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more will come later.

Keri and Alani are sisters they come from a horrible background their mother died when they were very young they lived with their father and sometimes stayed with their grandmother. Keri and Alanis father become an alcoholic when he lost his wife and he also begin to rape keri when she was 11 keri hated him she hated her grandmother for not believing her she even hated alani because she thought alani was everybodys favorite. Alani was being molested by her father also at 8 years old but she kept it a secret. soon as keri turned 18 she left with her girlfriend and moved to DC alani 15 at the time stayed in virginia, moved in with her grandmother she was her grandmas favorite she helped her grandma run a family business that was passed down from generation to the next their father died of a bad liver alani forgave him the day before he passed. keri didnt call or bother to show at the funeral. alani graduated high school and went to new york to live and try to pursue her acting career. Now at 23 she's still not an actress and is struggling in the big city but her life is about to change.....

I hope you guys like this it seems a little all over the place but it gets better. so run it or dump it?