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--Love is Unexpected <3

My boots hit the wet cement as I ran across the street. I looked both ways before running across the wet streets of Downtown Los Angeles. I held on to my coat that sheltered me from the downfall of the rain. I stopped at a curb where I saw a taxi coming my way, I called for it with my hand. I prayed that there was no one inside. I smiled when I saw it coming towards me, I rushed to it as I bumped into someone. I stopped as I looked up and saw him, I apologized. "No, its my fault. Go ahead and take this one, i'll take the next one." I smiled a friendly smile and hopped in the taxi. "Where to?" The driver asked. "Uh, North Alemeda Street." I shaking the rain from my coat and warming up to the warmth of the car. He nodded and we proceeded on.

Run it or dump it?

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If it takes off I just might need a cast.




I woke up this morning and got dressed. Today I was going to go pay Danyell a visit. This was a great opportunity because this was basically somewhere she wasn't able to run. I woke CJ up and he got dressed. I was gunna take hin to get some breakfast and then drop him off at Nicole's. I hadn't really told her that I was going to see Danyell, but it's whatever, i'd tell her later. I took CJ to iHop and we ate and then dropped him off at Nicole's. She wasn't to enthralled but I really didn't care.

I pulled up to the Marriot and parked. I turned off the car and tried to calm my nerves. I finally got my composure and got off walking into the lobby. I walked up to the front desk to be greeted. "How can I help you?" "Do you know in which room Danyell Mendoza is staying?" She searched in her computer and smiled. "Seventh floor, room 902." I nodded and thanked her. On my way up I could feel my nerves once again. The doors to the elevator opened and I got off, looking for the room. I finally found it and stopped. I was hesitant to knock but did it anyway. A few seconds later I heard someone behind the door and appeared <a href="">him</a>. "Can I help you?" He asked. "Uh, i'm looking for Danyell?" He scrunched up his face in confusion. "Can I ask who wants to speak with her?" "Chris." He nodded and told me to wait. He shut the door somewhat as I stood outside the door regretting everything now. That man was probably her baby's father. After what seemed like hours, the door flung open and the same dude walked past me. "Go ahead and walk in man." I nodded and he made his way out. I walked in and shut the door behind me. "How did you find me?" She asked standing in the entrance of the hallway. She held the baby in her arms. "Uh, I called Kae and asked since you left your phone." I said setting it down on the table. "Well thanks, you can go now." "Danyell, I just want to talk. What are you trying to hide?" I heard her sigh. "What do you want to talk about Chris?" "About why you left?" She walked over and took a seat on the couch, I sat down across from her. "Chris, why are you so persistent on knowing?" "Because, you just up and left. I atleast have right for an explanation." "Chris, if you must know I left because I couldn't sit here and watch you with Kae. That killed me inside knowing that I couldn't have you. I needed to leave, so I could pull myself out of the whole of depression I was falling into." He sighed. "You know how I felt, you were the one who told me to stay with her, hell Danyell, you were the one that got us together." She sighed. "I know." There was a silence. "So who was that?" "My boyfriend." She said lowly. "Baby father, you mean." I said correcting her. She shook her head. I looked at her as she looked at the little girl in her arms. She looked at me and smiled as she reached for me. "Do you mind?" She shook her head and handed her over to me. I held her and smiled as she giggled. She was a gorgeous child. Her green eyes were stunning. Danyell quickly stood up and and said to herself. "Danyell, you have to tell him." I looked at her. "Tell me what?" She looked at me, silent tears falling down her face. "Danyell, tell me please!" She looked at me then at the baby. "Chris, Kaylah is your child." That look of confusion came across my face once more. "What do you mean mine??" "I left to New York because I didn't want you to know about her." I looked at the child I held in my arms. This child was my blood, my seed and Danyell tried to hide her from me. All of a sudden I felt my anger rise. "You're a fxcking hypocrite Danyell!" By now she was sobbing. "I'm sorry Chris..." I shook my head. "No! You tell me to be a father to Kae's chile but yet you were pregnant and didnt even tell me!!" "Chris, you dont--" i cut her off. "Save it Danyell!!! You're going to regret keeping this child a secret! I promise you!" She sobbed as she tried to explain. I shook my head and kissed my child's forehead before handing her back. "Chris wait!!" I shook my head and turned to leave. As I opened the door I faced her. "If I were you i'd find a good lawyer because you're going to need it." I slammed the door behind me storming off pissed. I finally made it back to my car and drive back to Nicole's. She opened the door worried about what went down. I explained the situation to her and Tyga. She was fuming just as bad. Danyell is obviously going to pay for hers.


I rocked Kaylah in my arms as Kae tried to console me. "You don't get it Kae, he's taking me to court." Victor brought me a glass of water. "Bae, don't worry we will get you a good lawyer." I shook my head. "This is all my fault, if only I would have told him the truth from the jump.


Run it!!! i love this story!!

girl, this is story just keeps getting better
I better, i swear!!!

She need to gone head and TELL CHRIS!!! he has a right to know... smh

c'mon Dany girl... run it run it!!

Too bad he might see Victor at the door that morning.


Yay, he has her phone. Good way to pay her a visit.
& she must still have feelings for him, if her code is THEIR date.
Awwww, Kayla is soooo cute. Run this asap!

Nosey ass nigga going thru people's phones!!! I still don't understand how childish she is for not telling him that's his baby! She's had AMPLE opportunity to tell him but she takes the easy way out and runs away! He deserves to know he has another kid... And I bet Nicole is pissed about her best friend running away without saying a word to her. Smh
Run it!

Awww glad they had a semi talk. Chris needs to look at those pics closer, that child is yours she looks just like him. Ugh why did Victor have to show up go away dude you messing up the master plan of them reuniting. Glad Kae told Chris where Dany's staying. Hope he puts the pieces together. Run It!!!

please tell him dany please run it

please tell him day please run it

Tell her Chris tell her how she did all of us wrong I needed her she was suppose to b my bestfriend n Chris needed to ask who's baby it is forreal duh first question n dany shuda askd victor WTF he was doin there he suppose to b bac in new York he gon ruin everything n Chris go getcho girl


I grabbed my drink and began walking as Kae approached me. "You ready to shop till you drop?" I looked at her. "I saw Chris." Her facial expression changed. "Oh.." "He wants to talk to me." "Well than, i'll leave you. Uh, calm me later okay?" I nodded and gave her a hug as she walked away with her Jamba Juice and stoller. I slowly walked and headed towards the direction of the play area. From a distance I could see Chris on his phone texting away as CJ played. I finally got there and took a seat next to him on the couch. He put his phone away and looked over at me. Once again there was that awkward silence. "You look good Danyell." I smiled. "You do too." Once again another awkward silence. "So when you left where did you go?" He asked getting straight to the point. "New York." He nodded. "So, you just up and left starting a new life??" I couldnt really answer, shoot I didn't even think he'd get straight to the point. "Look, I just wanted to ask you one thing. Why did you leave?" I sighed and looked around. "Because Chris, it hurt to know that I couldn't have you. Maybe you couldn't feel it but my heart hurt everytime you'd kiss her. I just didn't want to entangle myself in any more pain, so I left." "You could've atleast told me. Did you realize that you not only left me, but you left Ty and Nic qnd CJ. You probably forgot about the fact that Nicole was pregnant too.". Could feel the tears welling in my eyes. I wasn't going to let him see me cry. I needed to go before I let my emotions get the best of me. "I-i need to go." I got up and grabbed the stroller and purse getting up. "Danyell..." I ignore him and kept walking as CJ appeared before me. "Are you leaving Dany?" I wiped my tears. "Uh, yeah. I have to go." He frowned. "Oh, will you see me again?" I nodded and gave him a hug and a kiss on the forehead. "Of course." He smiled and ran off. I kept pushing my stroller and off into the parking lot.

I pulled up to my hotel and greeting the doorman. He smiled and talked to Kaylah in a baby voice. I excused myself and Kay and continued up. I finally got to my floor and pulled out my room key. As I unlocked it, I heard the television from the room on. I stopped in my tracks and unbuckled Kaylah. "Hello?" I called. I heard shuffling in the room and coming out I saw none other than Victor. He had a towel wrapped around his waist, a smile present on his face. "Hey babe." He walked over and kissed me. "When did you get here?" I asked. "Thought i'd suprise you." I nodded. I grabbed Kaylah and walked down the hall into the guestroom. "Dany, is something wrong?" He asked. I shook my head. "Just had a long day." He nodded. "I'm gunna get dressed real quick." I nodded and he pecked my cheek walking out. I layed Kaylah on the bed and searched for my iPhone. I checked all my pockets and sucked my teeth. My phone must've fell out of my pocket at the mall. I sighed and began strippibg Kaylah of her clothes to bathe her. I sighed looking at her. She giggled as she stuck her foot in her mouth. What Kae said was true, she did look just like Chris and he was so close to seeing her and noticing her. I sighed and picked her up.


After Danyell rushed out of the mall. I let CJ play a while longer. I was sitting there just thinking about her as I felt something vibrate next to me. I picked up the iphone and looked at it. There was a text message from Kae, that read

<em>how did it go?</em>

I slid my finger across the screen and the code appeared. I tried a few things and nothing. Then I thought about it an typed in the day we met back in starbucks. 1019. It worked. Her background was a picture of her and a baby. It probably was the same baby in the stroller. I scanned through her pictures. Pictures of her and some guy were in there. I assumed tha father of that baby. There was picture of them hugging and kissing. I could feel my jealousy rise, so I exited out. Then it hit me that this phone was my second chance to get to see her again. I scrolled through her contacts as I came across the letter K. I searched for Kae's name hesitant to call. I sighed and pressed it anyway. It rang a few times before I heard her voice. "Hey girl, what happened?" I cleared my throat. "Uh, Kae it's Chris." It was quiet for a moment. "Why do you have Dany's phone?" "She left it at the mall and I needed to get it back to her. Do you know where she's staying?" She was quiet. "I don't think she'd want me to tell you, but she at the Marriot." "Thanks Kae." "No problem." We both hung up. I smiled to myself, tomorrow I would pay her a visit.

I hope she doesn't lie & say she's Victor's.
Then again, Chris will know that she's his.
She looks just like her daddy! Lol.

Run this.

Run it!

hope he sees the baby

Good now she can finally tell him thats his child in the stroller he might be mad tho run it

Awww, Cj realized her, that's so cute. :)
yes! She needs to tell him, he has a daughter & Cj has a sister.
its the right thing to do, duh! Run! I'm on the edge.
I hope she meets him.

She needs to tell him dat he has another child I'm glad they met bac up run it

YAY, They finally ran into each other, and Chris boo please put 2 and 2 together about Dany and that baby. Aww CJ is so precious loved that he ran straight to Dany and embraced her like she never left. Dany needs to tell CJ and Chris about Kaylah they need to know there sister and daughter. Victor who??? See how her feelings for Chris came back with just one look at him. So he wants to meet up with her hmmm, what will he say? And she better see Nic while she's in town or else Nic's gone kick her butt lol. RUN IT!!!!

Whoooaaaa so did she think she was gonna be in l.a for two weeks and not run into them??????

Run it like DMC!!!

Yay!! This is getting good! Run it!

She offically needs to tell him and Cj, without Kae there!!!

Few Days Later


I woke up and thought about spending the day today with CJ, you know take my son to shoot some hoops and get some new shoes and clothes. Something I haven't done in a while. I walked to the bathroom and freshened up then I walked out into the hallway to wake CJ. I watched him get up and then walked out to get myself ready for todays events. I freshened up and slipped on my cargos with a crewneck and my jordans slipping on my snapback. I walked down the hall to see CJ almost dressed just like me. I smiled. "Do you wanna go get some breakfast at Denny's?" He nodded. I smiled and we raced down the stairs to the car.

After eating our breakfast we headed to the mall. CJ and I were walking around just looking. We were about to walk into FinishLine when CJ stopped me. "Dad, look who's in the food court in the Starbucks line?" I continued walking. "Who son?" "You have to look." I shook my head. "C'mon it doesn't really matter. Let's get you a pair of new shoes." I didn't hear him say anything. I looked down to my left and he wasn't there. I sighed. Not this again, this couldn't be happening.


Today I was in the mall with Kae shopping and just hanging out. She went and stood in the Jamba Juice line as I stood in the Starbucks line, it was just a little boost for our all day shopping that us and our two little girls were doing. I was glad that Kae and I were becoming friends. She was real cool. i was standing in the line waiting for the people infront of me. I smiled at Kaylah who was playing with her toys in her stroller. Ifelt my phone vibrate and it was a text message from Victor.

<em>Hey babe, wat r u doing?</em>

I shot him back a reply telling him I was just shopping at the mall. I was so into texting him that I didn't quite hear someone call my name. I sent another message until I heard it again along with a pull on my shirt. I looked to my left to see a face I didn't think i'd see so soon. "Danyell!" His eyes lit up. I couldn't help but smile and embrace him in a hug. "CJ!!" I bent down to his level. "Hun, who are you here with?" He smiled. "My dad." Before I could even speak, I couls hear his voice. I couldn't look up, I just couldn't. "CJ! Why do you always have to do this?" He let go of my grip and ran over there. "Dad, it's Danyell! I told you to look, but you didn't." I slowly rose to my feet and i looked at him. He had a shocked expression. Right then and there, I could feel my heart almost jumping out of my chest. All those feelings and emotion were coming back. "Danyell?" He whispered as if I was just a figment. I nodded. "Uh...hey Chris." This couldn't have been any more awkward than it already was. "Um, excuse me Mrs. Are you going to order something?" I turned to the Cashier and nodded. I moved my stroller up in line and ordered.


I couldn't believe that here stood Danyell, right infront of my eyes. All this seemed so unreal. She had gotten thicker than the last time I had seen her. It suprised me to see her pushing a stroller. Did she up and leave and just start a family with someone else? I saw her pulling out her wallet to pay, I walked over and payed for her. She looked at me and shyed away. "Thanks." I nodded and whispered into her ear before walking off. "Meet me in the play area." She looked down and I walked away.

RUN IT!!!!

Can't wait for the next add! Run it

wooooow!!!! That is crazy!!


still pissed @ Dany for never telling Chris, ITS BEEN A YEAR, WTH!!!

Cannot WAIT for what's soon to come

As always, run it run it Girlie!!!

Kae n Trey r nice run it n Chris is wow he funny n AhahahhA mike screams lik a girl

Ayoooo, glad Kae & her are civil.
& that she realized that baby is HIS, indeed.

Well I'm glad she was the bigger person and forgave Trey. And wow if Kae notices that's Chris baby who else will notice. I can't wait till Chris gets back to LA. Run It!!!