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1 + 1 doesnt always equal 2 (_-_The Butterfly Effect_-_)

CHAPTER 1*~Chris's POV~* "christopher mother said for you to get up NOW"yelled bree."f*** off"i said as i rolled over and put my face into my pillow."mother chris said for you to f*** off"yelled bree with a smile as she ran downstairs."ugh"i yelled as i got up and started to get ready before she decided to come back and bother me some more. My name is <a href="">Christopher Brown</a>. Im 19 and a senior at Belmont High School.I live in the "Good" neighborhood of Baldwin Hills with my mom and sister. Everyday while the "regular" people make tough decisions only thing i struggle with is which ride i wanna take <a href="">"Amber"</a> , or <a href="">"Kush"</a> . I have a girlfriend named



please run it girl im tryna read more lol

BTW....Most of ur pics dont work!

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Run it.
I would dump my man for Chris...first let me get one.

*~chrystee's POV~*if you would've toldd me two weeks ago I'd meet the most amazing guy ever from belmont I wud've slapped yu and spit right in your mouth just for disrespecting me lol but now ....that's so far from the truth. Truth is chris "christopher" is the most decent guy I've met from that school so far not to. Mention his f***ing sexy ...hmmm to bad he got a girl and I got my boo boo bryan. Anyways I'm suppose to be meeting up with him later I just hope everything goes according to plan."Right dice"asked abbym"right wat"I asked back."Damn u wasn't listenin to a word I was sayin were u*asked abby."Nope"I said and than busted out laughing."What's so funny"asked bryan as he walked up."Nuttin babe"I said as I pecked his lips."So wassup ya'll gonna help me spread the word about my party Next week"asKed bryanm"u know this man"nini said as she reached across the table to. Give hhim dap."Whose suppose to be comming so far"asked nic."Man everyone frm every hood even them rich boys rollin though"said bryan."Great"said nic ass shee rolled her eyesm"wats wrong with that"asked abby."They knt be trusted all they do is look down on us lik we have the plague or something and anyone who believes other wise is a fool"said nic as she glanced at me.

some of the pics didnt come up but ahahaha i threw the slurpie at her that was funny n run it

lol my character is hilarious.!
she kno her buddy chris very

Yesss I whoop ass lmao ! I love my character ! I wonder what's gone happen next
Run it

I like this.
I love every story I'm in.
Plus, I got the car-aye!
Run it.

*CHAPTER 2* *~Chris' POV~* Its been two weeks since shad's little video stunt with that little girl from crenshaw. I must admit though if it wasnt for that i wouldnt have started talking to this bomb ass chick chyrstee. Dont get me wrong i still go out with courtney and chyrstee had informed me she just got a boo so we're just friends. We're suppose to meet up later for the first time though and i must admit im kinda nervous."hello earth to chris"ranee said while snapping her fingers in my face."are you crazy i dnt kno where ur hands been"i said jokingly slappin her hand away."you was out of it my dude wat was u thinkin about"asked my homie <a href="http://www.exposay/celebrity-photos/jinsu-snippet-jasmine-villegas-boyfriend-dmvrmk.jpg">Jinsu</a> ."his future babymomma chyrstee"said nae."oh wrd"said jinsu.they both busted out laughing."ha ha hardy ha not funny we're just friends"i said."mmhmm"said ranee and jinsu as they started laughing again.i just shook my head and finished my food.

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im loving this so far.!
i see imma hav to fight
that hoe courtney tho lol
Run it girl.!!!!!


*~Chrystee's POV~* "I might wake you up in the morning and cook for you if you having a problem with a song i'll write a hook for you. 11:30 at night i aint gona look for you cause i know you comming home with me i will never stress you or make you feel misled if you wanna go to the movies i'll flip it instead"i sang into my web cam recording myself."i never knew you could sing like that"said <a href="">Termanie</a>. "i know i only sing for my fb peeps"i said."ohok...ya sister said u can stay here if u want"he said still in the doorway."nah i'll pass"i said."wateva u say miss stubborn"he soon as he walked away my phone went off "hello"i said."hey"said nic,nini,and abby."wat yall tricks up to"i asked."boy oh boy do we have some news"said nini."wat happened"i asked."we cant tell u ..u gotta see it for ur self"nic said."ugh than tell me how im suppose to see it and i'll go and do just that"i said."do u have shad as a facebook friend"asked abby.

*~Chris' POV~* "i be that breezy nigga near a millie here and million there selling out stadiums million chairs stepping on and off stage killing em' i got a million pairs of them white a million airs ima beast every competition come please lock em up lock em up just put em on freeze"i rapped while ranee recorded me."christopher stop all that ruckus mother is trying to relax"yelled <a href="">Bree</a> ."f*** off hoe"ranee yelled."who is that"bree asked."nunya b****"nae said."oh i know who that is ... Must be ranee shes the only one who comes around here smelling like that"bree said."smelling like wat"asked nae."like trash"bree thing the door was open and they were in eachothers face."bree please go away and do something"i said. Bree walked away like she wasnt close to gettin her ass kicked."i cnt stand ur sister"nae said plopin dwn on my bed."i kno i kno"i said as i got on my laptop and signed onto facebook.

*~Chrystee's POV~*"im telling you that b**** better watch her back"said nicole."i wish i was there cause i been wanting a piece of that ass since freshman year"nini said."aint that her over there talking to those boys"i asked."hell yeah"nic said gettin up handin me here slurpie and bag."hold on nic"nini said as pulled her back dwn "aint that shad with her"she asked."whose shad"i asked."this guy from belmont who be taping him and his friend sex capades"abby said."frm the looks of it he picked the right one cause jewel is a hoe"nic said as unique pulled up."took u long enough"i said as we got in."yea yea"unique said."yeo i got an idea hand me that slurpie dice and slow down by that car unique"nic said.i handed her back her drink."wat you about to do"asked abby."you'll see"said nic.soon as we got by jewel shad and some other dudes nic threw her slurpie on jewel and said"now wat u dirty b****".we sped off cracking up thats nic for u tho

*~Chris' POV~* "Yeo chis hold up man"yelled shad joggin up behind me."wassup" i asked."you wanna come chill with me and the guys we bout to get this little hunny from crenshaw"shad said."nah ima pass"i said."you sure" he asked."im sure"i said with that we gave eachother dap and went our seperate ways."so u just gona leave me behind"ranee said."you kno i'd never do that"i said as she got in on the passenger side."chrissy pooh"squealed courtney tryna catch up before i pulled off."oh god just leave her"ranee said."now yu KNOW i cant do that"i said."whew i thought u was gona leave me"courtney said as she finally reached us."i wish he would"ranee said under her breath."well now that im here u can head to the back"courtney said."who u talkin to"ranee asked looking around "i dont know if u tryna be cute nor do i care but wat i do kno is i will mop yo ass up and dwn this parking lot if u EVA say some s*** to me like that again"ranee said."ugh christopher you just gonna let her tlk to me like that"courtney asked.

*~Chrystee's POV~*"I hope you beat that b****'s ass"said unique."you know i did b**** thought i was playing"i said as we into her car."well we gotta make a stop before i drop ya'll at school"said unique."a stop where"nini asked."we gotta go pick up yo boo <a href="">Micheal</a> "said unique."thats not my boo"said nini."mmhmm"said unique as we pulled up in front of his crib."sup peoples"micheal said as he got in back."hey"me and unique said."u cnt say hi now nia"he asked nini."no and its lania to u sir"she said."ooooo"me and unique said with laughter."hmmm say that again"he said sliding closer to her."no i dont repeat myself"nini said while squirmming in her seat."is that so"he said before he kissed her behind her ear making her gasp."thought so"micheal said while me and unique were dying frm laughing so hard."ay we're here thanks for the ride sis"i said as i got out."i dnt love him"nini said."thats wat u say for now"micheal said

*~Chris' POV~* "spill it"i said to my bestfriend nae as we sat dwn at an empty table."okay okay well you know my ex ronald"she said."yeah wat about him"i asked."wweeelll...somehow he tested positive for steriods"she said as she than busted out laughing."your so mean ..... Did you have anything to do with that"i said."wat who me..."she said slyly while bating her eyes at me."chrissy pooh" courtney squealed."um yeah see ya"nae said as she got up and walked off."why does she always do that whenever i come around"courtney asked."please not today i already have a headache"i said looking into my bookbag."sorry baby"she said as she sat down next to me."uh huh" i replied as i took out a bag of chips."dont eat that"she yelled as she smacked it out my hands."what the hell"i yelled back."you cant eat stuff like that around me just the smell of it makes me break out in hives and plus thatll make you fat"she said as she picked at her nails.i just shooked my head and walked off."christopher dont walk away frm me"she yelled

run it

<a href="">Nicole aka nic</a> , <a href="">Abigail aka abby</a> . I live in a housing complex thanks to my sister <a href="">Unique Lovee aka unicorn</a>. She all that iva had since our parent died 3 years ago.

*~Chrystee's POV~* "so what it gonna be either you hand them kicks over or i beat your ass"yelled angel."well i guess its the so called ass whopping cause i aint giving you s***"i yelled back."yeo just chill yall we're gonna be late for school"said <a href="">Nini</a>. " i dont give a f*** she betta hand them over"angel said than took a slip of her juice."man f*** this i dont got time"i said as i started to walk pass her."your not going anywhere"she said tryin to grab onto my bag which made her trip and spill juice all over my polo sweater."oh s***"nini said as she backed up while i started taking off my s*** to beat the brakes off of shawty. My name is <a href="">Chrystee "Dice" Starr</a> . Im 17 turning 18 in 2 months. Im a junior at Crenshaw High School. I live in Crenshaw along with my 3 besties Lania "nini",

bad ass little girl lol
Run it.!

<a href="">Courtney</a> whom i cant really stand but tolerate for my mom. Than theres my bestfriend <a href="">Ranee Bryant</a> she lives out in crenshaw but goes to school with me which is why my mother tolerates her.