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Gangstalicious (mos Def) Homies Over Hoes lyrics [Chorus w/ "b****" whispered after each line] Homies over hoes, homies over hoes Homies over hoes, homies over hoes Do the homie! Do the homie! Do the homie! Do the homie! [Gangstalicious (Mos Def)] You never catch the 'Lic', rollin with no b**** 'Cause b****es ain't s***, you saw my crew is thick Whole bunch of knuckleheads, the bald heads and dreads Nigga, we hatin on them hoes like we hate the feds b****, cain't you see~?! Fall back away from me Me and my niggaz bumpin CHEST in the VIP Now bump it to the left, and bump it to the right 'Cause when you do the homie, nigga got to do it right [Chorus] [Gangstalicious (Mos Def)] Uh.. 'Cause b****es be trouble, be havin niggaz beefin You trickin on that ho, and yo' niggaz ain't eatin She pushin yo' whip, spendin all yo' cash Yo' homie got shot up, while you was in dat ass --BEEITCH!! [Chorus]
Not my lyrics! From the Boondocks!