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Chatroom LoveLine(A short story)

*~ <a href="">Harmony's</a> POV~* It was last period and i was waiting on my bestie to txt me back on if she was gonna go on this chatroom with me or before u judge me u should atleast get to kno me. The name is harmony "monae" 16 and a biracial hispanic no biologically parent only foster and im a sophomore at ???.now the reason im even doing the whole chatroom thing is cause the boys in my school are so...ugh lik i need an older dude that can handle me... ----------------- *~ <a href="">Nicole's</a> POV~* If we would have just ate lunch in study hall i wouldnt be forced to go on this stupid website.i mean i guess that kinda stuff is okay for old people but me nah.monae better be glad i love ha stank ass. I just hope once i get home that b**** aint there ...


Lmbo @ young_stud... I guess he real full of himself..'

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I wudnt flip on my bff she shud tell me n run it

oOOooo... Chris huhs lmaooo..
Mase.. LMAOOOO thats wassup!
awwwww *swoons* Lanie and gunz CUTEE!!


Lmao wow thats good dude is positive about school lol

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(cont.) chris or "tattedmisfit". Never ever ever did i think id be on the phone chattin it up with a dude from yonkers. Not saying anything bad bout yonkers its know. Anyways chris actually turned out to be a great guy despite the fact of him going to WCC. We decided to just talk and txt for a bit before meeting up i must say tho his voice is a MAJOR turn on. ----------------- *~Kandy's POV~* soon as i got in the chatroom the private ims started flowing in but only one stood out to me and that was this guy named Antz or as his username says "young_studd" *eye roll* despite all that his a cool guy.we've already exchange emails and cell numbers.i dont kno wen we'll meet up all i kno is wen we do im bring mase...s*** i aint that crazy... ----------------- *~Nalanie's POV~* Me and derrick "ballerMI" are soo meant for eachother. We just fit eachother perfectly. We have just about the same goals and dreams...*sigh* only thing

Lmaoo @iam_GOD !!!

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ohhhh 28.. watch yoself girl!
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*~Harmony's POV~* Micheal "heartbroken_lover" is just so sweet. I dont know why any girl in her right mind would ever brake up with him. Only thing his 28...but his not anything like those sick f***s out there. He encouraged me to finish school and going to college and getting a job to better my self...but I kno no matter what not only would my foster parents freak but nicole would too. Thats why the fact that both me and micheal decide to keep his age a sercret i mean noone would really understand... ----------------- *~Nicole's POV~* i guess comming on here wasnt a bad idea after all. I ended up meeting this guy Jinsu who goes to our rivial(?) school. AND his only 18 that aint too bad being that i'll be 17 in a matter of two months. I will say his user name did put me off at first i mean "iam_GOD" really?!? ---------------- *~ Asia's POV~* up 7 something in the morning talking to my idk what to call him other

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ohh manz 10 mins till it opens..

ONLY 89, thats a lot lolz..

can`t wait to see what happens lol


lol I cant wait until to see if I get on the chatline lol
and who mother tells their child to do that lol


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*~Nalanie's POV~* I sat on my bed with my lap top in front. I have to admit im just a bit anxious to see what this chatroom was all about. The only problem im having would be that its only 6:45 the chatroom doesnt open up till 9. I guess i could get started on my term paper but thats so blah...bein 19 in college is so uugghh. Ima just kick back and watch some spongebob till its time. -----------------*~Candace's POV~* 8:50 my clock read i guess its close to show time. I wonder if any of my friends are gonna go on. I mean like getting to know people from other areas is cool and all i just dont think theres a chance i'll actually find someone i mean maybe but i dont know. I typed in the website and waited .damn only 89 people online oh well here goes nothing

snotty ass mother!!

hahahaha.. I like this


Haha. That's messed up. No pics.
But what she mean by she need an older dude?
You're 16!
How much older can they get before it's rape???
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*~ <a href="">Asia's</a> POV~* I stood outside my job looking at this flyer. I decided to give a try the first time my eyes landed on it at lunch break. Names Asia im a 19 year old lehman college freshman.i stay in brookyln with both my parents. Its not as bad as it sounds though bk is a pretty cool place to be just i want something more... ----------------- *~ <a href"=">Kandy's</a> POV~* "You kno dear you should give this website a try...your not getting any younger" my mom had the nerve to say in front of her snotty uptight friends. All i could do was shake my head and leave. Doesnt she know that ive been busy tryin to be sucessful i mean how many 20 year olds you kno live on their own...*sigh* i guess ill give it a try i doubt ill meet any guys from cali that are my type...

Lol damn well they are good friends lol

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Dang WTF happened to our pics run it n lol I'm funny n that's what friends are for to b there for each other.