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[{MOTIVES}]*new story*

|~INTRO~| *walks into the bathroom and goes into one of the stalls. Takes out a razor and slowly cuts their arm* They Think Their So f***ing Special. I Cant Stand Any Of Those Sick f***s...Especially The Girls They Think Just Cause Their So Popular And Date The Guys They Do Everyone Is Suppose To Kiss The Ground They Walk On Mother f***er Please. I Bow Down To Noone Noone f***s With Me Cause When They Do Better Believe They'll Pay. So They Can Walk Around Like They Untouchable All They f***ing Want Cause Truth Is Their Human Just Like The Rest Of Us...And Just Like Every Human Has Their Own Little Secrets So Do They And Just The Right Person To Let Em All Out. Now You May Wonder Who I Am How Do I Know Anything ... WELL Dnt f***ing Wrry Bout It You'll Know When Im Good And Ready f***ers. Just Know s*** Will Change And It Will Change Soon And I'll Be The One Who Ass They'll Have To Kiss For Once. ------------------- A/N:I'LL START WEN I GET MORE PPL :P



lol unique hating
she crazyy

Oioooh myy man there!!

run it!!

ALL PICS UP AND WORKING!!! -------------------(Conti.)"hold it right there"unique said."hmm"mani said."put dwn the oreos and u wont get hurt"unique said."oh wat u gonna do cut me"mani said raising an eyebrow."yeah"unique said as she pull out her knife."hmm okay i see"mani said as she than ripped open the oreos sending them flying all across the room "opps my bad"she said."you b****"unique said as she than threw her knife right above mani's head."are you crazy"mani yelled."yup"unique said.everyone busted out laughing as some rang the doorbell."i'll get it"kennedy said.she walked to the door and opened it just to scream."wtf"kaydn said as they all rushed to see kennedy all hugged up with <a href="">chris</a> . "i kno this b**** wasnt screammin just cause yo ugly ass walked up in here"unique said."hello to you too"chris said."where every one else"asked thierry.

Yay yu added bt nun of the links workd 4 me

*CHAPTER 1* "o-m-g im like sooo bored" said <a href="">Kaydn</a> ."I know and its so hot"said <a href="">Kennedy</a> . "word like whats good with the a/c unique" asked <a href="">Thierry</a> as she came out stuffing her mouth with some ice cream. "b**** i kno u didnt go in MY fridge" said <a href="">Unique</a> . "i wasnt the only one though"said thierry as everyone than spotted <a href="">Mani</a> trying to tip toe back into the kitchen with a bag of double stuff oreos tucked under her arm.

&& again. . .


GREAT intro!

Run it.
Run it.
Run it.
She or he sounds crazy...

run it.!

Run it plez



is this te one
im in??