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<a href=>Jay</a> walked outside and blew warmth into his palms as the chilly evening air whipped across his face. He dug his hands in his pockets and walked down the empty block. He got to his post and stood there, looking in both directions. It had been a year. He was well on his way to a promotion, so he didn't sweat the lonely nights. He pulled out his iPhone and went through his contacts. He stopped on Monique's name, just as a young guy approached. He looked to be about 15. Jay looked him in the face and nodded.

"Mookie sent me." The guy said.

Jay dug in his pocket and handed him a dime bag. The dude handed him a crumpled twenty and walked off down the street. Jay pressed Monique's name and put the phone to his ear. Her voice broke the silence surrounding him and he looked down the street, as he leaned up against the building he shared this corner with.

"What you doin tonight?" He asked, his tone of voice implying that he wanted to see her.

"Mm, nothing if you tryna come through." She said.

"Be up when I call." He said, hanging up the phone and putting it back in his pocket.

He sighed and looked up at the sky and marveled at the number of stars he could count tonight. He wondered what was up there. He wondered who was sharing this view with him this evening.


3 miles to the north, <a href=>Selena</a> looked up at the stars and wished that she was there. She looked back at the crowd of kids surrounding the swimming pool, celebrating graduation. She spotted <a href=>Narvin</a> and his eyes were glued to her. She turned away and sighed. She heard his footsteps behind her on the concrete. He put his hand on her lower back and she stepped away.

"Are you crazy? What are you doing?" She asked, looking at him.

"I haven't heard from you." He said.

"I didn't know this was something I'd committed to." She said, frowning at him.

"So what? What happened doesn't mean anything to you?" He asked.

"No. She's my best friend, Narvin." Selena snapped.

"Can I have everyone's attention!"

Selena heard her best friend <a href=>Chelsea's</a> voice and she shivered.

"I wanna thank everyone for coming! Thanks to everyone who has ever been there for me. We're graduating you guys! This is huge. I've had so many good times with everyone out here. I'm gonna miss everyone. I really wanna thank my best friend Selena and my boyfriend Narvin for being there when I needed them. I love the both of you. I don't know who I'd be without you guys." She said.

Narvin smiled and Selena's face swelled with tears. She stared blankly back at her best friend and then at the sky. She didn't want to be here anymore.


They're so good together, Awwwww. Ms. Yolanda needs to chill she didnt need to come at James like that, but I proud of James for sticking up for himself and telling her off. He's not that same young bad ass thug she first met four years ago (damn time flew) He's a responsible hardworking Father now who will do anything(legal) when it comes to taking care of his family. She aint got to worry about that. I think he's finally grown up and knows what he wants in life and is making it happen. I loved that Selena took up for him too. Yay Selena and Charity graduated, so proud of them. They hung on and through out it all they made it. Very proud of those two. The girls are so sweet, they adore there mom and dad, fatherhood and being a family man suits Jay really well. Lmao at that last bit Jay polishing Selena's toes hilarious man, the old Jay would have never lmao at Shane calling him a punkass for polishing Selena's toes. I cracked up laughing lol. Loved the add Carmen. RUN IT!!!

Lmfao at the last part!

Run it


James attempted to paint Selena's toenails and sighed loudly.

"I've crossed over." He said.

"Huh?" She asked, stuffing her mouth with popcorn.

"To punk ass land. Only punk asses paint their girls' toenails." He said.

"That's not true," Selena said, laughing ad rubbing his head. "You're doing a good job baby."

The girls lied in their cribs, talking to each other and rocking back and forth. Selena looked over at them and down at James, smiling.

"Which one's gonna play sports?" She asked.

James looked over at the play pin and thought for a moment, "Ashton I think. Aubrey's prissy like you. Ashton's gonna be the daddy's girl."

Selena nodded, "I think I'd have to agree. I see their personalities developing. Ashton is a lot more aggressive...especially during bath time. Aubrey's always in tears by the end." Selena said, smiling.

"I see you two having a lot of tearful talks in the future." He said, smacking his lips.

Selena smiled, but it faded a little. "I don't know...what i'd do if I ever lost you." She said softly.

"Why you bring that up?" He asked, looking up at her.

She shrugged, "We're building a life together now...nothing makes sense without you here and I just...I need us to grow old together."

"We will." He said, kissing the bottom of her foot. "I just kissed your foot, Selena. I'm bound to you for life."

She smiled and pecked his lips, "I love you Mr. Taylor."

"I love you too, Mrs. Taylor." He said, grabbing a cotton ball.

Shane and Charity walked past the room, but Shane stopped and back tracked before he shook his head at James.

"Punk ass." He mumbled, before he kept walking.

James looked at Selena, "See what I mean?"

Selena smiled, "Shane never does anything nice for Charity though're a winning punk ass."

"I'll take that." James responded, blowing on her toes.

He rolled over onto his back and looked at the calendar on the wall, before he looked over at Selena.

"Two more weeks." He said.

She nodded, drawing her knees into her chest, "I'm nervous."

"About what?" He asked.

"Starting over. I have no friends there." She said.

"You got me!" He said.

She nodded, "I know." She said, smiling. "I think I wanna do mommy and me classes with the girls."

"Yeah. Meet some other mommies." James said, running his finger along her arm.

Selena lied down and kissed his lips, "James..."

"Huh?" He said, looking up at the ceiling.

"Can I paint your nails with clear polish?" She asked.

James lied silently for a moment, "...You've gone too f***ing far." He mumbled.

Selena played music and let the girls play in their play pin as she packed up her bedroom. James came in from work and smiled a little, unbuttoning his shirt. Selena looked over her shoulder at him.

"Hi," She said, smiling and walking towards him.

He pecked her lips repeatedly and hugged her tightly. She rubbed his back.

"There's food on the stove. I tried to keep it warm for you." She said.

He nodded and proceeded to take off his watch. Selena went back to packing and James looked over at her.

"Will you...apologize to Yolanda for the way that I stormed out the other day?" He asked.

Selena shook her head, "You had every right to feel that way that you did, James."

"No but it was childish. I should've handled it a better way. I didn't do anything but reinforce her thoughts about me." He said, looking up at her.

Selena shrugged a little, "Okay. I'll tell her." She said softly.

James walked into the living room and leaned over the play pin, looking down at the girls, as they played with each other's toys. They both shrieked and tossed their arms up, at the sight of him. He picked them both up and kissed their cheeks.

"I missed y'all today." He said.

Aubrey touched his face and Ashton placed a sloppy kiss on his cheek. He smiled and put them back down before he went into the kitchen and made himself a plate. He put it in the microwave and waited for it to finish, as he thought about Selena. <a href=>She</a> walked into the room and grabbed an apple, studying him.

"What's on your brain?" She asked.

He looked down at the floor then back at her, "...Do you want your ring back?" He asked softly.

Selena stopped chewing, " mean like, you wanna get engaged again?"

He nodded, "I think we're ready..."

Selena smiled and nodded, "Okay.." She said.

The microwave beeped.

James was quiet for the remainder of the day. At dinner, when Yolanda probed him with questions, he responded absently, with one word answers. Selena looked over at him and put her hand on his leg when Yolanda went to the bathroom.

"What's going on with you?" Selena asked, looking him in the eyes.

He shook his head, "Nothing." He responded, kissing her forehead and rocking a sleeping Aubrey in his arms.

Selena kissed his cheek and he smiled over at her. He glanced down at her empty ring finger as she fed Ashton. Yolanda came back to the table and James resorted back to his shell. Yolanda looked at him, as he stared lifelessly out of the window.

"Is there something that you'd like to say James? You seem full of emotion." She said.

"Mom," Selena started.

"Yeah and you seem full of s***." James said, looking at her finally. "That's all I need to say."

He stood up and left the restaurant, carrying Aubrey. Selena looked over at her mother and then down at Ashton.

"...what were you two arguing about earlier?" Selena asked.

Yolanda shrugged, "He just gets so upset, so easily. I just asked him about the living arrangements."

"How did you phrase it?" Selena asked, looking over at her.

"What do you mean? I asked him if he works. Told him that he'd broken your heart before and that I don't feel comfortable with you being so far away from me." She said.

"So far away from you..with him." Selena said, searching her face.

"You see the way he stormed out of here? He has a temper, Selena. I don't think it's a good idea to have him around the girls." She said.

Selena shook her head and grabbed the bottle top for Ashton.

"He told me once, that you were one of the only people that made him feel like less than a man. That whenever you talk to him, he feels belittled and inadequate. I'm not worried about him being around the girls...I'm worried about him being around you. Thanks for dinner." She said softly, standing up and grabbing the diaper bag.

"Honey..." Yolanda called.

"I'll call you tomorrow, Mom." Selena said, leaving the restaurant to find James out in front, rocking Aubrey still.

He looked up at Selena.

"Are you done eating?" He asked.

She nodded, "C'mon, let's go home." She said, smiling a little.

Selena adjusted her cap and smiled at her reflection, as James scurried into the room, trying to tie his tie and respond to an email. Selena stopped him and did the tie for him. She smiled a little.

"You look so handsome." She said.

He kissed her forehead and walked towards the girls' cribs, putting them in the car seat. They were both in pink dresses, with headbands to match. He picked them up.

"Charity!" He called, leaving the room.

Charity came out of her room in her cap and gown and smiled at Selena. The two of them grabbed hands and intertwined fingers as they left the apartment. When they got to the convocation center, James and the girls and Selena split up and he went to find Yolanda. Selena and Charity went their separate ways and lined up according to their college. They proceeded to walk out to their seats and Selena searched the crowded audience of James and her mother. James sat in his seat, clutching Yolanda's camera, looking down at all of the graduates, when he found Selena looking lost and searching the crowd. He lifted up his arms and she smiled up at him and blew a kiss. He snapped a picture of her and sat back, waiting for them to start giving out the degrees. Yolanda smiled over at him.

"Enjoying fatherhood?" She asked, holding Ashton.

He nodded and looked over at her. He was always nervous around Yolanda. He still believed that deep down, she was against he and Selena.

"Yeah I love it." He said, holding a wiggling Aubrey. "It feels good to have responsibility."

Yolanda nodded, " what's this about moving to North Carolina?" She asked.

James knew that was coming, "I've got a house for us." He said softly, looking over at her.

<a href=>Yolanda</a> glanced over at him, then down at Ashton, as she exhaled.

"Do you even work, James?" She asked.

"Naw I'm supporting us with my good looks." James spat.

She smiled a little and looked down at the floor where the graduates were. Selena looked over her shoulder to see James' look of distress.

"Well sarcasm isn't going to make me feel any better about this move." Yolanda said.

"Neither is your doubting me." He responded. "I've taken care of Selena and the girls for the last 6 months. Ain't asked you for a dime, Yolanda. I don't plan to, ever. That's something you don't have to worry about. I'll grind for my girls. Period."

She threw her hands up, "Okay James. I just know what you've done in that past." She said.

"And what's that?" He asked.

"...hurt my daughter. It'll be a lot harder for me to put the pieces back together when she's on the other side of the country." Yolanda said.

Selena looked over her shoulder again to see Yolanda and James bickering. She sighed and looked forward. She tried to focus on the valedictorian address but she pulled out her phone.

<em>Is everything okay?</em>


She looked over her shoulder once more to see James rolling his eyes and tossing his head back.


Hello :) I'm adding TONIGHT.

RUN IT! Good luck on Finals.

Im proud of James he's stepped up a whole lot. And I love the fact he's a man with a plan. Got big things planned for his family. And I'm glad Selena's down for all of it. RUN IT!!

Finals are coming up! But I'll try to squeeze something in tomorrow or Thursday night (:

RUN IT!!!!

Oh yeahhhhh that's the kinda man I need lol

Run it

I'm so proud of James. he came a Longggg way man. selena changed a boy into a man. that's a real woman for you!

aaawww cute chapter!!!

Selena, great job at NOT panicking and over thinking!!!

James... new name is BIG DADDY, cause he's got the ball rollin!!!

run it run it girlie!!!

awww the babies are so cute!
and im so glad everything is working
out for james and selena
and now they got a house
i hope she just trusts him and i hope
that nothing bad happens with the whole
house situation!

run it

I swear I thought she was gonna get caught snooping

I fell asleep after writing that add last night lol, I'm so sorry! There will be more

RUN IT!!!:)

Run it

Selena was doing laundry when she ran across James' manilla folder that he'd had for weeks now. She put down the basket and looked at it, debating on opening it. She grabbed it anyway and flipped it open. She read over the paper that was on top but none of it made sense to her. The only thing she found to be weird was a North Carolina address in James' name. She shut the folder and sat it back down on the table, before she picked up the basket again and walked into the bedroom. The girls were in their cribs. Ashton was napping but Aubrey had her feet up in the air, rocking back and forth quietly. Selena picked her up and pecked her lips.

"Hi sweetie." She said.

James came in, loosening his tie and smiling. He pecked Selena's lips and kissed Aubrey's forehead.

"You're off early." Selena said, sitting down on the bed.

"I've got some news." He said, going into the closet and taking off his shoes.

"Concerning?" Selena asked.

"Us." He said, coming out of the closet and unbuttoning his shirt. "I've been working for the last few months...on the move."

Selena thought back to the folder and smiled a little, "You got us an apartment?"

He shook his head, "A house." He responded, smiling.

Selena smiled, buzzing with questions.

"" She asked.

"I've been saving for a while." He said, going to the dresser and pulling out some shorts, "So I just did it. We can move and get settled before it's time for the girls to go to school."

"Can we pay our mortgage? And bills? How will this work?" She asked.

"The house is pretty cheap, considering the shape it's in. The housing market is a buyers market so...we can afford it." He said.

Selena didn't say anything, but her face read concerned.

"Babe we're in the clear. I got a connect out there. If something goes down, he's the guy to go to. I've been working for months with these people. I know they won't lead us astray. They know our situation." He said.

Selena nodded and rubbed Aubrey's back.

"So when do we move?" She asked.

"Looking at August." He said, tying up his tennis shoes and standing up. "I'm gonna go work out."

"Okay babe. I'll pick your brain later." She said smiling.

He pecked her lips and left the room. She looked at Aubrey.

"We can see the Atlantic ocean!" She said, smiling.

Lol, thanks readers. Adding some now.

aite big daddy James!!!!lls

He has really stepped up, James is doin his thang!!

run it run it girlie!!

James putting in work! He loves his family. :)
I guess them babies are really what motivates him.
He's faithful, hardworking, productive, smart. A family man!
I love him do much. Him & Lena need alone time. :)

Aww the babies are too cute. They're getting so big. I'm proud of James and Selena. They're pretty good at this parenting thing. Aww I'm even prouder of James. He's making moves and doing big things to ensure a good life for his family. I love the change in him from the beginning of this story till now. :) Shane and Charity are still going strong I see. Charity's so helpful to Selena very sweet. This was a vet beautiful add. Loves it. Run It!!!

I hope and pray Selena won't have a problem with what James is doing

Im so happy for the both of them, the twins are beautiful
just one cute little family ♥
Run it

Aww their so cute as a family!

Awwww those babies are just toooo adorable...

Run it