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Listen To These Girls....

Rap off this 'Really Doe P' song. Its Milwaukee music btw if your wondering. Its with Ashaa Jayy-Dee and her two sisters! This is <a href="">Ashaa Jayy-Dee</a> her tumblr is And she is India Love Westbrooks ( cuzzo! I know it seems like "DANG HOW SHE KNOW ALL THIS!!" Well my sister Raven loves her and I noticed that Jayy-Dee can sing and rap her ass off! She needs to be famous!!! lol. Well listen to there Really Doe P remake. If your wondering what the original is, just get on youtube and look up Really Doe P. She got first verse!

<a href="!/song/4ec1a5f4-2c9c-70f3-0a00-00041a040000">Really Doe P Remake</a>