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ha bout mii? do i look like him?

nigga crk.jpg

lol.....maybe i do......maybe i dont....u tell mii?

Posted by SMooTHlua



I think you look just like with and i think you cute ass hell

a little bit

u look like chris brown mixed wit clare boyfriend off of my wife & kids!!!!!!

U do look like him. Dats a good thing!

With Love and Best Wishes

Tell them stop lying to you............................

sInCeReLy Chris's Cinderella 4 Eva Eva Eh Eh
Haterz Keep Hatin'

boi u aint look lyk chris u look lyk ma boo! holla @ me!

i think u look more like chris grant
~*Ebony aka the next star*~

yh u do
Chris Brown's NO.1 fan forever... no matter what any of y'all say :P Gone further than a celebrity crush it's LOVE. Young Love you tell em Chris :D Can't stop thinking of you boo... You'll be mine one day lol... Your Cinderella xx