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I need to get off this site,cuz seriously i think chris brown is gonna drive me nuts,and if i don't get this guy soon,things will happen to my head that i don't want to happen,plus i'm too old 4 this,seriously.


Don't leave this site, and don't stop being a fan! Chris B has great music and his lyrics are off the wall. You can only appreciate him like you are! Don't let anyone tell you, your to old to be a fan! I love Marvin Gaye,Teddy Pendergrass does that mean I am to young to be a fan? Music is music and it touches people in all sorts of ways. I do not think music should have an age limit! Be Proud of being a Chris B fan!!! lol lol

I have been a fan since day one love him for ever

Well, if you think you are too old to be a Chris Brown fan then you were never a fan in the first place. You don't have to devote all your time and energy to him, but as long as you still listen to his music and support what he does then you should be fine. Remember age is nothing but a number , FANDOM is forever.