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--Love is Unexpected <3

My boots hit the wet cement as I ran across the street. I looked both ways before running across the wet streets of Downtown Los Angeles. I held on to my coat that sheltered me from the downfall of the rain. I stopped at a curb where I saw a taxi coming my way, I called for it with my hand. I prayed that there was no one inside. I smiled when I saw it coming towards me, I rushed to it as I bumped into someone. I stopped as I looked up and saw him, I apologized. "No, its my fault. Go ahead and take this one, i'll take the next one." I smiled a friendly smile and hopped in the taxi. "Where to?" The driver asked. "Uh, North Alemeda Street." I shaking the rain from my coat and warming up to the warmth of the car. He nodded and we proceeded on.

Run it or dump it?

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If it takes off I just might need a cast.


Im a NEW reader & i started reading last night & just caught up. This story is amazing RUN IT !!!!!!!!!!


I was walking through the airport with my luggage, as I caught sight of someone real familiar. I shook it off until I heard someone call my name. I turned around to see none other than <a href="">Trey</a> standing there with a little girl in his arms. I stopped, walking over to me was the man that bruised me physically and eternally. "Hey Danyell. Long time no see." He said a smile present on his face as if nothing ever happened. I didn't say anything. He sighed. "Look, Dany I know you're still angry with me about what happened and i'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken it that far. Days after that happened I got myself some help. I've changed, and I want you to know that i'm really sorry and maybe one day you can forgive me." "Well, i'm glad you got help, but it still doesn't excuse what you did to me or any other girl you might have done it too and it's in the past and i've learned to just leave it there." He smiled. "Is that a sign of forgiveness?" I nodded and he smiled. "So why are you at the airport? Picking up a relative and their child?" He said refering to Kaylah who layed asleep in my arms. I shook my head. "No, I just finished coming from New York and this is my daughter Kaylah." He was shocked. "Daughter?" I nodded. "And where's the father to help you." I thought i'd say Chris, but I lied. "Uh, he's in back in New York. He had work so he couldn't come." He nodded. "What are you doing here?" "Oh, waiting on my fiancee." I was shocked too. "Fiancée?" He nodded. "Yeah, she went to Florida for a photoshoot so now i'm picking her up." "So is this your daughter?" He nodded. "Her name is Maya." I smiled "wow---" i was cut off by someone saying my name. We both looked to where this person was. Trey had a smile plastered on his face while the baby reached for her. I was shocked to know that she was here with him and obviously she seemed shocked to see me as well. "Danyell?" She asked. "Uh, hey Kae." There was an awkward silence. "So your marrying Trey?" I asked. She nodded looking at him then at the floor. It was like she couldnt stare me in the face to let me know that the child she was carrying for nine months and pinning on Chris was actually Trey's baby. "Well congrats and your daughter is beautiful." I said looking at both her and Trey. He smiled and then kissed the little girls forehead. Kae smiled as well "she is beautiful huh?" She mumbled to herself, but I heard her anyway. She looked back up at me. "Bae, Danyell has a daughter to. Her name is Kaylah." She smiled at me. By now Kay had woken up and was just lying against my chest. Her eyes roaming. "She's beautiful as well and her eyes are stunning." I smiled and thanked her. "We should all get going before this place gets packed." Trey stated. We all nodded. "Let us help you to your car." Trey said. I shook my head but he insisted. He handed the baby to Kae and grabbed hers and my bags. He walked ahead as we walked behind in silence. "Danyell?" She asked quietly. "Huh?" "I'm sorry...for everything. I know you left because of me. Shoot, i would've left too. When you left Chris was moping around, he wasnt the same. The day I gave birth he had a DNA test done and realized it wasnt his. He left me." "Why didn't you just tell Trey?" She shrugged. "I was too in love with Chris, but after that test I had told Trey and he started coming around more. Then I realized that I was mistaken in love. Trey makes me happy and he loves our daughter more than anything. Having a child changes your outlook on things. You arent living for you but for them." I nodded. She looked over at me. "I know that that child your holding is Chris'." "How do you know?" I asked. "She has his nose and feckles on her face. She sort of looks like him." I looked down. "You don't have to worry. I wont tell him. We dont talk anyway. I mean I didnt realize that he was cheating on me with you, but i shouldve known when he was happier when you were around, but it doesnt matter anymore." We finally came to the front of LAX where all the cars awaited. Trey stuck his thing in their car grabbing Maya and sticking her in. "Well, I hope to see you around and maybe you'll come around." Kae said, I knew exactly what she meant. I nodded. I waved as they hopped in the car. "Kae, wait!" She turned around. "What?" "Maybe we can start over and hang out as friends this time around?" She nodded and smiled. "I'd like that." She hopped in the car as Trey pulled off. I called over a taxi and they helped me. Today was good I guess.


"Dad, did you see when the elephant stopped right infront of our car and then looked at us and began walking. Or when the giraffe stuck his head into Uncle Mikes window and he screamed like a little girl." I laughed and nodded because it was true. Today was a good ass day. Why lie. I may have been sitting in the car with Nicole who wanted to record and snap a photo of everything, but I was spending it with my famiky and there is nothing better than that. We pulled over to a gas station before we started another two hours on the road. It was six o'clock, we probably wouldnt be home until about 8:30 so I asked Ty if he wanted me to drive since he drive the whole time. He nodded and went inside to pay for the gas and take CJ to the bathroom. I pumped gas while everyone got back into the car. I finished and hopped in. Ty popped in a movie so CJ could watch it and gave him headphones mean while I put in a CD and started playing music. We pulled out and were right back on the road.

I know its short but I thought id add since I had a soccer tournament today and wouldnt be home until 6.

As for the baby thing, i know earlier i said she had a boy, but i changed it to a girl.

lol , gotcha Chris !!!
I'm ready to see how fate will work itself .

RUN IT!!!!


Oh my gosh, Nic is crazy!

CJ sounds scared.

Michael is just going along with it.

& Chris is like Lord why?

Run it.

LMAO at Chris calling Nic Lady Gaga crazy LOL. Aww snap Danys gonna be in Cali for two whole weeks. Anything can happen now .... Run It!!!

Awww, two weeks can feel like forever.
never know, can't wait.

Lol wow he has to stay n da car wit us Ahahha n how dare he compare me to lady gaga

Run it! I love it girly!


I kissed Victor goodbye before loading the plane. I took my seat and held a sleeping Kaylah. I could feel my nerves kicking in. Returning to LA is like going back to that chapter in my book that I though I had closed a year ago. I buckled up and sat back in my seat waiting for the plane to take off. Two weeks isn't going to be that long anyway.


I need to get out of this car now. Two hours with Nicole was like hanging out with Lady Gaga, they're both crazy as fxck. I saw a <a href="">billboard</a> and thanked God for finally letting us arrive. Ty finally pulled up. I was about to open my door when he stopped me. "Nigga, where you think you going?" "Getting off!" Nicole popped her head inbetween the seats. "Nu uh, we're not getting off. We're going through the safari where you drive with your car and see the animals." "Isn't that where the animals roam freely?" CJ asked. She nodded. I looked up towards the sky. "God, you played me."

More later. Its slowly coming. I get distracted easily.

I hope she tells chris run it

Victor was trynna get his freak on while Kaylah was in the room lol smh & she is gorgeous btw.

Run this Dany.

like, she telling Chris the truth, about his daughter.

Aww snap. Danys coming to Cali. I still don't like. Victor LOL. Team Chris.

Victor nasty n Aww kaylah so cute I wonder what kind of business she has to handle


"<a href="">Victor</a>, stop! I need to finish getting <a href="">Kaylah</a> dressed." He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. I finished slipping on her coat. "How long are you gunna be out in California?" He asked, I sat Kaylah on the floor and began fixing my bag. "Not that long, I'll be back in New York sooner than you know." He layed kisses down the back of my neck. "Why can't you just handle your business down here?" I sighed, "because, now help me take these out to the car before Kaylah and I miss our flight." He sighed and grabbed our bags. I looked down at Kaylah who looked at me with those gorgeous green eyes of hers, smiling. "C'mon boo, let's get going." She reached out for me and I picked her up putting her in her carrier. I grabbed my purse and locked up the door behind us. I walked over to the car where Victor awaited. I buckled Kaylah up as he began to drive towards the airport.

Sorry it's short.

There will be a longer add tomorrow.

Dany, I like your choice in pictures lol

& they are soooo cute!

Damn, Dany you're missing out on all of this :/

RUN IT!!!!

LOL Nicole's goofy. Mike Jr. Is too cute. Aww they're going to the zoo. This should be interesting . Run It!

RUN IT !!!!!!

Awww, that's adorable. :)

Please run it!!!

Still trying to get caught up!
I love Cj!

He needs to know!
Cj would be happy to have a little sister and he besides he likes her!


I dont think the linked worked of Tyga napping on the couch so here it is.

<a href="">Boom</a>

Lol I'm crazy Chris need to stfu n lik da got dmn picture takn mj so cute Awwwwww Omg n cj he so silly hope fully he won't b lik his daddy tyga betta stop shakn his head for I smack him


I was walking around the kitchen making some breakfast for CJ since Nicole and Tyga would be here any minute. We were all going out according to Nic. The doorbell rang and I walked into the livingroom, passing CJ who was sitting against the wall fixing his shoes or something like that. I wasn't dressed and I knew this would piss Nicole off. I answered the door and there they stood. Before I could even greet them a flash blinded me, I stepped back and saw Nicole with a big ass camera in her hand and she was cheesing hella hard. "Loo, isn't it adorable?" She said showing me the <a href="">picture</a> she just took. I shook my head. "Did you really have to catch a nigga off guard?" I said extended my arms reaching for <a href="">MJ</a>. She nodded. "Picture like that are the best." Ty shook his head. "Don't worry nigga she snapped one of me this morning." She chuckled. "<a href="">Look</a>, he was napping on the couch waiting on me." I shook my head and looked at MJ. "Son, I don't know why God blessed you with a crazy ass mama and gecko looking daddy." Tyga mugged me while Nicole rolled her eyes. "Where's CJ?" Before I could even respond, I heard "Auntie Nicole please stop!" We both turned to see <a href="">CJ</a> shielding his face from Nicole who was trying to take a picture of him. I handed MJ to Tyga and jogged upstairs to change.

I came back downstairs and walked into the kitchen with Tyga. Nicole was nowhere to be found and I was glad. Then another flash appeared. "This one is so <a href="">cute</a>!" Ty and I shook our head following her to the kitchen. "Man, why does she carry a camera everywhere?" He shrugged. "I don't know. She just gave birtb and feels like she has to record and take a picture of every detail of MJ's life." I chuckled. "Speaking of video, ready?" She pulled out her camera once more. "So it Saturday morning and today we're headed to the zoo, and not any zoo the SAN DIEGO ZOO!!" My face was blank right now. I looked over at Ty who looked away, he didnt mention we were going all the way down to San Diego. Now I had to spend half of the day in the car with Nicole and her crazy ass camera. "Lets see who's going with us. Say hi to daddy!" She faced the camera towards him and he nodded. "And CJ." He just rolled his eyes "and Uncle Chris." I once again had a blank face. "C'mon Chris smile" i half smiled. "Good, now time for the two Chris' and Michael's and mommy to hit the road." She turned off her camera. "Lets go boys!" She said grabbing the diaper bag. Tyga grabbed the carseat and I locked the door behind me making sure CJ was in the car. Today was going to be a long day, but who better to spend it with.

Wow , a year and she hasn't told Chris ?!?!
RUN IT !!!


Victor seemed like a creep when they bumped into eachother &
what do you mean off & on? Not good!:/

She needs to tell!

Run this Dany.

See I knew that wasn't his damn baby. I have nothing to say about dany, not really liking her too much. Her child needs a father && she ran away from him without telling him he even had a child. Triflin. I'm happy for Ty & nic, they deserve to be happy.