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...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things <3 {2/7/12} FINISHED HALLELUJAH

- - this is gonna go a lil different then planned before. I don't remember everybody in it before so ima just write! then everything might flow then.



I walked into the house and saw my mom and dad fckin on the couch. I walked on the other side of the couch and watched my mom and dad fck. They didn't seem to mind so I continued to watch. I wanted to know why my mom was yelling so much...I didn't understand. My dad looked at me every now and would smile. "look chris" my dad said. I did exactly what he said and looked."this is how you get in that pussy". I got up and walked over to my parents and watched my dad. "you wanna try?" my dad asked me. I didn't understand what he mean't so I didn't answer. "boy I asked you a question" he said sternly. I cleared my throat and played dumb."sir?" I said scared. "I said do you wanna try...matter of fact, come on" my dad said. I didn't want to but I could tell disobeying my dad wasn't gonna turn out nice. My mom started crying and screaming because she didn't want me near her. I looked up at my dad because I didn't know what to do. "boy get in there". I started to walk away and I could hear my father footsteps coming right behind me. I started running and got caught by my dad. He started ruffing me up and beating me. I could hear my mom crying downstairs. It was probably because she knew she was next. Once my dad was done he brought me some toys and my mom some roses and nice jewelry. I didn't understand why my dad would beat me and then by my everything I want. It was crazy because I wouldn't get what I want on a regular but after getting my ass whooped that's when I got what I always wanted. I didn't complain because I love ...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things, they were the only things that made me happy..



thanks bree lol! and fck that copyright you THINK you have hoe lol lol lol

B*TCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, this shid was good as f*ck!

You go ho!

But um seriously, I enjoyed these two chapters. And awww thank you so much for staying up and adding for us <3

But NOW.......

Damn, Chris just basically admitted to killing Tierra without any hesitation.

Shid, he just told they ass what was up! Now, thst's my type of nigga.

And Tyga probably did snitch. Shid, we probably snitched together lol.

He is a complete mess for calling Bree a b*tch though. I'm talking in 3rd person because well, that female ain't me.

Anyhow, Sean is a cool ass cellmate. He is the absolute shid in my lovely eyes. He was like, "Damn nigga." I would've said the same shid after Chris confessed all that shid. I mean like, Damn. This nigga killed AND raped a b*tch? That's tough yo!

And what's up with that weird ass ho? She is crazy as f*ck, but I think I like her.

She's mysterious and you can never predict what that b*tch will do next. Now that SOUNDS a LOT like me.

SMH. That flashback was a complete f*cking mess. David f*cking disgust me. Like how tf you gon' allow your son to watch you and your wife f*ck? Some shid you don't let children witness. And that's one of them!

I do still feel sympathy for Chris as a young child, but he's 28 now. He should KNOW better. But then again, would you if you witnessed a fraction of the shid he saw growing up? EXACTLY.

There is a hard time trying to differentiate what's good and what's not, from what you grew up with.

There is no wrong for him because in his mind, it's right. He's seeing now that what he did is wrong, but many months and weeks ago, hell many years ago... He couldn't dare distinguish between what's immorally wrong.

I have told you before that Chris is a special case and my heart yearns for him because when he was a child, he should've been treated like one and not some grown ass nigga of the street!

Now, to that letter he wrote to Cali. It was sweet. And he KNOW he had me rolling when he said:

<strong> Love Chris aka long Dck (lol)</strong>

That right there was a complete mess lol. And I just noticed something. He just said that this was the 13th note he sent to Cali?!

Oh God, so Cali ain't writing him back? I do honestly believe she has feelings for Chris. She's just in denial right now. She will soon realize it. I'm with Chris on this one, she's afraid like a MOFO!

Now, what the f*ck is really up though with women and men being able to eat together? Lol, I never been to jail so this is all new to me!

And Chris and that mysterious b*tch didn't waste no f*cking time, didn't they?

They got straight to the MOFO`N point. She became a part of the circus in that mofo. Doing all those acrobatic moves and shid. She's a bad b*tch nonetheless.

And I was rolling when Chris jacked his shid off in front of the guards. Lmao. THAT'S MY MOFO`N baby right there! I do, however hope this nigga does NOT get this mysterious ho pregnant though.That's the last thing he need right now. He DON'T need no children until he get his mind together because then the cycle will just keep going and going.

And how this ho know his name?! That's interesting as f*ck to me, but there's really nothing more to say. So......

RUN IT!!!!!!!

- And I honestly will say that this is one of my favorite stories right now. And b*tch, I'mma need for you to stop saying, "Make it as long as Chris d*ck" because I copyrighted that shid!

I stopped at the liquor store and brought me some liquor and bumped into someone on the way out. I looked up “my ba-….tyga?” I said surprised. “chris?” he looked at me. “oh what up ty…long time no see man” I said. “I know right…I thought everyone would be outta state or something since you know…into our own individual lives now” He said grinning. “oh..yea..nice seeing you” I said rushing him off. I head out the door and tyga followed me. “whats up man? I know I haven’t saw or spoke to u in a while but I didn’t forget your character….whats up?” tyga said. I turned around and whispered “I gotta get out of here man…texas aint got nothing for me right now, I have to get far away”, He looked confused. I walked off and got into my car. “tell me whats up man?” He said running after me. What the fck was his issue? I looked at tyga “man look its been a min and ion know if I can trust you with this information iight, im going through a lot…it w- “ He cut me off “iight man I understand what u mean…lets just catch up man” He said. I sighed and me and tyga ended up going to his spot. He looked like he was living good just like cali was. I walked into his house and I we played games, and chatted. Even though we caught up a lot, there was a lot still bothering me and tyga just wouldn’t live it alone. “bruh what is it?” he said. “I RAPED AND MURDERED A GIRL OK”I shouted. Tyga’s mouth dropped and I shook my head. “those weren’t my intentions man…that’s why I gotta get outta here foreal” I got up and got my things. “I gotta go” and with that I was driving off in a few seconds. What the f*** was I getting into?

It had been a month since I been in this pissy ass jail. I shook my head because it was that btch ass pussy ass nigga that told on me. I thought tyga was my boy. I knew never to trust him that why even when I was in high school I didn’t fck with that nigga because he was a undercover rat. Things were almost really easy to adapt to in here. I mean I already lived a crazy ass life. I never had a home outside of the one I got beat down. I shook my head and thought about my life for a second.
“CHRIS…PAY ATTENTION NIGGA, THIS IS HOW YOU GOTTA DO IT” my dad said. Him and my mom was having sex on the kitchen counter. This was like he 3rd time calling me in the kitchen. I pretended not to hear him the first 2 times but then he threatened to whoop my ass and that’s when I came running down the steps. I don’t know why dad and mom didn’t do this type of stuff in private, it look like it hurt because mom would always scream. Lauren came running down the steps and I didn’t move because I was afraid to. That’s when my dad stop and punched me in the face. I held my face and he looked at me angry “boy get yo sister In the bed,and when you finished you better come back.” I did exactly what he said. I passed myself in the mirror on the way back to the kitchen and walked back. I couldn’t look past the black and purple bruise my father placed on my eye. I walked in and place my finger on my eye “sss” I hissed because it hurt really bad. Tears stared to develop and I couldn’t hold it any longer and let them escape.

I took my fingers and felt the tears coming down my face as I reminisced about the past. Was I just like that monster? I didn’t want to be, but it was sad that I was… I whipped my tears. I was getting sooo emotional I had to admit, the only thing you could do in jail was think think think think and think some more on what u could be doing, or should’ve done. But me, I don’t regret nothing I ever did except for tierra because she really was an innocent girl. Bree was a btch…she knew she liked me she was just afraid of what that btch tyga would of say and speaking of them being together hell tyga probably opened his mouth to her and then bree opened her mouth to him about whats supposed to be a secret. I couldn’t stand either one and both of them can rot in hell for all I know. I still didn’t get in tracy pussy like I wanted to but once Im out this btch I will in fact, she was the first person I was gonna call the next time I got a chance. Cali…..damn I missed that beautiful face. She was truly something special but I was honestly tired of waiting for her to wake up. I wanted her to file the papers already and fck wit me. I just knew she would have to do that in order to fck with me because I righteously don’t give a fck about her husband.

I sighed and got out some paper. I started to write my 13th note to cali. I haven’t had the guts to send the other 12 because I was convinced she forgot about me. I thought about having the courage this time to actually send the 13th one.
Dear Beautiful,
I remember that beautiful smile, you had always been concerned about me and when we had our first sit down you were concerned about me. Are you still concerned? I hope you are because Im concerned about you. Cali you make me act in ways I would never act toward any girl…. I guess that’s what makes u different though. I been messing with a lot of girls and b****es but when I look at you…I see a women. I know you’re wondering why Im writing you but I think about you more than you think or can imagine. Cali I miss your pretty smile and presence…I wanna get to know that girl that wants to let me in but’s afraid…when I get out im coming straight to steal ur heart because I believe it belongs to me and im willing to do anything to get it- believe that babygirl ;)
- Love Chris aka long Dck (lol)

I read what I wrote her over and over. I smiled ever single time. I was really digging her. I folded the note up and had to wait until a officer came around to give it to and the information. I soon drifted off to sleep. I got up and it was time to eat. Everyone was in the café area today for some reason including that girl I couldn’t get my eyes off of. I got up and went to sit by her and it was a lot of niggas trying to sit by her. I hurried up and sat down. “WOOOOOOOOOOOOAHHHHH GET THE FCK UP BTCH” some nigga said in my face. I looked at him like he was stupid. “YOU HEARD ME FCK NIGGA, GET UP THIS MY MOTHAFCKIN SEAT HOMIE- MY HOUSE, MY SEAT” he said. He was spitting all in my face and I tried sooo hard for my anger not to get out of control but I couldn’t take no more and I pushed that nigga hard. He tried to come back but the police came and stood in between us. “DON’T FCK WIT ME’ I said yelling. The sat down and look at the girl and she laughed. “you’re not hard” she said with a lil bit of a Russian accent. I looked at the piece of sht they served us every day trying to calm down my anger. “r those freckles on your face?” She asked. I couldn’t help but smile because it was a feature of mine no one ever really noticed. “yea… your real pretty” I said She laughed “that’s what they all say” she said. “yea they say a lot about me 2…” I said. She frowned “mmm I know right….they said that you need to learn how to be a lil longer” She said being really sarcastic and funny. I smiled because I was diggin her sassy attitude. “oh really?....i bet u’ll disagree real quick” I said. “there’s only one way to find out huh…” She said looking at me and then poked her lips out. I looked at her and smiled “u do stuff like that round here?” I asked her. “tell me where ur located and I can work magic…” she said. I told her where my cell was located. “what the fck u gon do?” I asked her. She looked me flashin an evil look again and then smiled. “TIMES UP, EVERYBODY UP” The officers called us. She got up quickly “I never got ur na-“ I said before she waved at me smirking. I couldn’t wait to see what kind of sht she was gonna come up without actually getting caught.

I headed back to my cell and looked at the ceiling. I talked to sean right before the officer took him. He was gonna be in another room because he’s trail started tomorrow. I started to drift off into memory lane again. I heard knocking on the ceiling. I ignored it and then I heard it again. Sht I didn’t know what to do so I knocked back. I heard the knock again. I thought about the girl from earlier so I push around the ceiling and then found a removable part and pushed it up. I saw her and she pushed it up and she came down and plotted on my bed like she was a pro acrobatic. She signaled me to be quiet while I looked at her crazy. She looked at me evil and smirked. She pushed me back on my bed and I looked at her speechless. She immediately started kissing on my neck. This feeling was incredible my dck instantly started getting hard. I tried to kiss her neck but she pushed me back again. This btch was strong and then she was trying to take control. I never had that happened…I was always in control. “your skin…is beautiful” she whispered in my ear. I moaned slightly as her accent turned me on. She started taking off her jump suit leaving her with nothing but her bra and panties on. I tried once again to turn her over but she wouldn’t let me “feisty I see…” I said softly. She looked at me “I have endless beauty, beauty is the power to be in control and won’t let u take this time to use me…instead I will use u” she said takin off her panties and bra. I didn’t know what the fck she was talkin about but this weird ass btch was about to get it. She started taking off my suit. I got completely naked and she slid on top of my dck. Both of our heads went back. She placed her hands on my abs and started riding me real deep. I held in my moans and she started to breath very heavily to help control hers. I grabbed her hips and moved her faster on my dck. I tried to control myself from not nuttin soo fast cause its been the longest I ever been without pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore, I turned her over and she slapped me “no control for you…” I pinned her arms on the bed and whispered in her ear “shhh take dis dck girl” I said in a seductive tone. “mmmmm…fck me harder baby” She said. She didn’t have to tell me twice cause I started pumping and thrusting. It got really hot and we started sweating. The hall lights came on and we got quiet. We looked at eachother and she got her things and went through the ceiling. That’s when someone came into my room. I looked and it was an officier “whats going on in here?” he said. I looked at him and smiled “u really wanna know?” I said. He stood there and waited. I bit my lip being a smart ass and moved to where he could see me in the light, I started beating my dck. He closed the door in disgust and I soon saw the hall lights soon shut off again. I knocked on the ceiling and she came back down and I turned her over fast before she can be in control. I spreaded her legs forcedly and she moaned. I rammed my dck in her and she arched her back in response. I started beating up her walls. “yes…yes..yess” she whisper in my ear. “mmmmmm, u feel good as fck girl” I moaned in her ear. I took her legs and put them together and moved them up towards her face and started hitting it like that. I looked atmy dck go in and out. I then turned her around and got it doggy style while chocking her. She didn’t seem to mind. She moaned loudly in the pillow. I smacked her ass and pulled her. “shhhttt…ima cum all in this pussy “ I said. I closed my eyes and got an image of cali. I opened my eyes and started going mega fast until I bust a nut on her ass. The last thing I wanted was to get a hoe I didn’t even know her name pregnant in jail. We were both out of breath… She slapped me again. “yoo what the fck?” I asked her getting mad. “you don’t choke me…” she said. I laughed “that was like so long ago…” I said She didn’t say anything but put her clothes on really fast. “you’re really weird “ I said. “You’re really basic……chris” she said. I looked at her and backed up “how do u know my name?” I said. She laughed and looked at me “scared?” she said with an evil smirk. “nah..whats urs?” I asked. She stood up and moved the ceiling piece “not important” she said leaving. I put the piece back quick. That was craziest sht I ever experience .


this is for bree & the rest of yall Merry Christmas lol

.17) contd...

I sat in the police car just thinkin about how my life has been. I pretty much was a lost cause. I couldn't help the way I was. It wasn't my fault I was addicted to sex. I couldn't help that I sold things for money, I abandoned my sister at one point & I hit girls. I couldn't help but to just get what I want at all times. I admit I was selfish and just thought about myself but for once I actually thought about more then that. I thought about beautiful cali. I really adored her smile and lips...especially in between them. I didn't know if I really liked her or if I was acting like a btch hooked off the sex. I stopped my thoughts when I heard the police car stop. The police men took me and forced me to walk inside the police station. I was taken to the questioning room. I sighed and they took the handcuffs off me.

"Mr. Christopher Brown do you know why you are here today?" one officer said. " I shook my head no lying already. I didn't know if I should tell the truth or what. The officer sighed "I ask mr.brown that you be very honest with me to make this run very smoothly...Im Officer John and I'll be asking some questions about the night that you murdered tierra sams" I decided since I didn't have nothing going for myself why not just tell the truth to hurry up and get locked up, sht it'll be a place to actually live from running place to place, shelter to shelter, I already been in jail my whole life. Locked up from the real world, heart just as cold as ice. Being in this jail would only put the icing on the cake. "Can you tell me what happened on the night of tierra sam's murder?" john said. I sighed and started to speak "I fcked up....I saw her at mcdonalds and wanted her number, I don't look 28 so Im guessing she thought I was maybe 21 or something (sighs) anyway.... I wanted to take her out and I got an urge....I had to do something about it and...I ended up raping, I was afraid that she would tell and so I started hitting her.....and I knocked her out and thats when my mind went somewhere else...I never wanted to murder her, i felt really bad" I said looking at my hands. The officer shook his head "thank you for being honest, but unfortunately we had evidence that you left on the duct tape that was around her mouth and you were going to be convicted if you lied or not you just saved the trouble for me yelling at you, (he sighed) we will set up a court date a month from him for your sentence and until then ur in here." He said.

I looked at him and didn't respond. He signaled me to follow him. I followed officer jones and had to strip out of my clothes to put on the jump suit. He allowed me to keep my beater on but I had to removed all of my jewelry. "lets go" the officer said rushing me. "tomorrow you will be told the rules and regulations of the jail, tonight you will be in your cell but it wont be permanent and might hold you somewhere else tomorrow" He said while walking. I walked by which looking like the women's side, a lot of em stared at me and winked and threw nasty sexual comments at me "they staring at you cause they been without dck in a while and havent seen any males" officer john said. I continued to look at some of the women in jail and looked at one who looked like she didn't even deserves to be in there...<a href=",r:5,s:0">She</a> was beautiful. I looked at her once more and she stared at me with an crazy evil look. I looked forward and continued to walk forward.

It looked like we made it to the male's side and thats when I started getting yelled at. I heard a whole bunch of sht like "WHo the fck is you?" "new bait baby" "you dead meat homie" "don't drop the soap brotha" and some other sht. As long as them niggaz didnt approach me wit no bullsht then I let them talk all the sht they wanted to. We Stoped and walked into a cell. "This is your cellmate and you have the top bunk, make ur bed and we'll see u tomorrow for breakfast" He said throwing the bed sheets at me. I sighed and shook my head. I stood on the ladder to get to my bed and started making it up. "whats up im <a href=",r:16,s:0">sean</a> ". I gave him dap "im chris" I said. "what u in here for?" he asked. "raping n murdering some btch" I said. He laughed "damn nigga...Im in here for robbery with a dangerous weapon...still waiting on my trial" He said. I shook my head "damn...its gone be very interesting in here" I said. He shook his head "nahhh it aint gonna be interesting its gonna be hell....I only been in here for a month and its been the worst month of my only get to see 3 people at a time to visit you and then its only 15-30 mins, your phone calls are only 15 and you only get 2 calls a week so you better hope whoever you trynna call pick up on the first ring and you never know when those days are they just randomly pick for us, the food taste like sht...they don't give 2 shts bout u in here man they'll chew u up and spit you back out" sean said.

"they aint gone disrespect me in this btch, im crazy ass fck" I said. "nigga i said the same sht...don't fck wit this police cause u aint gone do nothing but put urself in a deeper hole, just do what they say and come back to this piece of sht and right here is where u can talk all yo sht but sayin what u want and talkin to them like u would normally will only fck things up more fa ya....just giving u a heads up" he said. "im mad as fck ion have my phone...I need to atleast disconnect that sht" I said laughing. He shook his head "you crazy" he said. " we ever get to go on the girl's side?" I said. He looked at me like he was crazy "hell nawl nigga we get fcked up to the max if we cross over them premises" sean roared. " FCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" I said yelling. Sean shook his head again. How the fck was I gonna live without pussy? I never went long without getting no pussy, damn man... I wanted that girl I saw earlier. Her evil ass look turned me on. She looked like she was very demanding and knew how to take control. I was gonna get her...she was my next mission.


I believe Tracy said something
But why Cali act like she ain't wanna be there?
Knowin she wanted that bracelet
And sh*t, probably wanted to go with his ass
But damn, he was almost out of town
GOTCHA B*TCH!!!! lmao


Yo, how they find out about Chris? I bet it was Bree. Or maybe Bree told Cali, and cali called the police. hmmm i wonder Update Soon

hell yea

aw damn chris you was almost
gone...smh too bad

run it.!




Wtf is this shid that you posted?!!

You WRONG as hell for this lil' ass add lol!

I should e-whoop yo ass!

But hell naw mane..... Chris finally woke the f*ck up. Well, NOT really but he getting there. Shid, he forgave Sofia trifling ass!

And this shid happens??

He bought Cali sexy ass a gift. [Lmao, I am so lesbianic for that shid! But nahhh, d*ck is too good to be gay!] And now look what happen!

I knew this shid was gon' hit him in the face sooner or later....

Didn't think now though!

Ooooh, I wonder how they found out he killed her though!

If Tracy have anything to do with it, I'mma f*ck her up!

And I put that on my motherf*cking son! lol

Chris, don't worry baby... I got yo bail money baby. DAMNNNN I hope Big Bubba don't rape his sexy, tight ass in jail...

Let's pray.

*Prays silently*

RUN IT!!!!!

17.) I woke up in my car. I really needed to take a shower and get on some fresh clothes. Then I was headed to leave texas and move somewhere else. I Started up my car and got a call from a number I didnt know. I decided to answer. It happened to be my sister lauren. "hey lauren what's wrong with ur number?" I said "ma changed it" she said. "oh...well I wanna come see you" I said. SHe gasped "really?" she said. I can tell she was smiling so I smiled 2. "yea im serious" I said. "YAYYYYY ok, its ...." She said. She gave me the address and I started up the car.

I thought i'd see my lil sister one more time before I got on the road. I pulled up to the house and I took a deep breath. I got out and rang the door bell. A nice light-skinned complexion women who looked like me came to the door. Her mouth dropped and so did some tears. "myyy babbbbyyy" She grabbed me into a hug. I was caught off guard a lil and finally hugged her back. "I missed u soooo much chris, I hope u forgive me...I love u" she said in my ear. I pulled away and whipped her tears. "where's lauren?" I said. She moved aside for me to walk in. I walked in and looked around the house. It was beautiful I must admit. "you want something to eat? drink..come in have a seat baby" my mom said. "I just need to use the shower..." I said. "okay..well u can use mine" She said.

She led me to the her room which was also nice. I stepped into the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror. I looked down and then stepped into the shower. I washed for a good 20 mins and got out. I got out the shower and called lauren's name. She came running in "chrrrrrrrriiisss" She said jumping on me. I laughed "girl quit before u blind yoself" I said. She got off me laughing "I can't believe your here...did you see momma?" lauren said "yea I saw here..." I said. She looked at me smiling "soooooo" She said. "what (I laughed) I need u to look in my car n get my duffle bag, i got clothes in there" I said. She walked away with my keys mumbling. She soon came back with my things and I got dressed. Once I got dressed I headed toward the door. "your leaving?" my mom said running after me. "yea I got some business to handle" I said. "CHRIIIIIIIIIISS" My sister yelled looking sad. "lauren im proud of you, continue to do good in school and you can always call me &... ( i looked at my mom) i forgive u..." I walked out and can see the look on both of their faces.

I got into my car and called cali "hey...I was wondering could I meet you please..." I asked. I heard her sigh on the other end "Im about to leave sooo...where do u want to meet." I told her a place to meet up and told her to meet me there in 20. Once we met up I looked at her and smiled. "I didnt think u would come" I said happy. She rolled her eyes and sighed "what do u want chris?" I looked at her "<a href="****ielife.necoleb********ielife.necoleb****,r:15,s:0">Cali</a> I just wanted to come and say bye.... & I got u something. I said. She looked at at me and started to walk toward my car. I pulled out a bracelet with stars on them. "your as beautiful as the stars...and when I look at them, I think of you" I said serious. "chris I cant take this" she asked. "please.....please take it, I want u to think of me when u wear it" I said smiling. "umm nooo" she said starting to laugh. I put the bracelet on her wrist and looked at her. She stopped smiling and looked the other way. I took her chin and brought it to my face and kissed her slightly. "ima miss u" She moved her face away. "Think of me...I might write you sometimes...if he don't mind, but u got the number ok" I said walking off. She looked my way and continued to stare at me as I got in the car and drove off.

I started to drive to a near by gas station . I paid for the pump and everything and then saw a whole bunch of police come. I started to pump gas into my car thinking what the fck was going on. An officer approached me and said "Christopher Maurice Brown, you have the right to remain silent" He took the gas pump and took it out of my car and dragged me to the police car. The bang me down and started to hand cup me. "Mr. brown your under arrest and charge with 1st degree murder & rape of the young 16 year Tierra Sams." Just then my whole world went blurring. They pushed me into the back seat of the police car. They sped off fast. I heard nothing but sirens, I got dizzy and light headed. My palms were sweaty and all I could think about was cali. All I wanted was her beautiful presence near me. I fcked up....


ima run this tomorrow! i just added to the other 2

lol i might add right now...

when u runnin this sh*t hoe??

lol I had forgot he chocked her ass lol

<strong> Chapter 16 pt. 1 </strong>

That shid is crazy as hell. I just don't know what to say about Lauren. I'm feeling how Monroe is smh.... Idk, this shid just seem too good to be true, but maybe Sofia did change. And that David nigga is STILL up to no good. That b*tch need to get both of they numbers changed! He BETTER NOT do anything to Lauren naive ass! I'm serious! And is Cali having second thoughts about being married? Oh HELL naw! She getting all emotional and shid. And Chris STILL stalking her ass. I do think Cali can be the one to change him..... He asked for body and didn't take the shid! That's a sign he loves her ass! He would've beat any other b*tch!


<strong> Chapter 16 pt. 2 </strong>

This nigga still ain't changed. Chris, baby I say this out of love. I'm the only b*tch who's on your side at the moment. Mmmkay? You CAN'T go threatening people. Although, I did get a little hot when he asked Tracy annoying ass could he eat it lol. I was hoping she would allow him to. 'cuz I know I would have! I'm just saying! lol And look at him! He then slammed the b*tch against the car! He thought Tierra was a snitching b*tch... SHIIIIIIIT. Just wait 'til Tracy open ha f*cking mouth! My nigga DEFINITELY going to jail! He messed with the wrong ho! And seee.... Bree pissing me tf off. I know how she's feeling, but she should've said some... Like, you don't hold that shid in! Chris is MOST DEF RUTHLESS!!!!!! And ain't no looking back.

RUN IT! <3


Guess what b*tch.

I got my 'net back ho!!!

So, I gotta comment.

I been keeping up with the updates.

Lemme get my thoughts together!

thanks you guys!

this nigga is really being ruthless now.!
he acting dumb a'f tracy just might be
that one to report his careless ass.

bree shoulda said something to cali
instead of acting like that making her
even more confused...smh

run it girl.!

lol whats ur name?

This nigga is crazy! Man I swear, gettin his d*** sucked and dad's advice changed the nigga. Bree was really upset. Update Soon


. . .lowkeyy me too!!

lol aint he though! i like it though lol

omj chris is sooooooooo. . .
aggressive lol tracy needa
stop flexing like she dnt want it

run it


thank u for reading, i hope u continue to :)

he a thug, he aint afraid of nothing!

*new reader*
Omg he is crazy!!!
Thats sad to c where he
Came from and to c where he
Is now... Smh damn David
Look what he did to his seed
Chris is just like him...
Anyway Run it

I'm surprised that Bree didn't say anything
I was waiting for her to come out with it
And Cali not happy??
You'll know where she'll be in a minute smh
And Tracy knew she wanted the d*ck
But he bogus for slammin her against the car
That's scary...I mean, he already killed a girl
What else could he possibly do??
I got a feeling that Tracy would repot this nigga
He need to slow his fckn role real talk


16.) contd...

"whats wrong?" I asked bree. She shook her head "nothing...whats going on?" I sighed and tears started to develop in my eyes. "last night he came over my house...well hell broke in, I don't know where he came from bree and all I know is I turn around and his ass was in my shower butt ass naked." I said . Bree's mouth dropped. "don't tell me you had sex with him?" She said. I started to cry more. She shook her head and tears started to develop. "I think u need to go" She said. I looked up at her confused. "what...why I can't keep looking martin in the face...I thought I could crash here" I said. "YOU COULD OF STOPPED HIM...WHY DID YOU CONTINUE TO LET HIM USE YOU LIKE THAT, JUST LIKE HE USES ALL THE REST" Bree blurted out letting her tears escaped. "is there something I dont know bree?" I questioned her. She whipped her tears "im just upset right now...thats all" She said walking up the stairs.

I didn't even get to finish the talk. I didn't know what to think at this point. So many thoughts was running through my mind. Me and martin had been married for a year now. I Know things different have to be so happy happy over a short period of time. But truth be told I was unhappy. We weren't connecting the way were used to. I really really really enjoyed chris last night and the way he fcked me but deep down I knew it wasn't right. My thoughts got interrupted when I felt my phone vibrate. I looked at my phone and saw a text from chris <strong>"I know I said that I'd stop bothering you but i can't control the way I feel, I know I came out the blue with my feelings but if your truly know where to find me bye"</strong> I looked at it and sighed. I didn't know whether I should text back or what.


I sat in my car blocks away from cali's house. There was something about this girl that I just couldnt explain. I was gonna get her no matter how much it took. I looked at my phone and noticed she didn't respond to my text yet. I just said "fck it". I decided to call my lil sister. I looked at the phone because it said it was unreachable. What the hell, I thought to myself. She just texted me earlier. I guess momma still aint bout sht and cant afford the cell phone bill. I looked at the time and needed something to do. I thought about calling tracy to get her panties wet again. I thought I'd give it a try. I called he she picked up on the 3rd ring "Hello." She said. "hey tracy.." I said. She laughed a lil "who is this?" She asked. "daddy..." I said in a seductive tone. She laughed again "who may that be?" she said going a long with the flow. "come find out babe..." I said. again in a seductive tone. She laughed "i could if I really knew who daddy was" she said. "chris.." I said. She started to laugh "boy what do u want" she asked. "I was serious..." I said. "oh really after u disrespected me in my office?" She asked. "man that was all fun and games baby...I want u" I said. "just like that huh?" She asked. "straight like that" I said. "chris Im not gonna entertain you what do u really want?" She asked. I had to come up with something quick because I see that I had to work magic in public to get in them draws, I smacked my teeth and thought about just takin her sht... cali was the only person I wouldnt rape. "I uhhh... do you have my sister number?" I said. "what..u called me for that... her number is (she said it)" she said. "I actually called for that pussy but u acting real boogie, you know u want this dck in that wet pussy" I said. I heard a slight moan slip out of her mouth. " not available for u ok..." She said. "let me come fck that pussy deep, I wanna lick & suck all over dat pussy...u'll like that? hmmm" I asked. "yeaaaa" she said moaning. "u gone let me eat it?" I asked again talking seductively again. "mmmm..nope" She said. I smacked my lips and stop talkin seductively "guess ima have to take that sht then" I hung up the phone and went to her office.

...hours later

I went to her office and she was just leaving. I rolled up on her and she turned around and screamed, dropping all her papers. "im sorry" I said helping her pick up her things. "chris what are u doing here?" <a href=",r:0,s:0">Tracy</a> said. " I told u I was gonna take it now open ur office." I said looking at her. "no chris...Im off work." She said. I started to get upset. "I DON'T BEG FOR PUSSY...SO GIVE IT TO ME" I said getting upset. SHe looked at me like I was crazy "STOP DISRESPECTING ME CHRIS BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE ON YOU" She threatened. I took her arm and grabbed her away from her building and banged her body against my car. I got close to her and looked at her "when I want it...u better be available or ima fck yo ass up! threaten me all u want I don't give a fck cause (started chokin her) u belong to me now..." I said in an evil tone. I pushed her off my car. I looked at the dent I made and got even more upset. I was upset that this btch was playing hard to get and cali ass was doing the same sht. FCK THESE HOES! STUPID ASS BTCHES do they not know who the fck I am... Im CHRISTOPHER MOTHAFCKING MAURICE BROWN and I GET WHAT I WANT!.