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...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things <3 {2/7/12} FINISHED HALLELUJAH

- - this is gonna go a lil different then planned before. I don't remember everybody in it before so ima just write! then everything might flow then.



I walked into the house and saw my mom and dad fckin on the couch. I walked on the other side of the couch and watched my mom and dad fck. They didn't seem to mind so I continued to watch. I wanted to know why my mom was yelling so much...I didn't understand. My dad looked at me every now and would smile. "look chris" my dad said. I did exactly what he said and looked."this is how you get in that pussy". I got up and walked over to my parents and watched my dad. "you wanna try?" my dad asked me. I didn't understand what he mean't so I didn't answer. "boy I asked you a question" he said sternly. I cleared my throat and played dumb."sir?" I said scared. "I said do you wanna try...matter of fact, come on" my dad said. I didn't want to but I could tell disobeying my dad wasn't gonna turn out nice. My mom started crying and screaming because she didn't want me near her. I looked up at my dad because I didn't know what to do. "boy get in there". I started to walk away and I could hear my father footsteps coming right behind me. I started running and got caught by my dad. He started ruffing me up and beating me. I could hear my mom crying downstairs. It was probably because she knew she was next. Once my dad was done he brought me some toys and my mom some roses and nice jewelry. I didn't understand why my dad would beat me and then by my everything I want. It was crazy because I wouldn't get what I want on a regular but after getting my ass whooped that's when I got what I always wanted. I didn't complain because I love ...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things, they were the only things that made me happy..



i'M SORRY :(

I forgot about this... Hold on. Let me catch up.

14.) She looked at me with tears developing fast in her eyes. I looked at her and it my lip now rising in my pants. I got out the car and saw her trying to escape from the driver’s side. I came around and back slapped her. She screamed in pain and I covered her mouth. I opened the back doors to my car and threw her in the car. I hopped in and started to tie her hands and covered her mouth with tape. “if you be a good girl, then I’ll be nice” I whispered in her ear. I looked at her and she looked as if she saw a ghost.

I grabbed her neck and started ripping off her clothes. I ignored her whining and continued to rip her clothes off. Once I got her clothes off I took a handful of her breast in my mouth and sucked hard being rough as possible. She squirmed around and cried. I put my body weight on her causing her not to move. I bite and sucked on her breast which was well developed. I looked at her red eyes and bit my lip. Truth be told, her looking so sad turned me on even more. I stroked my dck in my left hand and stared at her face. She sounded like she was speaking. I pulled back the tap and she screamed. “ahhhhh, pleaseeeee let me go” She cried. “awwww …poor baby, don’t want this dck?” I said being sarcastic and not giving a sht. She shook her head no. “oh well” and with that I rammed my dck inside of her and she screamed while arching her body back. I grabbed her face roughly and put the tape back around her mouth.

I pumped and made rhythm out of her cries. It motivated me. I was gonna get my nut in, fck that. I pictured that I was on the beach with a whole bunch of fine ass naked women running around. “SHHTTT girl…mmmm, dat pussy real tight” I said pumping deeper. She managed to bring her hands up and knocked me in the head while her hands we tied. This set me off. “BTCH” I slapped her continuously until I started seeing blood from her nose and tape from around her mouth. Her eyes looked like they shut and her body stopped moving. “Damnnn …” I looked around. I didn’t mean to knock her out cough. “sht,” I thought to myself. I didn’t know what to do with her at this point. She was the type of btch so that was so scared that she’d tell someone. I was mad that I couldn’t get my nut in…sht I wasn’t even in the mood anymore. I put my dck back in my pants. I picked her up before she smeared blood all over my seats. I carried her body and threw her over the railing. I smacked my head realizing what I just did. I got into my car and hurried and got back to my side of town. I didn’t know who to talk to at the point. A bunch of thoughts were running through my mind. I never wanted to murder her…or whateva you would call what just happened.

I stopped at the liquor store and brought me some liquor and bumped into someone on the way out. I looked up “my ba-….tyga?” I said surprised. “chris?” he looked at me. “oh what up ty…long time no see man” I said. “I know right…I thought everyone would be outta state or something since you know…into our own individual lives now” He said grinning. “oh..yea..nice seeing you” I said rushing him off. I head out the door and tyga followed me. “whats up man? I know I haven’t saw or spoke to u in a while but I didn’t forget your character….whats up?” tyga said. I turned around and whispered “I gotta get out of here man…texas aint got nothing for me right now, I have to get far away”, He looked confused. I walked off and got into my car. “tell me whats up man?” He said running after me. What the fck was his issue? I looked at tyga “man look its been a min and ion know if I can trust you with this information iight, im going through a lot…it w- “ He cut me off “iight man I understand what u mean…lets just catch up man” He said. I sighed and me and tyga ended up going to his spot. He looked like he was living good just like cali was. I walked into his house and I we played games, and chatted. Even though we caught up a lot, there was a lot still bothering me and tyga just wouldn’t live it alone. “bruh what is it?” he said. “I RAPED AND MURDERED A GIRL OK”I shouted. Tyga’s mouth dropped and I shook my head. “those weren’t my intentions man…that’s why I gotta get outta here foreal” I got up and got my things. “I gotta go” and with that I was driving off in a few seconds. What the f*** was I getting into?

….the next morning
I woke up in my car that I slept in last night. I looked at my phone and saw I had a few missed calls one from tyga,2 from lauren, and one from a number I was unsure about. I decided to call lauren. She picked up on the 3rd ring. “hey chris” she said. “hey whats up?” I said. “ms.tracy has called you and she wanted to know if yall 2 could meet.” I sighed deeply and thought not this sht again I had enough on my plate. “OMG lauren…for what?” I said getting upset. “chris u need to talk to her so she can stop bothering me hell.” She said. “aye watch it” I said. “im just saying the lady keep calling me so you need to talk to her” lauren said. “iight lauren dang” I hung up the phone and called ms.tracy. She picked up on the 2nd ring. “hello?”she spoke. “tracy?” I asked. “yes..who is this?” She said. “this is chris…what is it that you want so bad?” I asked annoyed. “oh hi chris, I would like to meet with you anywhere that might be convenient for you because we need to speak.” She said “what is that we need to speak about so much?” I asked. “please just come chris” she pleaded. I stay on the phone to see where we were gonna meet. I meet up with her in 15 after getting off the phone. I stepped out of the car and thought to myself –this better be good.

*** i don't have wi-fi in my house anymore so my adds will be scattered from time to time, i will however just type at home and steal someone's wi-fi (like mcdonalds im at right now) and just post them and same for my other story (what's quietly kept) i will post on there 2, i wanted this to be longer add but I can't give away all the good stuff in one chapter! RUN IT

I love the fact that Shaniece finally woke the fck up
Chris however learned nothing from her absence
Lauren...idk, if she's happy I guess I have no complaints
I hope that Bree can somehow get over what he did
But that's not gonna happen if he keep coming around
And what he mean he want everything I got
And he gonna find out a way to get it?
Hmmmm, idk how that
And poor Tierra...she never had a chance...
Chris gets on my fckn nerves with that rape sh*t
Watch she tell and he go to fckn jail


well yall hoes better hurry and run my sht den!

lmao just kidding....ok i can wait!

I'm with CALINDRA aka Monroe lol....

Go head Keria.... make it do what it do.....

Do you boo, do you. Lol

Nah, I told yo ass how I felt about the story, but I'mma run it later....

This good ass story!!! lmao

run it!

I'll be back later with a longer comment


I pulled up to shaniece house and walked in. She looked at me and looked back at her phone. She grabbed her coat and keys. I looked at her like "where you going?" I asked. She ignored me and headed to the door. I looked at her like she was crazy and got in front of the door "why you ignoring me shaniece?" I asked looked at her. She folded her arms and rolled her eyes. "chris I thought long and hard last night and I cried and cried (she laughed a lil) and I prayed long and hard and I don't deserve this and me and you are done" She said. "iight..." I responded and turned around and walked out her house first. I opened the door and me and me and shaniece's eyes met. I got into the car and drove off.

I hope she didn't think I was sad because I could of cared less she could of texted me dat sht though instead of wasting my gas. I drove thinking what was I gonna do about my money. I was thinking about going back to school to get my GED and so I can get me a job! I looked at my phone that was ringing. I picked up and it was my sister "hello" I spoke loud puttin the phone on speaker. "CHRISSS...I LOVE IT HERE, ITS SO NICE, I LOVE IT, I HAVE MY OWN ROOM ITS SO SP-" . I cut her off confused as fck. "lauren what are you talkin about?" I asked. She laughed "oops sorry, I founded helped me and now Im in my new home ITS BEAUTIFUL CHRIS, and mom is amazing" she said so excited. I didn't know what to say so I didn't until she broke the silence again. "aren't you gonna say anything?" she said. "I mean...what do u want me to say? Im glad u not dead, and Im glad u got what u wanted..." I said. "chris..?" She asked. "lauren Im not coming so don't ask, its not happening, i plan on gettin me a house later this week, I have my own life" I said. "ms.tracy was has changed" Lauren stressed. I shook my head laughing "lauren I dont care what that lady ms.tracy said ok...she just trynna get a check at the end of the day ok, they'll tell you anything" I said. "thats not true chris, but I guess u'll never know...will I ever see you again?" She said. "you should of thought about that before you ran out of mcdonalds" I said being petty. I heard her suck her teeth. "ok chris...I guess I called at the wrong time...just know I love you and oh yea I gave ms.tracy your number so...she might call you" She said. I sighed and thought that she didnt need to call me at all. "iight lauren I love you 2 babygirl and sorry if I couldn't be that person you thought i'd be" I said truthfully. "im sorry 2 chris..." she said. I can tell she was smiling over the phone and I smiled too. "iight" I said. "k" she said and hung up. I hung up the phone and pulled up to a fast food restaurant to eat.

Once I sat down ate and got this chick num. name tierra who looked bout 16, I left and went back to the realist state office to speak to someone about looking at house. I asked if bree was there but one of her co-workers said that she left early for the day. Once I left there I pulled up at cali's house and sat in my car right outside her house and stared at her beautiful house. It was so amazing, I was fascinated with all the things she had. I wanted it and I became to things of ways to get it.... but first was tierra. I called her and drove away from cali's house to tierra's destination. Once I pulled up to tierra's house she came outside and I opened the car door on her side and got in on my side. She smiled "so where we going" She asked comfortably. "to a nice restaurant you'd like it" I said. I drove off, while I was driving she tried to engage in conversation but I was really dry with her. We started pulling up to a deserted area and she then started to look worried. "this doesn't look like a restaurant to me" She said. I parked and she started to take her seat belt off. Her gestures was signaling she was frightened. She should of been. I grabbed her arm and looked at her with no remorse in my eyes. "your mom ever teach you not to get in the car with strangers?" I said coldly.


LMAO@ bree that face be having me weak lol
but thanks...


That is my face right now.

I like this chapter I do, but right now I am a little upset lol.

This shid is crazy. Ms. Tracy need to stfu talking about, "Don't do that, you should be happy your mom is here to see you. Blah. Blah." or whatever the f*ck she said!

That pissed me tf off, like b*tch you don't know what the f*ck that girl has been through. You CLUELESS ASS SMUT!

Hey, she wants to live with her mom. That's her. I hope this shid is worth it.

DUMB ASS HO! Ugh, got me cussing EARLY in the morning!

And now to Chris.

I felt awkward when he saw Bree, but this is like crazy.

Man, I am speechless. Don't know what else to say.


13.) my mom walked in and my mouth dropped as tears developed in my eyes. "your mother" ms.tracy said. I couldn't control the way I was feeling. She approached me and we hugged and cried for what seemed like for ever. "I am soooo sorry baby...I've missed you so much" my mom whispered in my ear. I sobbed some more into her shoulder, messing up her pretty shirt. I looked up at her with my red eyes and said "why?"

"ba-, "why ma? why did you leave me like that? why did you let all the bad stuff happen to me, do you not love me?" I asked crying. "lets have a seat please" Ms.tracy said. I sat down and so did my mom. She whipped her tears and took a death breath. "now baby...when things were bad you were really yo-( lauren cut her off) "I was really young and you let those guys TOUCH ME LIKE THAT MA!!" I screamed. "hey lauren your gonna have to cooperate ok, you wanted to see her so act like it ok" ms.tracy said and nodded at sofia. She sighed and continued " you were really young and I should of never put you in that situation...I was stupid and I would never do anything to lose you again...I've been waiting on my dream to come true and-- (her lips began to shake as tears developed) I thank God for giving me another chance." Ms tracy passed me and my mom some tissue and decided to leave alone for a lil one on one talking and came back in 30 minutes.

does this mean I get to go home with my mom now? I said to tracy. She smiled "it looks like it" she said. My life was complete I had the biggest smile on my face that you can't imagine. I was so thrilled I couldnt wait to catch up with all of the life I been missing out on. I gave her chris's number for her to get in touch with him and then me and my mom were out the door. Once we left her office we went to the mall, out to eat and more mother and daughter bonding that was everything a girl can dream of. My mom apparently has changed. She explained to me about the divorce and pretty much everything that has happened and how much my dad use to beat her and chris. That was something that chris NEVER shared with me and it hurt me to know that because I had no clue. There were a lot of tears that poured out of me and my mom tonight but I guess we needed it because all of the hurt and pain built in us.

We got to the other side of town and pulled up to a nice house that looked like it was good for a small family. I walked and looked around. "wow ma...u moved to the nice part of texas" I said. She laughed "well baby I had to get a fresh new start" she said. I looked around some more and couldnt take my eyes off of how beautiful this home was. I hadn't been into a good decent looking home in 10 years.. This was so refreshing I could feel tears forming back again. This is all I ever wanted was to feel at home, loved , reunited with my family. It sucked that it was just me and my mom but at the end of the day and the 2 men different want to reunite with us then we werent begging. well atleast I wasnt but I know mom had been dying to see chris. My mom walked down the steps and caught me starin into space. "you ok?" she asked. "yea..i just not use to all of this." I said. I looked at her and smiled. "im so happy that you came and reached out to find me" my mom said. "no you should thank ms.tracy because without her finding me and chris at mcdonalds then I wouldnt be right here" I said. My mom smiled "well im just glad that I have you back in my life...I wonder what chris is doing" she sighed. "can I see my room?" I asked. "sure" my mom said. She leaded the way and she showed me my room.


I woke up, got myself together said bye to the housemates and went to the realist state office to get house. I walked in and waited to be seen by a specialist. I walked in and my mouth dropped. "I cant..." the young lady said. "bree...I didnt know you worked here" I said. "oh about to go on lunch break" she said gathering her things. "no your not, I was just called back here to get seen" I said. She looked up at me "im not about to sit here and help you" she said laughing a lil bit. She started to head to the door and I grabbed her arm slightly. She dropped her things and gasped out of fright. I looked at her and moved my hand and helped her with her papers. "bree...its been sooo long" I said. I could see the hurt in her eyes build up and tears as well. "breee...Im sorry" I said sincerely. She shook her head "excuse me but I have to leave" she said about to open the door. "if you walk out of here would you feel relieved?" I asked her. She looked at me confused "what?" she said. I sighed "I want you to be able to walk around with this away from your you think you can do that?" I asked being serious. Her tears rolled down her eyes as she stared at me for a min. I stared back waiting on a reply. She closed her eyes and opened them back up and shook her head. "i dont think so chris" she said while leaving. I sighed to myself. I left some money on her desk and wrote "im sorry" on one of her sticky notes.. I headed to shaniece's house to surprise her. I remembered what she said last night and I had to play my cards right just for this time so she wouldn't leave. Even if she did, it aint like I dont have other btches but she was my main and I wasnt ready for her to leave yet.


That was deeeep!!!!
Just when I got happy
that Shaniece was standing
up for herself, she punked out
smh, chris need to get his
sh*t together!!
and I hope lauren don't get
her feeling hurts by her parents.

YAYYY!!! :)

Lol you welcome :)

But yeah, lmao No Frame was excellent but this makes my emotions run more.....

I just love this story and I am sympathetic to people so I do feel bad for him lol.

thanks bree :)
it makes me feel good that I get the long responses from you
in this story even though a lot of sht happened in No Frame lol
and u always feel bad for chris...
but i think u react way more off this story

but i dont feel bad for chris not in this story lol

Wow, I agree with Shavonne crazy ass.
Like, I don’t know what to say.
I just about wanted to smack some sense into Shaniece ignant ass, but it’s true what Shavonne said. Women are emotional little creatures lol. You know we cry and get emotional over niggas that ain’t even worth our breath, let alone tear. But you know how we do though.
You can tell she loves him because she still looks him in the face after all that shid he did to her.
She’s foolishly in love with someone she shouldn’t even like right now.
And I was so upset with Chris when he made her perform oral sex on him! Shawty got some fye head though lmao. I just HAD to say that shid lol. Okay, jokes aside because I wouldn’t have sucked sh*t. I would’ve bit that shid and then took a heavy object and hit him in it. Then I would’ve run. I’m a coward. Shoot me.
The way he talked to her seemed so real to me. I felt as if I was her and that’s what made me angrier because I got a little emotional lol. I’m very sensitive lol, so shoot me once again. Like, I felt her emotions. Ugh, Chris is getting worst.
He acts as if what he did to her is right and it is absolutely not. It is NOT right at all. You beating her and forcing her to suck your humongous meat is NOT love. I STILL can’t help, but feel bad for him though lol. I just can’t help, but feel for him. I just think that he needs some serious therapy.
I still say she should’ve played tennis with his balls though. I wish she’d fight his ass back or at least attempt to. He then beat ole girl ass so bad, she barely can think now.
I’m going with that explanation because if her brain ain’t damaged from the beatings then she should go seek help as well, but then let’s be honest here. MOST battered females act like this. They think it’s cool to be beat severely. Well, not necessarily cool, but they KNOW it’s wrong. They just refuse to believe that the man needs help. A nigga can say he sorry a thousand times, but words are just consonants, vowels and just words. Actions indeed speak louder than words.
And she then spent her life living with this nigga and being treated horribly and she shouldn’t be there with him, but who am I to say, right?
Smh, but now to Ms. Lauren. I honestly don’t know what to say about her without being harsh. Well, I do feel sorry for her though and now thinking about it. I do understand where she’s coming from. I wouldn’t believe a man who rapes and abuses women either (Chris). But then again, he never hit her. At least I don’t remember so she should at least think about what he has said. What her parents did to her should never be done to a child. That shid leaves you permanently scarred for the rest of your life… I honestly don’t want her to find her mama because I wouldn’t be able to even look that cum-bucket in the eyes. Eh, I’m all sleepy and nothing else to say. So…..

shavonne93 <---(my in reader mode name lol for those who may not kno)

MANNNNNNNNNNN.............this sht is crazy!!!!!
damn he wanted nothing but the best for his sister
at first and could feel how much he loved her

now it seems as if she getting the end of the stick
just like the other hoes he fck wit, sht he even left
her one time when they were young so thats when the sht
the nigga is turning out to be just like his DEAD BEAT ASS PARENTS
and its ashame!

man this junk is so realistic! shaniece is just like any other
vulnerable girl who just want to be loved, doesnt want to leave
because if so then she leaving her happiness 2, also afraid and scared
hell the nigga beats her and thats always hard to leave...abusive relationships. BUT she still stupid at the same time
because she still should voice her opinion and atleast talk to someone hell...

lauren -_-
you need to stay in yo lane because chris is trying to help yo lil ungrateful ass
do you really think you'd get far on your own at 16?
cause i doubt your parents take you in...well which ever one want you
since they divorced! smh
you need to stay with your brother

and chris wrong for letting you leave like that but hell
you shouldn't burn ur bridges and be talking to a grown ass
man the way you were, but then again i also understand how you
want a normal can have that just in a matter of time
but trying to do stuff before the right time isnt good....

good for cali living it up big
looks like she's happy and thats a good think
that she wasnt running after chris and found love like @bree said

and speaking of bree...i feel so bad for her
i could just picture her running back up the stairs
smh wow...chris is just one FCKED UP COLD-HEARTED ASS BTCH!

RUN IT :) ....


He is just bad.

I thought Shaniece was gonna break up with him.
And maybe stand up for herself.
Not suck his d***.
Dumb b****...

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren.
I keep telling her to leave those worthless motherf***ers alone.
But does she listen?

Run it.
Made me mad.

run it!

12.) I went back to bed and saw chris in the bed almost sleep. I got into the bed and looked at him. He opened his eyes after a while and spoke. "whats wrong?..." he asked. I sighed and looked down. He sat up in the bed and looked at me. "shaniece i know you whats wrong?" I said sitting up. I looked at him at the statement he made "do you really?" He looked at me confused "what are you talkin about shaniece?" he asked.

I got up out of the bed. "my..face is in-- My lip started to shake and throat started to burn as tears formed. I continued.. "so much...pain chris and...I dont think I want to be with you anymore" I said the last part softly. Chris looked at me and got up without saying a word while putting his clothes on. I looked at him "your not gonna say anything?" I said. He looked at me and laughed while puttin his clothes on. "chris there aint sht funny about this situation LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME" I said getting defensive. "I suggest you calm your voice down before I fck yo ass up foreal ok there aint sht that I can do if you said you were done wit me so let me put on my clothes and leave, stop trynna get me to say sht IM NOT ABOUT TO APOLOGIZE deserved it" He said. I stood there as if he were shootin me with bullets.

I felt so hurt...I wasnt gonna let him walk out and I just not stand up for myself. "YOUR A SELFISH ASS BTCH AND I HOPE SOMEONE COMES ALONG THAT'LL FCK YO ASS UP....I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU SO FCKING MUCH...I DIDNT DESERVE THIS AT ALL, I DID WAS LOVE YOU FOR ALL THESE YEARS...I HATE YOU SO MUCH, I WANT A FAMILY, I WANT TO GET MARRIED BUT NOOOO I CANT BECAUSE IM STUCK IN LOVE WIT YO WORTHLESS ASS" I screamed and cried. "IM WORTHLESS...BTCH IF IT WASNT FOR ME YOU PROBABLY WOULDNT EVEN BE LIVING GOOD, THE FCK YOU TALKIN ABOUT...HELL BTCH I GOTTA BE WORTH SOMETHING, DONT CALL MY PHONE TALKIN ABOUT YOU WANT ME BACK AND SHT CAUSE AFTER I LEAVE THIS HOUSE THATS IT SHANIECE...THATS IT....SO YOU BETTER BE RE-MINDFUL OF WHAT YOU DOING" I yelled back at her. She looked down as if she had to think... "I dont want it to be over....but I demand more attention chris..... I just wanna be loved and appreciated" I said crying some more. He came up to me and grabbed my hair roughly. "suck my dck..." he said

I looked at him like he was crazy "wha--, "DO IT SHANIECE" I took his dck out his pants and boxers and went to work. He stood infront on me and grabbed my head moving it up and down. I almost gagged a few times cause he was really feeling this. His moans grew louder by the minute. "you my btch..." he said moaning. I didnt respond and he lifted my head up and slapped me. "ahhh" I screamed in pain as tears fell. "are you my btch" he said slapping his dck all on my face "YESSS" I screamed. "yes what baby.." He said moaning. "YESSSSS DADDDDDYYYYYY." I yelled. "ooooo sht dat mouth wide baby" He demanded. I opened my mouth as wide as I could. I watched as he stroked his dck and bit his lip. He stuck it down as deep as he could making me gag again while tears fell down my eyes. " ooooo make daddy cum" He moaned very seductively. I didnt want him to win so it took all of me not to enjoy him talkin freaky to me. I took his dck and started playing with it as I sucked at the same time. He head fell back as he enjoyed the pleasure. I sped up my pace and sucked harder as his moans got louder. He looked up and pulled my face away and started playin... "open baby." I did what I was told and opened my mouth. He came close to me slapped his dck on my tongue and playing with himself after a while his cum was shooting down my throat. "swallow it babe" He demanded. Once again I did what I was told and swallowed his nut in my mouth. "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....sht girl" chris moaned and went to the bathroom.

I turned around in the bed and started to cry myself to sleep. I didnt want to speak to him. I didnt feel like that was making up with me, in fact I just felt used. I just wanted this big night mare to be over. I could hear him come out of the bathroom. I felt him approaching so I closed my eyes. He kissed me on the forehead and said "ill be back tomorrow...since u wannna spend more time and when I say i love u i mean it shaniece..." I didnt respond and I guess his patience grew impatient and left. I sighed and continued to cry myself until I was sleep. the morning

I walked down the neighborhood that I use to live on. I looked around and it looked as if nothing ever changed from what I do remember. I don't even remember a lot from growing up except that I was raped by a group of men that my parents allowed in the house. I only believe half of it because I really felt that chris was just trying every little thing to keep me from coming back. I ended up approaching my old house. I was a smart 6 year old and even back then I could tell you where I lived. I walked up to the door and knocked on it hoping to see familiar faces. Once the door opened it looked like a young women who was unfamiliar to me.


"HI..may I help you?" the young women said. I smiled "yes...I wanted to know if you happened to know where the old couple who used to live her might be." I said. She looked at me confused..." im sorry baby but I don't know about anybody else who has lived her before" She said. I looked disappointed and decide to turn around and start walking away. I heard the young woman yell after me "is everything okay sweetie?" I never answered and continued to walk. I thought to myself "what now" I dont even know why I bothered to go to my old house as long as it's been. I knew they couldnt of stayed there. I had to get in touch with that tracy lady. I thought to myself that more then likely she was looking for me so why not go to where she can. I started to walk to the library so I could call some social worker offices and find out where ms tracy was.

...hours later

I was sitting in ms. tracy office and she soon walked in. She greeted me with a smile and a hug. "how are you?" she asked. "im ok..." I said. "wow..lauren you are so brave to do what you did..u have to be careful and promise me you'd never do that again ok?" She asked. I sighed.."ms.tracy I just wanna have a normal life, i feel like chris was holding that back from me and I just wanna live life and go to school and get a real education and...just" I shook my head unable to finish because I was beginning to break down. "do you want me to call your mother lauren?" ms tracy said. I looked up with hope in my eyes and nodded my head. "ok" ms.tracy said while gettting up and leaving out of the office. I sighed and said to myself ...."here it goes"

That was great.

Well, Lauren...
She is really on her own now.
Why does she want to see her parents?
She DOES know what happened...right?
If that happened to me-those b****es would've been dead.
I'm just saying.

He must really like Cali.
Too bad she has a family.
But then again-I don't want him to rape her. -.-

Poor Bree.
She probably didn't think she'd ever see him again.
I wonder how she feels.

And Shaniece.
She lets him rape her.
Accepts his gifts.
Then waits for him to say I love you?
She's crazy.

Run it.

thanks... bree :)
and yea i know u got me lol

So.... Cali got a good life now ?

It's good that she ain`t worried about Chris.

Good to know she didn't chase his ass her entire life lol.

Because TRUST honey, he's not worth it.

I still feel bad for his ass though .

And what's really good with Lauren tho` ?

And now a social worker tryna find them .

Them MOFOS `bout grown in this b*tch .

Shid, Chris <strong> IS</strong> grown !

And Idk about Lauren. Like, I wanna slap tf outta her sometimes.

You CAN'T believe everything you hear MOFO.

You DON'T know if yo donors changed or not .

TF wrong with her !

Lemme come in the story and beat her ass lls .

And SEEEE...... Bree ain't forgot about that shid. DUH.

I could just feel the awkardness [if that's a word, f*ck a dictionary!]


WTF wrong with her ass ?

I try to feel everybody pain, but why would you stay with that bastard ?


Ughhh, b*tch I don't care if he bought yo ass a whole garden and wrote the words : <em> I Love You Shaniece</em> with his goddamn blood . You a foolish ass b*tch !


Ughh, I'm like disgusted right now.

I can barely type.

I do HOPE Chris goes back and get his GED though .

Btw, I like how long you made it this time.

& You know I got you nigga lol.

Run it :)

In The process of reading.......


Run it!!!

no runs??

lol thanks monroe!

Ohhh I'm married...
I'll cheat for Chris tho! lmao
But I'm glad Lauren left
She wasn't doin sh*t with Chris anyway
But Chris need to get his life together
And Shaniece is one dillusional ass b*tch!


11.) Me and lauren looked at each other and the lady stook out her hand and reached it toward me. I looked at her as if she was stupid. She caught the hint and cleared her throat while lowering her hand.

"Im tracy and I am a social work, I've worked with many cases an- I caught her off because I didnt know who the fck she thought she was talkin to because I damn sure wasnt interested into her biography. "umm who are you and what do you want?" I asked. She sighed "I've talked to your mother and they been looking for you guys for a LONG time and i'm soo soooo lucky to have found you guys becau- . I cut her off again "lady you only find people who are lost, we were never lost we left for a reason now will you excuse us."

Me and lauren got up from the table not even eating our mcdonalds and headed for the door. "please lauren and chris, your mother isnt the same woman she used to be, please give her a chance." tracy said. I turned around and looked at her "what the fck do you know about those no good ass parents I have...look lady im a grown ass man A GROWN ONE ok, the last time I saw or even spoke to my dead beat ass parents was when I was 18 OKAY that life is over, its me and my sister against the world thats it...just leave us alone." I started to walk off but lauren didnt budge. I turn around once again "lauren lets go" I said sternly. " where's my mom and dad now?" Lauren said. "LAUREN LETS GO" I said yelling now. "CHRIS WOULD YOU PLEASE JUST SHUT THE FCK UP"Lauren shouted back. I yanked her arm "GET OFF ME"Lauren shouted. "hey now..." tracy said. We now had all the mcdonald customers and employees attention. I let go of lauren's arm "you watch your tone with me lauren...I mean it" I said. She looked at me and rolled her eyes.

"I wanna see my parents ms.tracy" Lauren said. I shook my head in disbelief, I didnt understand what the point was and what she was gonna get outta seeing our parents. "ok...I need to get some information from you" tracy said. "waa..wait what kind of information?" I said. "I just need to know your general information like address and telephone" Tracy said. "lauren get in the car, we not giving you sht and you not going to see nobody" I said once again now fuming with anger. "chris im not about to leave and go anywhere what about the talk we just had? all you think about is yourself! im done with this bullsht" Lauren said storming out of mcdonalds. "LAURENNN" I yelled walking after her.


I walked in the cold as the rain started to fall. I felt the burn in my throat and couldnt hold it any longer. I felt tears fall down my face. I didnt know where I was going but I just wanted to go somewhere far away from all of this. I wanted a normal life and I dont know why chris was acting like having that was a crime. I felt like I was better off selling my soul to the devil then bring around chris anymore. He was becoming soooo freaking over protective like I wasnt 16. I heard him shout my name. He ran up to me and pushed me as if I wasnt a girl. "CHRISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS STOP IT" I said frustrated to the max while tears kept streaming. "LAUREN LETS GO, WHAT THE FCK IS WRONG WIT YOU, YOU GOT ME OUT HERE RUNNING AFTER YOU , WHAT IF YOU GOT KIDNAPPED OR SOME SHT" I said extremely upset. "CHRIS I WAS IN YOUR SIGHT ITS NOT LIKE YOU BEEN LOOKING FOR ME, JUST LEAVE ME THE FCK ALONE, I WANNA GO HOME AND THATS IT...I DONT WANT SHT TO DO WITH YOU EVER AGAIN, ALL YOU GIVE A DAMN ABOUT IS SEX, MONEY, THE SHT YOU BUY, AND YOURSELF." I said yelling in his face. "IF I ONLY CARED ABOUT MYSELF I WOULD OF LET YO ASS CONTINUE TO WALK IN THIS MOTHAFCKIN RAIN, YOU KNOW U STARTING TO PISS ME THE FCK OFF ESPECIALLY WIT U TALKIN TO ME LIKE U CRAZY YOUR NOT GROWN REMEMBER THAT AND IF IT WASNT FOR ME YOU STUPID UNGRATEFUL ASS WOULD PROBABLY BE IN A FOSTER HOME." He roared. I took a min to swallow a big gulp of spit as the burning in my throat increased "well maybe thats where I belong..." I said softly. I saw chris shake his head , he looked deep in my eyes "dont call me askin me to come and help you, you wanna be grown so ima treat you like it, u wanna go...fck it im not chasin you to stay what you want lauren i love you" With that I watched chris walk away. I watched him until I couldnt see him anymore. I turned around and started to walk some more. I walked through some alleys as it started to get dark. I couldnt lie...I started getting scared but I wasnt turning back until I got to my house.

With chris...

I walked back to my car not giving a fck about life itself anymore. Everything that I wanted was starting to fade, I tried my hardest to give my sister a better life. I planned on gettin a house later this week and thought about still doing it. I was tired of running around now that I ran into that lil social worker I figure there was no more running from this people. I been doing it for too long and I was tired. I was a grown ass man and couldnt nobody make me do sht I didnt want to do. I was now gonna live my life the way I wanted it and I was gonna do it my way and if anybody had a problem with it they could suck the fck outta my big fat ass dck real sht. I opened the door to my car and then felt it stop. I looked up and it was <a href=",r:7,s:0"> Tracy </a>. I rolled my eyes and looked at her in disgust. "your mother really isnt the same anymore chris I really believe you should give her a chance" she pleaded. I turned to her. "Look I dont know who you think you are but your not gonna tell me what you think I should do with MY LIFE, since your a social worker and your suppose to help kids...why dont you do your job and go after my run away sister who about to be lost and maybe dead on the side of the road somewhere if you dont hurry." I got into my car and slammed the door shut. I started the car and sped off with tracy looking stupid. I shook my head while a whole bunch of thoughts ran through my mind... just then shaniece called me. I now regained memory of what I did to her earlier. I sighed to myself and ignored her call. Apart of me felt bad but another part of me felt soooo bad. I felt like I needed to crash tonight to clear my head so I called my long lost friend cali. She answered on the 3rd ring.

"hello?" she said unsure. "hey...cali?" I said hoping she still had the same number after all this time. "uh yes...who is this?" she said. I cleared my throat "its chris..." I said. "CHRIS..." She said surprised. I laughed a lil bit "yea its me", "woowwwwwwwwwwwwwww, I never thought that you'd be calling me its been so long" she said. "i know...hey I was wondering if I could come by and speak since its been so long you know...give us some time to catch up" I said. "sure but I live pretty far" she said. "its ok..." I said. Cali gave me her information to her house and I pulled up to her house in about a hour.

I arrived at cali's beautiful house...I wonder what her occupation was. It sure looked like she was pretty good. I saw 2 cars in the drive way so I assumed that she was married and probably had some lil kids running around. I grew nervous and walked to the front door. My heart was beating really fast. I dont know why I felt this way. I waited for cali or someone to come to the door and when the door opened it wasnt her but instead seemed like a maid. "hello.." the women said. "HEY ummm... mrs.washington." the lady called out. She said mrs. and it felt like my heart literally dropped....she was married. I watched cali walk down the steps and she looked amazing. Damn why was I feeling like this... I was never into this lovely dovely sht so why was I feeling liek this...hell im 28 and thats why im not married cause I dont have time to cuff no btches. "HEYYY CHRISS" She greeted me with a beautiful smile and hug. "come on in" she said stepping aside. I walked in and immediately looked around her beautiful mini mansion. "this is beautiful cali" I said amazed. She giggled "thank can follow me" She said leading the way. I guess we made our way into what you would call the "livingroom" because it was nicely furnished and had tv's everywhere. "wowww so what made you pick up the phone and call me?" cali said. I sat down next to her on her couch...I sighed deeply "i dont know...its been a while so I thought I'd just speak."

I looked down at my hands. She looked concerned and asked " are you ok?" she said. I looked up and smiled "you were always concerned with how I was doing..." I shook my head..."still the same huh" I said. She smiled "well you wouldnt know if I was the same because u never took the time to figure out who I really was..or am" she said. I nodded my head "yea i know..." It got really silent for a second until she broke the silence. "chris whats up? you dont look the same or even seem the same...I just have this vibe that something is really wrong!" I looked at her "cali nothing is wrong I promise..I just wanted to see what was up so enough about me, I see you got a maid...(looking around) u seem to be living comfortable" I said "yea its husband is a lawyer and I just got my degree in nursing 3 months ago" she said. "WOOWWW cali im happy with know I been thinking about going back to school to actually get my masters in engineering but...Im happy for you cali I always knew that you'd be something in life" I said. "I knew you didnt finish high school but I thought you got your GED an- I turned my attention to the girl that was walking down the steps, I guess cali could see that my attention was completely thrown off because she stoped talking. "bree whats wrong?" cali said. Bree stood at the stairs and had her mouth wide open that a fly could fly in it. I could see the hurt in her eyes and the sadness that took over her face all the way from where I was sitting. I soon got uncomfortable as she ran back up the steps. "what was that about..." cali said now turning her attention on me. "wow yall both grown up to be nice looking young ladies..." I said. Cali smiled "thank you chris..", "i think that I should be going now..." I said gettin up. " jus- I cut her off. "nooo its getting late and I gotta work in the morning and you for my wife and kids and stuff so I gotta run" I lied. "woww...well im glad everything is going well..." she said. I walked to the door "it was nice seeing you cali...maybe ill call you sometime and we can definitely catch up longer then now another time" I said. "yes...most definitely" she said. "alright then" I said "bye" she said closing the door.

I walked to my car and drove off fast. That was such a uncomfortable feeling. I couldnt help but started to think about bree, shaniece, and all the other girls I raped. I decided that I was gonna go buy shaniece some shoes and a diamond pair of earrings and surprise her. As soon as I got that stuff I headed straight to where she was. I walked in and she smiled as if nothing ever happened between me and her. I honestly felt like she was scarred of me leaving her. " I got a surprise for you" I said. Shaniece closed her eyes smiling widely. "open" I said holding her presents infront of me. SHe opened her eyes and then opened her gifts. She smiled and jumped up and down "THANKKK YOU BABy" She kissed me and started trying on her shoes and earrings.


I walked to the bathroom with a smile on my face and then it quickly faded once I saw the bruises on my face. I couldnt help but to keep staring at myself. I wanted to burst into tears but I knew that they wouldnt take away the scars or the pain I had deep in my heart. I didnt understand me and chris's relationship...we barely spent time together and then when we did all we did was have sex. I loved him and something about him had me falling in love with him more and more everyday. I tried to smile but it just wouldnt happen. I then heard chris shout "I love you baby." thats all it took, It was like magic. A smile appeared on my face and it felt like all my pain and worries were now gone because I knew he believe that he loved me and I did to...

**i hope you guys like that add, I been trying to get more lengthy with these paragraph format because personally I like writing in play format better because its quicker and I feel gives more description of how the characters are reacting to certain things BUT!! i think that I said that I was gonna do both in this story and If I havent said it then I am now! I hope this was lenghty enough and if not then oh well lol Im sleepy and going to bed! Night guys :)