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Bree!!!!! Come here, pretty girl. S'il vous plait?

Bree, If I've offended you in anyway I'm deeply sorry; however, we've had this talk before, that I didn't like your humor.

So I don't understand why your mad or what I not. I thought we were cool at least.

You even told me that you don't care that I don't like your humor, and I've accepted that. Never said didn't like you either.

So this doesn't even need to be turned into a six-page debate.

So just to be clear, this is old news.

-I don't like your humor.

-You already told me that you don't care.

So this should be nipped in a bud, stick a fork in it I'm done.

Further more, I wasn't talking trash on you either, I have no reason to dislike you.

You so ready for 'whatever' that's nothing to be worked up over.

Not tryna tell you how to feel, I'm just letting you know its really not that serious.

I mean what I say in love, not a kiss ass.