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...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things <3 {2/7/12} FINISHED HALLELUJAH

- - this is gonna go a lil different then planned before. I don't remember everybody in it before so ima just write! then everything might flow then.



I walked into the house and saw my mom and dad fckin on the couch. I walked on the other side of the couch and watched my mom and dad fck. They didn't seem to mind so I continued to watch. I wanted to know why my mom was yelling so much...I didn't understand. My dad looked at me every now and would smile. "look chris" my dad said. I did exactly what he said and looked."this is how you get in that pussy". I got up and walked over to my parents and watched my dad. "you wanna try?" my dad asked me. I didn't understand what he mean't so I didn't answer. "boy I asked you a question" he said sternly. I cleared my throat and played dumb."sir?" I said scared. "I said do you wanna try...matter of fact, come on" my dad said. I didn't want to but I could tell disobeying my dad wasn't gonna turn out nice. My mom started crying and screaming because she didn't want me near her. I looked up at my dad because I didn't know what to do. "boy get in there". I started to walk away and I could hear my father footsteps coming right behind me. I started running and got caught by my dad. He started ruffing me up and beating me. I could hear my mom crying downstairs. It was probably because she knew she was next. Once my dad was done he brought me some toys and my mom some roses and nice jewelry. I didn't understand why my dad would beat me and then by my everything I want. It was crazy because I wouldn't get what I want on a regular but after getting my ass whooped that's when I got what I always wanted. I didn't complain because I love ...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things, they were the only things that made me happy..




Damn he still messin with Kat? I wasn't surprised when he got his sentence. But what I was surprised about was the fact that David bailed Chris outta jail tho. I wanna know what happened that made Cali have to rush out like that. It must be hard to be digging somebody in jail. Update Soon

LMAO lol @yall

I know u can bail people out of jail but he did, I didnt really feel like researching so some stuff might unrealistic but oh well lol lol

aw man that nigga got 25 to life
but his dad bailed him out...i
didnt know yhu kud do thar but ok

i wonder who called cali...


All I can say is Chris is f*CKED from this time on!

They gave my nigga 25 years! With NO chance of parole!


He's pretty f*cked.

And THEN David bailed him out. Yeah, I STILL don't trust that nigga. He's no good at all! F*ck him!

But anyway I laughed when him and Sean were talking about how they needed Jesus.

Shid, you gon' need the disciples too because y'all ass is in that MOFO for a lil' minute.

Anyhow, now he spending time with Cali and what not.

She blushing and giggling like a school girl.

Damn he must've forgot about little ole Kat.



20.) contd...

m/v- excuse me your honor?

judge- yes

m/v- is there possible bail?

I looked around and I saw my dad standing up. WTF was this man about to do? I haven't heard or talked to him in a long time. I looked at the judge and he looked around at some parents and it got really quiet in the court room.

judge- a bail can be negotiable but until then the verdict is final and mr brown has 25 years to life in prison with no chance of parole, COurt is now dismissed (dismissed)

I looked down and tried to give ms.tracy a hug. She looked at me funny and said "I didn't know I would be representing you off of something that you deserve jail time for..." She said shaking her head. I really didn't know what to say so I just stared at her. "bye chris..." She said and walked off. I shook it off cause we didn't really have no good relationship anyway and all I wanted was her pussy so I didn't give a fck about her being mad. I looked at bree and tyga who both looked at me and walked out. The police came up to me and handcuffed me again and started escorting me out the court. I looked at my parents and lauren. I mouth the words "I love you" toward lauren and she nodded her head.

I went back and put my jumpsuit on and had to go back to my cell. I got in there and saw sean. I gave him dap "what up nigga" I said. "whats up what happened?" he said. "I got 25 years to life with no chance of parole" I said looking down. He looked at me and said "damn man...." He shook his head. "we need the lord" He said seriously. I laughed and couldnt even remember the last time I went to church.. "real nigga sht chris" he said. I sighed and got up on my bed and just stared at the ceiling "the other night when I came back where were you?" I said. "I was wit the deputies and I told em that u were sleep and they didnt even come in" He said. "thanks man...real talk" I said. "yea...who is she?" He said. I smiled a lil bit to myself "her name kat...she kinda in a fck up situation just like everyone else is u know" I said. "yea.. i feel ya, we all gonna pay for the mistakes we made man...we just gotta learn the hard way" He said.

Sean was the type of nigga i'd roll wit cause he spoke real nigga sht. Tyga was a btch ass nigga, a fcking rat. When I saw him and bree in the courtroom I wanted to FCK THEM UP!!! soooo bad, like who the fck does that sht. I wouldnt never rat nobody out. 25 years from now 40 something years old Ion give a fck , ima FCK HIS ASS UP AND HERS! Ion give a fck at this point.

....Next Day

I was called to the court room again and thats when the judge had told me that my dad had bailed me out. It was 2500 to bail me out and my dad did it.

judge- (sighs)I really dont recommend this but your free to go, you know have a record anything you do from here will hinder your life for ever and if you end up in my court room again your going to jail for life end of story...get him out of my face!

I looked at the judge like he lost his mind. Who the fck did he think he was, I swear some white people mistreated blacks for no reason. (NO OFFENSE ANYONE) I mean I know what the fck I did to be in this btch and here he go talkin about he dont recommend that sht. FCK everybody I was ready to get the fck up out of here. I went to my cell to say bye to sean. "aye man...I preciate the advice real talk and ima come up here from time to time to visit you man...foreal" I said after telling him I was bailed out. "you lucky...use ur head and no problem" He said. I sort of felt bad but I couldnt bring the nigga wit me. I hope he does good in here so his sentence can be shorten and he don't have to be in here missing his baby girl. I went to go put on my clothes and I had to called lauren and she came with our mom's to pick me up. I didn't know what the fck they did with my car so I knew I was gonna need a new one.
"baby im soooo happy that your ok" My mom said. "where the hell did david come from?" I said. "you mean ur dad?" she said. "that nigga aint my dad.." I said. She sighed "I had to call him so that he can send me the money...I didnt want u in there" she said. "how the hell did u even know I was in jail?" I said confused as hell. "ms.tracy told us"Lauren interrupted. I shook my head "woooww small world, wondering how bree and tyga new about this" I said. "Im just glad ur out sweetie what do u want for dinner" My mom said. "ma im not staying with yall...ima grown ass man and IM not gonna be living wit yall in face pull over" I said startin to get upset.

"whats the problem chris?" lauren said. "PULL OVER" I said. My mom pulled over "chris i know that ur grown but u will respect me im ur mother so WATCH UR TONE...(her voice started getting cracky)i try my best to be a good mother and he I go making a good decision by calling ur dad and that was the best he ever did for you was bail you UOUT TO BE GRATEFUL" She said. "BE GRATEFUL..MA I BEEN IN JAIL MY WHOLE LIFE, LIVING WITH YALL HAVING WELPS ON MY FCKIN BACK AND SCARS AND BRUISES ON MY FACE WAS HELL AND JAIL AT THE SAME TIME...YALL COULD OF LEFT ME THERE CAUSE I DONT GIVE SHT ABOUT DAVID THAT MAN IS NOT MY DAD" I said getting out. I walked off from the car and went into the store to call cali. She picked up on the 1st ring "chris?" she said in a surprised tone. "hey...(smilin)ummm..i need a favor" I said. "whats up" She said. "i need a ride..." I stayed on the phone with her explaining and she ended up coming and picking me up. I picked her up and spinned her around "oook chris put me down" she said laughing a lil. "dont act like u not happy to see me" I said smiling at her. "where do u want me to take u?" she said getting in the car. I looked at her and ran my fingers up her leg "lets go to ur house" I said being flirtatious. She laughed and moved my hand "my husband is there and no thank you" she said. I sighed " first is find a car, get a house, fck yo husband up and then marry u" I said so serious. She looked at me and burst out laughing... "thats funny" she said. "just watch..." I said.

...hours later

We drove around and I got my business handled and we ended up going out to eat. We were at a restaurant just laughing and having a good time. "thank u...."I said takin her hand looking into her eyes. "ur welcome chris.." She said. "I feel like something is different about you..." I said. Cali blushed "noooo..." I smiled "u missed me?" I asked her. "noo chris now eat." She said taking bites into her food. I stared at her. I couldnt believe that I was back already. Just then cali phone rang and she answered it "hey...yea, with chris...HUH! WHATTTT...OMG" I looked at her. She had tears streaming down her eyes.."I have to go sorry" she said leaving. I looked around at the food she left. I was concerned about her and wanted to go after her but Im was sure she was gone already... I hope everything is alright. Just then I couldnt help but to think about kat....

run it!

:p lol thats what u get for being M.I.A lol just playing!

I'm mad at this lil' cliff ass hanger!

BUT wow, so Chris got a thing for Kat AND Cali.

And I feel sorry for Sean too because that nigga got 15 years!

And he won't be able to see his daughter?!

That's f*cked ALL the way up!

I can't imagine how he is feeling.

I kinda got teary-eyed. I'm a f*cking sensitive ass b*tch.

But here we go.

That scene with him and Kat turned me all the f*cking on.

Like damn, I love how he talked to her lol.

And look at me and Tyga testifying and shid!

My nigga gon' be locked up forever!

Is that Cali?

And lmao @ Chris saying Ms. Tracy wasn't no damn lawyer she just wanted the d*ck

He a fool!


thanks guys :)

oh man who was that
at the end.? was it one
of his family members.???
plz run it girl.!

dam who was dat at the end run it

20.) I looked at the ceiling. I couldn't sleep. I was happy that my trial was tomorrow. I had talked to ms.tracy about it and she said she would be there to represent me. This btch would do anything for dck I guess because this btch wasnt no damn lawyer. But she said she would do it.

One of the officers slipped some mail under the door. Sean picked it up and tossed it to me. It was from cali, I immediately smiled. I opened it and read what she wrote back. She must of not knew who I was. I knew I could steal her heart. I was more worried about how long I was gonna be in here though. Well, atleast she gave me her number so I could get in touch with her. "My trial tomorrow..." I said to sean puttin up cali's letter. "oh word...good luck" He said. "oh yea, u never told me what they said" I said to him. He shook his head and sighed. "I was emotional in here for 15 years...thats 15 years without seeing my daughter...picture can't talk about to you" He said getting upset.

"dang man...I hope that somehow you can be out of here sooner" I said. He laughed a lil bit "yea...all we can do is wishful thinking round here...thats it" He said. I really didn't know what to say because even though I was in jail to. I didnt have nobody that loved me so it wasnt so bad. But he had a daughter who was probably crying every time waiting for her dad to come back and she has no idea that she wasnt gonna see him anytime soon. I turned over in my bed. I haven't saw kat since the night she told me about tyga being her ex...I really wanted to talk to her. I liked her and cali at the same time. I looked at the ceiling and thought to myself should I attempt to find her. I swallow a big gulp of spit. I stood up on my bed and remove the piece out of the way and sean said "bruh what the fck u doing are u stupid?", "Ima be for me" I said and put the piece halfway on to were I can get back."

I looked to started crawling and took what was only a left turn that you can make. I was now where you can see a vent. I peeped through and saw I was still on the males side. It was supa hot up here. I knew it was gonna be a while while before I was to get to the girls side so I just decided to speed up. After feeling like being in this big ass vent for about 10 minutes, I started passing vents and the inmates were no longer males. I was on the girls side. Now I had to start spying to see where kat's cell was. I started to hear her russian accent and removed her vent. I moved my hands around looking for how the hell she was suppose to get out of her cell. I found it and knocked on it. She opened it and I asked her was it safe for me to come down? She said yea..

I came on her bed and I smiled. We had cells with doors and one lil window thats why he was capable for us to sneak around. Whoever made that decision was stupid. She looked at me and didnt say anything. "hey...kat" I said. She looked at me and still didnt respond. I took her chin and made contact with her eyes. "im sorry..." I said. She looked at me and stared in my eyes. I kissed her lips softly. I looked at her and she looked at me "its not ur fault...I told you that" she said. "I know...I felt that you didn't understand why I wasnt trynna have sex that night" I said. "why come this time?" She said. I sighed "because I been thinking about you....& I have a trial tomorrow and who knows what will happen" I said. She looked at me and then looked away "go..." she said a lil demanding. "what's wrong with u kat?" I asked. "no need for you" She said upset. I smiled and pulled her by her legs and spreaded them gettin in between them. "this is what u want?" I said whispering in her ear. She didn't reply. I started kissing on her neck again "huh? ion hear mommy.." I said biting her ear. She moaned.."yes" softly. "look like someone missed daddy dck" I said in my normal voice. She bit her lip and looked at me. I couldnt lie to myself cause I missed her pussy 2 but to be honest I just didnt want this thing with her but if the dck was all she wanted then fck it, Ill give her the dck.

After beating down her walls, I left since I figure thats all she wanted and she stopped me. "bye..chris" She said kissing my hand. I looked at my hand and looked at her. "bye kat" I said and left. I went back to my cell and didn't see sean there. **sht** I thought to myself. I wonder what he told the police, damn I hope I didn't get that nigga more in trouble or hell myself. I knew I wasnt gonna be able to sleep until I saw sean walk back in.

.... Next Day

I woke up early by the officers. I got ready for court today. I looked real nice in my clothes and it felt good to be in some actual clothes. I stepped into the court room and saw ms.tracy. I hugged and kissed her cheek as we greeted each other. I looked around the court room and saw who looked like to be my father and my mom and lauren. I had to look twice. A lot of thoughts ran through my head. Like what the fck was happening. Court started and I took a seat. I saw the parents of tierra sam and her mother went up there to testify the last day she saw her daughter.She raised her right hand and pledge that she would testify nothing but the truth and only the truth.

Judge- Thank You Officer John, In the case of People vs Mr. Brown, Mr. Brown is present with his council, Ms. Gina is present and the rest of jury is present Good Morning Everyone

all- Good morning

Judge- ok at this time the people may call there next witness

Plaintiff Lawyer- the people cause Mrs. Gloria Sams to the stand please

f/v- Please raise your right hand

Mrs Sams- (raises it)

f/v- Do you solemnly state that the testimony that you may give in the case now pending upon this court will be the truth, the whole truth,and nothing but the truth so help you God?

Mrs.Sams- yes ma'am

f/v- please be seated

Mrs. Sams- (sat down)

f/v- please state your name for the record starting with your first then last name

Mrs. Sams- Gloria Sams.... G.L.O.R.I.A S.A.M.S

Judge- Good morning Mrs Sams, let me give you a couple of rules I give to every witness the 1.) is to please sit back and relax, 2.) is to speak loudly so everyone can hear you 3.) is to answer a question yes or no and please refrain from slang like "uh huh" or "nu uh" which can be confusing and finally 4.) wait to you hear the entire question before interrupting... is that ok?

Mrs.sams- yes sir

Judge- Go on Ms. Tracy

Ms.Tracy- ok thank you, Hi Mrs. you recognize the defendant mr. christopher brown?

Mrs. Sams- no

Ms.Tracy- can you tell me about the night you last saw your daughter Tierra Sams?

Mrs.Sams-(sighs) the last time I saw tierra was almost 2 months ago and she was at home getting ready for work


The court trail went on for 2 more days and here I was waiting for my sentence. I had a lot of people take the stand saying that I was capable of killing people. Including tyga and I wanted to go and fck him up. When bree testified against me saying that she was one of her victims I knew I was in jail for life. Where the fck did they even come from? Who the fck would set me up like this? I didn't understand.... I I waited there to here the news....

court clerk- Superior Court of Texas, Houston county, The people of Texas state plaintiff vs Christopher Maurice Brown defendant case # sa9832BB87. We the jury find the defendant Christopher Maurice Brown guilty of 1st degree murder and sexual assault. alleged Vitim Tierra Sams Alleged date of September 28, 2011. Jury seat #3 i.d #4857908 is this your individual verdict or so say you #1 or say you all

jury- all

Judge- verdict is finalized, court may b-

m/v-excuse me your honor be continued!

thanks! :)

@bree ...i have to admit...this is my 2nd fav. story i ever written so far <3

yall comments have helped me fall in love with it, if not it would be just a story to me THANKS READERS!

thats crazy that kat is tygas ex.!
i wonder why she really decided
to start fuxking chris. like is there
a deep reason that has to do with
chris's past or something.???

im glad chris finally sent cali a
lettee and im glad she wrote
back but i actually hope she
was saying his name so her
and her husband can get a
divorce so she can be with
chris and he can change his
Run it.!!

Merry Christmas.!!!

lol I wasnt trynna make u feel dumb bree! just thought I correct u so u wouldnt be confused anymore lol

ALRIGHT HO ! Don't try to make me feel DUMB -_____________-

Shid , I was focusing more on the important shid int he chapter .

So , I got sumthing confused . So , what !

We all have our slow moments .

@bree lol
cali wrote back to the 13th note chris didnt have the guts to send the other 12 because he was convinced that she forgot about him lol #lostgirl

Well, she actually wrote him back this time.

Shocking. Lol.

I wonder did Martin know abou this lil' affair?

And I'm with everybody else. Did she say the nigga name, while she playing with vibrators and shid?

So Kat is Tyga's ex and she's basically in there for killing her father.

So, her and Chris can relate.

Even better.


I feel like Martin knows about Cali
But that's neither here nore there...
Chris and this Kat chick...WHAAAAATT???
Yo, her story was deep as hell
And she had no reason for being up in there
Real talk
And she was describing the sh*t out of Chris ass
Smh, how small the fckn world is huh??


thanks you guys :)

That was a sad story Kat told. Well I kno she's not a stalker at least. She dated Tyga, shocker. And to go with what shestayfly89 said, I hope she wasn't moanin Chris' name otherwise it's gonna be some s***! Update Soon

oh yea i got that crazy name from antm and i love that show 2 lol

thank you lol & same 2 u

Omg!! Wtf? This is just crazy!!! I could write a whole page about this, but ill spare u the extra reading... Ok so kartarzyna *did u get that from antm? Thats was my show :)* is Mikes ex??? Thats crazy if I was Chris id he skeptical af like wtf did he tell her n now that they f***** what do she want??? Hum hope he change his ways and make it back to cali... N speaking if cali I hope she wasnt moaning his name lol cause if she was... Shes busted lol anyways thanks for the adds!!
Merry Christmas!!
Run it

Leaving yall with that! lol those were 3 adds and I would add tomorrow if I have time but I will be probably with family all day and I know yall probably would be 2, I wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS, please be safe and blessed!

19.) I woke up from a headache from all that alcohol last night. My husband was out on a business trip so me and my girls went out and had fun. It was good to have him away for a couple of days just to have some me time. I went outside to check the mail and I came back in and put it on the coffee table. I took my hands and ran them down my face and sighed. I looked through my mail and all I saw was bills, bills, and more bills. I came across a letter. I was unsure who it was from, I opened it not knowing what to expect.

<cite>Dear Beautiful,
I remember that beautiful smile, you had always been concerned about me and when we had our first sit down you were concerned about me. Are you still concerned? I hope you are because Im concerned about you. Cali you make me act in ways I would never act toward any girl…. I guess that’s what makes u different though. I been messing with a lot of girls and b****es but when I look at you…I see a women. I know you’re wondering why Im writing you but I think about you more than you think or can imagine. Cali I miss your pretty smile and presence…I wanna get to know that girl that wants to let me in but’s afraid…when I get out im coming straight to steal ur heart because I believe it belongs to me and im willing to do anything to get it- believe that babygirl ;)
- Love Chris aka long Dck (lol)</cite>

I had to admit that it was very sweet of him to write me. I thought to myself that he wouldnt try to steal my heart and I would be very impressed if he did. I went upstairs to get some paper and decided to write him back.

<strong>Dear Handsome,
I thank you for writing me, it was very sweet of you and believe it or not I do think about you. So would that answer your question? So is this where you knew you would be and you wanted to say by to me? Wow...I never thought that I would see you ended up like this, well I hope that what you did to get in there that you get it together and hopefully learn from your mistakes. Just to let you know, im wearing your bracelet right now as I write. Just thought I throw that in there so you wouldn't think you wasted a gift. Well just incase u forgot my # its ###-###-####, I guess u can keep in touch by still writing back n forth & callin while u can... it was nice to hear from you, Stay Blessed
Sincerely, Cali</strong>

I took the note and read it over and over, I put it in an envelope and took it to the mail box. I smiled looking at the bracelet that I told my husband it was from bree. I walked inside and decided to use my pretty pink rabbit. I moaned to the thought of chris being inside of me. Once I was done I looked and saw martin standing in the door.


"mmmmmmmmm damn that was the best I eva had" I said just finished receiving head. "you never told me how u knew my name or your name" I said. "you haven't passed the test yet" that mysterious girl said. "what test?" I looked at her like she was stupid. "don't worry chris, your safe, there's only one more place worst then this to go..." She said. I looked at her "can I atleast know your name since you know mine?" She looked at me and sighed "you tell someone my name and Ill cut your dck off and feed it to u (grabbin my neck) do you understand" She said. I slapped her hand away and pushed her on the bed and chocked her. "Im the I stay in control, you listen to my rules do YOU understand?" I said to her. She looked at me and started laughing evilly "i like it rough..." She said. I let go and shook my head "are you gonna be hardheaded or actually listen for once, its been a fckin month, we fcked 7 times already and you still cant tell me how u know my name and whats yours..." I said. "my name is katarzyna" She said. "what the hell you said it was?" I said confused as hell. "katarzyna" (kar)(tar)(gena)" She said. "woowwww...a weird ass name to go wit yo weird ass" I said. I liked the way she rolled her tongue when she said tar part it was sexy lowkey but I wasnt about to tell her that. "can I ask you something?" I said. "what..." she said. "how do you get over here and not get caught...?" I said "its a quick like Houdini" She said smiling. I started smiling "cant be too quick if u in here" I said laughed. She got mad instantly "its not funny, you have no reason to laugh, im here because....because its non of your business...." She said. "kartarzyna...I wanna know more about you, I have to admit that ....that I like you" I said. "well its just the more" she said raising "no more" higher then the previous words. "shhh...dont get upset, but I know we couldn't possibly have nothing more other then sex (i laughed) hell we in jail...but I really wanna know more about u..." I said. Kartarzyna was sitting on the other side of my bed with her arms folded and she looked away from me. "there nothing to know" she said with a crack in her voice.

"well since you won't tell me anymore...ill tell you what I like so far......I like your smile even though its evil looking but we can work on that (I laughed a lil at myself) ummm..your eyes, there really pretty...light brown especially when they hit the light.... I love your sassy, mysterious attitude & ur interesting ways....I wanna know more, let me in" I said. I saw her reaching for the ceiling. "dont leave....did I say something wrong? I didn't mean it...please stay" I said. "everybody has a story...& ur not ready for mine...leave it alone" she said reaching again. "stop running for whateva problem it is" I said. She stepped down and looked at me with tears developing in her eyes. "I watched him slaughter my mother, I tried to stop him- "who"I said cutting her off. She shook her head and let some tears escape and I began whipping them away. "But he wouldnt stop- she continued... he said "ima kill you next, ima get you next....(she shook her head) I was sooo scared! I don't deserve to be was self father raped me like he didn't care about me, he heard my screams, and my cries but he didnt was like it motivated him to hurt me even more...he was such a pig....I was suppose to be his princess and he destroyed the good girl! night I got so upset out of no where, it was like a outburst I never thought I had in me....I turn up my room and then went to the kitchen and I got a knife....I went to my father's room and I went crazy...(she said crying harder now) i murder him...for hurting me and my I don't want people to know who I am.....I don't want people to know what I went through, I dont want people to feel sorry for me....because I like it now...I love the feeling especially when you touch me chris..." I shook my head and by doing that it let some tears out.

Here I was listening to her talk about me. I was looking directly into the mirror at myself, not only did I feel sorry for her but I felt sorry for myself. She came and whipped my tears "don't feel sorry for me chris, ima big girl Im strong..." she started to kiss me and I kissed her back. We started to make out until things started to get a lil out of control thats when I stopped her "I can't..." I said getting off of her and sitting up. I put my head in my hands. "whats dont want to touch me?" she said confused. "we shouldn't continue this..."I said. "what...why, I thought u liked me...and I like you 2" she said. "I do like you in here for raping and murdering a lil girl and im addicted to it just like u are, I feel like im staring at myself.....its just not right"I said. "mike...he use to talk about you" She said. "whos mike?" I said confused. "we called him tyga...and my nickname is kat" She smiled..."thats how I know ur was fun chris" She said doing this expression :/. "wait...wat are u 2 him?" I asked... "his ex...." She said leaving. I sat there and didn't know what to think.

Damn that s***s crazy. When you think about all he's done to all the women. What the f*** was up with his dad always makin Chris watch them have sex? I guess it was to teach him how to do it. But still that's you and your wife. I would never wanna see my parents have sex. Even if I did come from sex, we ain't cool like that. Parents or not, ion wanna see y'all f***. Chris thought about the sex hurtin while his mom was screaming, nigga did you think about that s*** when you was rapin b****es? No, I think not! Then there is the whole being a monster. Yea muh f***a you are just like you f***ed up ass father. Actually you maybe worse just coz you murdered somebody. Too bad it took you freckle faced light skinned ass to be arrested before you figured that s*** out nigga! I wonder who told on him. Was it Tyga? Bree? Or maybe it was Cali tryna get away from him and she pulled this stunt. It also looks like Chris has made a new friend in jail. I wonder how long their sentences will be? I wonder what'll Cali do when she gets that letter? Will she get it or will her husband? This hoe Chris f***ed, should he have gotten her pregnant would she have gotten outta jail? She seems crazy. I'm startin to think this b**** is a stalker, how else would she have known Chris name. She scares me. Update Soon

lol whateva, im bout to slave my thoughts & write the next chapter for yall hoes


You owe me $100 skank!