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...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things <3 {2/7/12} FINISHED HALLELUJAH

- - this is gonna go a lil different then planned before. I don't remember everybody in it before so ima just write! then everything might flow then.



I walked into the house and saw my mom and dad fckin on the couch. I walked on the other side of the couch and watched my mom and dad fck. They didn't seem to mind so I continued to watch. I wanted to know why my mom was yelling so much...I didn't understand. My dad looked at me every now and would smile. "look chris" my dad said. I did exactly what he said and looked."this is how you get in that pussy". I got up and walked over to my parents and watched my dad. "you wanna try?" my dad asked me. I didn't understand what he mean't so I didn't answer. "boy I asked you a question" he said sternly. I cleared my throat and played dumb."sir?" I said scared. "I said do you wanna try...matter of fact, come on" my dad said. I didn't want to but I could tell disobeying my dad wasn't gonna turn out nice. My mom started crying and screaming because she didn't want me near her. I looked up at my dad because I didn't know what to do. "boy get in there". I started to walk away and I could hear my father footsteps coming right behind me. I started running and got caught by my dad. He started ruffing me up and beating me. I could hear my mom crying downstairs. It was probably because she knew she was next. Once my dad was done he brought me some toys and my mom some roses and nice jewelry. I didn't understand why my dad would beat me and then by my everything I want. It was crazy because I wouldn't get what I want on a regular but after getting my ass whooped that's when I got what I always wanted. I didn't complain because I love ...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things, they were the only things that made me happy..



thanks u guys :)

I feel so bad fo him run it

That's deep...
But you can always talk to me baby! lol


**gettin good!

2.) I woke up the next day barely being able to open my eyes. I stepped in the bathroom and looked at my face. It was still a lil swollen from my dad hitting me yesterday. I hit the hot shower making sure I was hittin all the sore places. I hissed in pain as I washed my body. I walked out maybe 15 mins later and got dressed. I put some a&d on my bruises. I rolled my eyes when doing so in the mirror. This wasn't cool man I was light skin and everyone was gonna notice this sht. I finished up and started walking toward the door. I grabbed the keys to my black on black range rover and that's when my mom and dad stopped me. "you better be on ur way to school chris!" my dad said. I sighed and looked at him "yes sir" I said. "chris baby you need to put on a hoodi I dont want the principals or your teachers calling saying anything" my mom said. I put on a fake smile. "yes ma'am". "you be careful baby" My mom said. I nodded and walked out quickly. I didn't want them stopping me no damn more.

I got into the car and started blasting my music. I played "pop it for pimp" by bun b. This was my sht. It got me in the party mood this early in the morning.I loved music. Music was my therapy. When i was mad music calmed me down. My whole life revolved around it. My goal was to make it big one day. I rolled up at school and was greeted by my nigga tyga.

***sorry but i like more detailed convo's so ima write in both formats

tyga-(givin chris dap) whats good man

chris- sht

tyga-(seen his scars) damn bro what happened?

chris-I got attacked by a dog yesterday

tyga-(looked at him crazy) foreal bruh? thats the fumbest excuse i ever heard u could of atleast said lauren did it

chris- well lauren did it

tyga-(laughed and shook his head)

chris-its really funny huh?

tyga-(still laughin) yup

chris-yea whateva

cali-hey chris (walkin up to them)


cali-damn i see why u didn't wanna come to school what the fck happened to u?

chris-man ain't sht happen damn stop asking me that

cali- nigga i only asked u once what the fck u talkin about

tyga- i asked him (talkin to cali)

cali-ok but what the fck that got to do wit me

tyga-(shrugged his shoulders) im just saying

chris-(shook his head and walked off)

cali-(rolled her eyes) fck wrong wit his attitude

tyga- ion think he really wanna talk about it

cali- well hell thats all he had to say...(shook his head)

tyga- u did yo homework?

cali- nope

tyga-(sucked his teeth) quit lyin girl yea u did

cali- (laughed) bye ty

tyga-(stood watchin her walk away) its like that?

cali-(laughed) yup (spoke without lookin back)

I put my hood on and walked into my math class. I got there early and put my head and waited for the class to start. Class started and I took notes being good. I reached for my phone and noticed that I didn't have it. Thats when I had flashbacks of my dad stomping the fck out of it. It made me angry all over again. Wait why the fck am I getting upset for? All ima do is get a brand new iphone. I smiled and laughed at myself getting all worked up for nothing. Now I was excited to come home. Once 3 o'clock came I rushed home. I walked inside and heard moaning come from upstairs. I sighed like don't they ever get tired of that sht. I don't understand why they fcked so much. It sound painful by the way the girls would scream. I walked upstairs and saw some random lady come out who looked no where near my mom.

chris-(looked her crazy) who f*** are u?

f/v-(looked at him) excuse me

c/d- boy take yo ass in the room

chris-(sucked his teeth and went in the room)

c/d- im sorry sweetie...these damn kids these days don't know how to stay in a child's place...(shook his head) just gotta keep puttin them in they lane

f/v-(laughed) its ok baby

c/d-ima catch up u later

f/v-ok (left)

I could hear the conversation from my room. I started on my homework and tried my best to ignore it. Soon my dad came bustin in the room I immediately got up.

c/d- boy u don't ever in yo life talk to my b****es like that u understand

chris-who was that?

c/d- did I ask for any questions?

chris- why u cheating on ma? what the fck did she ever do to u?

c/d- chris don't make me hit u

chris- (shook his head) i understand is that love? you having sex with all these other women and you still wit ma

c/d- (sighed and sat down) and ya mom go through our ups and downs but I love her. now I know I can fck up sometimes and I know im not perfect. chris its about that time you start dating...and you start with a team. Have a couple of hoes and when you find that one girl just have her as your main and keep the rest on the side so that if she fck up, u can always have a back up

chris- thats how it works?

c/d-(laughed) yea its called being a man

chris-(looked at him crazy) ion think so

c/d- it is chris...your still a lil boy...ima need u to start listening to me so you can become a man

chris-(looked at him unsure)

c/d- I just happen to call one of my hoes because yo momma aint been acting right and she won't ever find out because chris is gonna keep his mouth closed isn't he

chris-(stared at him) yes...sir

c/d-iight now...(gave him his new phone and some clothes) here I brought some stuff and here's your new phone..i see u in here trynna do some keep up the good work


c/d- what

chris- u know...i had a lot people asking me today what happened to me

c/d- what u mean aint nothing wrong wit u

chris- my scars dad (lookin down)

c/d- (held his shoulder and rocked it back n forth) u won't learn if i dont whoop yo ass chris...its gonna make u a me, but don't u get bold and start fighting back cause then...ima kill u, u understand

chris-(eyes widened and got scared a lil bit) ye..yes sir

c/d-(laughed) iight man enjoy your new stuff

chris-(locked the door once he left)

I sat there and played with my phone. After that I tried on all my new clothes. I pulled my mac out to play some music and then my i pad 2 to get on facebook and twitter. "Stuntin on dese b****es...yall fck niggaz can't tell me 2 fly" Is what I posted as my status for both. I always told everybody to get my number again. I soon got back to my work and soon heard my mom and lil sister come in.

lauren-(knocked on the door)

chris-who is it?

lauren-its me..

chris-(got up and opened it)

lauren-(hugged his legs) hey chrissy

chris-(smiled) hey baby girl...

lauren-I got a smiley face today (smiling showing off her 2 missing teeth)

chris-(smiled) dang im proud of u baby

lauren-(laughed and jumped up and down) yayyy


lauren-today ms.powell read to us a story about clifford the big red dog

chris- oh really?

lauren-(nodded) uh huh

chris-(smiled) iight babygirl im bout to get back to my work so u gotta go in ur room


chris-(laughed) i love u

lauren-i love u 2 (walking out closing the door)

I finished up my homework and started to blast my music to ignore my fact that my mom and dad were arguin again. I got tired of this day ima get me and lauren out of this sht! apart of me wanted to believe what my dad was saying but apart of me didn't now a days I didn't know who to talk friends to count on, no on to talk to, just me trying be everything im not...perfect

:( guess dis gonna be another story wit a slow start like "No Frame" **sighs ...ima keep writing cause I know its gonna be good just wish i had some readers

i need more runssss

thanks for my faithful 2 readers lmao lol

this sh*t is really

run it!

Dang he broke his phone run it


I heard a knock on the door. "come in" I said. Thats when my lil sister lauren walked in. She looked like she had been crying too. My lil sister was only 6 years old. She understood some of the things that went on but not all of it. She was very smart for her age I must admit. "chris...why is mommy and daddy fighting again?" She asked me. " I don't know babygirl...come on" I signaled for her to come toward me and she did. I opened my arms for her to fall into. I paused my game and rubbed her back as she laid on my chest. Now the only person I would say I have a connection with in this family was my <a href=",r:11,s:97">my lil sister</a>. I loved that lil girl she was so cute. She looked up at me and said " I love u chrissy." I smiled "I love you 2". "can we watch good luck charlie?" She asked. "are you serious lauren?" I asked not really hoping for a yes. She looked at me and laughed "yes im serious! ill take the remote myself" She grabbed and turned the channel to disney. She was too grown for her own good. I couldn't do nothing but watch her have fun dancing to the tv show. I got up and opened the door and there stood my dad in the way. "lauren go to your room..." My dad said sternly. She quickly ran out. "excuse me" I said trynna walk past my dad but he pushed me back almost making me hit the wall. " you not going no where...why you aint at school boy?". I stood there and tried to think of a quick lie. "Boy I KNOW YOU HEAR ME" He said gettin upset. I swallowed really hard. I was afraid of my dad. He was built with muscles and look like he would crush down an 18 wheeler if it came near him. "my teacher said we didn't have to come..." I said low. "I couldn't hear you" He said. "My teacher said we didn't have to come today.." I said a little louder then before. "and who is this teacher?" my dad said lookin at me as if I was stupid. "my math teacher..." I replied. "ok...if I find out that your telling a lie, im whopping yo ass..." my dad said leaving. I let out a sigh and walked out the room a few minutes after my dad.

I pulled out my i phone to call my homie tyga up. "whats up bro" tyga said. "nun much man...aye if my dad call ur mom's tell her that we didn't have to come to school today...well tell her certain math classes didn't cause of a field trip" I said. "iight man...ill try, why u aint here foreal doe?" tyga asked. I looked around to make sure no one was listening. "because man...I just didn't want to...I don't look my best." I said now standing in the mirror looking at my bruises. "iight man...yo cali been bugging me about u, popping her damn gum in my ear here she go" he said. I laughed as he passed the phone. "chris where u at?" cali was now on the phone. "whats up cali...and i didn't feel like coming why?" I asked. "because nigga u suppose to be here dats why...aye can I use ur i pad charger oh yea n yo beats?" she asked . "man hell naw u know I love my headphones and den I don't know where my i pad charger at..." I said quickly. "you so stingy chris...ugh" she said. "now u know u don't like people touching yo sht either btch..." I said playfully. Cali laughed "whateva u betta come to school tomorrow.." "iight man calm down, didn't know u would miss daddy so much.." I said being flirtatious. "nigga please" cali said passing the phone again. "iight man im gone" Tyga said returning to the phone. "iight me 2...aye hit me up if we got homework in ap gov." I said. "iight.." "yea" I clicked and saw my dad standing behind me.

"give me ur phone" He said mad. "no...for what?" I asked with an attiude. "boy i didn't stand her for no interview now give me that got damn phone." he said aggressively. I placed my phone in his hand and he threw in on the floor, smashin it into pieces. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....." I looked at him like I wanted to punch the fck out of him. "Now...u lie again about school or ANYTHING ELSE WHILE UR IN MY HOUSE...U WON'T GET SHT YOU UNDERSTAND?" He yelled. I looked down. "yes sir." I said in a low voice. "NOW go to ur room..." He pointed. "im sick of this bullsht.." I mumbled. "what was that?" he said. "NOTHING" I yelled. I didn't hit me that I yelled at my dad until I was getting more blows to the face and the stomach....another day of scars and bruises that I had to cover...what was I suppose to do fight back? He was my dad...I couldn't...all i could do is sit there and take it like a man...i guess

He need to fight back

If he in the 12th grade...
why dont he fight back
when he gettin the sh*t knocked out of him
he damn near a man!! lmao

runn it


I went downstairs to check on my mom who was crying. "ma...whats wrong?" I said in a low voice. She looked at me in disgust as if I'm the one who mistreated her. She never answered so I went back upstairs to my room. I closed the door and started playing my play station 3. I didn't really have a connection with neither one of my parents. They were so snotty. I was in the 12th grade ready to graduate to get away from here. I guess my parents snottiness rubbed off on me because I knew I was the sht. But I had to get beat the sht out of in order to be the sht. It was the only way I got what I wanted. I made fair grades in school but still didn't really care as long as I graduate.


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Run it


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WOOOOOOW!! I like the change tho...
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anyways...good start