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Taken [Take Me Away Part 2] *new add 12/19/2011*


<a href="">Cali</a> & <a href="">Chris</a>

<a href="">Asia</a> & <a href="">Aubrey"Drizzy"</a> & <a href="">Nivia Monet (1 yr old)</a>

<a href="">Lexis</a> & <a href="">Kilo</a>

<a href="">Lola</a> & <a href="">Shannon</a>

<a href="">SoSo</a> & <a href="">Shad</a>

<a href="">Natasha</a> & <a href="">Jermaine"Maine"</a>

<a href="">Shana</a> & <a href="">Miles</a>

<a href="">Kristal</a> & <a href="">Kmac</a>

<a href="">Harmony (Money)</a> & <a href="">Juaquin [wa-keen] (Quin)</a>

<a href="">Jade Monet</a> & <a href="">Jamar</a>

Prolgue coming next
&hearts; yall lol


what ever happen to this story?? where is NaNa at??

i missed this story soo much

and does anyone have the link to take me awayy

NaNa come back and run this!!!


Aww I miss this story too.

wht tf lol

ugh. . .
thank u :)

here ya go :)

lol okayysz i am

Runnnnnnn!!! I f***in miss this story...tear lol

Girl plzz run I'm lovin as always

i know i aint do Lexis
i didnt do anyy of the girls it would
give away too much


Aubreyy i forgot abt him lol

run it

Lexis and Aubrey



who Nic??

u forgot someone NaNa

Nope you answered my question perfectly...Thank you!

i got you =]
heres a quick recap of characters && such

<Strong>Monae:</strong> Cali, Asia, the twins mom. . .cali's dad was her teacher, asia's dad was a drug dealer who was killed byy the feds && her husband was the father of the twins. Good mother a little strict but became a drug adict and abusive when her husband died. Was killed by Cali.

<strong>Terrance:</strong> Cali & Asia's stepdad, the twins real father && Monae's husband. Sweet laid back had a heart attack && died.

<strong>Cali:</strong> Monae's oldest daughter, the "good daughter" all about school didn't care for no nigga until she met Chris. dated him, lost her virginity to him. raped by her mom's druggie boyfriend && Trey. Killed Monae during a fight on accident.

<strong>Asia:</strong> technically the middle child, the "rebellious one" fast, dumb && wanted to be "cool" so she hung with a lot of boys, smoked && skipped school. in love with trey lost her virginityy to him got pregnant byy him he denied it

<strong>The Twins Kendra & Nic:</strong> the youngest children were killed because they ate Monae's crack

<strong>Chris:</strong> Cali's man, killed Trey && fled

<strong>Trey:</strong> wanted cali but settled for asia because she was easy denied the baby raped cali to get back at chris && killed his mom got shot by Chris

<strong>Kilo:</strong> Chris best friend boss

<strong>Maine, Shad, Quin&& Jamar:</strong> atlata niggas been with kilo from jump

<strong>Shanno, Miles & Kmac:</strong> brought in by Kilo for some unknown reason but Kevin's been acting. . .strange especiallyy since kilo b****ed him in front of everyybodyy

anyy more questions????

Wait who is Kevin again?

Yes u should add again :)

Wtf so Kevin the back stabber smh jus scan

I'm bout to fire his ass lol

Run it

yes plz

mmmm shld i add again???

I thought I commented about Kevin, let me recheck my other post.

so no one has comments abt

hmmm okayysz

*whistles walking out*

Aint that a b**** why they f'n with Aubrey he aint got nothing to do with this. Awww Asias in heaven with her sissys and step-dad. Things on earth are going so bad. Dammit so KEVIN's the snake,rat,mole mofo should've know ugh. I hope Kilo and Chris can figure this out before it's to late and I hope they find Nivia and Shana. Welcome back!!!

nic n kenni so crazzii n i want my baby kilo to b okay n who tf was at da door they need to leav aubrey alone he has nuthn to do wit this

"Chris man who at the door?" Kilo heard the door close and Chris walking up behind him. "Man I didn't see nobody." Kilo looked at Chris confused as he sat down. "What the f*** you mean?" Chris ran his hands over his face and looked at Kilo, "Exactly what I said I went to the door and I ain't see s***." "Damn did you look around out there and s***?" "Yeah and I still ain't see s***."

Kilo started to get worried, "Man we'll see bout that s*** just don't tell Cali. She don't need to know." "I don't need to know what?"

"Babe tell me I wanna know!" Shannon laughed at Lola as she pouted in the car. "Nope! I ain't telling you babygirl. You gon have to wait till we get there." Lola folded her arms and pouted, "Ugh! You're using my idea of going out against me." Shannon looked over at her and back at the road laughing. "You're right but you'll live baby I promise." "Can I atleats get a hint babe?"

"No mom, I'm not doing it." "But Aubrey please. You need to talk to someone and since you won't talk to me please go talk to a therapist." Aubrey looked at his mom and rolled his eyes. "Ma you can go ahead and stop trying to talk me into it because I'm not doing that s***!" Aubrey's mom stared at him then nodded. "Okay. Okay son. But would you at least go see her family and talk with them." "Aight ma I'll go tomorrow." "Thank you baby that's all i wanted," she kissed his cheek and walked out his room closing the door.

He laid back on his bed thinking about the girl he had fallen so hard for. He hated that she had been taken away from him but, he understood that God did what he did for a reason and he just had to accept that. Did he like it? No. But would he do it? Yes. He turned over onto his stomach and closed his eyes. He had been sleeping alot lately but that was onlybecause that was the only time he and Asia could be together again.

As he started to drift off to sleep, he heard his phone ringing. He sucked his teeth and answered the phone.

"Yeah?" "You better keep yaself safe son. I got ya gurl and I'll get you too." Aubrey sat on the side of his bed with his face screwed up. "What? Who the f*** is this?" He heard the voice on the other end of the phone laugh, "You don f***ed around and got yaself in some s*** that ain't got nothing to do with you. . .so now I gotta get you. Take Care."

Before he could respond the person on the other end of the phone hung up. He stared at the phone until it went back to his home screen. He got up and slid into his J's and walked out of his bedroom. He stopped by his mom's bedroom. "Ma, I'll be back." "Where are you going baby?" "I'm about to go see Asia's family." His mother smiled and nodded, "Okay son. Call if you need me." "Aight ma," Aubrey started to close the door up but his mom called him back. "Aubs?" He poked his head back in her room. "Yeah ma?" "Be careful and I love you." He smiled at his mom, "Aight. Love you too ma. Don't wait up for me." She nodded and he closed the door.

When he got into his Impala he turned up his <a href="">2 Chainz - T.R.U. REALigion</a> Tity Boy mixtape and drove off to Chris nd Cali's spot.

<em>Where am I? It's so. . . so <strong>WHITE</strong>. Asia walked forward moving through the white scenery she saw two little figures running towards her. She stopped and adjusted her eyes so she could see. When they got closer she finally saw who they were. . . <a href="">Nic and Kendra</a>. </em>

<em>They ran up to her and hugged her. "Asia Asia!" They both yelled as she hugged them. "We've been wating so long," Kendra told her. "Yeah we got tired of waiting we wanted to come down there and visit you and Cali but Daddy and God told us no," Nic said pouting. Asia laughed and sat them down but then she noticed their faces looked sad. "What's wrong you guys?" They both grabbed her hands and started pulling her along with them. "Whoa you guys! Slow down. Where are we going?" "Cali and everyone else is in trouble. Come on," Nic yelled out. "What do you mean?" "Nivia's missing and some people are killing and kidnapping all of you and Cali's friends!" Kendra interjected. "And now that you're here you can help us and Daddy help them." Asia said nothiing else just followed the twins wherever they were leading her.</em>

"Kevin, baby, where have you been?" Kevin sat on the edge of the bed he shared with Kristal. "I had to go check on Miles you know he ain't been doing to well since Shana's been missing." "Oh okay. I was worried about you." "I'm here now baby now go ahead and get some rest. I'ma go downstairs for a little while." "Okay baby goodnight." "Night," he said as he closed the door.

When he got to the living room he dialed a number in his phone. "Yeah. . .when you need that one?. . .well that's gonna be hard. . .because he sent us back to California. . .*laughs*. . .yeah that nigga spooked the f*** out. . .of course. . .well before or after. . .okay I'll do it tomorrow just get me what I need. . .aight. . .duece."

Kevin hung up his phone and laughed to himself as he sat on the sofa. "Guess I better enjoy the night before it's back to work tomorrow night," he said outloud to no one in particular.


hope you guyys
like the comeback add!!

im tryyna do a add now
for you guyys!

i miss this damn storyy

Runnn ittttt!!!!!!

Yes We Miss It. ALOT. Yes You should bring it back. ASAP

shld i bring
it bck then???


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