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"Signs Of Lovemaking" © Zodiac Signs

They we're different. All of them, they didnt have the same characteristics as you and me. Nope. They took the zodiac to a different level. Thats why they we're all put away. Where you say?. The school of astrology.

"honey sit down. We have to talk to you" her mother said as she sat down.

"your mother & I talked and thought about this thing for a long time" her father said. " the suspensioms from school has to end. And your outbrakes just wont . Your dangerous"

What? What u mean by dangerous?" She yelled

"dont be mad baby. Your father. Means well but your changes arent heathy for others." Her mom stated

"stop talking to me like im 5. Spit it out" her goat antlers started to grow out her head. & her fish tail started to form.

"that.! That shiit isnt normal. We're moving u to Miami. The school of Astrology" her dad said

"so ur shipping me away because of my capricorn behaviors"

"yes" they said in unasion. She look at them & smirked. Standing up and walking upstairs.