time. Maybe tomorrow you won’t cry I wonder if your mother recognizes the blood stains in your Cinderella underwear Or if she cared enough to acknowledge they were there

And apart of me wants to blame your daddy But some fathers are like God, you never see them but you know they exist And some little girls would rather give their life before letting their dead beat dad save their life.

I wonder if you stuff your bra just to distract people from your heart beat But the Corona of your breath does not hide to Similac on your teeth You are still a baby And Kotex and pampers are 2 different brands for a reason And penises and pacifiers are not both made for teething

And the thirst of your soul will not be quenched with a man’s semen Who cares about your bra size when you C cups as half empty In a sorry Beyonce made you trade in your Cinderella Custom for a freak him dance But Halloween is not the only day that exposes damsels in distress How long will you let yourself for susceptible to cat calls and whispers just to get a f***ing glass slipper?

The same men you are waiting on to cum and save you Are the same men who’s cum made you The same men who put you on ships for 76 days and raped you The same men who will tell you that knights in shining armor will make you feel protected Same men writing scripts for the Disney Channel convincing you Pocahontas was never molested.

Save your soul Because the coldest nights are not the ones alone, they are the spent holding yourself realizing your body is hallow Stop cursing the stanzas placed on your tongue with fair that you might actually have a voice Pick your pinks back up Because I know grown women who would trade in their wisdom teeth for Barbies Did you ever read the fine print on growing up Is that you have to face to responsibilities And monopoly money will not pay for your mistakes

You can’t hula-hoop with reality and play hide and go seek with you fate Enjoy the days where you and Dora the Explorer can still relate Because soon blue won’t have all the clues And the dales of dragons will be locked away in safes Tell me who finger f***ed your childhood out of you and tell them I challenge them to a thumb wrestling match for it back Just for you to enjoy the innocence of your soul placed on Santa Clause’s lap."

I held it together through out the poem and heard some people talkin in between while I cursed but I didn't really care because I had that on my chest for the longest time and now that lauren is gone, I knew I had to get it off my chest. I went and took a seat. Tracy whispered in my ear "your really brave...continue to be strong" She said. I smiled a lil bit and just nodded. A few more solos and preacher said we could few the body. Once it was my turn, I quickly walked past her body because I didn't want to see her that way. If anything she was suppose to be burying me. The funeral was over and everyone was talkin about going to the cemetery but I wasn't interested and thats when my mom and dad came up. "that poem wa- " I cut my mom off. "you can continue wit your life you and him with no worries for sure because its clear u didn't pay us any attention ever..." I shook my head and left my mom and dad standing there. Tracy grabbed my hand and we left. She drove me to her place because she wanted to make sure I was alright. "tracy..." I said lookin at her. She looked at me "yes chris..." She responded. "thank you for everything...really" I said from the bottom of my heart. "oohh shhh..u don't have to thank me, God put me in your life for a reason" She said. I nodded my head and looked down. She picked my face up and leaned in for a kiss and then I moved my head right before our lips touched. "tracy...please don't..." I said. "im sorry..." She said walking out. "its not yo-" I said stoppin and noticing she was out the room. I sighed and pulled my phone out to text cali. <strong>"I really need you"</strong> I sent her. She instantly replied <cite>"where are you chris?</cite>. I told her to meet me at my house in 10. I told tracy to take me home and she did.

"are you sure ur gonna be okay?" she asked. "yea cali's on her way..." I said. "ohhh.." She said looking away. "thank you so much tracy" I said. She gave me a fake smile "no problem" and drive off. I sighed and walked into my house and waited for cali to come by. I got settled in and cali finally showed up 5 mins after that. I opened the door and she walked in. I hugged her tight and didn't let go. She laughed a lil "im happy to see u 2" she said. I ended up cooking for her and telling everything that happened. We ate laughed and then cried together. She whipped my tears "I don't have a heart..." I said. She whipped my tears "yes u do..." She said whippin her's next. I shook my head and looked at her. "no I don't...I don't have a heart because u have it" I said looking at her. "chris plea-" I cut her off by passionately kissing her. Tears rolled down her eyes as she kissed me back. We broke the kiss after a while and I kissed her tears away. "I--ii- should go..." She said. I looked at her in her eyes. "follow ur heart..." I said. I started to kiss her neck "please let me make love to you..." I whispered in her ear. She looked at me and then leaned in for a kiss. One thing lead to another and I finally experienced what love making felt like but it would of been even better if cali was in love with me. I was falling for this women hard and I hope I don't crash on the way down.

***I just wanted to get that poem out of the way, its by jasmine mans and I love it when I first read it and felt like it fit this story so well, so I had to put it in it and its called "little girl". I would of detailed the sex scene but I felt it would of messed up this touchin chapter and a sex scene can be anywhere from here to the end so not this time. I think ima do 40 chapters and thats it its almost done!! ***

run it (4:41 am) im sleepy as fck- im an owl

ch.24 contd...

I opened the door and it was tracy in tears. "whats wrong?" I asked her. "its ur sister..." She said. I looked at her and got concerned. "wh--at's wrong with my sister?" I asked her. "come on..." She said pullin me out my house. I locked my door and we ran and got into tracy's car. "whats wrong?" I asked her. "JUST SHHHH CHRIS" She yelled at me. I was nervous and didn't know what to think. She drove to my house and I saw ambulance and police and I hopped out the car before tracy parked the car. I Heisman the fck out of nosey ass neighbors that were in the way. I was almost to lauren anda police office stopped me. "you don't want to do that" he said. "GET OUT OF THE WAY...WHAT HAPPENED TO HER" I screamed. "sir please calm down..." I looked at my mom and dad at the door with my mom's head buried on my dad's shoulder. I brushed past the officer and can hear "someone get him". I ran up to lauren's bloody body. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......come on come on come on...come back please..." ...."CHRISSYYYYY", "lauren come on..u peed in the bed", "sorry.." Flash backs played in my mind like a movie. Tracy ran up to me and tried to console me. The ambulance put lauren on the stretcher and I watched them as they put her in the ambulance. I saw someone in hand cuffs and getting into the police car. I started to take off and tracy yelled "CHRISSS." I ran up to the police car to see the same boy that I saw her with earlier. "YOUR DEAD...YOU FCKING DEAD, I SWEAR TO GODDD...DEAD " I yelled through the window as they pulled off.

I walked fast back up to my no good ass parents. "WHAT THE FCK HAPPENED?" I screamed out still crying. "she was out here with her friend and then all of a sudden we heard a gun shot..we came out here and lauren was on the ground" my dad said. I sighed deeply and yelled "FCKKKKKK" I kneeled down and started to cry harder. Tracy came up to me and said "come on...we gotta go to the hospital...come on baby" She said. I ended up getting up barely wantin to walk to her car. I sat in the car silently the whole way just praying to God in my head for her to make it. I was scared to death and never cried so much in my life. If I loved any body other then myself then it was lauren. We been through to much for me to lose her. I heard my phone go off and it was cali <cite> "im 30 mins away from your house.." </cite> . I texted her back <strong>"im on my way to the hospital...ill explain later :("</strong> . We pulled up to the hospital and head to wait in the waiting room for hours and in the mean time. I poured out everything to tracy because I needed someone to vent to about all of this, I even told her that I was crazy about cali and she understood even though she was catching feelings for me, she knew that I would end up making the right decision and we prayed and prayed for lauren and the sad thing parents never walked in.


lol thank you!

Damn! Lauren wasn't feelin Chris bein in her biz. Now if Cameron leaves her when she gives it up, she's gonna be looking stupid. I'm convinced Kat is a stalker again. Did Chris even think about that it coulda been Kat? She's in jail, ain't no tellin what she's been doin. I wonder how Cali is gonna react, and who is at the door. Update Soon

24.) I woke up in my house with tracy right next to me. She spent the night and I blew her brains out and made sure I used protection. She was a nice lady so I didn't want to fck her over by giving him the STD. I got out of bed and started to walk to the bathroom and tracy turned me around. "How are you this morning?" She said smiling. "im good..u?" I asked. "im great...I can get use to waking up next to you, you know that?" She said. I laughed a lil bit and mumbled "keep dreaming". "what u say?" She asked. I ignored her and walked in the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

I washed up for about 15 minutes and got out. I walked out and tracy was already dressed and looked like she was getting ready to leave. "where u going?" I asked. "I have to be at work in an hour" She said. "give me a kiss" I demanded. She walk over to me and pecked me on the lips. "see u.." I said. She nodded and walked out. I went back to getting myself together and getting dressed for the day. I went outside to go check my mail and I saw it was a mail from the jail and thought who could it had been because I didn't give anyone my address. I went back inside and opened it and it said.

<cite> Hello Stranger,
You have been on my mind ever since you left. I would crawl through the vents to see you not there in your bed. Until one day, your cellmate told me you left. Was that a good goodbye? The day you left? I feel ur presence with me all of the time. I wish I was a lucky women. Get out of here and live a life that I never had. I miss you..and I hope you can come and visit me sometimes. I would love to see the beautiful creation that God made. Don't be a stranger..
Love Kat ;) </cite>

I read the letter and smiled. I thought about her the other day when it came to that STD sht so I guess I thought about her sometimes. mind started wondering about kat. I did indeed miss her pussy. Tracy's wasn't as good as hers, I was just high ass fck the very first time. Last night I couldn't even get my nut cause she complained the whole time and ran from the dck. I was fcking pissed off and she talking about she can get use to waking up next to me? Fck no. I grabbed some paper and decided to write her back.

<cite> Hello Stranger :),
Dannng, Its has been a min. I miss you 2 baby girl. I would love to see you and see that beautiful face that God created right a long with hearing that sexy ass accent you have. I really hope that somehow your family will bail you out like mines did. Your right you don't deserve to be in there. I wish you could live the life you never had. I sometimes wish I was back there with you, just because I feel like its more at home there then actually in this house im in. I wouldn't mind holding you in my arms, or fckin that pussy real quick ;). Lol Don't create waterfalls over there. But honestly, you are one crazy ass chick that im glad I met. You helped me realize some things about myself and I know what I have to do to make sht right in my life. Ima still have fun though...Ill settle down with a lady, maybe some kids after I handle a lil bit of business. Other then that...hopefully you'll be able to be at my wedding, if it isn't you im marrying. Ill let you go..oh yea who told you this address though? Thats weird! Anyway write back-
Love Chris! </cite>

I went back to the mailbox to put my response in there. I decided to ride out on the town today and see what was up with job's and also my body bags. I was so serious about that too. I had major business to handle before I even think about changing my ways. I sat in my there thinking through a plan that I had to create. Mission 1 was to get cali drawn into me.It was a lot easier then I thought. I already know I go there. Now I just need to play my cards right for her to fall in love with me, then on to mission 2 and 3. I got into the car and called cali and she picked up on the third ring. "Hello" She spoke into the phone. "hey...I just wanted to say, I hope u have a good day" I said. She giggled a lil bit "thanks chris..." She said. "umm, if your not doing anything later meet me at (named a restaurant) at 8" I said. "chr- I cut her off "I said if you werent doing anything" I said. "ok" she said. We hung up the phone and I got in my car and went to my mom's house.

I got there and saw <a href=",r:4,s:171&tx=65&ty=45"> Lauren</a> (sorry she was the only young lookin person i can think of lol n light skin like chris) wit <a href=",r:7,s:0">some guy</a>. I instantly got upset. "who the fck is this?" I asked. Lauren looked up surprised. "uuuhh, he's my boyfriend cameron" She said. I looked at him and laughed "you fckin my sister?" I asked him. He looked scared didn't know what to say. I looked at lauren "yall fcking lauren?" I asked her. "chris that's none of your business" She said. I screwed my face up "what the fck u mean its none of my business ARE YALL FCKINGGG?" I said talkin to both man. "I love your sister man" cameron spoke up. I smacked my teeth "yall don't know sht bout no love" I said. "Oh yea and you do chris? have u ever even had a true love? im confused on how u gonna try to get me together when its clear your all over the place, u don't care about none of us over here, you probably still on that money from years ago and can't do sht for urself, your worthless and nobody is ever gonna want you- ur just like your dead beat ass daddy david- (she laughed) and I feel bad for you,your miserable and thats all you'll ever be, looking at you is so distasteful and you try to be a big brother? to who I learn more sht when your not apart my life so just stay out of it" Lauren said. Cameron looked shocked. I had water in my eyes and I tried to hold them back. "lauren... u mean that?" I asked her. She looked at me and sighed and got up walking into the house. I looked at cameron "if...if u do love her, please treat her way better then i did" I said walking off letting some tears fall down my face.

It took a lot for these tears to form and lauren cut really deep. I was never expecting her to jump that low. I was only trying to protect her throughout everything we been through. I just don't want her to be hurt by that nigga when he leave her cause all he wanted was her sex. I wanted to be there for her really bad but it was clear she didn't want me. I didn't understand because in the letter she wrote to me in the hospital she seemed like she missed me, wanted to make our relationship better and now I get this outta her? What was her problem? she did say that our relationship wasnt the same...she was right. I sat in my car and whipped my tears. I had to suck this sht up, I was a thug and I wasn't about to start getting soft. Can't continue like this. I ran my errands and got everything I need out the way. I had one last stop. I went to the Jewelry store to pick out something for cali. I walked in and saw <a href=",r:12,s:0">her</a>. Damn she looked good and familiar at the same time. "hey...can I help you?" She said. "yea um, i need help looking for a nice necklace" I said.

She laughed a lil "still keeping up with the material things huh?" She said. I looked up and looked at her and she smiled. "hey chris.." she said still smiling. "shaniece?" I questioned. She nodded "yup.."she laughed. "damnn girl you look amazing, y you cut off all your beautiful hair?" I asked her. "new things, new changes..." She said. I couldn't help but stare at her beautiful face...she was so gorgeous. <a href="">"you look good</a> yourself by the way" She said. I smiled "thank you.." I continued to stare at her. "chris please stop (she laughed)" She said. "I can't help sorry" I said. She cleared her throat "how does this look?" She should showed me a diamond necklace with stars. "do you like it?" I asked her. Shaniece smiled "I would be so happy, she would be too" She said. "do you want it?" I asked her licking my lips. She put the necklace down and looked at me like I was crazy. "chris don't make me kick you out of here." She said in a playful tone. "im serious.... I owe you" I said being serious. She looked like she had to think for a min. "no...I cant take this, hear let me ring you up" She said.

We walked over to the register and then she rung me up. She also gave me a discount since she worked there. I grabbed my bag and I looked at her one more time. "can I take u out or something?" I said. "Im working can't you see" She said. I smiled a lil liking her attitude "well miss... when is your break?" I asked her. She looked at her clock and sighed "i get off in an hour" She said. I smiled "iight..." I walked out and shopped through the rest of the mall until shaniece got off. Once an hour was up I went back and she wasn't there. I waited for a min and decided to just leave until she came from the back with her coat on. "going somewhere?" She said. I turned around and smiled "you look really pretty.." I said. She smiled and looked at me up and down and walked ahead of me. I bit my lip and smiled following her. We got in the car and I decided to take her to a lil dinning area for lunch.

"soo, how's everything?" She asked me. I nodded and smiled "its ok...i guess, well everything will be in about a month or so" I said. "oh really whats going on then?" She said. I frowned a lil and shook my head from side to side "I just gotta handle some business before my life can actually be on track" I said. "oh.." She said looking away. I can see everything written on her face. I took her chin and turned her to face me. "im sorry..." I said. She made a yea right expression and snickered a lil. "im serious" I said truthfully. "you didn't deserve that....I think u really loved me" I said. She had tears forming now. She waved her hand infront of her eyes being a lil dramatic "im good..." She said. I sighed. I took her hand and we stared each other deep into her eyes. It then appeared to me that she might of been the one who gave me the std because now that I thought about it I didn't use a condom with her either. "can I ask you something?" I asked "yea she said" she said. "did you cheat on me while we were in a relationship?" I asked. She looked at me and looked down and nodded. I bite my lip now angry. "you know you gave me something..." I told her. She looked up confused "WHAT". I sighed and tried my best to calm down. "shaniece u need to get tested iight...thats all ima say, it was nice seeing you" I said getting up. I got into my car and left shaniece looking crazy. I drove off and went home.

I got home to set up for what I wanted to do for cali. I got everything set and decided to get in the shower so that I can be fresh just incase things led to another. Like I said, half of this was just to impress her and get her to fall in love with me and half of it was really honest. I wasn't used to doing all this sht for girls but cali was a women and it was just something about her I like. I know you probably think im confused because of tracy,shaniece and kat. Yea I liked kat too but all that was fading since I was around cali. The person I truly wanted to be with. I heard the door knock and I went to go get it and it was...

*** didn't really like this chapter but I had to type up something boring! so i wouldn't give away nothing good!

One day Keria lol....

One day....

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I know that must have been hard for him to have to share that info about himself with Cali. Especially since he didn't tell people what was going on. As for the STD, where the f*** did that come from???! Yep and I still think that he is slightly crazy. Update Soon

lol thats fine bree lol