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...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things <3 {2/7/12} FINISHED HALLELUJAH

- - this is gonna go a lil different then planned before. I don't remember everybody in it before so ima just write! then everything might flow then.



I walked into the house and saw my mom and dad fckin on the couch. I walked on the other side of the couch and watched my mom and dad fck. They didn't seem to mind so I continued to watch. I wanted to know why my mom was yelling so much...I didn't understand. My dad looked at me every now and would smile. "look chris" my dad said. I did exactly what he said and looked."this is how you get in that pussy". I got up and walked over to my parents and watched my dad. "you wanna try?" my dad asked me. I didn't understand what he mean't so I didn't answer. "boy I asked you a question" he said sternly. I cleared my throat and played dumb."sir?" I said scared. "I said do you wanna try...matter of fact, come on" my dad said. I didn't want to but I could tell disobeying my dad wasn't gonna turn out nice. My mom started crying and screaming because she didn't want me near her. I looked up at my dad because I didn't know what to do. "boy get in there". I started to walk away and I could hear my father footsteps coming right behind me. I started running and got caught by my dad. He started ruffing me up and beating me. I could hear my mom crying downstairs. It was probably because she knew she was next. Once my dad was done he brought me some toys and my mom some roses and nice jewelry. I didn't understand why my dad would beat me and then by my everything I want. It was crazy because I wouldn't get what I want on a regular but after getting my ass whooped that's when I got what I always wanted. I didn't complain because I love ...* Yellow Roses-n-Material Things, they were the only things that made me happy..



8.) "mmmm sht...damn girl you know exactly how to suck daddy dont you?" I asked some random hoe. She looked up at me and smiled. "you know I do daddy" she said taking another swallow of my dck down her throat. I was at this trap house with all my niggas including tyga. Lauren was wit one of these hoes lil sister round here playing. I kepted an eye on her every now and then just to make sure she was ok.

tyga- ay chris its hoes everywhere

chris-(laughed) i know man

tyga- so are u coming back to school man?

chris- man hell nawl if i got back to school then my momma and daddy gonna know exactly where I am

tyga- dont u want to go to school?

chris- ty did u just not here me man i said Hell Nawl

tyga-(shook his head) thats crazy man...u should want to graduate

chris-pass me a blunt ty

tyga- what happened to all the hopes and dreams we use to have? me rapping and u singing(laughed) gettin all the hoes and making money man....we well...u cant do that now cause u not gonna graduate

chris- man tyga ion know what happened but what i do know is im not gonna put me and lauren's life in danger again ok!

tyga- what's the difference now chris? you got a hoe that just finished giving you head, u f***ing hoes left and right, you not in school, you aint doing s*** with your life but throwing it away and how is that a good exampl for lauren?

chris- i didnt come over here to fckin have u preach to me and sound like my parents iight

tyga-naw ion fckin sound like yo parents im sounding like what they should of been tellin yo ass along time ago (laughed a lil bit)

chris-(grew mad and punched tyga in the face)

tyga-(held his jaw) what the fck man...(shook his head)


tyga-(watched chris as he left and shook his head)

I was being a good brother to lauren, how dare he say I wasnt. I was everything she needed and more. Fck what he said. I knew I was the best and I am gonna be something in life...the fck? I grew even more mad as I thought about everything tyga said. I thought he was my friend? How the fck was he downing me like that? but like i just told him... ion need him and nobody else. I grabbed lauren and we lefted. We started to walk down the block where I parked and bumped into someone.

chris- my bad...oh its u

bree- chris?

chris- yea

bree- wow...where u been? cali has been worried sick about u, crying every night wondering if your alive or dead, talkin my ear down

chris-(laughed a lil) i been good, im enrolled into a different school

bree- really? what school

chris-uhhh it..its a private school

bree- you have a baby?

chris- no this is my lil sister lauren

bree- oh hi lauren! (waving)

chris- you look really nice today

bree-(looked at him up and down) really huh?

chris-(laughed) damn a nigga cant be nice and tell the truth

bree- mmm...well thank u

chris- maybe we should kick it sometime

bree-(looked at him funny again) chris whats the catch?

chris- (looked at her bitin his lip) u gotta throw it before i can catch it so u tell me...

bree-(blushed) whateva...

chris-im charming?

bree-what? (laughed)

chris- i got u blushing so that must mean im charming

lauren- chris whats blushin?

chris-shhh lauren... lets go out this friday

bree-(sighs) chris cali re(cut off)

chris- man dont worry about cali...its ok were only going out as friends so it shouldn't matter

bree- i guess so

chris-(smiled while passing her his phone)

bree-(put her number in)

chris-iight ma, ima hit u up iight

bree-ok...bye lauren


chris-(walking off)

lauren- who is that girl chrissy?

chris- none of ya business lauren

lauren-(looked hurt by his comment)

We walked to the car and I made sure lauren was secure before pulling off. Me and lauren was moving from place to place all the time. I didnt want our parents to find us. its been 3 months since we been running around and It hurt my heart to hear lauren cry every night for our parents. Was I really making the right decision? I thought about going back sometimes but then I'd get angry and stop. Lauren really needed to be in school learning but I just couldnt let her suffer in that house. I was determine to make a change and nothing was gonna stop me. We got to this shelter for homeless people and got out. We walked in and got settled.

lauren- im tired of moving...(folded her arms)

chris- lauren right now is not the time

lauren-(about to cry) i wanna go home....(about to cry)

chris- lauren please....

lauren-i want mommmmyy (crying)

chris-(looked around at everyone looking at them) lauren be quiet you got all these people looking at us like we crazy (talkin through his teeth)

lauren-(got quiet and sniffed)

We sat there for a couple of more minutes and then shaniece called me and I answered.

chris- hello

shaniece- hey chris

chris-whats up

shaniece- i was wondering if u wanted to do something tonight?

chris- uhh what time?

shaniece- maybe around 8

chris- ummm...u know i have my sister right?

shaniece- why dont u drop her off at a daycare

chris- i cant do that

shaniece- why not?

chris- because...(sighs) i just cant u wouldnt understand

shaniece- oh not trynna get all in ur business, but just called me once ur ready and ill tell u where to meet me

I called bree to make some plans with her. I didnt know where to put lauren so I told the people at the homeless shelter that I'd be right back and if they could keep an eye out on her. She screamed and cried her lungs out but I promised I wasnt gonna be gone long. I pulled up at bree's house and she let me in.

bree- hi (smiling)

chris- (looked around her house)whats up

bree- so u wanna go see a movie or something

chris- well that was the plan but i think i changed my mind...lets just chill here

bree- (shrugged her shoulders) ok

chris-(walk into her living room and sat on the couch)

bree- u want anything to drink?

chris- ill take a pepsi

bree- nigga i have coke so thats just gonna have to do

chris-(laughed)iight whateva it is

bree-(came back wit it and sat down besides chris) so what made u wanna hang with me and not cali?

chris- how many times are u gonna bring cali up? im not interested in her

bree- y not that girl cares about u a lot, all she does is talk about u

chris- im not interested the only person i see is u

bree-(looked at him crazy) u kno i go with tyga right?

chris- so (laughed)

bree-(shook her head) i cant lie though...u sexy as fck

chris- oh really? (lookin at her)

bree-(nodded her head)

chris-(leaned in to kiss her)

bree-(kissed him back)

The kiss started getting intense and then all of a sudden she pushed me back. "nooo chris we cant do this" she said. I looked at her and bit my lip " shhhhh, let me take care of u" I said in a seductive voice which made her panties wet. "mm chris no" she said whining. I started to unbuckled my pants as it revealed my hard dck. I kissed all over her neck as she tried stopin me. I ignored her hittin me on my back until i heard her scream stop. Thats when I slapped the sht outta her and yanked her pants and panties off. I shoved my dck inside of her and started thrusting. "mmmmm damn you tight, tyga aint hit this sht girl?" "pleaseeeeeeeee....please stop chris" bree said crying. I ignored her once again and started going super fast while i was in that pussy. She felt so good, she was better then all the other hoes I fcked. After f***ing her for another 30 mins, her cries stopped once I came out and came on her stomach. "mmmmmmmm...damn girl that was good." I went and fixed myself and came back and saw bree still in the same position that I left her. I walked over to her. "you tell anyone ima kill u.....u understand?" I said to her. She looked at me fear in her brown eyes and nodded while tears began to form again. "i mean it" where the last words I said before leaving her house. I got in the car and went straight to the homeless shelter. I thanked the old lady for watching lauren and returned to her.

lauren- chrissy what took u so long? and where were u....please dont leave me (she started crying)

I grabbed her and started to feel bad for not only leaving her but for leaving her and for raping bree. I had missed calls from shaniece and didnt even answer them. I stared into space as I thought to myself...who was this person I was becoming?

--- isnt as long as i thought it would be, i have trouble thinking of stuff to write for this story thats why i dont add as frequently like i did for my other stories and im sorry i feel the same way about Life Before The Fear, it just isnt flowing like i thought it would :( i hope none of my readers are mad at me.... RUN IT

Sooo what the fck os goin on with this nigga??
Ugh! But I am glad that they are away from the parents
But this nigga need to make some better decisions!
For his sister and himself...
Soooo, go ahead and run it!

thanks u guys! adding really soon

Hey-Keri...Keri...Keri. Best BELIEVE I will read your stories. They are TOO good.

Just wanted to say that.

b****-those are no longer your babies.
You gave away that right when you let random niggas f*** your daughter.

Run it.

I'm mad because he gon' end up f*cking this random ass ho or gettin' head !

Like why the fuk you doing Cali like that ?!


I'm honestly just waiting on one of the parents to die . . . .. .

You know ?

Chris , I hope yo ass get away and far away from your stupid, sick ass parents . .. . .


lol it seems like it but its coo, you kno i been thru this before!

but thanks ladies

Run it

Wheres chris???


thanks nic! :( i think ur my only reader lol

wow is she realli gon leav n get her shxt together? is he realli gon let her? n 3 months wow he missed everythng run it so sad

I woke up and didnt see my husband next to me. I hated when he use to do this.. I put our a missing children report for chris and lauren. I haven't seen them in 3 months. I been calling their schools and nobody has seen them anywhere. Believe it or not I had a heart and I was just now getting the courage to stand up for what I believe is right. I had to find my kids...they could of been dead for all I know..thats how much of a bad parent I must be. I shook my head as tears started to stream down my face just by the thought of getting a bad phone call one day. It was 23 days away from chris's graduation and it was more then likely not gonna graduate. He missed his prom, senior breakfast, and other activities. Lauren was in the 6th grade and was missing important things she needed to be learning. I couldnt stop the tears from falling from my eyes...what have I done?

I woke up and tried calling chris but no answer. I sighed to myself, I should of known that it wasnt gonna happen. I called the investigator name tracy who been trying everything to find my kids a call.

c/m- hey ms.tracy?

tracy- yes how are you?

c/m- im good...umm so how's everything when it comes to finding more information on my kids?

tracy- well mrs.brown, we've been looking everywhere and we've came to the conclusion that its just probably another run away for both of your kids and they'll be back shortly

c/m- you think that kids will stay away from home in 3 months? my son graduates soon DO YOU THINK THAT HE WOULD WANT TO MISS THAT?

tracy- (sighs) I understand ma'am no need to yell, me and my coleagues are going to continue to help you as much as possible , we haven't given up on you

c/m- (starts to cry) please find my babies

tracy- ok ma'am, ill give a call if we find anythin out ok

c/m-(sniffed) ok

I hung up and then walked in david. I took in a deep breath and stood up and whipped my tears.

c/m- david where were u lastnight?

c/d- since when do you question me?

c/m- i was ju(cut off)

c/d- no you werent just grown

c/m-(laughed shakin her head)

c/d- something funny huh?

c/m- ill show you...

I went to my dresser and started packing all of my s*** into my suitcase. All david do was sit there and look. I got my s*** together and started heading toward the door.

c/d- I already have the papers

c/m- (laughed) GREAT! glad that were finally on the same page...

SHORT? I know...but run it

thanks you guys addin soon

Chris is nothing lik his dad Chris is sweet n gentle I hope they get out safe n sound run this plz

run it i think chris is a really good brother and ther parents are really f***ed up man what kind of s*** is that awwwww.

I want Chris to get some money for him and his sister. He needs to go to college, but he has to look out for her too. I know he wouldn't trust anyone taking care of her-neither would she and I don't blame them.
Did that man try to do something to Lauren?
I need to know how he look so I can whoop his ass...then kill him.
Well anyways-RUN IT.

chap. 6 contd....

cali- he's an a**hole

bree- ur the one who likes him

cali-(sighs)i dont know what it is about him

bree- me either (laughed)

cali- bree its not funny

bree- it actually is

cali-(shook her head) ok...maybe talkin to tyga should of been better

bree- (laughed) f*** u btch

cali-(laughed) im just sayin cause u all dry wit me and sht

bree- im just trynna figure out what ima wear to prom

cali-(shook her head) see...i wanna take chris to the prom but he hasnt been here and he wont answer my phone calls and ion wanna seem like a bug-a-boo

bree-ill just ask tyga if he'd ask him for u


bree-(laughed and shook her head) u crazy over nothing

cali-whateva(walked off)

-- wit chris --

I watched lauren lick her ice cream cone getting her face all messed up. Where were we gonna go kept running through my head. Everybody been blowing up my phone and everything.

lauren-(dropped her ice cream by accident)

chris-(sucked his teeth) damn lauren

lauren-sorryyy (sad)

chris-(sighed and cleaned it up)

Just then someone approached us trying to help.

f/v- hey cutie..(smiling) u need help?

lauren-(shook her head no)

f/v-(laughed a lil) oh ok...ur daughter is beautiful

chris-(looked up and mouth dropped)

f/v-(laughed) im <a href=",r:0,s:45&tx=59&ty=79"> Shaniece</a>

chris-(cleared his throat) im chris...(smiled)

shaniece- nice to meet u chris (stook her hand out)

chris-(shook it and smiled)

shaniece-(smiled and giggled)

lauren-chrissyy can i have some more ice cream..(tuggin his jeans)

chris- laurennn...(annoyed voice)

shaniece- ur daughter calls u chrissy? cute!

chris-(laughed) this is my lil sister...say hey

lauren- hey (waving at shaniece)

shaniece- ur so pretty

lauren-thank u...(low voice)

chris- ion know why she wanna act all shy...umm so u here by yourself?

shaniece- no im here with my mom just shopping

chris-oh...ok cool

shaniece- (looked around) i might be needing to go catch up with her was nice meeting u again chris

chris- u 2...u mind if i get to know u more

shaniece- (smiled) sure...

chris-(pulled his phone out) here

shaniece-(passed her phone)

chris-(put his number in and gave it back)

shaniece-(did the same)

chris-thank u beautiful...

shaniece-(giggled) bye..

chris- bye (biting his lip as she walked off)

lauren- chrissyy..can i have some more ice cream?

chris- no lauren that was enough

lauren-(looked sad)

chris-come on we gotta go now...

We left the mall and got into the car. I started to drive by my neighborhood but changed my mind. I didnt wanna run into nobody that I knew or my folks. I wanted to get away but where...


I woke up and didn't see lauren anywhere. I stood up and found I was at a subway station. It seemed abandoned and old. I didn't know what to think...the last thing I remember about today was going to the mall and then riding around with my sister. I started looking everywhere panicking. I screamed to the top of my lungs for lauren but no answer. I didnt know what to think. I started calling everyone that I knew just incase they saw her. I bust through the bathroom and saw something. I opened a bathroom stall and saw lauren on the toliet sleep.

chris- lauren...(sighed and started tearing)

lauren-(wakin up)

chris- dont u ever do that to me again

lauren- do what?? i had to pee

chris- (sighs) lauren i dont remember you tellin me u had to be

lauren- chrissy...i saw a man, he looked really scary

chris-(looked at her crazy) where? when? (whipping his face)

lauren- out there (point outside the bathroom)

chris-ok...are u done?


chris-(shook his head) lauren u know ur not suppose to sit on the toliet

lauren- i fell asleep im sorry

chris- (whipped her and flushed the toliet)(heard someone come in the bathroom while he flushed)

lauren-(looked scared)

chris-(covered lauren's mouth and slowly stood on the toliet to hide him and lauren's legs)

m/v-(cleared throat) baby still there?

lauren-(looked at chris terrified)

chris-(mouthing "shhh")

lauren-(closed her eyes and looked down)

m/v-(walked around and then soon left)

lauren-(looked at chris with red eyes while tears fell)

chris-(mouthing be quiet)


chris-(took his mouth from around her face)

lauren-(cryin silently in chris's chest)

chris-(looked up and sighed)

I had to come up with a place to go or atleast have lauren safe and thats it. I couldnt let her live her life in danger anymore. She deserved so much more. I want her to have the childhood that I never had. She should be playin dress up and playing with barbies not having to dodge her own mother and father and now pervs. This isnt the life that I thought I would have and I def. didnt want it for my lil sister. I would do anything for her to be happy.

I watched lauren as she fell asleep again. I went and laid my back against the bathroom door so no one else can get in. I laid her on my lap so she can be comfortable. I stroke her pretty hair back and forth and looked at her while she slept.I kissed her on her forehead and whispered "your gonna make it out of this trouble time....i promise". I started to have flashbacks at all the times I got my ass whooped and my mom would sit there and stare as if nothing was going on. At one point she use to be my best friend. I didnt understand why she couldnt stand up for herself. All she would do is just watch...its like my parents didnt have no heart. Im barely doing anything with my father like son right???

She shouldn't wanna go to her mom n dad it's not safe n Chris actin lik he somebodi daddy run it

6.) I took the covers off of me and started whipping my eyes. I yawned and looked behind me and saw lauren still asleep. I went to the bathroom and did what I had to do. I didnt know what to do next because sooner or later they were gonna figure out that I wasnt 21 so me and lauren really wasnt suppose to be in this hotel. After gettin myself together I got lauren up and got her together.

lauren- chrissy i dont want to wear this

chris- u have 2

lauren- but i wore this yesterday

chris- (looked at her) lauren I know...ok


chris- u have to wear this for right now until we go get u some more clothes

lauren- at home?

chris- no were not going home

lauren-(starts whinning) why not?

chris- lauren i told u before that we were takin a lil vacation

lauren- i want mommy and daddy

chris- were not going home u understand (in a stern mean voice)

lauren-(snatched away from chris with an attitude) i wanna go homee! (stompin and started crying)

chris- dont u snatch away from me u understand, i am in charge of you and you do what I say ok mommy and daddy are not here right now

lauren- (crying)

chris-(sighed heavily and looked away)

lauren-i want my moooommmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyy (crying really hard)

chris-(bit his lip hard trying not to let his tears escape) come on lauren...we have to leave

lauren- nooo i want mommy

chris-(picked her up)



lauren-(got quiet)

chris- now whip your face cause were leaving...

I got all of over stuff together and me and lauren left the hotel. I drove around and decided to go to the mall so that we can spend our parents money and buy us some more clothes.


IM SO MAD i just typed up an add and some how i had a new tab that opened and it wouldnt go back UGHHHHHHZ!!!! ill try again later cause right now im so upset


Them b****es (parents) actually think they're going back home to them...and TALK?? I don't care if the mom feels bad about it. She let it go down and she needs to get beat, killed-the same for the bastard dad.

Naw, run his ass over with a bulldozer. He sounds like he's a big man.

Run it.

Chris need to stop treatin Cali lik that run it

I'm not gonna say it this time!! lol

But his parents fckn disgust me!
Like so now you wanna get a fckn conscience!!
And fck he mean it was a deal??
A deal for what muthafcka??!!
Ain't no deal that critical!!
And Chris is a good brother & person
but wtf is up with the way he treated Cali's life
like that??
And then talm bout you gotta put these
hoes in they place nowadays??
He startin to be just like his daaammmnnnn daddy!!
SMMFH!! Cuz he know fckn better...
I feel like all he needs os someone to truly love him
But then again he might push them away
This is just so crazy!!


Chris is such a good brother I swear .

I love him for it !

Now , his ugly ass, dumb ass, no morals havin' ass b*ch ass parents getting on my nerves.

now you realize that ?

Ain't no comin' back from that !

I'm positive that I'll have more to say after this lol .

BUT Look at Chris ....

Look how he f*cking treating Cali .

I do feel bad for him, but really ?

You gon' do her like that ?

Mane Lauren is sooo fcking cute .

I love her <3

I #swear

yeahhh, I'm sure I'll comment again lol . . . ..


5.) "She's good to go" The docter said. I looked up at lauren sucking on a lollipop that the docter gave her. I smiled just thinking about how innocent she was. She was so sweet. She was bad at times but over all sweet and definitely didn't deserve this.

docter- im gonna set you up with a police officer so that u can talk about what happened ok


docter-(nodded)ok..ima leave u 2 alone

chris- thank u

I watched the docter close the door. I turned my attention to lauren playin with her hair. I smiled and began to speak.

chris- u ready to go?

lauren- are we going home?

chris-(sighed heavily and shook his head) i dont think so boo

lauren- why not?

chris- because....... because were going on a lil vacation first

lauren-(looked at him weird) really? where?

chris- ur just gonna have to see

lauren- can we go to disneyland?

chris- (smiled) yea

lauren- (smiled really hard) yayyyy

chris- iight come on

lauren-(trying to walk and falls) ooowww...(about to cry)

Tears filled in my eyes. I picked her up and held her like a baby. It brought back memories of when she was first born and I held her. I was a hog...I was gettin tired of being the only child and when lauren came I just knew she'd be special. The nurse came in with a wheel chair.

nurse- u dont have to walk out like that here

chris- thank u so much

nurse- no problem, did the docter tell u everything u need

chris- yes ma'am (nodding)

nurse- well ok then...u guys should be good to go and ill walk out with you guys so u can get the car and stuff

chris- thank you (puttin lauren in the wheel chair) u good

lauren- yea...


I walked with the nurse until we got outside. Thats when i got into my car and drove up to meet lauren.

nurse- alright you guys should be set

chris- thank u once again

nurse- u be good lauren

lauren- i will... (holding her hands out for chris to grab her)

chris-(picked her up puttin her in her booster seat)

lauren-(struggling) i cant find the seat belttt (whining)

chris-(did it for her) chill ok...


chris- what u want to eat?

lauren- mmmmm mc donalds

chris- (shook his head) i should of known but u cant play inside lauren u need to just chill for a while

lauren- but i want to play

chris- but u cant

lauren- why not?

chris-(started the car and drove off softly) because lauren u cant its hard to explain and u wont understand until u get older

lauren-(folded her arms) so i cant play til i get big like you?

chris-(laughed) lauren u cant play for a few hours thats all i mean

lauren- oh...what im gonna eat chrissy?

chris-we can still eat mcdonalds just cant play

lauren-(sighed and looked out the window)

I slowly approached the mcdonalds and went through the drive thru line.

....w/ chris's mom and dad....

c/m- (pacing back and forth) what have i him david

c/d- they probably somewhere near...they'll come back

c/m-(sighs) im so worried about my babies

c/d-(hissed)(lookin at his gun shot wound in the shoulder)

c/m- what kind of parents are we david

c/d- the best there are now sit yo ass down somewhere and calm down... all u have to do is call him

c/m- thats right...ill...ill call him

chris'mom p.o.v

I walked into my room and closed the door . I pulled out my cell phone and dialed chris's phone number. automatically went straight to voice mail so I decided to leave one that said. " hey baby...this is mommy, i just wanted to say how much I love you and ...(cracky voice) look mommy is under a lot of pressure that you guys just don't understand right now ok, ill explain everything once you come home ok! and i expect to hear from you and see you guys in a couple of mins PLEASE!!...(sighs) ok then ....bye. I hung up the phone and stared at it. I use to be in control of things around here but just in a blink of an eye everything changed...

End of P.O.V

c/d- did u call?

c/m- (walkin out the room) straight to voice mail (cracy voice)

c/d- f*** u about to cry for?

c/m- david that's our children

c/d- its only been a day

c/m- i know but i feel soooo bad for what he did to (started breakkin down) how could i let him touch my baby...


c/m-(shakin her head and still crying)

c/d- I SAID SHUT IT UP....

c/m-(breakin down)

c/d- (approached her and started beating on her)


c/d- shut that sht up...

.... wit chris and lauren.....

Me and lauren had been driving around. I showed her a lot of places that I thought she'd think was interesting.


chris-(looked through the rearview mirror) u sleepy?

lauren- (already drifting off)

chris-(saw her)

I thought about the money that i collected from the safe and went to a good hotel that I believe would be comfortable enough for lauren. I hate that we had to be doing this but we were not going back to that house and I meant exactly what I said. I soon approached the hotel...carried lauren in and got her settled. I turned on the tv and my phone rung.

chris- hello?

f/v- hey...what happened?

chris- who's this?

f/v- cali

chris- ohhhhh dang...(sucked his teeth and sighed) man..i forgot and im sorry a lot of sht happened since I told u I would take u out yesterday


chris- look ion give a fck if u dont believe me real sht

cali- calm down all i said was mmmph why u so uptight and defensive

chris- cali i really dont have time for the bullsht iight

cali- (sighs) yo u be trippin...

chris-nah dats y, ion know why the fck u trying wit me anyway, u not bout to be my girl no time soon and that lil kiss wasnt sht so there u have it so u can forget about all ur lil hopes and dreams

cali-(mouth dropped)(silent)

chris- hello....hello




chris-man fck it (clicked)

Man she had some nerve talkin to me like she did...fck she think she is. SHe dont run sht, now a days you gotta put these btches in they place. After cooling off and ignoring some more calls from my parents I went and took a shower and decided to hit the sack. What a day....what a goes nothing

LMAO OMG!! thank you and bree I LOVED YOUR COMMENT :)
now that comment was as long as chris's d*** for sure :)

thank yall though and dont worry bree u comment as many times u like :)

@Bree: Lol. We both hate them. I'm sure Keria can tell how much we do now.
I'm gonna continue to hate them too. When a story is good, you just continue to think about it. You could be sitting in your room, and it's all quiet-then BOOM. You think about them doing that to Lauren, and you just get heated. That's what happens to me.

LMFAO @ Diamondz

This story just makes me mad mane lol .


@Bree: Omg, you are so funny. But I feel the same way. I would've commented like that too, if I knew it wouldn't take up so much space.

But-somebody needs to die. WAIT. SOME PEOPLE need to die. All them niggas that was in that house-need to die.

How are you going to do that to a child?? She was just being a little girl, and then this s***? DCKTA (Diamondz Crew Kill Them All). I feel like chanting that and busting a cap in all their asses. I don't even like Odd Future, Frank Ocean, and anybody else that affiliate with them devil worshipers.

As a matter of fact-the mom, dad, and rapists all need to burn in hell.

That's what I wanted to say the first time. Bree gave me the courage to do it. Haha.

Run it.

Oh yeah-you're welcome Keria.