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[υ n т ι т l e d] ⇝₁ѕт мale + ғeмale collaвo⇜ ₍draĸe/aѕιa prod.₎

<em> "Look, It wasn't my fault❢ I mean yeah, I hosted the Halloween Party at Woody Peak Cabin this past weekend. But I didn't, -- I did not kill anyone sir," I held my hands up to emphasize my point, "I have no memories of this dead chick even being there. I don't even fᶸcking know a Rebecca Garcia.<em>

<em> "DRAKE!" My mom yelled as she sat across from me in the interrogation room. "Watch your mouth, respect your elders you was raised right - Now can you please just tell these detectives everything that you DO know, tell them the truth."<em>

<em>"I AM TELLING THEM THE TRUTH" I yelled cutting her off, "WHAT MAMA YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME❢" I gave her a disappointing look. <em>

<em> "Listen," The woman detective spoke,gazing at me with stern eyes. "You may not be responsible for that little girl's disappearance, but you are a suspect." She informed me. "She was last seen at your party, and leaving in your car - her family has no record of her ever returning home - if you keep lying to us not cooperating, trying to cover up for someone, you'll be on trial facing first degree murder - with or without a body found.<em>

<em> I shot eyes at her. "Fᶸck it!, I don't have s*** else to say, except I'm getting me a fᶸcking lawyer." I slammed back into the chair and folded my arm across my chest as the two detectives departed. Mom just stared at me in shock, wondering who the hell was this negro sitting across from her.<em>

<em> 2 days later<em>

<em>"Drake, baby talk to me, what is going on with you? What happened that night? I'm here for you!" My mother cried as she sat next to me on my king-sized bed. I hated seeing her cry so I just held my head in the opposite direction. "Is it me and your father? Is it the divorce, that's got you out here in these streets?" She added.<em>

<em>"Nooo!" I quickly yelled as I got annoyed,causing me to walk to my bedroom door an open it indicating for her to leave. She sighed as she wiped her tears away and stood up. "Get ready for school." She whispered going past, without looking at me. "Mom!" I grabbed her hand as she walked out the door. She looked up at me, and I hated her expression, she looked tired and much older, "I love you!" I managed to say because I truly did. 'I love you too, honey" She snatched her hand away from and disappeared down the hall. "Bᵢtches and they emotions" I replied slamming my door behind me.<em>

<em>Besides all the bulls*** that was going on around me I was excited for school, I loved Vanity High - I was the ♛king♛ of that castle. I scanned around my room for my towels, boxers, and soap. Then, I decided to lay my gear out, on my bed, before I took a shower: <em>

☑ pυrple & тυrqυoιѕe ѕтrιpped polo ѕнιrт ♞: 70$
☑ wнιтe levι ѕĸιnny jeanѕ: 60$
☑ wнιтe & тυrqυoιѕe ѕnap-вacĸ cap: 65$
☑ pυrple converѕe/ тυrqυoιѕe ѕнoe ѕтrιngѕ: 80+5= 85$
☑ "тнe genтleмan'ѕ" cologne: 120$

<em>Two hours later, mom dukes and I were pulling out of McDonald's Drive Thru ✌ with breakfast, headed towards the school house. Every time I glanced up from my strawberry jellied-up sausage biscuit, she'd be staring at me. "DF!" , I complained, "A negro can't wait to get his own damn car back - then I wouldn't have to worry about you looking at me every time i exhale damn quit looking at me." I expressed as I stared out the windshield.<em>

<em>"Drake!" She looked over at me and her hand instantly went upside my head.☹ I balled up and laughed as she hit me. After she stopped, I smiled and calmly asked "Why you hit me for?" as I gazed over at her. "Drake, are you sure your ready to go back to school?," she stopped the car a block way from the school, changing the subject. "Yeah, so don't stress about that mom everybody at school know I'm innocent, my crew will back me up - plus it's been three days, i miss school and school misses me." I faked whine, just so she would let me go.<em>

<em> "Be safe, & I love you little boy" She yelled from the rolled down window as I stood on the sidewalk... "Love you to big baby, imma call you if I need you" I laughed as she drove off. I pulled my phone out and text-ed Calvo.<em.