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"Mmmmm damn girl, you like that right there mami?" <a href=",r:0,s:0">He</a> groaned in my ear, grabbing hold of my waist while forcing himself deeper inside of me. <a href="********ie-flix-nicki-minaj-and-trina-celebrate-their-birthdays/nicki-minaj-and-birthday-cake/&docid=eBpLk4TIv34JPM&w=400&h=608&ei=vSGLTvCRPOOn0QWuxNHTBQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=1057&vpy=120&dur=338&hovh=277&hovw=182&tx=123&ty=128&page=1&tbnh=159&tbnw=101&start=0&ndsp=19&ved=1t:429,r:6,s:0">I</a> screamed out a loud yes in unbearable pleasure, this dude definitely had me going crazy and I hadn't even known him for five minutes yet, shoot I'd even forgotten his name. But I was drunk, he was FINE and his d*** was amazing so everything else was completely irrelevant to me at this point in time. He began kissing on my neck while he beat it up from the back. I bit down harder on my bottom lip but I couldn't help but scream when he began stroking and hitting up my
G-spot. Its like he knew exactly how to handle my body in such a short space of time. He turned me around and smacked on my ass hard wrapping my legs around his waist, backing me up against the wall continuing to pump in and out of me. Digging into his back and licking on his neck which seemed to be getting him even harder, I began to moan in his ear that I was gonna' cum all over his big d***, that drove him crazy. He smiled at me and put his finger on my lips keeping his rhythm and pace while looking me straight in my eyes. It wasn't long before my juices came leaking out of me and my breath shortened, my legs shook so violently that he eventually had to grip hold of my thighs to hold them steady. He groaned loudly that he was about to nut too, but before I was able to tell him to pull out he had already did what he had to do... Inside of me. He gripped my ass firmly and sat me back down on the restroom sink. I bit my lip and smiled, he licked on his and grinned immediately beginning to put his clothes back on. I hopped up from where I was sat and pulled my dress back down ; I hadn't worn any panties so there was nothing for me to put back on...

"Guess Usher aint the only nigga alive getting pussy in clubs." He smirked biting his bottom lip while he watched me fix myself up.

"I guess." I slurred trying to stand up straight. Damn, how much had I had to drink tonight?

"So, do you normally go out pantiless?" He question while he licked his lips and walked over to me, sliding his hands up my dress onto my ass and sucking on my neck. I let out a low moan and nodded before pulling away again.

"That's something you'll never know." I smiled unlocking the door to make my way back to my girls who were probably looking for me by now.

"I should be thank you for showing me that west coast hospitality, tonight is my first night here and you sure made it memorable." He grinned and smacked my ass hard once again before brushing past me and making his way out of the door. I looked at myself in the mirror and immediately thought of my boyfriend <a href=",r:6,s:169">Jermaine</a>...

"f***! What have I done?" I sighed stumbling my way out of the door towards the bar. I spotted best friend <a href=",r:15,s:66">Coley</a> posted up with a drink and I just about managed to make my way over.

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!?" She questioned holding my face checking me over. "Are you okay? We been looking for you for the past hour and the female restroom was locked."

"I just want to go home please Coley, now." I looked her in the eyes and she knew something was up straight away.

"Alright, just make your way out to the car. I'll let the girls know that I got you and I'm dropping you home." I nodded and took the keys she handed to me heading out of the club and towards the parking lot. All I needed right now was a hot shower and my mans arms wrapped around me, even though things aren't going so well between us recently I could really use one of his hugs right about now. I felt so bad, I so felt disgusting, I felt like a cheap whore, I was. Coley soon came out and met me by her car. The ride to mine was silent but I could tell she had a million and one questions fried up and ready to shoot straight at me.

"I'm too drunk to think straight and tell you what and how it happened, but I do know that I cheated on J tonight." I mumbled hanging my head.

"Ley, You did WHAT?" She screamed taking her eyes off the road for a split second.

"I know, it was a huge mistake and if I could I would take it all back. It was me in the restroom, I locked the door. Coley what am I going to do?" I burst out into tears and took the tissue from her that she handed to me to wipe my face with.

"Nothing, you're gonna do what he does. Forget all about it. Its about time the tables turned Leyana. He's cheated on you 19 f***ing times, I say serves him right." She snared.

"No Coley, two wrongs don't make a right." I shot back annoyed.

"b**** first of all it makes you even, second of all its not two wrongs. Its 19 wrongs to one and third of all, if he can play games so the f*** can you." She spat with attitude.

"I'm not with him to play games or score points, so all of what you said is irrelevant to me. Whether I did it once, twice or a million times I still cheated on him, I'm still in the wrong..."

She pulled up outside my place and turned the engine off before facing towards me.

"Look sweetie like you said, you're too drunk to think straight. When the girls are with us tomorrow we'll sit down and we'll all talk all this s*** out. Until then, you go up in that house, act normal and don't say s*** about your little slip up." She raised her eyebrow and I nodded giving her a tight hug before opening the door to her whip. I made my way towards the house and took a deep breath as I turned the lock and pushed the door open. All the lights were off but I could hear the buzz of our television in the master room. He was fast asleep with the TV on ESPN. Typical. I kissed his lips and smiled as I prepared my things to take a shower. The water felt so good against my skin, the liquor was still heavily in my system but I was able to function more. I jumped and held my chest when I noticed Jermaine stood in the bathroom doorway, examining my body with his head c**ked slightly to the left.

"I thought you were sleeping." I said getting out of the shower wrapping a towel around my wet body.

"Was, heard noise and woke up."

"I'm sorry, didn't mean to wake you."

"Its fine baby... I um, I missed you tonight."

"I missed you so much too." I smiled slightly whilst being pulled into a tight hug.

"Look I know things aint been going good between us recently, but my moms having a cook out tomorrow and she really wants you to come. Maybe it'll help bring us closer together?"

"Maybe, and I do love your mommas baby back ribs!" I giggles kissing his chest.

"You don't have to say that again, so you down?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Good, hurry up and dry off then get your sexy ass in that bed. I wanna hold my wifey tonight." He smiled and kissed on my forehead. Now I felt even worse than before, I had to tell him.

I woke the next morning to J's arm wrapped tightly around my waist. I turned to face him and began to kiss on his lips in order to wake him up. It worked, it always did.

"Morning baby!" I grinned.

"Ugh, what time is it bae?"

"11 something? I don't know nigga."

"Damn, we gotta get to my moms by 1!" He jumped up gathering his things to shower.

"We got a whole two hours baby, she only lives 20 minutes away." I rolled my eyes pulling the covers back up.

"Yeah and you take a whole two hours on your hair alone, now get up!" He replied yanking my blanket away.

I sighed and pulled myself to my feet, my head was banging from last night and my stomach didn't feel too good either. But I told J I'd go so I couldn't pull out now.
I checked my phone to see I had no missed calls, just texts and BBM's. None from my girls though, they were probably doing what I wished I could right now ; SLEEPING. Stupid me agreeing to this day out without realizing I'd be hung over in the morning. I still needed advice on how to tell Jermaine about what I'd done last night. What if he leaves me? I shook the thought out of my head and sighed. I'm sure I could get through a day without breaking down, hopefully.

When we arrived at J's moms there was already millions of his family members and friends crowding the house. I'd never had to smile so much and for so damn long in my life! I felt my cell vibrate, it was a text from <a href=",r:14,s:0&tx=76&ty=61">Bree</a> so I opened it up.

<strong>Heard you been knocking boots in restrooms. You better get that d***! ;)</st>

I couldn't help but laugh at her silly ass, trust her to make a joke out of a serious ass situation. I was going to reply but J spotted his <a href=",r:3,s:0">mom</a> so she was going to have to wait to get her ass cussed out for a quick minute.

"Hey mom." Jermaine said giving her a big bear hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey son, I'm so glad you could make it! You getting so damn handsome, thank God you didn't take after your father. HEY LEY!" She yelled. We exchanged hugs and kisses too, I loved his mommy. "Every time I see this woman, she gets more and more beautiful. Yall gonna make me some nice looking grand babies huh?" I giggled in embarrassment and shook my head at her comment.

"You not looking too bad yourself mom, you getting younger I see." I giggled taking hold of Jermaine's hand.

"Stop sucking up." Jermaine laughed kissing on my lips.

"Boy shut up, before I don't tell you about this surprise. Ley obviously knows what she's talking about." His mom smiled winking at me.

"Surprise? What surprise!?" J questioned getting all excited.

"Welllll, you remember I told you your brother was gonna' be coming down to stay with us soo-"

"HE'S HERE!? WHERE HE AT!" J began looking all around the room with a huge smile across his face, his brother was like his best friend and I knew how much he missed him.

"In your old room, I-" But before she could finish her sentence, he cut her off, again.

"Come on Ley, I want you to meet my brother!" Jermained pulled me by my hand excitedly practically dragging me up the stairs. He was forever talking about his little brother and all the s*** they got up to back in their hood, they were only 1 year apart in age difference so they were extremely close. When their parents had split up, his brother was set on staying where he was, so they moved without him and let dude stay with their father. I actually couldn't wait to meet him, I always wondered what he was like. From the stories I got told, he sounded everything like Jermaine.

"So, does he look like you?" I asked following Jermaine towards his old bedroom."

"Apart from the fact that we both yellow, nah not at all." He laughed bursting into his previous bedroom door.

"YO, WHAT THE- JERMAINEEEEEE!" The dude exclaimed jumping up off the bed giving J dap and a tight brotherly hug. I stood behind J unable to see and cleared my throat to get some recognition. I wish I hadn't.

"Oh s*** my bad!" Jermaine laughed stepping aside. "Um Chris this is my girl Leyana and Ley this is my Brother Chris!" He grinned putting Chris into a head lock. I stood shocked unable to take my eyes off him. It was the same nigga I'd f***ed in the club last night. Things couldn't get any worse, what the hell was I going to do?

"Nice to meet you Ley." Chris said through gritted teeth letting me know I was to play along. He extended his hand and I took it weakly trying my best to plaster a fake smile across my face.

"Yeah, you too Chris." I mumbled, letting go of his hand and quickly hugging back up on my man. Looks like s*** just got real, very real.

YES, I'm back. This is like my official story since being back on the board. Run or Dump? By the way I missed yall soooo muchhhh :D and Coley you know I had to give you a part cause I'm always effing up your man or discontinuing so yes you do have Tyga lmao.


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