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...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things <3 {2/7/12} FINISHED HALLELUJAH

- - this is gonna go a lil different then planned before. I don't remember everybody in it before so ima just write! then everything might flow then.



I walked into the house and saw my mom and dad fckin on the couch. I walked on the other side of the couch and watched my mom and dad fck. They didn't seem to mind so I continued to watch. I wanted to know why my mom was yelling so much...I didn't understand. My dad looked at me every now and would smile. "look chris" my dad said. I did exactly what he said and looked."this is how you get in that pussy". I got up and walked over to my parents and watched my dad. "you wanna try?" my dad asked me. I didn't understand what he mean't so I didn't answer. "boy I asked you a question" he said sternly. I cleared my throat and played dumb."sir?" I said scared. "I said do you wanna try...matter of fact, come on" my dad said. I didn't want to but I could tell disobeying my dad wasn't gonna turn out nice. My mom started crying and screaming because she didn't want me near her. I looked up at my dad because I didn't know what to do. "boy get in there". I started to walk away and I could hear my father footsteps coming right behind me. I started running and got caught by my dad. He started ruffing me up and beating me. I could hear my mom crying downstairs. It was probably because she knew she was next. Once my dad was done he brought me some toys and my mom some roses and nice jewelry. I didn't understand why my dad would beat me and then by my everything I want. It was crazy because I wouldn't get what I want on a regular but after getting my ass whooped that's when I got what I always wanted. I didn't complain because I love ...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things, they were the only things that made me happy..



oh snap i hope david dnt find them
and i kinda want bree to tell cali...
is that wrong of me.? lol

now chris wanna be worried abt
the police but he didnt think abt
that when he did what he did...smh


Wow this is crazy. Chris you did wait kinda late my friend. And I'm glad he aknowledged his change finally. Update Soon

lol its ok! I just thank u for readin and running it anyway :)

lol to be honest
I always read the full thing
unless it's lauren pov or something
I just don't be knowing what to say lol

lmao! i can tell yo ass skim through a bunch of sht hoe lol
wit yo 2 sentence commenting ass LMAO but its good to know i got a lil paragraph outta ya this time lmao

So I skimmed through Lauren's part
Yaayy she goin to school (sarcastic)
Didn't read sofia part cuz I'm like fck that b*tch
& Cali, b*tch you dumb.
Fck Martin, get with Chris and mold that nigga!!
Lmao, I'm stupid...but I understand fully
Where she coming from
But Chris hmmm idk
I have a feeling that he not gonna really
leave her alone
And wow, Bree....she might tell
But I hope Cali tell her story first
Maybe Bree might feel like she doesn't have to say anything
Not saying that Bree shouldn't tell
I just think that hmmmm idk what I think
I'm kinda rooting for Cali n Chris to somehow pull through
But then again, Chris is a wreckless mf
who needs to be put away
But I believe him when he says that he wants to love again
But is Cali really the only one??


lmao lol

i didnt think that chris was bipolar....well...maybe in just this add lol

hmmmm Lauren. . .
im still upset with her. . .
sooooo NEXT

sofia better protect her
child better than she did before
cus she did a s***tyy job before

david is a CRAZYY muhf***er
smh he needa stayy where he at

chris. . .
ummm his asz is BIPOLAR af!!!
he needa do better

&& i bet bree either gon
tell wht happen
she pregnant

run it tho


no runs?

16.) I woke up to the smell of breakfast. Today was my first day of school. I walked downstairs and ate with my mom. Once I was finished I went and picked out some clothes to wear. I was extremely nervous. I haven't been around a lot of people in a while and I finally was going to public school. I got into the car with my mom. My heart was racing all the way to school. Once we pulled up into the parking lot I stared into space. "aren't you gonna get out baby?" My mom said. I looked at her "im so nervous" I said. "I remember being nervous 2 baby...but you'll be fine just go in there and be nice, you have any problems just call me, just try to expand your social'll have fun" She said. I smiled "" I said. "yes" she answered. "I love you" I said truthfully. "I love you 2 lauren" She said. I got out the car and waited for my mom to pull off. I texted chris <strong>" its my first day of school,im soooo nervous, wish me good luck ya :)"</strong>. I put my phone up and walked into the building. "here it goes.."I thought to myself.


I left the first school my baby was attending. I felt soooo proud of her. I felt like I had accomplished a lot within these years. I know I wasnt the best parent at all times but im human. Every one makes mistakes mine was just larger then most mistakes. I am more protective and more of a parent then I ever was. I wasnt raised bad so I didn't want to set a bad example then what I already set. I just wish I could atleast see chris,but I understand he's grown now and I can't make him do anything that he doesn't want to. I pray every night that God steps in his life and guides him in the right direction. If I could turn back the hands of time I would but unfortunately thats not how life goes. Im just grateful to know my children are alive after all this time. I pulled up to my house and received an unknown call. I picked up "hello?" I answered. "hey sofia...long time no speak" a male voice spoke. "who is this?" I asked. "come on nie baby...u know who this is" he said. I rolled my eyes. "david what do u want?"I asked. "i just wanted to come and see lauren...I heard yall living all nice and stuff" I said. "don't come near us! I plan on gettin custody of lauren...u stay the hell back away from us, we're divorced so leave it at that" I said seriously. He laughed "calm down sofia....ion know if you grew some balls or not but what I know is that I will get what I matter what" He said. I hung up the phone. I grabbed my keys and made sure I put the alarm on and locked the doors before leaving. I headed to at&t to get my number changed as well as lauren's.


I sat on the floor in my room. I felt like I made a HORRIBLE mistake last night. Why did I fck him? How the hell did he get in here and why? "UGHHHHHHHHH" I screamed out. My husband martin walked in the room. "you ok baby?" He said. I looked at him and sighed " I just need some fresh air." I walked out of the room and grabbed my keys. I got into my car and drove to the park. The whole time I noticed some following me. I got out at the park and parked near a lot of cars. The car that was following me parked a lil further down. I went and sat on the swings while all the children played in other parts. I hung my head low feeling sooo guilty for my actions. I enjoyed the sex and thats why I felt even worse. I wish my husband put it down like the way chris did.. I shook my head thinking about it and let a few tears start to escape. I felt hands wrapped around me and I got up. I jumped up and turned around to face chris. "WOULD U STOP DOING THAT!" I shouted. He laughed "do what?" He asked clueless. "stop sneaking up on me, what the fck are you doing,STALKING ME?" I said yelling the last part. He looked at me and screwed his face. "shhhh cali, your loud and disturbing the kids" he said. I looked at him like he was crazy "ion give a fck about these kids chris, what was that all about last night, im married" I said retrieving a burning throat again. "cali, when I first saw you the last time I was over your house...I completely fell in love with your house, I wanna be like you...I wanna be married and live big and your happiness, &...... I want you" He said. I rolled my eyes while shaking my head listening to this psychotic bullsht. "cali I know I was an a**hole in high school, but that was HIGH SCHOOL (puttin emphasize on high school) I was young and stupid...I wanna know what its like to love, and I believe like your the only that can teach me.... Im not myself these days cali and Im sorry about last night....I just couldn't control my feelings your beautiful inside and out..." He smacked his lips and stoped while shaking his head. "forget sorry cali" He asid.

I watched him start to walk off. I whipped my tears and ran after him grabbing his arm to turn him around. "WHY YOU WAIT UNTIL IM MARRIED HUH...WHY" I said crying. "cali, i was dumb I should of took advantage while i had the sorry I won't bother you anymore" He said walking off. "CHRIS...what do u mean, u wanna be like me, u love my house, u this & that...what the fck are u talking about" I asked him. "cali baby...dont worry about it..I should of never expressed my feelings to you (shook his head) I should of known that u wasnt gonna give a sht...just FCK IT STAY UNHAPPY, IF U WAS U WOULD OF NEVER CHEATED ON YO HUSBAND" he yelled walking off. I looked around embarrassed. "chris u dont know sht STOP, yesterday was a mistake...stop following me and don't come near me anymore" I said walking to my car. "i do know something... you felt it last night like I did cali & u know it...but its gucci....i wish u n him the best" I heard chris say.

I got in my car and slammed it. I cried my eyes out on the steering wheel. I was so confused. What the hell did chris want with me? I don't know why all of a sudden he acting like he all in love with me.. I was MARRIED, HAPPILY MARRIED! I wasn't understanding after all these years...why want me back now? and its not like we've kicked it and flirted with each other and sht like that. SO what's his fcking problemmmmm. Ugh! I hated not knowning the real truth because the sht he was saying sounded so false to me. I didn't believe not one bit. Chris barely knew anything about me anymore and now all of a sudden he wants to be selfish and take me away from my husband. I shook my head, whippin my tears. I sighed deeply and put my car in reverse. I decided to go to bree's house to clear my head from all that has happened so far today.


I was sincerely sorry for fcking cali yesterday. I really couldn't help my feelings. It was like I needed was like I craved for her body last night. I didn't want her to find me braking into her house but sht, a nigga was horny. I was addicted to sex im sorry but lauren was right thats all I thought about sex, money and the sht I brought for the hoes. But Cali was different. I didn't want to rape her last night...I just simply asked. I never had to beg for pussy just like I told her last night. I wanted to make love to her body but it started feeling to good for that. I wanted to finish what i started but I knew that it wasnt happening anymore. She made it really clear today thats she's married. I was hurt deep down inside real talk because I really wanted her to teach me how to love again. I felt like I lost it. Hell, I didn't even treat my sister the same. What happened to me? Sometimes I felt like I was 22 instead of 28. Oh well, if I couldn't have cali then fck love. Atleast I tried! on to the next! I turned up the radio and it said that police was looking for evidence to tierra killer. My heart started to race.


I sat with bree in her living room. "whats wrong?" she asked. "its chris" I said. Her facial expression became priceless...

*** jumps up and down
YAYYYYYYYYYYY! :) thank you
i hope u continue to read :)

TO THE READERS- to be honest lmao i didnt even catch myself turning chris to be like his daddy, i just be typin sht i guess it was meant for him to be like that lmao lol--- iight im lyin! i do type sht but i also have a plan!


***********NEW READER*************

once again. . .

this is good af!!!

he tried so hard
not to be like his trifflin
asz dad
he ended up being like him
&& sooooo much more

damn. . .

run it tho!!!!!

Please run *someone like you I love that story n u used to beg me about have no fear lol plwase :(

pretty much lol

lmao u like "fck my husband" lol

maybe lol

lol @cali
i bet u want it to be a regular thing lol

Well well well....
Daddy put it down huh?? lmao
I'm surprised he asked
I wonder if they gon make this a regular thing??

But that was funny how he tried to get Tracy
She know she want the d*ck!! lmao

RUN IT!!!!

LMAO LMAO LMAO- im super weak at yall man!

damn he actually asked for the pussy this time.?
thats a shocker but i wonder how she gonna
feel when she finds out how much chris has
changed over the years...
Run it.!


This nigga BEEN off his rocker lol. Nigga peepin' in houses and shid! And THEN he broke in.... Like someone said, I would've been more worried that he's in my house when he's not supposed to be! He MOTHERF*CKING breaking in entering not only her house, but her pussy as well! DAAAAAAMN, I like how daddy eat that thang though........ Come break into my house Chris!!!!!!!!!! Lmao, okay let me be serious..... Bu I really don't know what to say.... This horny fool a mess! Cali, sweetie you should've called the police on that ass. You BEEN told him to get out, but he acted as if he was deaf. Wow....... And LMFAO @ tryna f*ck Ms. Tracy!!!!!!!!! That tickled me everywhere.. And lol Ms. Tracy got a mouth on ha b*tch house! I STILL don't like her weak ass! She need to come fight me! I swear I'll hand that ass!!!


I'm suprised he didn't rape her with his evil ass! This nigga even raped his girlfriend! Cali could've turned him around but now she's married! He was bein nice to her, he must like her coz I mean he asked for it. Yea this nigga's crazy. Nigga sittin watchin peoples' houses and s*** WTF and then he broke in. That's sum s*** and why Cali ain't think about, "hmm how this nigga get in my house?" Run it

thanks bree lol u so crazy!

15.) I walked into the building and waiting until ms.tracy walked out. I was greeted by ms.tracy and walked into her office. "thank you so much for coming can have a seat" she said. I sighed and took a seat "what do you want to speak about?" I asked right away. "well first you don't have to call ms.tracy it makes me feel 30" She said. "and im a 28 year old grown man who doesn't need to reunite with his parents if he don't fcking feel like it" I said. "chris please don't curse at me if im not talking to u in any disrespectful way...I've seen lauren and her mother reunite and it went well, when I said your mother changed she did and I really think that you need to atleast show your face...even if you don't keep in contact with her all the time just atleast speak and let her know your alright, you left pretty much your whole life" she said. I laughed "wrong...lauren left pretty much the majority of her life because she's 16 now, I've spent 19 years with thoses bastards getting my ass beat every single day, at the end of the day I wanted nothing but the best for lauren an-

"chris you wanted a better life but ruined it and made it even you think moving from shelter to shelter helped anything with that child? or yourself?" She said cutting me off. She started pissing me off acting like she knew what the fck she was talking about and in my eyes the btch didn't "how much money you want?" I asked her. She looked at me confused. "chris what does that have to do with anything?" I got up and through a stack of money on her desk. "stay out my fckin business.." I said. She through the stack on the floor "im not taking that." I looked at her and laughed "this is all u want so why not? im not talkin to my mom or dad ALRIGHT!" I started to walk out. She stood in front of the door. "have a seat mr.brown" she said demanding me. "or what?" I said looking straight in her eyes.

"I will not let you leave here knowing that you came to my office disrespecting me the way you did, now you better understand that money is NOT an issue in my household okay so you can pick up yo lil pocket change and by the way im sure you need it more then I do...." She said with an attitude. "I can get way more then from where that came from...especially with you (bitin his lips and placing his finger on her chin)" I said. She smacked my hand away "don't touch me chris" she said demanding me. I smiled and spoke in a seductive voice "whats wrong baby... you always been beautiful to me...(went to his normal voice) but yo fcked up ass attitude messy's it up for u" I backed up and laughed. I watched tracy fixing her clothes. "now you either pick that up or give it to something like your clothes or choose (walking out but turned his back) oh and you might wanna check yo panties..." I walked out and went to my car & drove off.

I drove to cali's side of town and parked 3 houses down from her house. I took out some binoculars and stared at cali's house. I watched who seem like her husband walk out and then came cali. I picked up a newspaper to make it seem as if I was occupied as there car passed mine. I waited 10 more mins and decided to walk from where I parked to her backyard. I started climbing onto the patio and made it up to the master bedroom. It seem as if her screen door was cracked. And it was. Why would these rich ass folks leave anything open around here? straight dumbasses. I stepped into her room and looked around. I sniffed the scent of cinnamon and looked and thought it might of been coming from her bathroom. I walked into her bathroom and washed my face. I whipped my mess up and put the towel back neatly as I founded it.

I walked out of her bathroom and walked back into her bedroom. I went and looked in her dresser draws and searched for the undergarments. I started picking up <a href=",r:5,s:50&tx=48&ty=71">sexy lingerie</a>. I started having thoughts about her being in that lingerie and performing for me. I shook off the thoughts and put her panties back. I walked aroung the house a lil more and then heard voices. My heart started racing. I headed back to the master bedroom and heard footsteps coming behind me. It was cali. I quickly hid underneath her bed. It was the type that had the covers from the bed long enough to where u couldnt see me. I heard cali come inside and she was talking. I heard her plot on the bed. "yea...I heard that 2, poor girl, what was her name?....tierra? awwww poor I can't imagine how her parents feel, thats just crazy what bastard would do some sht like damnn thats mad shady foreal, whoever he is need to be in jail foreal cause that sht aint cool" She spoke. I sucked my teeth forgetting that I was suppose to stay quiet. "wait...shhh" she said. I could tell she was waiting to hear something else. "yeaaa im trippin.....naw I thought I heard something but Im bout to get into the shower & ill talk to u later bree....k" she said. I heard her get off the bed. She started singing and dancing around. I could here her clothes hit the ground. I heard the shower start to run and her soon get in. She left the door open. I quietly got from underneath her bed and thought about should I leave or not.... I thought to myself and started taking off my clothes. I walked in her walk in bathroom from an angle that she couldn't tell. I opened the shower door and stepped in. She turned around and screamed. "shhhhh..." I said. She covered her body "CHRIS WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, WHA--T" I cut her off with a kiss, I bit her bottom lip as the kiss got intense. I looked down at my dck and then at her. "chris...what are u doi (she shook her head) im married, chris u have to gooooo" she said wining and started to tear up. " sorry, I should of never let you go....I want u...please" I begged. She looked at my slowly up and down. I took my dck and stroked it and looked at her giving her that u want it expression. "I cant sorry." She said. I grabbed her arm softly and brought her close to me "let me make love to u girll..." I whispered in her ear. I took her hand and placed it on my semi-hard dck. She moved her hand quickly and pushed me slightly "I married and you need to go before I get caught chris." she said. "cali...i never had to beg for pussy, so u should just know right there that u special...." I said "im special in someone else's eyes 2 sorry" she said wiping her tears. "you want it just as bad as I do...if not u wouldn't of kissed me back and I would of been body hitting this water and u kno u want this dck in that pussy... (walking closer to her and kissin on her neck) I started whispering in her ear seductively " beating it up & gettin that pussy all wet," I said. "mmmmm..chris, i can't" she moaned. I looked at her and bit my lip. Our eyes met and we stared at each other for a long time. "its all ur's baby.." I said leaning in for another kiss.

This time the kiss got more intense then before. I picked her legs up and put them on my shoulders making her hold on to the shower head. I drove right in, eating that pussy. I sucked, nibbled and licked on her. "mmmmmmmmmmmmm....sht ahhhh" she moaned. "mmmmmm..." I moaned. I licked and sucked faster, my goal was to not stop until she came all in my mouth. "mmmmmm u like dat tongue girl?" I moaned. "ooooohhhh fck yes" She moaned. "mmmmmmm cum all over it babe" I moaned. I went harder then before. I soon felt her legs shake "AHHHHH FCKKKK IM BOUT TO CUM DADDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYY MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM." I licked up all her juices and put her down. "mmmmmm u taste good girl" I said. I gripped her ass. I took my dck and started rubbing it on her pussy. "you want it...?" I asked. Cali didn't respond and I picked her up again and placed her on the shower wall. I took my finger and made sure it was wet. I placed my dck near her hole and slid it in. Her mouth opened and nothing came out. "ooooo u like that dck babe?" I asked as I started pumping in and out of her pussy. "yeaaaaa.." cali moaned softly. I started picking the speed up, I watched my dck go in and out of her good pussy. I wanted to be the nigga she fcked all the time. I took one of her breast and sucked on em while I continue to thrust and pump into her. Thats when the doorbell rang. Cali gasped out of fear. "put me down" she whispered. I put her down and pulled out. I took my dck and stroked it while waiting. "chris you have to" she said starting to push me. I stepped out of the shower, grabbing my clothes and leaving out of the patio. Cali wrapped around in a robe and locked the patio behind me. She closed the curtain. I got dressed outside as quick as I could and heard her husband come inside the bedroom. I jumped off the patio hurting my elbow. "ahhhhhhh...." I screamed to myself. I got up and walked to my car. I sat thought about coming to get mine tomorrow because I def. wasnt finished....

<strong> Chapter 14. </strong>


I was so anticipated for this chapter! My damn mouth dropped. I know you don’t feel bad for Chris, but I still do. I mean, what he does is completely wrong, but there are reasons why he is the way he is now. Poor Tierra. I do feel for her because Chris is just f*cking ruthless. He be raping b*tches like it’s a new trend in this MOFO! I’m sorry, but am I sick for laughing when he said that her crying made him even more turned on? That just tickled my motherf*cking spot. Okay, on the serious note…. Let me stop. Chris, my lovely sir you have f*cked up BIG TIME. You then raped this girl and then knocked her out? And she might even be dead?

What pissed me off is when the nigga threw the girl over the rail. She might still be alive dammit! And lol at him saying she look like one of those b*tches that snitch. I KNOW that’s not supposed to be funny, but dammit I laughed. Damn CHRIS! You JUST had to hurt the girl?! Wow, he bumped into Tyga? Tyga is very persistent I see lol. He wouldn’t let the nigga leave! I’m glad they caught up, but when Chris just blurted out what he did to Tierra. I was like, “OH SH*T!” Like how tf you respond to that? You having a perfectly normal convo with your friend and they bust out, “Man, the weather is a f*cking trip man… But um I just raped a young b*tch and probably killed the ho too… sh*t at least I think so. The b*tch was bleeding everywhere…” “Yeah, I know… wait. WHAT?!” Lol ain’t no words for that sh*t!

Mane, there is STILL hope for Chris. I just won’t give up on my dude. He needs to go to jail and get a reality check though. He needs to realize that hurting people is NOT right. I understand that his donors hurt him, but that doesn’t mean you do what they did… unfortunately, that’s all he knows at this point. At least Tierra went out like a G lol. She did hit him, but he knocked her ass out. R.I.P. Tierra <3 Lmao, Lord please forgive me for that. Anyhow, um WTF is running through Tyga’s mind while this nigga just confessed that he killed and raped this girl? Like I said before, how do you respond to that? And CHRIS PLEASE SEE MS. TRACY! She getting on my goddamn nerves constantly calling yo ass. She just irritates me. I don’t like her annoying ass! I just don’t -____- PISS ME OFF every time I read this goddamn story.

Mane, you have me in love with this story. I can’t wait to read more. I NEED to see how this will play out. I just can’t believe Chris anymore lol. Mane, my nigga going to jail :( He not gon’ beat this charge! WHY YOU HAVE TO KILL THE GIRL CHRIS? WHY? You could’ve smacked her or some sh*t! You knocked the poor baby out cold! UGH :’( Shout out to Tierra though. You put up a good fight baby… lol. I’m SOOOO excited for the next chapter.
runrunrun<strong>RUN IT :) </strong>runrunrun

LMAO that was funny when you said homeless,jobless LMAO LMAO cause that he is lmao lol smh moving around to shelter to shelter

he never in the same place lol which is OUT OF CONTROL! lol thank you soooo much for reading, i hope u continue @makeitrain

First lemme say, I love this story. But I felt bad how David treated Chris and Sofia. Then. It was really sad when Lauren got raped. Chris loved her and wanted to protect her. But getting his d*** sucked one f***ing time, turned him all the way around. He mayve thought he was turning their lives around, but no he just made s*** harder. He is like the exact copy of his father. Except David didn't kill anyone. Now he wanna be all. Sprung off of Cali and she ain't feelin his ass no more. This dude is extremely c**ky, to be a homeless, jobless, friendless, criminal. Then when he killed that girl, it really dawned on me that this muthaf***a was psychotic and he needs help like forreal. Let's see how this Tracy meeting will go. Run it when you can

YAY!!! thank you

wow this is the craziest story i ever read on here.!
chris went from being a scared little boy to basically
a killer. i dnt think he realizes that he's just like his
damn daddy.! im glad lauren got away when she did
and is living good with here mom.

Run this girl.!

:) ok bree! thanks

<strong> Chapter 13. </strong>

Okay, in my voice, this sh*t is crazy. When I read the end of chapter 13, I was like "Ohhhh sh*t!"

Well, it's good that Lauren is getting along with her mama. I wonder how long that will last though.

And Chris getting his GED? He NEED too!

Wow, I wonder what the f*ck he gon' do to her?

I'm excited as f*ck lmao...

I need to stop because what he was saying is TRUE. You CAN'T get in the car with strange ass niggas. Especially like him.

Aye, I'm glad Shaniece FINALLY got some damn brains and left.

That shid been anticipated for a lil' minute.

He also NEED to stop coming towards Bree.

Like damn nigga, she AIN'T gon' get over it any time soon. Though she should forgive him because it's been TEN years.

Anywho, I'm excited for Chapter 14!!!

I only read Chapter 13 so far.... I gotta read Chapter 14 later 'cuz I gotta leave soon....