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if yall haven't only adding to the stories that're on here. the stories for these cast calls...won't be put on here for a good minute, so...please read n run the stories i have on here that i can add to at the moment and are for the majority are new, which are:

•<a href=>social butterfly</a> [asia, nic, le'asia, summer, na na, abby]

•<a href=>pretty ♥ death</a> [ asia, summer, heather, kiani, ashley[pinkie], gigi...more, i can't remember]

•<a href=>back cool again</a> [ summer, angelica, nic]

•<a href=>triple aaa</a> [asia, le'asia]

HOWEVER...outta the four of em...Pretty Death n Back Cool Again gettin the most runs, so i'm a put the other two on super pause then. still get caught up tho if you're in any of them or if you're a new reader