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*New Story* My StepFather

"Baby Im Finna Go" Words I Was So Sick Of Hearing ,You See Tina Was Always Gon "working" Or Whatever Thats Why I Chould Never Understand How She Gat That Fine Ass Husband She Have.....They Been Married For Six Months His Name Is Chris, They Meet On One Of Her Business Trips Which She ALWAYS On And I Hate That,I NEVER Get To See My Mom Enff Or Tawk To Here About Boys Or NOTHING Cause She Is Always Gone , She Been Here All Of 3 Months And Now She Off Again To China , But Hey Least Her Fine Ass Husband Stayin Here To Qoute On Qoute Watch Me So I Throw Any More Wild Parties While She Gone But What Do She Ecpect Hell I Get Lonley,Oh By Way My Name Is Draya Michele The Half Black, Half Italian Beauty You Can Call Me c**ky But I Just Know What I Got But Enough Of This Back To The Story

"Ugh Mama You Gone Again?" Rolling My Eye's

"Yeah" My Mom Says Picking Up Her Suitcase "How Else We Gone PLay For This One Million Dollar House?"

I Guess You Can Say We Loaded, I Looked Over To Chris Who Was Lookin So Good Watchin ESPN,

"And You Just Gon Leave Me With Him?" I Said

"He Not Gone Hurt You...Right Baby?" She Said Smile At Him

"I Would Not Dream Of It" He Said Gettin Up Of THe Couch Kissing Her. "Think Of Me As Ur New Dad."

I Laughed "I Would Not Dream Of It As You Call It."

I Tried My Hardest To Hate Him most Of The Time But I Can't And He Knows It. And Ugh I Hate Seenin My Mother And Him Kissin All Because I Wanted That To Be Me. You Might Say I'm Wrong For Lustin After My Mothers Man But His Perfect Skin And Pearl White Teeth Made That Hard To Resist.Plus He Was Light Skin Mmmm My Favorite LOl...Anyway.

"Draya Be Nice 4 Me PLease Now I Got Go Catch Me Plane" Mom Said Huggin Me And Kissin Chris On Last Time Then Walkin Out The Door.

"You Hungry Mrs.Brown?"I Said Walkin In The Kitchen.

"You Know You Can Call Me Chris?"He Says

"Ok...Well Chris Are You Hungry?

He Laughed "Sure."

I Cooked Feed Him Something That My Mother Nevers Does Nor Have Time for, Than I Cleaned The Kitchen By The Time I Was Done With That,Chris Was Knock Out Cold On The Couch I laughed Omg He Was So Cute , i Grabbed The Remote And Turned Of The T.v And Gotta A Blanket And Covered Him, Damn U Wanted Him Bad , As Much As I Tried To Fight It , I Could Not , I Was Gone Get Him , One Way Or Another.


Tell Me What Yall Think So Far, And I Need A Cast ??

Need: A BestFriend & 2 Sisters ....Tell Me What Role You Want And Picture.




Lol. Nic is me...right???
I'm Unique...

like i know ised i was gone add like aweek agao but i got caught up in readin other storys i forgot about my own lmao.....ADD COMEIN SOON!

oh wow she want her stepdaddy and he want too...
yhu kno what they say a drunk mind speaks sober thoughts thats why he kissed her lol
Run It.!


run it

addin 2 sleep 2nite

Dam Chris you get mad at somebody who thousands of mile away drink like a damn fool s and wake up with a hangover not to mention you kissed your step daughter in your drunken state smdh RUN IT!!!!

Uh oh me n sissy arguing whoa n Chris sick data what he get

"I Have Nothing To Say To Yu Right Now" Says Chris

"baby im sorry" Robin Says

"All i ever wanna do is tawk to ya ass yeah i know you gat work but its startin not so sound like work to me...we like talk about this later *click*

"ummm what was that about"

"your does alot of partyin while she so call workin every time i call it sound like here ass in the club or some shyt"

"aint that where u meant her ass"

"yeah but-"

"but nothing yu know what u signed
up for"

"yeah but im her husband now not her BOYFRIEND but whatever i guess"

"ummm im so tired im finna go to bed remember call me if you need me"

"yeah ok babbygirl"

Damn im still thinkin about that kiss im so glad i gotta out of that shyt, i mean i want his ass BAD but im tryna not to that is my mother man even doe i take care of his ass while she gone..ugh i dont know what to just sleep on it



I Woke up to the sound of sum body throwing up it was chris i walk in the bathroom with a glass o water 4 him

"thats what yo ass"handin him the water...

"what you mean"

"drinkin just because you pissed off at my moms" "i laughed"

" looks like you can take good care of me tho"

"yeah i can..with that in mind go get in bed and im bring you so breakfast" i smiled

"ok"he said with goofy smile

*Nic POOV*

I Walked In Down The Stairs To The Smell Of Bacon That had to me draya ass was in the kitchen

"Damn who yu in love with"


"come on draya you dont cook 4 nobody but yo man"i said jokein

"i dont have a man"

"thats my ponit"

"whatever im cookin 4 chris he got drunk last nite im just tryna help him feel better he got a hang over"


"what and y yo ass yellin"

"you do not like him YOU CANT...YOU BET NOT..thats mom HUSBAND
are you crazy"

"you over reacting"

"you know im right"

"whatever nic"

"whatever i see how you look at him"

"look go give chris his food and get dress 4 school if you wanna a ride i better be ready or im leave"

"how..HE GAVE HE THE CAR KEYS..that really answer my question"rolling my eyes








Run it

"I Have Nothing To Say To Yu Right Now" Says Chris

"baby im sorry" Robin Says

"All i ever wanna do is tawk to ya ass yeah i know you gat work but its startin not so sound like work to me...we like talk about this later *click*

"ummm what was that about"

"your does alot of partyin while she so call workin every time i call it sound like here ass in the club or some shyt"

"aint that where u meant her ass"

"yeah but-"

*ill be rite back yall to add more my cuzoo need ha laptop*

He's drunk.
He doesn't know what he's doing!
Oh who am I kidding-HE PLANNED THIS ISH.
Glad he got what he wanted.
Run it.
Did I not see this??? Lol.

mmmm he want the daughter
&& not the mama. . .



Chris Pov

I Woke Up Off The Couch...I Didnt Even Remember Fallin Asleep Down Here..I Walked Up The Stairs As I Got Closer To The Top I Hear Ah Beautiful Singin

So when I think of the time that
I almost loved you,
You showed your ass and I,
I saw the real you!
Thank God you blew it,
Thank God I dodged the bullet,
I'm so over you
So baby go lookin' out!

I Look In The Room And Show Drays Stand There In Nothin but a All Black Bra & Panty Set,Her Hair Was Wave And Touched The Middle Of Here Back..She Had A Voice On Her, I Watched Her Get Dressed I Could Not Keep My Eyes Off Her As Mant Times As I Tried I Was Ah Daze In Till Ah Voice

"You Know If You Gon Stare At Me At Least Say Something" Draya Laughed Not Turnin Around

"Ummmm I Just Wanted To Know If You Need Ah Ride To School"

She Laughed "Yeah Right Come In Her And Help Me Zip Up My Dress

I Walk Behind Here She Had On Ah Nice Fit Nice Dress The Stop Down To Here Knee I Reached For The Zipper Which Was At The Very Top Of Her Ass Which Was Perfectly Round... I Smiles I Lil And Zipped Her Up

"Thank You" She Said Turnin Around'

So Now We Are Face To Face Damn Near Lip To Lip

"About The Ride To School" She Said Backin away "I Woke Late So I Know My Sisters Left Me"

"How About I just Let You Drive"

"Really My Mother Never Let Me Do That"

"Do I Like Your Mother" I said playfully

"If I Didnt Know Any Better I Would Say You Really Tryna Make Me Like You"

I Laughed "Just Tryna Make Good Piece Between Us

Drya gave a Sweet smile "Well It Workin" She Bit Lip

Damn And Did They Turn ME oN

"Well I Gotta Go And Im Be Home A lil Late Cause I Gotta Dance Partice...That Cool?

"Yeah Just Call If It Get To Late"


"and you know if u need help with dance move im ya guy"

"yeah right "draya laughed"

"im 4real"

"well you show that and ill be leave it where are the keys"

"I Laughed" Here "Reachin Into his pocket and handin her the keys"

"Bye Chris"Draya Said Grabbin Her Purse And The Keys Out His Hand


Draya POV

School went as normal niqqas tryna talk to me and me not hearin it ,it was almost midnight when i got home,tryna teach female who cant dacne how to is hard,i called chris hours ago but he didnt answeri wonder was wrong...i walk in the house

"Unique..Nic...chris" I Yelled

"in heeeeerrrree" In A Drunk Type


"Thaaatsss Me"

"You Drunk"

"a lil" use his index finger and thumb to so how much

"omg hold on"

I Went in the kitchen to get him some water, ugh i take care of his ass more than im mother do, i come back this niqqa passed on the couch

"chris get up on drink this"

he was fallin everywhere..i helped him up to his room

"yo ass dont need to be drinkin AT ALL ...just call me if you need anything ok"

i turned to walk out the room but he grabbed me bt my wrist and pulled me back down

"what chris"

"stay here with me"


"why not"

I LAUGHED "drunk ass"

"i bet you want kiss the drunk ass"

"huh chr-"

before i could say anything his lips where meetin mine like i cant lie like was not enjoyin it ,he lay down on top of and move his soft hand all up my dress than...his fone rung was my my mother

"What The hell you want Robin?" "chris said

Damn i never heard he tawk to my mother like that...maybe that explains his drunkn state he was in !

**More Late I GOTTA go eat dinner**

*comment please*

I love this beginning i would have been mad as he'll if my stepdad told me i couldn't go somewhere

run it wen you can then

i know i was posa to be addin but school kickin my ass lol

i know i was posa to be addin but school kickin my ass lol

Run it

Lmaoo......i'm addin today yall

run it lol you called me sammy wammy you just like my best friend in real life she always be makeing up names for me

Haha. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
I was like-"I'm not old enough to go hang out??"

Lol You Older 19

She really wants him. Smh. Her mom would be SO pissed.
Am I a younger sister? If so-what's my age?
Am I like-12??? Lol.

Run it.


Lol yea me n Ty always togetha dey need stop hatin lol jk but run this they want each other wow n

run it!!

I Sat In My Room Listen To Adele "Rollin In The Deep"...Thinkinq About My Jerk Of An Ex Shad Who Cheated On Me Over 30 Times Just As The Tears Started To Fall My Cell Rung...It Was My BesT Friend Sammy She A Damn Lala Look Alike But Thats My Girl

"Wassup Bish" I Said Pickin Up The Phone

"What You Doin Chick"She Said

"Sitting Here Thinkin"

"About Shad??" She Says

"Yeah"I Said Sadly

"Girl Its Time To Move On From Him...You Need To Get Out The House,Lets Go To Club Martys" She Said Wildy

"Aite Im Down With That"I Said

"Aite Chick Be Ready In An Hour I'm Come Pick You Up"

"Ok Sammy Wammy" I Said Laughin

"Whatever"She Laughed

We Hung Up The Fone And I got Up Took My Bath And Found The Shorts Balck Dress In My Closet With My Big Sliver Ear Rings And Necklace && Gave My Hair Some Wave Curls I Check Im Slef Out And Walked Out Ma BedRoom Door

"Damn Where U Goin Dressed Like That"

I Turned To See My Sister Unique

I Laughed "Club Martys & Where Was u Earlier U Missed My Leave This Morning" I Said

"Girl Me & Nic Went Out Shopping & Im Sick Of Seein Her Leave Im Glad I MissED It"She Said Softly

"Oh Yeah I Feel Ya ..Where Nic"

"With Tyga Ass Like Always" She Said Laughin

"They Need To Ahead And Get Married Or Something "i laughed As Well


"Oh Girl That Sammy I Gotta Go" I Said Walkin Towards The Stairs

"ok sis have fun"she said walkin in her room closein the door

As my feet hit the bottom of the stairs i heard his voice

"Where U Goning Dressed Like That"

"Chris What Are My Dad Or Something ummm No I Dont Think So "I Said Walkin Towards And Grabin The Door Knob"

"I Don't Have To Be To Tell Yo Ass You NOT Goin No Where Like That"He Said Grabbin Her Wrist and pullin Away From The Door

"OOWEEE.Give Me Some Of What You Smokein cause i know you didnt just put ur hands on me like that"

"Yes i Did" Pushin Her Back Up The Stairs

"Look Chris You Not My Dad So Dont Act like it"

"Dad Or Not Yhu Not Gon Out The House Like That Cause Ur Mama Would Not Have That if she was here"

"Whatever Chris You Win Ok"

I Called Sammy To Let Her No To Go With Out Me


"Look Dont Be Mad At Me"

"I'm Not Mad You Just Care Idk Why But Yu Do"

"I Look As U As My Step Child"

"i guess" rollin my eyes

"Draya Me And Me And Ya Mama Been Married 6 Months...why dont u wanna get to know me just sit dowm and tawk to me"

"Ok What"

We Sat Down And Tawk For Hours The More We Tawk The More I Like Him And Hated The Fact The Him And My Mother,And Cant Get Past How Bad I Wanted Him And i Can Only Stop Myself 4 So Long......!


I Sat Here Talkin To My Draya I Cant Help But Notice How Beautiful She Is,I Mean She Got It From Here Which Is A Beauty As Well, But Draya DAMMMMN , I Gotta Shake Thiis Shyt i Love her mama and would not dare hurt her.

"damn draya, you sure can Talk

"lol shut up" She laughed

"See Im Not That Bad"I Laughed

"Yeah...maybe,But It late i should get some sleep its sunday i gotta Skool In The A.m"

"Ok Well Give Me Hug"

We Hugged Omg He Smelled SO Good And I Was Glad We Was Gettin Close Maybe Not In The Way I Wanted But It Will Do, As We Pulled Away Both Of Out Light Brown Eyes Locked And i could swear he wanted to kiss me just was much as i watched to kiss him .....but we did not...i went up stairs changed in to my pj's and slowly went to sleep Thinkin About My Stepdad

Sorry Its So Borein ths Time Around, This Was Just A lil Sum My Next POst Will Be Much Better Just wanted to give yall a lil sum ;p; !

uhmm lets see what happens in this
house while mama gone