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-Age Aint Nothing But A Number'::..

{{- Age aint nothing but a number , throwing down aint nothing but a thang. This loving I have for you it will never change }}

..::with LaNia::..

This was a risk. That I knew. & if anybody was to tell. The half of my heart will be sitting behund a jail cell. I mean everyonyone saying I shouldnt be in this perdicument but I love this 22 year old man. I mean look at me? 16 driving a 2010 mercedece bendz. 16! And got a car from where im from. A bendz. 2010. Where im from they think hoopty's are affordable cars. But he takes care of me. And I love that. I been with him for a year & he know me & im body better than myself. I just cant give that away.

[[you say it's because of my age girl , but age aint nothing but a number. It aint nothing but a numbet. Number baby]]

..::with cortez::..

Niggas praise me from where im from. how am I a lil nigga with a bad main older biitch on the team. Old cats hate tell me I just dont know what to do with that. But if it serves me cortectly. I hit it so hard niggas around the corner know my name. Haha. But thats my dime. she better than these biitches around her childiish and playing games. She makes me feel needed, like a man. Thats why she the wife. Im not leaving that.


Yo this was my shyt lol

run it


Run it

K. Update today

Name: Nallely
Pic: Lauren London
Upper class?
Hood ? Can myy man be hood (Drake) && then i be upperclass??

Personality: nice, sweet, funnyy, kinda loud but shyy at times, DIVA!!

NaNa & Nazar leave me yo info again.

I kno. Nazar wants tyga

& nana wants drake.

run it

this is too funny.!
you got cradle robbers
all up in this but hey
maybe cortez and lania
will end up together in
the end. lmao
Run it.!

Cortez is a beast, lil young tenderoni!! LOL. Least Sherice is actually being ratinal thinking about there ages difference. Now Trent doing to much talking bout he can see himself with Lania forever and marrying her s*** shes only 16 she may not wanna be around him once shes grown maybe she'll wanna explore other options.... Good adds.

She's not old but dang...pedophiles are everywhere in this story!
Run it.

on everything... i couldnt do the lil boy d***... hell naw. lol

Run It!

The pics is done too.. but it wont let me log in as you to post them.

u wnt me to do it as me.?

ooooh mmmm
look at him lol

lil boyy tryyna handle
some business

hope theyy dont get
caught though
cause shortyy gon go
do not pass go
&& do not collect
the moneyy


oan. . .im in this one?

Oh my! Cortez must go hard in that bedroon.

Hmm, he has an older woman? She a cougar!

Whatever though, she need to understand that he is just a boy
and I see this as child molestation. Jk.

On the real though, this isn't right he is only <strong>SIXTEEN!<strong>.
If they get caught, she will go to jail for sagitory rape.

Run it.

[[ you say it's because of my age girl. But age aint nothing but a number. It aint nothing but a number. Number baby]] -pretty ricky.

"ohhh... Mmm cortez.! Right their baby . Yess. Ahhh. Awww shiit" Sherise said I grabbed her hips raming my diick in and out of her. The sound her ass was making when it hit me turned me on even more.

"damn babe . Yo ish went as fuuck" I said making her pussy fart. She laughed.

"mmm baby stop. I hate when u do that. She said as I made it do one more farting sound than pulled out. I layed down as she got on top of me and started to ride.. Man she was the true definition of a lady in the streets but aa freak in the bed.

"ahh tez im about to cum

"damn me too" I said as we came together. Good thing she was on birth control cause with her I never wore a ru ber. Just cant.. (shrugs)

"mmm. Why you gotta be soo young" she said laying on top of me

"ya point. Age aint shiit"

"cortez im 22. Your 16" she said looking at me

"ok i'll be 17 in may" I looked at her

"& i'll be 23 in september".

"so why are we having this conversation. Nothing gonna change. Either you f***ing with me or I can leave. We feeling each other got stuff in common. Why should a number matter."

"i'll go make dinner. Are you staying the night" she got up putting some panties

Trent just cant wait
That's why he already has her.
What kind of family does she have letting her sleep over his house?
Run it.

i want Lauren London
&& Drake

i left myy info in the Newbie
post NayyZayy made =)

LaNia plays Antonia "toya " carter

Trenton .is terrence j

Cortez is chris brown

Terrence is trey songz

Anthony is tyga

Cherise is beyonce

Than it's you & nana but idk what pic she want.

& on the other story I dnt have a computer & I cant copy & paste on my phone. The name just comes up

RUN IT! I likes so far..

I gotta wonder.. wtf do this grown ass man want a lil girl for...

Where's the cast?? so i can do the pics?

Trent you cool and all but he's doing a little too much.


Whatever though, as long as he doesn't screw things up with her.

Run it.

Umm.. Trent a mofo`n fool with his self. The girl just 16! For crying out loud. She sound like me. I am lazy af & hate science. And he moving too fast. See, this relationship aint gon' work. He wants to get married in a few more years. Ha ass aint even made it out of school yet! See, nah. Uh uh. I wouldve looked at his ass like he was crazy ! RUN IT.

{{- Age aint nothing but a number , throwing down aint nothing but a thang. This loving I have for you it will never change }}

I sat in the middle of his king size bed. My legs folded indian style and laptop sitting infront of me. My hair pulled up in a messy bun. Glasses boy shorts with trenton big t shirt. I had a essay due the next day so I was typing away. I heard the shower water go off a couple mins later I see Trenton (Terrence J) walk in with a towel.

How's that paper going baby" he said walking to his dresser pulling out some boxer.

"i hate this s***.! I dont even wanna do it"

Trent sat at the edge of the bed putting lotion on "ut unn baby I dont wanna hear that. U the one who procastinate on this essay. Your doing it. And besides this is nothing compared to college" I sighed. "dont do that either. I'm not about to have a dumb ass wife who just wants to spend my money and have my babies. Your education is very important. And im just pushing you so hard because I love you".

"i love you too".

"so have you decided on a major yet? It's almost spring and your junior year Is almost over. You need to get started." He said putting socks on and grabbing his sweat pants.

"ikno. Im thinking about. Majoring in communication. Maybe minor in journalism.." I said staring at his body.

He chuckled. "babe journalism u have to write. You cant even get through this essay. "

"baby it's science! You kno I cant do this. "

He climb in the bed and sat behind me. "stop saying cant. It's a weak word. You can do everything"

"thank you baby. I'm happy your in my life." I said

"i'm happy to bed in your life beautiful. "he leaned his chin on my shoulder. "mmm. Baby I dont feel like cooking"

"you want me to order a pizza"

"no. I'll order it. Finish that paper. You get distracted easily" he got up.

"no true" I looked at the laptop.

"baby. You havent typed anything sincei came in"

"you were naked.!" I lajghed.

"my point exactly" he laughed walking out the room. I put my attention back on the screen & completed a couple more paragraphs. 10mins later trent walks back in and lays down. I put the laptop on the dresser and climbs up the bed next to him. He laughs wrapping his arm around me.

"i cant wait till you turn 18. I'm tired of hiding you. I wanna take you out. Put you in the elegant dresses so u can come with me to the office parties. You can move in. we get married & start our family" my body tensed up

"thats alot to do in one year.

"it'll all come together perfect baby I promise"

I fell asleep until the pizza came. Dreaming about trents promise

So is there a correlation between them?
Like, is he dating LaNia AND the old lady?
Run it.
I would date a 22 year old.
As long as my dad doesn't kill him.

Ooo, run it.

i like how this sound!!


Well hey! If they like it I love it! Lol

Run It..

Lmao. LaNia just dgaf. Thats a f*cking 6 year difference ! And idk what to say about that. Cortez a mess too. He got an older bish and shid. Well, thats them. RUN IT.