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♚The Prince &&' Me♚ CAST CALL

low class or royal:
What is your passion:
Whats your favorite love sonq:


Name: Candace Marie
man: Trey or Shannon Brown
pic: Toya Wright
persona: Shy, sweet, goofy intelligent
age: 20
role: whatever fits
low class or royal: low class
What is your passion: reading
Whats your favorite love sonq: dangerously in love 2- beyonce'

sweet,can be nonchalant at times
and all around just a good person
Role-it doesnt really matter
well yea it does lol iwanna
have money bt not be all havin
a attitude and wat
a normal girl....just wit a
lil money dats all lol
Passion-fashion designing,singing and dancing
Favorite love song-Dangerously In Love-Beyonce

lol Harley did you call me a b****? lol sorry boo, imma pimp! lol

Lauren London
Wale or Big Sean

Laid back nice sweet faithful funnyy
outgoing slow at times


royaltyy but not all stuck up

Singing && dancing
Spend myy life with you- eric benet && tamia

I'm so lazy I didn't want to put pics. Lol.

Name: Unique Love
man: Dominic Legacy Thomas
pic: K.D Aubert
persona: Has two personalities. (Since people around me say I do).
<> 1st Personality: is nice, funny, goofy, stupid, crazy, lovable, says stupid stuff for no reason, can't stay on the same subject for long, naive and innocent.
<> 2nd Personality: is mean, cold hearted, mysterious, blunt, always has a weapon, always on the defense, violent, doesn't care about anything.
age: 18
role: A sister
low class or royal: Uh...make me a pauper. My low class ghetto
What is your passion: Playing music and dancing. :)
Whats your favorite love sonq: <a title="If I Ever Fall In Love Again- by Shai" href="">If I Ever Fall In Love Again- by Shai</a> and <a title="All I Do Is Think Of You-by TROOP" href="">All I Do Is Think Of You-by TROOP</a>

<strong>Name:</strong> Eli`Zane Gambino

<strong>Man:</strong> I really want Chris, I don`t know who else lol

<strong>Pic:</strong> Cassie

<strong>Persona:</strong> Really kind, polite, shy, quiet, happy, loves music, music calms her, will bxtch slap you if you go way too far, flicks off drama and does what she needs to

<strong>Age:</strong> 22

<strong>Role:</strong> Music Teacher for the b**** of the story, but I`m the Girl that wins the Princes heart LMAOOO (dreamer)

<strong>Low class or Royal:</strong> Low Class

<strong>Passion:</strong> Playing the Guitar

<strong>Love Song:</strong> Brian McKnight - Marry your daughter or Christina Aguilera - Bound to you

(1)Name:Danielle (2)Man:Tyga or Trey (3)Pic:Keisha Chante (4)Persona: sweet kind bipolar sarcastic sensitive funny nonjudgemental faithful honest loyal and will fight anyone man or woman if i have too. (5)Age:19 (6)Low Class or Royal:Royal (7)Role:w.e fits (8)Favorite Love Song:Melanie Fiona-Kills Me,Leona Lewis-Bleeding Love,Brandy-Never Say Never,Az Yet-Last Night, Boys II Men-End Of The Road,Kc & JoJo-All My Life (9)Passion:Dancing

Name: Anastasia Love
man: J.Cole
pic: <a href="">me</a>
persona: snobby, kind of a brat, always wants my way, can be EXTREMELY sweet when I want to be, has a very hard protective shell.
age: 17
role: ummm whatever fits, idk
low class or royal: Royal
what is your passion: dancing (specifically ballet and contemporary)
whats your favorite love song: Doing it wrong by Drake and Diary by Wale

Name:Kaydn Reid
man: Tyga or chris if i can have him
pic:<a href=";current=5362950351_088ac30f0c.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>Jade of Jadken

persona:Im bipolar super fun i love my family and friends i have my gangsta ways i will go off if yu come wrong bt im easy to talk to an very well rounded independent and not afraid to ask the questions other ppl wont ask bt still kinda quiet and to myself

role:Um idk really watever fits
low class or royal:Low Class
What is your passion: Cooking
Whats your favorite love sonq: Drake-best i eva had or Lenny Williams cause i love you

Name: Asia
man: Drake
pic: India Love Westbrooks ( for more pics)
persona: Sweet, caring, smart, funny, crazy, talented,
age: 18
role: Whatever (or princess)
low class or royal: Royal
What is your passion: Singing
Whats your favorite love sonq: Look What You've Done by Drake (& Reminded by Tyga ft. Adele)