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...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things <3 {2/7/12} FINISHED HALLELUJAH

- - this is gonna go a lil different then planned before. I don't remember everybody in it before so ima just write! then everything might flow then.



I walked into the house and saw my mom and dad fckin on the couch. I walked on the other side of the couch and watched my mom and dad fck. They didn't seem to mind so I continued to watch. I wanted to know why my mom was yelling so much...I didn't understand. My dad looked at me every now and would smile. "look chris" my dad said. I did exactly what he said and looked."this is how you get in that pussy". I got up and walked over to my parents and watched my dad. "you wanna try?" my dad asked me. I didn't understand what he mean't so I didn't answer. "boy I asked you a question" he said sternly. I cleared my throat and played dumb."sir?" I said scared. "I said do you wanna try...matter of fact, come on" my dad said. I didn't want to but I could tell disobeying my dad wasn't gonna turn out nice. My mom started crying and screaming because she didn't want me near her. I looked up at my dad because I didn't know what to do. "boy get in there". I started to walk away and I could hear my father footsteps coming right behind me. I started running and got caught by my dad. He started ruffing me up and beating me. I could hear my mom crying downstairs. It was probably because she knew she was next. Once my dad was done he brought me some toys and my mom some roses and nice jewelry. I didn't understand why my dad would beat me and then by my everything I want. It was crazy because I wouldn't get what I want on a regular but after getting my ass whooped that's when I got what I always wanted. I didn't complain because I love ...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things, they were the only things that made me happy..



AHHH, I gotta read.. I'm lazy af lol.

I don't feel like it, but I will.

Lmao lmao @kat crawling through the vents ass

you got my room mate looking at me like im crazy lol

and I know u love the story lol

I knew Cali wasn't gonna
stay away from a nigga!!
But damn, where he get that disease??
probably Kat crawlin through vents ass
And Tracy all in love now??
Talm bout she don't run from the d*ck
B*tch u ran for a long ass time
That nigga took that sh*t
Let's not get it confused
And he was thinkin about Cali the whole time!
Now, about these body bags...
The fck??
Come on now Chris...
Let's think some things through here
Sh*t bout to get hella real!!
This sh*t deep!!! lmao
You know I love this story


UGH! that stupid thing won't let me update but..
he been in the hospital for about a week yall!

23.) contd...

I woke up in the hospital bed. I looked around and saw all the needles and other crap attached to me. I had monitors going and a band-aid on my forehead. I looked around and saw flowers. I sighed and watched the nurse walk in. She smiled at me and I just continued to watch her.

"how are you feeling mr. brown?" She said. I cleared my throat "im doing alright... how are you?" I said licking my lips. "okay..well we had to do immediate surgery because you had a head contusion and you were losing a lot of blood, we also ran some test and you have Trichomoniasis" I looked at her like she was crazy and before I can speak she stoped me. "Before you say anything Im going to call the docter in here to explain more to you whats going on okay" She said while nodding her head and walked out.

I sat there not know what the fck to think. I tried to think of the people I had sex with without a condom. I shook my head because it was cali in the shower even though it was like a couple of seconds, tierra , that btch bree, and kat. Fckkk I thought to myself, damn I sure couldn't ask bree or tierra cause them hoes were dead. I sighed heavily and was ready to leave already. Thats when the docter rolled in. "hello christopher...umm ok, so you had a head contusion and we put disolvable stitches to close up the wound, you should be healed in about 6 to 8 weeks, I prescribed you medicine for your headaches and other symptoms you might experience with you have a very common STD called Trichomoniasis , (sighed) now this is a very common STD in both women and men. Mr. brown it is very important that if you have multiple sex partners that you get tested because sometimes you don't know your infected with something because of the silent symptoms. You might experience discharge, burning or ejaculation. Do not have sex without protection because that's how you spread the disease. The good thing is that this is a curable disease and I prescribed you metronidazole at 500 mg, twice a day, for seven days. Take all of it as directed and do not skip doses. Everything else is ready to go and so are you mr. brown, Do you have any questions for me?

I looked at him and shook my head. "alrighty then.... you may put your clothes on and the nurse is going to come back to get you to show you were way out." He said. I nodded and he left. Damn there was sooo much going through my brain. Every single girl I fcked seemed so innocent so im wondering who I got this sht from. I got up and got <a href=",r:2,s:71">dressed</a> and went over to all of the flowers that I got. I started to read some of them while I waited for the nurse to come back.

<em>Dear baby,
Its your mom, I hope everything is alright. You scared me to death when I heard what happened. I know that I haven't been the best and I know your probably still upset with me, but I just want you to know that everyone makes mistakes and I love you. Son, I know that your a grown man and can make your own decisions I just pray that God will lead you in the right direction. If you ever feel like the world is against you and you have nobody...Just look up and see who's always been by your side. He's answered my prayers by helping me find y'all so I know he will listen to you. I love you Christopher. Take Care</em>

I looked at what she wrote and smiled a lil, I saw a cared on my desk and saw it was from lauren.

<strong> Chris..
What is going on? You know I love you right? I hope ur not still mad at me. Did you try to kill yourself? Please say you didn't. If you ever died..I'd probably die to. Just hearing your voice and knowing your alright put's brings joy to my heart. I really hope we can talk about our relationship and bond. It isn't the same anymore and I really miss you chrissy... :). Yea I took it way back. WEll, you know where I be homie so hit me up.. Love ya mwahh
-Lauren </strong>

I looked at her note and laughed a lil. I had to admit my sister did piss me off. I didn't want her to be like me. I wanted her to be better and laying up wit some nigga at the age of 16 was not hot. I wasn't sure If I should talk to her or not. I just really wasn't in the mood. I looked at the other flowers and It was some from my aunties and then I saw a nice bouquet of flowers and I saw a note.

<cite> Dear Chris,
When I first saw you, You were sooo cute to me. I had the biggest crush on you. I wanted to know what you were about and everything else about you. I didn't know how to approach you sometimes because you seemed so mad all the time. I really wanted to know what was up but I didn't expect you to open up so easily. I never understood why you acted the way you did and do. But, it really doesn't matter anymore. I can't believe you drove your truck into the movers truck. Did you really think that you were going to hurt the truck against your range rover? I don't understand you chris. Why weren't you so obsessed with me like this in high school? I really don't know what is wrong with you but you definitely need help. Sht obviously I do to if im taking the time to write this letter to you. Im must be really out of my mind that I STILL have just a lil ounce of care for you after all the bullsht you put me through. Im really uncomfortable with the fact that I believe that your capable of doing a lot more then what you already done. Chris...I can be very cruel and send you back to jail but apart of me feels like someone just needs to put you in your fcking place and sit your stupid ass down. Maybe if you'll listen to someone, maybe someone will help you with your crazy ass. Well let me stop, I wrote this because I was actually concerned about you even though I truly believe you don't deserve to be here but hey, guess it was bree's time. Im gettin upset and I think I should stop writing.
Bye Chris</cite>

I sighed and smelled the flowers. The nurse came in "are you ready mr.brown?" She asked. "yes ma'am" I said. "ok well here's your prescriptions and your ready to go..." she said handing me my information. "okay thank you" I said. She left. I called tracy and she picked up on the third ring. "hello?" She said. "hey tracy...I need a huge favor" I said. "you never responded to my text or called me" She said about to go off. "lady calm down and come get me from the hospital" I said. "omg whats wrong?" She said. "ill explain later.." I said. "okay". I told her what hospital I was at and got my things together. Once She got there I told her that someone hit me lying. I told her to drop me off at my car insurance place so that I can get a rental car. I got everything together and tracy looked at me "thank you for helping me...really" I said being truthful. "your welcome babe..." She said smiling. "oh im babe now?" I said laughing a lil bit. She laughed and pecked my lips. I kissed her back and she bit my lip. I broke away and looked at her. "don't start nothing u can't help" I said. "boy whateva..I don't run from the dck" She said laughing. "iight..we'll see" I said walking off.

I got into the rental car and pulled my phone out. I called lauren and thanked her for the card and told her to tell my mom the same. I didn't stay on the phone to chat must because I wanted to call cali. I called her from a different number using an app on my phone and she answered. "Don't hang up.." I said quickly. She sighed "chris what do you want?" She said. "Cali please don't tell me you expected me not to say anything after you sent me those flowers?" I said really wantin an answer. She sighed "your sorry" She said. "thank you...they were really nice and I understand what you wrote completely and...I want you to help me." I said. She laughed a lil. " your welcome for the flowers bye chris.." She said. "NOO!" I said yelling. "what do you want? do I have to change everything for you to leave me alone...I was only being nice okay!" She said. "can u meet me at the park....PLEASE" I said getting annoyed. She sighed "you have 30 mins for whateva the fck you trying to do." SHe said hanging up the phone. I smiled because she had a smart ass mouth and I loved it. I drove off and went to the park that me and her went to before and got out and waited for her.

Cali pulled up after waiting for her about 10 mins. I got up and held my arms out for a hug and she sat down "you have 20 mins now.." She said. I smacked my teeth and sat down. I stared at her for a couple of minutes. "COME ON...u on the clock" She said in an annoyed tone. I sighed. "I umm... I had a rough child hood and...(I bit my lip looking down) I uhh..I got abused as a kid and I use to get toys, clothes, whateva I wanted as long as I shut the fck up...I took so much in from watching my mom and dad fck all the time, her getting beat on, him cheating on her...and then I had enough once I had to witness my sis getting raped" I said letting some tears escape. I looked at the ground and continued talking "they didn't teach me sht...the only thing I learn was what I know now and thats how to fck btches and get what I want and leave...thats it, Im smart...I could of went back to school but (shrugged) everybody right Im a fcking wreck and ain't good for sht....I don't know nothing else" I said whippin my tears. I looked at cali and she looked like she had a couple of tears in her eyes. "im sorry that had to happen to you chris, but you don't have to be like your can be ur own person" She said. I looked at her and sniffed and some more tears fell "cali...thats one of my problems, I don't know who I am" I said truthfully. She whipped my tears and looked at me.

"I can help you...but NO strings attached" She said. I sighed and then looked at my hands. I nodded my head and then looked at cali and smiled. "thank you..." I said. "I appreciated you opening up to me really...what made u do that?" She asked. "I saw how concerned everyone was about me...pictured if I was really gone...I never really would of thought people would actually miss me, especially not you." I said looking at her. She smiled "im a kind person and always have" She said. "thats what I like...dont change" I said standing up about to walk away. "WAIT..." She called. I turned around and cali ran to me and kissed me. I grabbed her waist and kissed her back passionately. "I don't know what it is...but ur really made me look at ur differently now thank you for sharing that information with me" She said walkin off. I smiled and got in the car. I sat there and thought to myself. I wonder was she the one who gave me the std? At this point I really didn't care. 50% of me telling everything to cali was just to get cali to draw into me, but the other half me being really honest. I didn't just pour out my feelings for an act. I had a mission to do and then maybe...I might consider putting all my bad habits to rest but until then. I had to get a body bags ready.


lol thanks guys

I know right lol

This nigga totoaled his car to get her attention? Maybe he is crazy hell. Lol Update Soon

That was really deep...
(haven't said it in a while lol)
But OMG!!!
Like I don't know what else to say

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damn sht getting real smh!

thank you

HE IS NUTS!!! I understand that he loves her but dayum its like that? ReAlly?? He needs to go to the hospital they need to put his ass on some serious medication 0.o... Loved the add :)
Run it!!

23.) Its been a week since I seen cali or anybody else. The only person that had been blowing me up was tracy. I had been sending numorus texts to cali expressing how sorry I was about bree. The things she said that day kept replaying in my head. I sent her flowers, and a whole bunch of other stuff and still no reply. I was about to go crazy. I had to have this girl. I got myself together and took a shower. I ate and went and headed toward to cali’s house. I stopped a few house down from cali’s and I saw her on her porch sipping something out of a wine glass and watching movers move things out of her house. I gripped the steering wheel and started getting upset. I pressed my foot on the gas and then put it in drive and headed straight to the truck. The movers went out the way and that’s when the air bag came out. Cali ran down just like I wanted her too. I heard the moving people asking was I ok. Cali came over and opened the door. “CHRISS…OMG!” she said.

I head blood gushing from my head and the only thing I felt was my heart feeling amazing because cali was actually concerned. She opened the door and lifted my head. “chris what are you doing here?” she said. I looked at her and just now feeling the pain on my head. I scrunched my face up and swallowed hard and took a deep breath “I just wanted to show you that Im willing to do whateva for you cali… I think I love you..” I said lookin at her in her eyes. She looked at me and shook her head “go to the hospital chris…”She said. “come with me” I said. She laughed a lil “go to the hospital chris..I already told you that we weren’t gonna be nothing” She said. “you love me?” I asked her. She looked at me with tears developing in her eyes..”chris what happened to you?” She said. “do you love me?” I asked her again. She shook her head and tears fell down her face “chris please get really worried about you…your losing it” She said. I looked at and inched in pain “don’t leave me, I need you..I think about u more then I think about anything else in this world cali…please” I said with a crack in my voice. “chris…I can’t “ She said leaving. The ambulance was now there, Im guessing someone called. I hit the steering wheel and felt tears falling down my face. I haven’t cried in a long time and I was so tough, I thought God didn’t make me with tears. I put my hand in my face and continued to cry.

What else did she want? I wrote her letters, I text, I call, I buy her things and now I almost risked my life for her. I didn’t know what else she wanted from me. I was so hurt, I must say. The ambulance put my on a stretcher and everything started getting black for me. I didn’t know what was going on, all I remember is seeing the cali’s face. Was I really crazy? Did I really love cali?....these were the questions I didn’t have answers to.

SHORT! I know…can’t give away all the good stuff
If you think chris crazy now? LMAO wait until the end! Maybe…uhhh ion know how many more chapters s*** just wait lol


well damn lol



Lol.... OMG I was on his motherf*cker side until Me and Tyga got involved.

You dumb ass bastard! And he beat up Tyga?

I hope I come back from the dead on his motherf*cking ugly d*ck ass.


I hope you get anally raped and tortured in jail.. When you "kill" Tyga stupid b*tch.

And I ain't even gotta comment on Lauren smh.

Know how I feel about that lil' dumb ass b*tch.

BUT OMG.. I can't believe Bree killed herself.

Once again... i say Bree because I wouldn't EVER kill myself over something like this.....

Sh*t, I'm too scared to try that sh*t...

I wanna live until it's my time sh*t.

But this dumb ass nigga had the nerve to f*cking say he glad I'm dead...

Chris I'm washing my hands with yo b*tch ass.

I'm f*cking done.....

You don't have to worry about me anymore.

I swear and Cali I'm glad you waked the f*ck up.

PLEASE take Bree's letter into consideration... I can't even do this right now.

Tyga should shoot this motherf*cker. ON GOD. You f*cking with my friend, my nigga AND YOU LED me to KILL MY MOTHERF*CKING SELF?!

ON GOD I hope you rot in jail you stupid heartless bastard! You ARE f*cking DAVID in my eyes.....


Run it >:(

LMAO @monroe

your comment was super funny lol

Will read.........




Yea um this nigga is nuts! Run it

22.) Damn... I couldn't stop thinking about cali ass. I turned on my side and saw tracy sleep. I put that d*** on her last night. I must admit that even though I was high, that s*** was good. I sighed and got up. I kissed tracy cheek and she woke up rubbing her eyes. "mmmmm...where you goin?" she said. " I gotta go look for a job..." I said moving around looking for my clothes. "mmmm" she groaned. "ill talk to you later" I said. She nodded and turned back around.

I walked out her house locking it and hopped into my car. I COULD NOT get my mind off of cali. What the f*** was her problem? I just didn't understand. I sighed thinking about everything that went on yesterday from cali to my folks. I thought about it and called lauren on her phone. "hello?" she picked up sounding like she been crying. "lauren? whats wrong?" I said. "he hit me..." she said. "WHO? LAUREN DON'T f***ING PLAY WITH ME" I said yelling through the phone. I turned around and started heading toward there side of town. She started crying "daddd..." she said. I hung up the phone and gripped the steering wheel. This s*** didn't make no sense can a nigga finally have a life damn.

I pulled up to lauren's house in 15 minutes. I looked outside and the car I had seen yesterday wasn't there so I was assuming david had left. I got out the car and ran to the front door banging on it. My mom opened it and I brushed past her. "LAURENNNN" I screamed. I followed her crying voice to lead me to her room. I opened it and she ran straight in my arms. I didn't really like all this but I patted her back anyway until she sat up. "all I did was come home from my friends house this mor-" I cut her off "YOU LAID UP WITH SOME NIGGA OVER NIGHT LAUREN?" I yelled at her. She didn't say anything.

I got up and looked at her "YOU GOT ME WASTING MY f***ING GAS BECAUSE HE HIT YOU FOR A GOOD ASS REASON?" I yelled at her. "NOT IN MY FACE CHRIS...NO FEMALE DESERVES THAT" She yelled at me. "IF YOU ROUND HERE ACTING A HOE YOU GET TREATED LIKE ONE" I yelled back at her. "I SHOULD OF KNOWN NOT TO ANSWER UR CALL OR TELL YOU, YOUR JUST LIKE HIM" She yelled and got in my face. I stepped back "IM NOT LIKE THAT MOTHERf***A , f*** ALL OF YALL REAL s***" I screamed and slammed her door.

I swear man, everyone knew exactly what to say to piss me off now-a-days. I got into my car and drove to my house. I walked in and saw tyga there. I looked at him like he was stupid. "how the f*** did you get in here? and how THE f*** YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE?" I said. "im not here to argue chris....i just wanna know why?" He said. "GET THE f*** OUT" I said still upset. " IM NOT LEAVING UNTIL YOU TELL ME WHY" He yelled.

I honestly didn't know what the f*** he was talking about. I just left lauren, my lil sister who hooked up with some f***ing nigga last night and probably lost her virginity for all I know and now I come to MY place and walk in to see this nigga in my house. "FIRST OFF, I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE f*** U DOING HERE, SECOND I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE f*** YOU TALKIN ABOUT, THIRD IM BOUT TO CALL THE POLICE ON YOU ASS AND TELL THEM YOU BREAKING IN..." I yelled. "IM HERE FOR ANSWERS YOU b**** ASS PUNK AND SECOND YOU DO KNOW WHAT THE f*** IM ABOUT YOU RAPED HER, ASK CALI ABOUT IT SHE KNOWS AND THIRD YOU CAN CALL THE POLICE I DON'T GIVE A s***..I HAVE A CLEAN RECORD AND YOU DON'T AND PLUS ITS NOT BREAKING IT WHEN YOU LEAVE UR f***ING DOOR UNLOCKED." he yelled.

I was soo f***ing pissed I charged tyga and started beating the s*** outta him. We both got a lot of punches in. I f***ed his ass up for the most part and through that nigga out of my house. I paced back and forth. I was getting so close to the edge where i just wanted to kill somebody. I went to my safe and pulled out my gun. I loaded it and put it in my pants. I looked at my phone and saw a text from tracy

"I know I didn't give u a chance at first but.... u really seem like u have a heart & I couldn't believe u said u loved me ."

I looked at the text and jerked my neck back and screwed up my face. What the f*** was SHE TALKIN ABOUT? I was so confused about every f***ing thing and every f***ing body was getting on my nerves. It almost felt like I was more at home while I was in jail then actually out here in the real world. I walked out the house and went to straight to cali house. She was walking out her house and getting into her car. I drove infront of her driveway and parked so she wouldn't get out. She stopped and got out the car and looked at me like I was crazy. That I definitely was.

"what the f*** ARE YOU DOING HERE?" She said. "b**** SHUT THE f*** UP" I said charging her. I banged her into her car and she looked at me like she was scared. "WHY THE f*** DID YOU SEND TYGA TO MY HOUSE? HUH, HUH b****" I said to her. "I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE f*** YOUR TALKIN ABOUT" She said. "HE f***ING SAID YOU KNOW ABOUT SOMEONE I RAPED...WHO! WHO!" I said . She tried to push me "GET OFF OF ME..." She said developing tears. I let her go feeling bad but still upset. "THIS IS PROBABLY WHY TYGA CAME TO YOUR HOUSE" cali said throwing me a letter. I picked it up and I started to read it.

I am warning you to leave chris alone, I wanted to tell u this the very first night you came over my house telling me about u and him. I can tell by the way you talk about him and that you really like him. I don't want you to get hurt tyga told me that he raped a girl name tierra and came crying to him. Thats why you haven't seen him in a while. That bad part isnt that...Tierra wasn't his only victim. I was 2...except he didn't take my life, He showered me with gifts so I wouldn't have to open my mouth and tell anyone. I just knew if he continued to do this to girls that someone would have to. I have held this in for 10 years and cant continue to live with this emotional scar in my heart. Im sorry cali, I love you and wish you the best...please don't cry...just live!

I looked up and seen cali in tears. I cleared my throat and before I can say anything she snatched the letter out my hand. "SHE'S GONE!..." cali said. "i-m so- " She cut me off by slapping me in the face. I bit my lip and looked to the ground. "I deserved that" I said in a soft voice still looking at the ground. "Im rea-"she cut me off. "f*** YOU CHRIS, I HOPE U BURN IN HELL...WE WILL NEVER BE NOTHING, I WAS ON THE VERGE OF LOSING MY MARRIAGE CAUSE IM OVER HERE MASTURBATING TO THE THOUGHT OF YOU,MY HUSBAND KNOWS ABOUT U AND I DONT NEED YOU AROUND HERE CAUSE THERES NOTHING GOING ON WITH US AND WE WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING...YOUR A LOST CAUSE, DEADBEAT, DUMBASS, LONELY, PSYCHOTIC, MENTAL HELP NEEDED ASS....GET OUT OF MY LIFE AND DRIVEWAY, GOODBYE CHRIS..." She said. "IM SO-" I tried to speak again. "I SAID GO, I DON'T CARE ABOUT s*** YOU HAVE TO SAY" she said. "f*** IT THEN s***" I said walking off mad. I got in my car and drove off.

Im guess that bree committed suicide because I got out on bail and she was upset or whateva. Who gives a f***, I didn't feel bad for that b**** because she snitched and then he round here telling cali all my f***ing business before I could. She was gonna die soon anyway cause I was looking for her. Im glad she saved me some clothes cause her blood was gonna be all over them. Now all I need is tyga and ima find his ass. And cali swear she don't want me... I snickered a little bit. We'll see about that....

run it!

lol hell yea lol

Lol he finally got her :)

lol cool! lol thank you

This nigga Martin doesn't seem too happy with Chris being with Cali. What was wrong with Cali. First she was all happy, then crying and running out of the resteraunt, then she ignores him, and to top it all off she's giving him a stank attitude. I shoulda known Ms. Tracy wanted the d***. Now he got what he wanted from her. Update Soon. Ps: my mom's name is Traci. Lol

thanks you guys! lol

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lol i knew he'd get into
tracy sooner or later!
and I knew she wasnt gonna
deny it lol

this btch was so ready for the
dck she didn't even ask where
the fck he came from and how he
knew where her house was lol

smh, damn do he like all three of them
or what? lol maybe just cali,
but what the fck is her problem????
btch got a attitude. lol Chris was so high
his ass was texting lmao while he was fcking
lol and asked cali did she miss him lol
and he called her a btch smh...

damn, and his damn folks is extremely n severely out of control
I hope that he don't give up on cali
cause he get irritated easily and always want his way
but atleast he went to go check up on her
I can see a lil change in chris
but he still got a long way to go...



damn i knew she wanted it


his mama id stupid af

run it


Chris FINALLY smashed Tracy b*tch ass lmao.

I KNEW she wanted the d*ck.

And the way he was talking to her turned me tf on...

He KNOWS just what to say lmao....

Like daaaaaaaamn Chris.

He LOVE eating pussy.....

Mmmmmmm.... lol

Lemme stop.

But WTF is REALLY up with David weak ass?


Like these MOFOS CAN'T be serious.

She a dumb b*tch for taking him back.

And that mofo dumb for talking to Chris like that.

Like b*tch, how the f*ck you gon' say you taught him how to be a man?


And that's NO compliment b*tch ass nigga!

Sofia, you are the dumbest b*tch in the world right now.

Ughhh, and so Martin KNOWS about Chris?

Lol, that shid was funny though....

And wtf happened with Cali?

She all b*tchy and what not.



aw man he finally got
tracy with her uptight
ass to finally give up
the pussy.! lol

whats up with cali's
attitude lately.???

RUN IT.!!!

21.) I haven't heard from cali since the day we went out. That's been about 2 weeks ago now. I was proud of myself because I was able to afford MY OWN <a href=",r:3,s:0">home</a> and I had me a nice <a href=",r:0,s:0">car</a> . I tried texting her and calling her but nothing each time. I was tired of calling her and so I kept thinkin to myself that maybe she didn't want sht to do with me anymore .

It felt good waking up out of my bed and walking into a kitchen. Now all I needed was some bad btches to walk around here naked. I made me something to eat and walked into the shower and got myself clean. After washing my ass I looked in my closet and decided to wear <a href=",r:12,s:0&tx=48&ty=60"> this </a> . Being in jail grew my blonde out so I just decided to stay black. I sprayed on some Polo Black on and looked at myself in the mirror. I smiled to myself and grabbed my keys. I had to get me a job but I doubt it since I been to jail. My lil money that I saved up from stealing from my parents is damn near gone. I mean I grabbed a lot because I thought I would have to take care of lauren for a while. I drove to cali's <a href=",r:13,s:36&tx=121&ty=80"> house </a>. I looked at her house and took a deep breath. I didn't know if I wanted to actually see what was up with this girl or what. I parked my car and walked up the driveway. I rang the door bell and <a href=",r:8,s:0">he answered</a>. "can I help you?" He said. I cleared my throat "is cali here?" I said being brave. He looked at me like i was crazy "why are you concerned about cali's whereabouts?" he said. "im her church friend, we pray together all the time and she helps me with a lot and I really need her prayer right now" I said lying quick. He looked at me suspicious. I knew this had to be her husband. He soon let me in. " friend, ill let her know ur here, Im martin by the way her husband and you are.." he put his hand out. I shook it "im chris" I said. He let go of my hand and look at me suspicious again and then turn around.

What the fck was this nigga problem? Lookin at me funny and sht. I never seen that nigga a day in my life and I really didn't wanna go BACK to jail. I waited for cali and she finally came down the steps and she stopped and stood dead in her tracks "get out of my house chris.." she said in a mean tone. I got up and looked at her confused "I came here to talk to you" I said. "well I dont want to talk to you" she said with her arms folded. I screwed my face up and backed up "what the fck is ur problem...I been calling and texting you and all I wanted to do was make sure u were ok, the last time I saw you, you were running out of a restaurant in tears" I said. She laughed a lil "now is not the time ok chris, please get out of my house before I call the police" Cali said being a btch. "I don't need you checking up on me a favor and don't ever come here or call me again...we are nothing okay" She said. I looked at her "why u fighting back tears?" I asked her. "JUST LEAVE OK" She screamed making her husband come downstairs. "so..thats chris huh?" He said talking to cali. I looked at her "im gone..." I said leaving. "not right now martin.." she said to him.

I walked out to them starting to argue about me I assume. I got into my car and drove off. I didn't know what the fck cali's problem was. ALl I did was go over there to see what was up with her but nooo she wanted to have a fcking attitude. I really didn't have time for that sht real talk. Then her husband come down the fcking steps talkin about "so thats chris huh?" like what the fck was that suppose to mean? I was now mad. I never cared so much about no btch the way I do cali. Sht I almost felt bad for fcking kat in jail like cali was my girl. But fck that I shouldn't cause im single. If she wanna act the way she acting and cant even tell me why then FCK IT, Im not gonna chase that btch and she can keep martin dusty ass. I turned up the radio to help calm my nerves down. I wanted someone to talk to but there's was never no one to run to. DAmn if that nigga sean wasn't in jail I swear we'd kick it, that nigga was a real ass nigga and I needed more people like that in my life.

I decided to go and say hey to my mom and lauren since I ended up being on there side of town. I pulled up to there house and saw a car in the driveway that I didn't recognize. I got out the car and rung the door bell. The door opened and I saw my dad. I brushed past him and he closed the door. He was definitely someone I didnt want to see. "dang..we can't speak nowadays?" My dad said. "nah.." I said without making eye contact. I walked up the steps and went to the living room. My mom came out the kitchen and smiled "my babbyyyyy" She said running up to me and giving me a hug. "hey ma" I said real dry. "how are you, you want something to eat or something?" She asked. "ma everytime I come over here u ask me" I said in an annoyed tone. "well, you are my child still...just trying to make sure ur alright" She said. "im fine ma..where's lauren?" I asked. "she's with a lil friend" She said. I looked at her "what lil friend?" I said. "you kno...she's 16 and you know into dating and stu- " I cut her off " call her and tell her to come home right now" I said demanding her. " im not" my mom said. "why not, she don't need to be out with no damn boy" I said getting upset. "let her enjoy life"my dad said now stepping into the house. I rolled my eyes "whats the problem chris?" my mom said. I laughed a lil "live life and end up like you and him huh...(I snickered) and what the fck are you doing here anyway? I said now talking toward my dad. "I may have been a bad father or whatever but what I do know you will respect me" He said getting up.

"RESPECT?" I yelled out "you want me to show you respect, WILL PUTTING BLACK AND PURPLE BRUISES HELP? HUH" I said extremely upset. "LETS NOT START THIS IN MY HOUSE!" my mom yelled. "BOY YOU BETTER GET OVER THAT, NOW I DID WHAT I HAD TO DO TO SHOW YOU HOW TO BE A MAN.." My dad yelled. "YOU CALL ABUSIN ME, MAKING ME INTO A MAN...WELL YOUR WRONG CAUSE WHEN I LOOK INTO THE MIRROR I ONLY SEE THE MONSTER YOU CREATED ....U AINT SHT AND NEVER WILL BE" I said. "YALL STOP IT" My mom yelled. My dad charged me and before he could hit me I punched him in his face. "MOM PLEASE DON'T TELL ME YOU BACK WITH HIM?" I said watching my dad hold his mouth on the floor. My mom sat there crying her eyes out. I already knew what was up. I shook my head and laughed "im getting lauren..." I left. I walked out heated as sht. I hit the steering wheel and felt like punching someone again. How dare that mothafcka come at me. I rolled me up a blunt. I need all this sht to be lifted off me, there was too much sht happening in one day for me to take all this in. If I didn't smoke this blunt then back to jail I was gonna go and this time it wouldnt be no bail. I didn't give a sht if that nigga did that for me or not he was NOT MY DAD what so ever. I will never claim that nigga and if I ever had children one day, they definitely wasn't gonna ever turn out to be like him OR ME but better. I started to puff until I got my high on. There's was only one more thing I needed to make this day complete.

I pulled up to tracy's job. She was walking out and she got into her car. I followed her to her house. I couldn't wait to get into that pussy. My mouth started to water just thinking about how good that pussy would taste in my mouth. I wonder was she better then cali or was kat pussy beating both of them. Damn...I started to reminisce on her, she was exactly what I needed... a chick who new how to handle my crazy ass and my needs and she was someone who knew how to keep up with that sht. But in real life, I had 2 basic ass btches who acted like they didn't want the dck when deep down inside both of they panties create oceans when they think about me. I got out and knocked on the door. She soon opened it. I smiled at her with my low red eyes. SHe looked at me like I was a stranger "what the fck are you doing here?" She said. I bit my bottom lip and walked inside pushing her backward. I closed the door and locked it. "I want that wet pussy mmmmm, I wanna taste it...let me fck that pussy with this tongue babe" I said already horny. She looked at me like she wanted to say come on "chris i ca-" I cut her off by banging her into a wall and started kissing her. I grabbed her neck softly while I followed her tongue rhythm . She broke the kiss away "your high..." She said. "yea..high off you" I moaned in her ear and now biting it. "mmmm" She moaned slightly.

I picked her legs up and moved closer to her between them as I held her up against the wall. "you wanna feel daddy dck?" I asked her looking into her eyes. "yeaaa..." she said moaning. "mmm thats what im talkin bout" I said gripping her ass. I moved around and finally found what looked like her room. I took her clothes off n left her bra and panties. "chris are u sure we- " "shhhhh girl and take this dck" I said cutting her off. "mmmm"she moaned at my aggressiveness and blunt tone. I started kissing all over her stomach and tracing each and every curve she had with my tongue. I took off my clothes and left my boxers on and took off her bra. I stared at her breast for a second before licking them. I made sure I gave her eye contact while sucking and nibbling on her breast. "mmm" she moaned softly. "your beautiful" I said to her. She smiled n continued to watch me. I licked her stomach and started making my way down to her prize possession. I kissed her inner thighs and she was already running. I took her panties and teased her by puttin them in my mouth. I ripped her panties off roughly. "mmm" she moaned softly again. I teased her and licked her pussy and then looked at her. She looked at me and laughed then bit her bottom lip. I licked it again and then dove right in.

I started nibbling, sucking, biting, & licking all over her pussy. I stuck my index and middle finger in and started going to work. I watched my hand and bit my lip. I looked at tracy and she was in a bliss. I smirked cause I knew she was enjoying it. I took my finger out and looked at her cause she was looking at me now. I looked at her with intensity in my eyes and sucked on my fingers both individuality flashing her my seductive look. "oooo u so nasty" She moaned. I bit my lip again and kissed her pussy. I took my boxers off and she stared at my dck. "you like what you see?" I asked her. I was nicely shaved and looking good. I been out of jail for 2 weeks and had to get back to regular schedule program with keeping myself up. She nodded her head and I started stroking my dck wit my hand. "where you want it?" I asked her. "in my pussy.....mmmm stroke dat dck daddy" She said. "you like when daddy stroke dat d***?" I said now moaning. "ooo yea" she said staring at my hand. I look at it to. I spit on dck n continued "mmmm" I moaned.

I turned her around and put her on all fours. I spit on my hand and wet her pussy and ass. "mmmmmm u look good" I said. I look in my pants pocket and found a condom. I slipped it on and looked at my phone. I put it on the bed and then rammed in her ass. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHH MY FCKKINN GOOOD" She screamed. I picked my phone up and started pumpin in and out slow. I texted cali <strong>"you missin me baby? havin the best time of my lfe" </strong> My messed up ass made some typos but I didnt give a sht. I put my phone on the night stand and grabbed tracy hips. I started banging her "mmmm damn that ass feel good girl" I said. She was moaning and crying "yessss daddddyy mmmmmmm" I slapped her ass "bring dat ass back" I slapped it again. "AHHH YESS" She screamed. She started bringing that ass back just she was told. "mmmmmm sht, mmm fck dis dck" I said. My phone went off and I checked it <strong> " I said dont text, call or talk to me no more- I meant it >:(" </strong> . I looked closely and it was from cali, I rubbed my head cause I aint kno what the fck she was talkin about. Tracy continued and I text back <strong> " btch what the fck u talkin about?"</strong>. I put my phone down. I turn tracy over and went inside her pussy nice and slow. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" we moaned in unison. I looked in her eyes and she looked in mine. I bent down and got into missionary style and whispered in her ear "i love u..." SHe didnt respond but just kept moaning. "oooo right there" she moaned. "mmmm right there?" I moaned. "ooo yeaa right there" she said confirming me. "mmmmmmm" She said. So far she was second, it was kat, her, then cali. Of course cali's attitude had something to do wit her being what! "whats my name?" I asked her pullin her hair. "CHRIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSS" She moaned cumming. "ooooo thats right" i moaned and grunted. I picked her legs up and put them behind her head and started pounding into that pussy "oooo, this pussy real good" I said moaning. "oooo yeaaa...this pussy wet daddy?" she said talking nasty. "helll yeaa "I said moaning. "mmmm yeaa, daddy made that pussy wet" She said moaning. "mmmm" I moaned. I took my dck out and held her legs up "open that pussy" I demanded her. She took her pussy and spreaded it out. I blew into it. "ooooooooooommmmmmmmmm chris" I said. I blew into it again and then rubbed her her clit. I stuck my dck in and then took it out "mmmmmmmm" I moaned. I stuck my dck in and then took it out quickly "mmmmm" I moaned. "ride dis dck" I said turning over.

She hopped on my dck with no hesitation. She started to ride me slow using my abs as support. I grabbed her hips and joined her rhythm . "mmmmmmm ride daddy dck girl" I said slapping her ass. "AHHHHHH" she fasten her pace and both of our heart beats increased as well as our breath. By this time my high was starting to fade and I was starting to realize what I was doing. I definitely wasnt gonna stop before I got my nut. I wanted to get into this pussy anyway. "aaaaahhhh fck" I moaned. She was riding me like no tomorrow. I was loving ever bit of it. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. I put my hands behind my head and let her continue. "mmm u gone make daddy come baby?" I asked her. "oooohh yea" she said now bouncin on my dck. "ooooooo" I said moaning. "where u want daddy nut?" I asked her. "mmmmm in my pussy daddy" She said. "mmmmm" I turned her over and pulled her sideways as I got off the bed. I gripped her hips and spreaded her legs as far as they can go. I started going hard and looking at my dck go. "mmmmmmm,,AHHHH SHT, SHT, SHT OOOO FCK CHRIIS" She moaned. I kept pumpin and thrusting harder. "DEEPERRR DADDDY" I went deeper "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" I moaned. "oooooo I FEEL YOU DADDy" She said whining. "ahh fck, sht im bout to cum baby..." I said to her. I kissed her neck and started going hard again. My mouth opened and my head went back I was the deepest I can go without fcking up her uterus. "mmmmmmmmm....mmmmmmmmmm.....mmmmmmmmm(sighed heavily) mmmmmm" I moaned and grunted in a deep sexual tone. I came out and headed to her bathroom. I came back whipping the sweat off my forehead.

She looked at me and smiled "woowwww..." She said. I licked my lips "what?" I said playing dumb. "you know what..." she laughed. I laughed 2 "I knew u was take daddy dck" I said. "mmmmmm dont start again" I said. "im tired as fck" I said laying on her bed. "you can stay here if u want" She said. "oh u didnt have to tell me, I wasnt gonna leave anyway" I told her. Tracy looked at me like I was crazy. I laughed "what im foreal, im tired as fck...I never had that much energy during sex, i need to fck high all the time" I said. She shook her head. "you good now that you got what you wanted?" She said. I looked at her a second "......nah" I said now thinking about cali.

***I hope that is long enough for you guys, and if not then sht its just gonna have to be lol, sorry for the wait! I didn't know what to write at first and all I just need was a couple of hours to get into writing mode and then my fingers just started typing lol. I believe that is the longest sex scene I ever did as well....not sure though haven't seen just talkin right now! anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love yall ...GOOD NIGHT 4:21 am (my time) <--- u see what I do for yall smh...