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"Wait girl damn thats my f***ing laptop ! Be careful ! " <a href="">I</a> said to my friend .

"Well my bad but i got a date and i never agreed to helping yo ass" She said putting it ontop of the counter .

"Well you are so be delicate wit my s***" I said putting the huge box on top of the counter .

"Yeah well where the hell is Sean cus he's suposed to be here-"

"The hell if i know . He's suposed to help me get that big as flat screen out the back" I said followinq Diane outside.

"Well his black ass need to hu- Whoooaa youu see that ?" She asked tapping me real fast .

"See whatt <a href="">Danger</a>" I called her her nick name , and that s*** fit her cus she a ticking time bomb ready to pop on any b**** who f***s with her .

"That ! Him !" She said pointing across thee street .

I looked in that direction and i must admit he was delicicous . He was tall carmel skinned and all that and then some . wee looked a lil longer and then i snapped back to reality .

"Ok ! . . we not done so lets get this s*** done" I said grabbing another box from the back seat . Danger did the same . We both sit our box down , well Danger dropped it whenn her phone rang .

"Hello?" She said with her sexy voice . "Yessss . . . Umk im on my way . .Love you too . . Byeee" She smiled and looked at me . "Gotta go chica" She kissed my cheek "Bye" And just like that she was gone . I laughed at her sprung ass and contiued getting the last of the boxes out the car . Every now and then i would peek across thee street to see what ol cutie was doing . He was on the phone and it looked to be a heated conversation . i took the last box in the <a href="">House</a>
and hopped in my truck. I parked it in the drive way and locked it up , remember i left my flat screen in the back seat . I hopped out and ran in the house . Looking at the big ass mess i made i shook my head and took myy sweaty ass upstairs . It was 6:30 when me and Danger started to unpack and now it was 7:50. I got out the tub , put on some Pj's and layed on the couch , The only stable thing in the house . I popped a movie in and just like that i dosed off .

- Baby won’t you spend the night ! Darling I don’t want to wake up, and you are not by my side -

I hopped up and answered my phone .

"Hello" I said in a sleepy voice.

"Wussup beautiful " The voice on the other line said .

"<a href="">Sean</a> why arent you here ! We gotta get this out the car-"

"I kno , i kno - but somthing came up bae . I gotta help Duece with something"

"DUECE ! No Sean you have to help ME with somwthinq ! I- . . Hello ? . . . Hello ? . . HELLO ? " Noo the f*** he didnt just hang up on me ! I Slipped on my house shoes and unlocked the back door . I peeked out to see an empty street . I walked out and ran across the yard and unlocked my garage . I unlocked the trunk to this this huge ass flat screen staring at me . I took a deep breathe and planted my hands on the top and bottom of it . I pulled it the the egde on the trunk and by that time i was exausted . i pulled it out and damn near dropped it on the concrete . I tried to lift it but it as useless . I almost jumped out my skin when i seen a dude in all black walk up on me. I backed up and started to run until he spoke.

"Aye !"

I cringed , but i stopped . I stared at him for a minute tryna recognize his face before he robbed me . The more i gazed at him the more familiar he looked . Ol dude from across thee street . I took a deep breathe .

"Are you crazy!"

"Ahaa naw . But you look crazy tryna move this big ass tv" He said . His voice was smooth yet hard . Sexyyyy !

"Well s*** aint gone get done if i dont do it , apparently" I grabbed the side of the TV- He grabbed both side and picked it up . He walked it in the house and set in on the floor . I looked at him amazed . He started to walk out -

"Yo ! " i called after him . He looked back. In the light he looked even better ! Themm lipss , um um um . "Here " i pulled out a twenty . He looked at my hand and then back up at me . He chuckled and walked back across the street . I kept my eye on him u ntil he went into his house . I snapped outta my "Trance" and locked my truck up . I went back in the house and locked all the doors . I dialed Sean back , he's bouta get the cussing out of his life !

*The Next Day*
I woke up to loud laughing and the strong smell of weed . I slipped on my slippers and ran down stairs , hair messy and breathe stanking . I didnt give a f*** . Iturned the corner and saw Sean and like 3 other niqqas . I cleared my throat to get there attention . They didnt here me . I started to do it again but i heard somthing . I backed up around the corner and listened .

"Naww man that nigga dont want that beef" One guy said laughing .

"Yeah well i dont give a f*** if he do or dont you feel me ? As long as his cousin keep his mouth shut he wont dis get dis 9 in it " He cracked up and so did everybody else .

"In all seriousness tho , i aint move all this way for no reason you feel me - f*** his cousin ! We need to get this nigga Envy . I want his head! " I heard Sean say .

I balled my first so hard my nails were pressing in my skin . This stupid nigga realluy moved me out here for a f***ing beef that aint got s*** to do with me . I was beyond pissed . Uqhh . i walked passed them without saying a word . i could feel thier eyes on my ass but i just ignored it . Sean will handle that . I grabbed the orange juice out the frig and poured me a glass .

"Babe ! Can you make me a glass" He said not taking his eyes off the card game him and his friends were playing .

I poured him a glass and walked over to him . I gave him a fake smile and dropped the glass on the wooden table . I wished it would have fell but it didnt so i just walked away . He dropped him and stood up.

"Damn cuz . What you do" On of his friends ask .

"Iont know . The question is what the f*** is wrong with her" He said and followed me half way up the stairs . He pulled my arm stopping me .

"The f*** is wronq with you? "

"You !" I whispered Loudly . "You selfish ass moved me here over some beef !"

"What are you talking about-"

"Dont you dare act clueless withh mee Sean ! I Could've stayed my ass onn campus if i know this is what you were up too ! Oh baby i just wanna make a home Oh baby i just wanna be close to you BULLs***!"

"Jerry calm the f*** down" He said calling me by my nick name .

"Calm down are you serious ! - " I caught my breathe . " Sean just get away from me right now . Im NOT in the mood for your damn games" i said snatching away and continued my way upstairs . He sttod there for a minute and walked back downstairs .

"Wususp bro ?"

"Nothing . ." Sean said flatly picking his hand back up .

"That time of the month" His friend siad and started laughing .

"Just pick up that wack ass hand and take this ass whooping" Sean said changing the subject .

*Later That Night*
Amazed i was getting up from a nap i looked at the time . It was 9:30 . I looked up and saw Sean coming out the shower wit only some boxers on . He smiled at me and i mugged him . he frowned and sat next to me .

"You still mad ? " He asked with a puppy dog face.

"Hell yeah" I said not falling for it . " Im mean like what the f*** sean . You puuting me in danger over sum bulls*** ass beef i have NOTHING to do with ?"

"all of what" he acted clueless .

"oh you dont see " i got loud .

"come on now Jerrika ! You know i wouldnt do that to you " he said calmly .

"Well what the f*** do you call thiss - I heard you Sean ! You and yo friends !"

"Heard what" He asked nervously .


He took a deep breathe . "Babe i wouldnt put you in NO kind of danger . I promise" He said looking in my eyes.

"Whatever yo" I said shaking my head .

He smiled he nealed infront of me . "baby ?"

"what Sean Michael Anderson" i said calling him by his real name .

"i want some" he said kissinq the inside of my theighs .

"mooovee dudee" i laughed .

"Uh uh come here" He picked me up and dropped me on the bed . He took off my shorts & i wrapped my legs around his waist . He untied my shirt wit his teeth and started sucking on my nipples. I moaned and he slipp his shorts down. He positioned me wit my legs on his shoulders and put the head in . I moaned a lil louder and he put more in , By the time all of him was in me i was damn near screaming . He was going hard and was i . I flippedd him over and rolled on top of him and mounted him . I rode his as like i was a profesional horse trainer . When we were done i slipped in my robe and he came out with another outfit on .

"Uhh . .Wheree youu goingg ?"

He looked at me for a while. “Evy and Case was supposed to be up at the club with his peoples tonight.”

“ . . . . and ?!” I said still waiting.

“AND they was planning on shooting up the place , that’s why me, Jay and Tyree was there. We-“

“Ya’ll was gone what Sean huh? Stop the bullets ? That’s dumb as f***! YOU shouldn’t have been there”

“See I’ll tell you something and you’ll get to tripping-“

“Because its dumb babe ! Its dumb and dangerous . Why is those niggas this serious .”

“Cause they in the way period . Look I don’t want you in it at all , I told you what it was and its over”

“I have a right to know Sean!”

“Its to f***ing dangerous and I don’t want you in it – none of it . Yopu dont wanna be in it anyway remember ? If something happened to you Jerry I would go crazy , I don’t want you to have ANYTHING to do with this . Just trust me on this babe.”

He sounded dead ass serious so I left it at that “ . . Well can you promise me something”

“Wussup” he said looking in my eyes.

“Can you stay with me tonight”

He smiled. “Of course” he said kissing me . He laid me on the bed and of course we made love that night. After he hopped out the shower, and I dosed off , he through some clothes on and walked into the hall way . I could here him on the phone but I couldn’t hear the whole conversation . I heard the door shut and I hopped up and looked out the window . There he was , running to the car dressed in all black. When he stepped in the car it pulled off slowly .

“He promised” I said to myself .

I crawled back in my bed and tossed and turned all night. I felt sick to my stomach. I dosed off around 2:00 and popped up at 2:30. I sarted sweating and freezing at the same time. Around 4:30 i was sick to my stomach . I threw up like 3 times. I decided to call Sean . What the f*** ? Why isnt he answering ? I called Ace and Envy next - They didnt answer either . At this time i was on my feet pacing the floor . I felt sick again so i ran to the bathroom and threw up . I brushed my teeth again for the 5 times and continued pacing the floor . I jumped when my phone rang . It said "Danger"

"Omg i was thinking about calling you . . . Helloo?? . . .Danger " All i heard was coughing and sighing "Danger"

"Im so sorryy Jerry- Im so so so sorry" She brokee downn crying , I knew what was wrong right then" I started crying so hard i couldnt breathe.

"What the f*** happened Danger" I yelled crying my eyes out.

"They got him Jerry , HE'S DEAD" She broke down hystericallyy.

My heart stop i couldnt breathe. My body went numb and the phone dropped.

I woke up and looked around . I was in Dangers bed . She was pacing the floor . I hopped up . She just looked at me . He face was red and her eyes were too .

"I dont get it Jerry. I dont get it -"

"Whatt happened ?" I said hoping she would tell me everything was a dream .

" . . I dont know . I dont know -" Tears start rooling down her cheeks .

"Danger you have to stop crying and tell me what happened !" I said tryna not to cry , so i got mad .

"They - They said they - Stabbed him . .- Him overr 20 . " She startedd crying and ran to the bathroom. I ran after her .

"Danger TELL ME !" I yelled as tears ran down .
"My . . . - go look . . at it" She through up . I ran and grabbed her phone . i looked at the screen and it dropped out my hand . I was horrified . His hands were tied together and he had what looked like a thousand stab wounds , and he was shot once in the head . My hands started shaking and my collasped on the floor . My stomach hurted . I started coughing so much it felt like i was gone caugh up a lung . I ran in the kitchen to get some water , but end up throwing up . I felt her hand on my back and I hung on to her .

"Why would they do that to him Danger ? WHY ! He didnt hurt nobdy ! " I sobbed . We fell to the floor and she held me and rocked back forth . Shee rudded my hair and sobbed with me . We sat thier for about an hour before we got our selves together . we feircely packed her a bag and hopped in her <a href="">Jag</a> and peeled off to my crib. I waked in and we randsacked the boxes . I looked over to my left and saw his phone sitting on my the counter . He left his phone ? I said picking it up . It had 23 txt messages . Danger stopped what she was doing when she saw what i had in my hand. I checked the messages and they were all from 3 numbers , Jay , Tyree and a number i couldnt recognize . The txtes said

<a href="">Tyree</a> "Im at the spot"

<a href="">Jay</a> "Where are you dude"

Tyree "Yo answer me cuz"

Jay "You there man"

Tyree "Wussup bro"

Unknown "Wussup ?"

Jay " f*** you cuz im going in"

I didnt read them all , i went to the sent foldr . . nothing . He never leaves his phone . Never . Something wasnt right . I got to thinking . .

"Danger !" I said .

She jumped. " Whaa ?"

"He left his phone on purpose . He knew sumthing was up ."

"Jerrka how do you know-"

"Because i know my man Danger ! . . He would never leave his phone ., and if he did he wud but back to get it . He knew he was gonna die that night . He knew it " I said crying . Danger took the phone .

"Who the hell is . . Scor . . . -pio ? "

"What ?" I asked irritated.

"<a href="">Scorpio</a> ! Look" She put the phone in my face and i read the txt .

"Meet me at the spot , I'lL be waiting" With a smiley face . I looked at her and she looked at me .

"I dont have time for that riqht now !"

"She might know somthing Jerry ! Look at the time . . 1:30 . She cud know something"

I looked at Danger then back at the phone . I grabbed it and dialed the number . I put the phone up to my ear and so did Danger . . . Viocemail .

"Uqhh !" tears started to fall . I called Jay . . No answer . I called Tyree . . No answer . "WHAT THE f*** ." I said throwing the phone against the couch . It bounced back and fell onn thee floor . It rung . I dived to it and answered it - Before i could say hello a females start cussing me out .


"Who the f*** is this " I said getting pissed off .

". . . .Ooohh this must be Jerrika . This is his BABY MAMA Scorpio-"

"Baby Mama ?!! " I asked almost dropping the phone . I pushed speaker .

"HELL YES ! Oh her didnt tell youu sweetie ahaa ! Im 3 months and YES its his ! Memeber Dangers birthday ?" Dangers eyes got big . "Yeahh He was over my house while you were out hoeing with her" She laughed . "So where is he huh ? You gon lie and say he gone too " She said sarcastically .

"Sean's dead" I said Flatly .

"b**** dont play with me ! " She said sternly .

"Why the f*** would i play about somthing like that ?" I asked tryna to stay calm .

"WHERE THE f*** SHE AT JERRIKA IM BOUT TO WHOOP HER ASS !" Danger said in the background .

"Look . . I dont have time for the games-"

"LOOK b**** ! IM NOT PLAYING ! HE'S f***ING DEAD ! . . Oh my God . . He's dead" i said as i dropped the phone and started crying . I heard her sob and the phone hung up .

"Get up Jerrika ! We cant do this right now !"

"I cant live with- . .out him Danger ! I cant !"

"Please get up Jerry . " She said pulling me to my feet . "Dontt worry babe . Theres gonna be a break through . . I promise ."

"Dont promise . Promises are meant to be broken . ." I said as if i were dead . Well at that time i wish i were .

I pulled up to the trap and hopped out . I busted through the door and saw Trell and Marv . The hopped up when i slammed the door .

"Aye i swear i aint have nothing to do with that s*** blood on my mama-" <a href="">Trell</a> started to say .

"What the f*** yo ? Yall went out and killed this nigga ? Yall done yet huh ? HUH ? . . . Oh so yall cant here me ?" I pulled out my gun and pointed at them .

"Yo Touch i aint have s*** to do wit it i swear ! That was them niggas Calico and Stixx i promise" <a href="">Marv</a> panted .

I tried to calm down . I took a deep breathe and looked around . I saw them niggas wasnt there .

"Where they at " I said as more of a command .

"Iont know , they said they was going down to the funeral - I dont know blood"

I put my gun down and popped out . I jumped in my <a href="">truck</a> and sped off .


Around the time of the funeral i was a walking zombie . I felt dead. Any and everything somebody said to me reminded me of Sean and pissed me off more . The damged they did to him was so bad it couldnt even be an open casket , and identifing the body was just torcher . Anyways <a href="">Jay</a> and <a href="">Tyree</a> has been helping out alot . Along with his cousin <a href="">Jah</a> and his baby mama <a href="">Coley</a> . They was with me through he identification and the autospy. The polygraph too . Its real coo because i been knowing them as long as i knew Sean(4 years) and they've been like my second family . Hopefully they know some people who knows Sean so i can ask them a few questions . Im not stopping til i find out who did this to my baby . And i think ive got a clue - I mean damn its obvious !

- The Funeral -

I looked at myself one more time in the mirror before i went out in the sanctuary . I dried my eyes for the last time and proceeded out . This had to be the saddest moment of my life . The serimony seemed FOREVER . It was hundreds of people there too , some didnt have anything to sit on . I couldnt even look in the casket even the thought had me bawling through the whole sevice . When everything was over i was still sitting in the first row crying. I saw somebody come and sit next to me. I looked over and it was surprised as hell. i dried my eyes and looked at him.

"What are you doing here"

"You ok" He said hand me another tissue , Ignoring my question .

"Im fine but . . . What are you doing here" I asked again using his tissue to dry my eyes.

"Respect" He said flat . It was quiet for a while . "So you wanna stay in here or you wanna go get some air"

I looked at him . God he was gorgeous - But I shook that out of my head and stood up . He smiled which made me smile .

"Wow i got a smile" He helping me up .

We started waking down the aisle and the next thing I know I was pushed on the floor and this nigga was top of me. I looked up and saw people running in the church with there heads covered. He ran outside wit Jay and and started shooting back. They shot at the car and it spent outta control but the driver gained control and sped off . I just laid there scared for my life . As everybody was getting up I still laid there until ol cute dude came back. He ran to me and helped me up. I felt 2 more hands on my back and they were Coleys . She hugged me too death. Ol cute dude let go and walked out , Shortly after i heard a car speed off .

"Yo who the f*** was that?" I yelled to whoever mad as f***.

"Shid i dont know . . . prolly them niggas-" Jay mumbled.

"what niggas ? WHO THE f*** IS SHOOTING AT A f***ING FUNERAL" I waited on my answer. "Oh dont nobody know ?"

"Jerry calm down-" <a href="">Jah</a> said.

"No ! f*** that." I grabbed my purse and tried to walk off , But Jah pulled me back .

"The f*** is you going Jerrika ? Then niggas cud be anywhere and you tryna leave- Yo Coley take her home!"

"Im grown ass f*** ! Iont need no grown as woamn taking me home" I yelled.

"Jerrika get the f*** in the car" He yelled back .

I gave him this look that could kill . His face loosened up a lil bit .

"Look. . . Sean told me if somthing happened to him , to take care of you ! Now you need to get yo ass in that car and go home! It obviously aint safe here , And i'd be damned if you get hurt" He said looking in my eyes . A tear fell . I looked at Coley and at the car . What choice did i have . . . Really ? I got in the <a href="">Car</a> and so did <a href="">Coley</a> . I looked at her for a mintue .

"Aye . Who was that dude in the tee that came in with me ?"

"Oh . . " She smiled . " Thats <a href="">Touch</a>


I was cleaning the house getting rid of the last of Seans things listening to Frank Ocean "Ready" when someone kncoked on my door . I cut the music off and looked through the peep hole . It was Danger and Jay , I opened it .

"Yes" I said tired and worn out .

"Yo Jerry you gotta hear this ! "

"Jerrika you know i aint have nothing to do with Seans murder he was my f***ing nigga -"

I cringed just thinking about it .

"But that f***ING Juvi !" -

"Wait what are you talking about-"

"Jerrika let him finish -" Danger started to say .

"Danger ! Im tryna have a conversation here. . Now who the f*** is Juvi ?"

"You dont know Juvi ? . . Seans weed man ?"

"No . . " I said tryna think .

"Well word on the street is , they coming to get you ma . You gotta get outta here . Now !"

"Ok . Ok . . . I'll go ."

"Be safe Jerry"

"Ok . " I said with a half of smile .

After i shut the door i got to packing having NO idea where i was gonna go . I just stopped for a minute and sat there . So much s*** was running through my head . Why the f*** would they want me ? What the f*** did i do ? They already killed Sean. . Why ME ? I thought and thought but didnt know what i was thinking for , until it hit me . Sean told me he put a <a href="">gun</a> in the basement . I ran down the stairs fast as f*** damn near falling into the locker where it was stashed. I tried to open it - Locked . Damn it ! What was the combination . . . I tried his B-day . No . His Moms . No . My B-day . . YES ! . I reached in the back of it and pulled out this heavy as gun . I must say it was pretty as f*** ! . I took out the clip and stuffed in in my duffle bag . I ran back up the stairs and continued packing . When i was done packing up the little s*** that wasnt packed , I made a few calls .

"Hello . "

"Hey fake ass ! I aint heard from yo ass in months !" She said with her country accent .

" I know im sorry but , <a href="">Brooke</a> . . I need a favor ."

"Anything . .Wussup ? "She said hearing the seriousness in my voice .

"I need somwhere yo stay for a few months til I get on my feet ."

"Hell yeah you know your always welcomed here . Me and <a href="">Wiz</a> a make some room . . no problem ."

"Ok" I said relieved . " Ima be there in like a week . "

"Bet . Hit me up mami " She said smiling .

"Ok thanks" I said and then hanging .

A huge knot just got in my stomach outta kno where ! I ran outside to get some air . Soon as i I ran out I saw Touch . I stopped him before he hopped in his truck.

"Yo . . Touch !" I said loud enough where he could here me .

He stopped and posted on his car . I walked over there , barefoot . I didnt know what i wanted but i knew i had to talk to him .

" Hey . . "

"Wussup" He said staring at me with this look I could'nt describe .

"I just wanted to say thank you for . . . what you did -"

"Helping you move the TV ?" He said with a funny look on his face .

I chuckled . " Nooo . Protecting me . . You know . . the drive by . And the TV"

"Oh aha . Its coo , just be safe out here" He said getting in his car . He pulled off before i got to say anything else . I stood there for a minute and ran back across the street .

~ Touch ~

I couldnt stand looking at her knowing who and how the f*** my partner murdered her boyfriend . I mean damn he did some foul s*** but he aint deserve all of that s*** . I drove around just thinking for a minute then I decided to go to the trap . As i pulled up i aint see no cars parked in front of it . I aint have a good feeling so i took my pistol wit me . I slowly walked up to the door and stood there for a mintue , listening . I cracked the door and slipped my gun in first , i opened it all the way up and a strong ass odor filled my nose . I looked on the floor and saw Marv and Trell dead on the floor . I walked up and kicked Trell . I looked closer and he had a gunshot to the head . That nigga was gone . I kicked Marv and he didnt move . I stepped back and he started coughing up blood , choking and s*** . He opened his eyes and tears ran down em . I Dropped to my knees and held my nigga . He started talking some bulls*** about how sorry he was and how he cant wait to see his lil brother in heaven . I just shook my head and held him .

"Touch" He said weakly .

"Wussup blood"

"Juvi" he said coughing .

"Juvi -" I hurried up and turned around and a shot passed my head going into Marv killing him , one to the head .

I pulled out my pistol and aimed it at Juvi .

"Damn nigga . . dont aim that s*** at me" Juvi said obviously drunk . " I meant to hit Marv's punk ass . Can you beleive them niggas tried to snitch on me ? I had to off em Touch . I had too" He said and falling drunkly over the couch . He laughed and slowly got up . "Damn Touch , You the only real nigga i got blood- AYE ! We gotta get that b**** Jerrika too . She's a GONER" He laughed hystarically slouching on the couch .

"Nah dawg . We aint f***ing with her ." I said shaking my head .

"WHAT? " He said sitting up .

"Shee coo blood . Leave her alone ."

"She coo ! Leave her alone - You f***ed her huh" He said smiling . " YOU HIT DHAT s*** NIGGA!" He laughed .

"Nahh dawg , she coo" I said putting my pictol on saftey .

"Naw nigga she NOT coo . You going soft on me now ? Huh Touch ?" He asked gettin gin my face but barely staying up .

"You drunk Juvi . Sit the f*** down !" I said ryna keep my cool.

"You pussy whipped huh nigga?" He laughed. "She is a nie piece of ass. I bet she had that b**** ass nigga Sean whipped to . You a pussy like him too huh Touch ? "

"Watch yo mouth blood"

"Naw pussy ! You want hwer to live huh ? Well she NOT going to f***a ! " He slurred . "I sent somebody to get her ass right now- b**** !"

I punched the s*** outta him , square in his chin . Goodnight . I said before leaving . I hopped in my truck and sped off .

~ Jerrika ~

Me and Danger was sitting on the couch eating some good ass Vito's pizza laughing and talking about the good ol days . I got up to get sme water and so mething caught my eye . I looked out the window and saw a all black jaguar out side parked on the other side of the street . I went to the next window and saw a white woman and a male hop out the car and all white. They were walking up to the house . Quick as hell i turned off all the lights and grabbed Danger .

"Uh uh b**** i dont swing like that ." She said pushing me off .

"Shut up b**** , get in the basement ."

"What ?" She said running down the stairs . " What the f*** Jerrika"

"Shut the f*** up" I whispered . I heard a door slam .

"What the f*** ! . How'd they get in ?"

"I think i left the door unlocked when i got the pizaa ."

"s*** Danger !" I oushed her under the stairs and ransacked my clothes bags . I heard them breaking down doors and shooting at s***. Danger started crying . This s*** was crazy cus other than the last few days i only saw her cry two other times .

"What the f*** Jerrika ?" She asked wanting to know what i was looking for . When i held up the gun , her eyes got big .

"Oh s*** !" She whispered .

"Shhh . " I walked over to the basements door and pointed the gun up the stairs . 2 mintues later the door slammed opened and i just opened fire . I didnt know if i got shot at that time bu i just kept shooting til there were no more bullets . I saw the man fall and so did the woman . As they fell she closed the door . Danger was weeping in a ball under the stairs . I looked at her and motioned her to come on . She stood up and krept to me . She grabbed a metal bat and followed me up the stairs . When we opened the door all we seen was a blood trail and we followed it to the front door . When we opened it we saw them in the middle of the street ,. The woman was holding her shoulder and dragging the man into the car . When she saw us she stopped for a second . I pointed my gun at her . She slammed the door and walked around the other side of the car slowly .

"Shoot" Danger said .

I just stood there , with the gun pointed . She started the car and pulled off . I dropped the gun and dropped to the ground crying . I couldnt be a murderer . I just couldnt take a life .