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7 Fans Online come here...twitter...twitter...lemme stop

people think they're so slick but im too slick for them. LMAO! i'm up here laughing at this shxt! i too many crime shows to put the puzzle pieces together and to observe first, act second.

so whoever has a TWITTER, i don't know how late i am or whatnot but i just got this direct message from this female, if indeed it was a female for real, and in the message it said

<em>there's a bad blog going around about you...blah, blah, blah</em>

so i'm already on twitter and i check my dm's and i didn't get no damn DM from this person, it was just in my e-mails and so i did click on the link this 'person' sent me and then another link--

lucky the computer i'm on has great security.

but i clicked on another link that says to continue onto the page, and it took me back to a look-a-like twitter...which was spam CAUSE I INDEED searched tf outta twitter for this female name who sent me a 'supposed' dm.

HINT; i didn't log in to 'this twitter' just yet and so i couldn't find her, and then i went to search on google about bad twitter blogs to check the facts, which was exactly what tf i thought this shxt was.

so i don't know if y'all know or have known, but if YA DONT KNOW then please don't fall for that shxt. it's not the real twitter. they just tryna getcha info.

and the only reason i'm sayin this if there wasn't plenty-a-tweets goin around wanring people, cause i don't be on twitter every day all week, then dismiss this post.