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--Love is Unexpected <3

My boots hit the wet cement as I ran across the street. I looked both ways before running across the wet streets of Downtown Los Angeles. I held on to my coat that sheltered me from the downfall of the rain. I stopped at a curb where I saw a taxi coming my way, I called for it with my hand. I prayed that there was no one inside. I smiled when I saw it coming towards me, I rushed to it as I bumped into someone. I stopped as I looked up and saw him, I apologized. "No, its my fault. Go ahead and take this one, i'll take the next one." I smiled a friendly smile and hopped in the taxi. "Where to?" The driver asked. "Uh, North Alemeda Street." I shaking the rain from my coat and warming up to the warmth of the car. He nodded and we proceeded on.

Run it or dump it?

I would like some feedback please.

If it takes off I just might need a cast.


Victor is nice but I wish she wud come bac run it

She is so wrong for not telling Chris he has a baby even if he is with Mae. What's wrong with females these days???

She is so wrong for not telling Chris he has a baby even if he is with Mae. What's wrong with females these days???

Lawdy, she's there! :(

So she really left and is in New York now wow. I hope this Victor dude doesnt become a regualr person in Danys New York life. I'm still Team Chris, hope New York treats her well. And I hope Chris finds her and gets her back.


'Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially arrived in New York City. Everyone fasten your seatbelts." I did as I was told. I looked out of my window, it looked real nice outside. I felt the plane land. Everyone began getting up and making their way out. I walked through the terminal to baggage area. I dragged my two large suitcases and tried to pull them along with my two small suitcases and duffle bag. I struggled and people just kept going around me. I guess people were right when they said New York was a busy city. Shoot they were rude too! I kept walking, trying to make sure my bags wouldn't fall when I bumped into someone knocking all my bags over. That person just continued walking. I sighed and began to pick up my things trying to get them back. "Here let me help you with that." I picked up my duffle bag and purse grabbing my two small suit cases as this person helped with my large ones. He helped me drag them to an area that was out of the walkway. I thanked <a href="">him</a>. "Thank you." He shrugged. "It was no problem. Do you need me to help you to your car with these." He said refering to my bags. I shook my head. "Uh, no but maybe you can help me with a taxi?" I asked shyly. He chuckled. "Are you new to New York?" He asked grabbing my bags as he and I walked towards the exit. "Yeah. I'm from Los Angeles actually." He nodded. "That's cool. I've been there a few times, it was nice." "Can't really same the same for New York. My first ten minutes here and people are already treating me like sh*t." "Hey! This my hometown and obviously I helped you didn't I?" I nodded. "You're right."

We had finally made it outside of the airport where it was even more hectic than inside. "I'll call you up a taxi." He waved his hand as a taxi drove over. "There you are." I smiled, the taxi driver was sticking my bags in the trunk. "Thank you---" he smiled and cut me off. "Victor. The name is Victor." I smiled and shook his hand. "Well Victor, i'm Danyell. Thank you." He smiled. "And once again, no problem." I turned and opened the taxi door and hopped in. "Where to?" I grabbed a piece of paper from my bag. "The Casa Blanca Hotel on West 43rd Street." He nodded and began driving. I sat back in my seat and stared at all the buildings that New York offered. This was the beginning to a new chapter of my life.

Damn, she should've told him that she was pregnant :(

Run it

He deserved to feel an ache in his heart, as much as she has.
Just a bit disappointed how she didn't say she was pregnant,
he deserves to know. :(

Wow she cnt leav Wat about me? Imma miss her. Run it

Damn Dany's really leaving. Wow I'm so sad. I wonder if Chris will ever find out the truth about Dany. Cant wait to read more. Run It!!!

I am really intriged. I wanna know more.
Still working on getting caught up!


I stood before the door of my apartment looking in. Boxes were packed in my livingroom and all my suitcases stood by my feet. I sighed, this was the last time all this would look like this because in a matter of a few days they would be sitting in my new home all the way in New York. I heard a horn honk and looked to where my taxi had pulled up. I called for the driver to grab the bags. I walked inside and grabbed my purse. Right now in this apartment I was leaving everything behind. I continued walking and shut the door behind me heading down to the taxi. "Where to Ms.?" "LAX." He nodded and began his drive. I stared out the window and thought about Chris. I know the way I let him know I was leaving probably isn't the best but its good for me, less of a heartbreak that I have to go through.


I was in my office filling out a few papers. There was a light knock on the door. "Come in." In walked Jennaly with an envelope in her hand. "Mr. Brown this came for you." I took it from her and thanked her. On the front of it read <em>Chris</em>. I opened it and read the letter.

I want to tell you thaf I love you with all my heart! Now that I got that down and out of the way I just wanted to tell you right now that i'm sorry for breaking it. Today in this letter I want you to know that I quit. I can't work for you any longer. I'm not even going to lie, you gave me the chance that no one else was willing to do. You took that girl from Starbucks to the girl who basically planned out your life day by day. I really don't regret anything that we have done, but we should just leave it here. I wish you the best.
Love, Danyell</em>

I punched the desk. I should have seen this coming, but I didnt. what am i going to do?

Aweee, I'm proud of Michael !! He's making it right .
BUT Danyell .. Dany , TELL CHRIS before you leave ! Please .

lol i do that with my grapes it im happy their back together

Awwwwwwwww, sooo sweet! ;')

Michael you are totally forgiven. Major Brownie points for this one. That was sooo romantic. Awww Nicole got her boo back. Yay! Run It!!!

Mike so sweet but his ASZ made me do all day work n he know I'm preggo. But Awwwwww that was so sweet I love it run it

Awwww, that's cute. The little hunt was different, but yet cute. :)
I like Michael & how he wanted to be back with his little family,
can't wait to find out whats the gender, bet they will spoil it!


I was in my house cleaning up the extra room, since this would be the baby's room. I haven't really heard from Michael these past few days, but if he didn't want to be in our child's life then he didn't matter. I decided to take a break and go eat a real quick snack. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the bowl of grapes and began picking at them. I peeled off all the skins and ate them, some found this funny but I didn't, the skin was nasty. I tossed a few in my mouth and the doorbell rang. I walked around the counter and into the livingroom to open the door. When I opened it no one was there. I furrowed my eyebrows, I looked down to see a vase of roses. I looked around to see if anyone was around. I picked them up and shut the door behind me setting the vase on the table. The flowers were beautiful, I searched to see if there was a note or anything, but there wasn't. I shrugged and began down the hall when it rang again. I sighed and walked back and opened it, once again no one. I looked around and found an envelope on the floor. I sighed and bent over to pick it up. This person does not understand that bending over is getting difficult. I shut the door and opened it.

<em>I hope you liked the flowers!
I know you're getting frustrated because someone continuously is knocking on your door, but it's worth it trust me!
Since now you're curious to know who I am, follow my instructions.
I need you to get dressed, casual is fine.
Grab your purse and keys and start following the arrows.

P.s just call me secret admire</em>

I walked into my room and freshened up. In the back of my mind I didn't want to go because it could be a killer who's been stalking me but my curiosity gets the best of me. After hopping out the shower I lotioned up and slipped on my bra and panties putting on some leggings, since they're the only thing that fits, a purple v-neck and my white vans. I sprayed myself and grabbed my things. I opened my door and stood in the hallway. I noticed a piece of paper with an arrow on it, it pointed to the direction of the elevator. I walked to the elevator and hopped in. As the door closed and envelope was taped to it. I grabbed it and opened it.

<em>Go up to the doorman and hand him this note!</em>

I finally made it to the lobby and walked up to the doorman like the note said. I smiled and handed him the letter. He handed me another envelope. I thanked him and walked away opening the letter. Inside was a set of keys.

<em>These keys belong to a car that in the parking lot. I want you to find it. Here's a couple hints. It's red and it's right by the far lightpost to the left!</em>

I sighed and looked around. I started walking to the left and saw <a href="">it</a>. It was the only red range rover in the lot. I unlocked it and hopped in excitedly. I stuck the key in the ignition and looked to my right to see a box in the passenger seat. I untied the tie and opened it see a box of chocolate cupcakes and another letter. I opened it.

<em>Here are some sweets for my sweet!! Go ahead and press navigation on the screen in the car and it will take you to your destination.</em>

I put it down and grabbed a cupcake and pulled out of the parking lot while pressing the navigation. Twenty minuted later I pulled up to this gorgeous <a href="">house</a>. I put the car in park and turned it off. I wasn't sure what to do now, so I grabbed the last cupcake in the box. I had eaten all of them but this one because it was the only vanilla and i didnt like vanilla that much. I peeled off the paper and bit into it. Before I could even bite off my piece I noticed something white in it. I broke off that piece and pulled out what seemed to be a piece of paper. I uncrumpled it and read the writing.

<em>I know you're sitting in the car, but I decided to put the note in here since you don't really like vanilla. If you walk up to the door there's a rock looking thing that says welcome, behind it is taped a key to open the door. Follow the arrows once more. The kitchen is on your right so you can throw away your trash. Your suprise is upstairs.</em>

I crumpled it up and and grabbed the box getting off the car. I walked up to the front door and saw the rock thing. I looked behind it anf grabbed the key sticking it into the lock. I opened the door and was stunned. This housebwas gorgeous. Before following the arrows i walked into the kitchen throwing away my trash. I continued following the arrows. They led me up the stairs. On my way I peaked into some rooms before turning and entering this beautiful <a href="">nursery</a>. "I didn't know the sex of the baby, so I thought this would be good. It suits both a King or a Queen." I stopped in my tracks and heart began to speed up. That voice was the voice of the man my heart yearned for. I turned around to see <a href="">Michael</a> leaning against the door frame. "Michael what is all this?" I asked. "This is the baby's nursery. This entire home is yours, you deserve it, so go ahead and keep the keys to both the car and house." "Micha---" "Nicole, I want to apologize for everything. Instead of storming out I should have supported you not walked out on you. I'm not asking for forgiveness, i'm just asking to be in his or her life." I smiled and walked up to him embracing him in a hug and a kiss. "I love you. Now show me to our room." He pecked my lips and picked me up. "Will this hurt the baby?" He asked while walking down the hall. I shook my head. "How you know the answer, you fxcking other niggas?" I chuckled. "No, curiosity always gets me." He showed up to the room and layed me back onto the bed.

Oh my Lord! No no no she can't leave she's pregnant! She has to tell him! He needs to leave kae that's not his baby I refuse to believe it is she only wants his money & fame. Ugh Chris pissin me off.

Yooo that ending was NUTSS!! My mouth is still
wide open !! Omg omg!!! I don't want her to leave
but I understand why she's doing it.. Kae is a Lil slut
in this story so who knows if that baby is Chris's...

RUN IT!!!!!!!!! RUN IT NOW!!!!!!!


RUN IT!!!!

RUN IT!!!!

kaes baby probally aint even his she need to stay there and tell him

Dany can't do that. It'll make her a hypocrite..

Its the same as Nic wanting to abort Tygas Baby without telling him..

Omfg Run it Like Today!!!

Nooooo she cant leave with his baby!!

chris dump that hoe!

Run it like DMC!!!

Omg,Dany is pregnant.& it has to be his, dang.
Chris is gonna have two babies, and Cj. Dang!
Dany just has to tell him, its the right thing to do


*Tears* s*** JUST GOT REAL.......

RUN IT x1000000000000000000000000