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<em>`01 |</em> <strong> Justíce</strong>

Smoke clouds floated past <a href="">Justice</a>'s face as she sat on the concrete steps on Rhyna's front porch. She scrolled up and down , sliding her fingers back and fourth through her apps on her iphone. She waited impatiently for her ex-boyfriend , close friend Corey to finish his black & mild. Loud voices and loud music came from the house as someone entered and exit the front door. Justice checked the time again , looking up at <a href="">Corey</a>.

"It's my best friend's graduation party and I'm sitting out here with you , while you smoke and watch every girl walk in and out of the house!". Justice said , rolling her eyes.

"So , you ain't missin' nothing! I'm finished anyway!". Corey shook his head , tossing his finished black & mild into the front yard. He adjusted his hoodie , sticking a piece of gum into his mouth.

Justice stood up from the steps , brushing her shorts off. She slipped her iphone into her back pocket wakin into the house with Corey behind her. Every room in the house was filled with teenagers and adults. Food and drinks coveered every table , with a photo booth also. Justice found a spot to sit and check out the party and everyones vibe. Corey stood next to her , talking and drnking with someone he knew. He never left her side. Drake's <em>Shot for Me</em>played , bringing in a slow vibe at the party. Corey watched as Justice snapped , and rocked side to side to the beat , singing along. He tried not to watch too much , knowing it was her favorite song at the moment. She always told him it reminded him of the times when they <strong>were</strong> together.

"<em>I never cheated for the record back when I was with you , but you believed in everything but me , girl I don't get you</em>". Justice sang outloud , looking over at Corey still rocking to the beat. Corey bit down , showing off the structure on the side of his mouth. He kept his cool , walking away. Justice watched as Corey walked across the room over to another female. Justice laughed to herself , shaking her head.

"Where you been?". <a href="">Rhyan</a> yelled over the music , holdng a red cup in her hand fllled with some mixed drink.

"Outside with Corey , of course!". Justice answered.

"Ugh , girl let it and him go!". Rhyan laughed , leaning against the wall.

"It's not like that anymore , were . . Friends!". Justice looked over , at Corey. He flirted with some girl as she leaned against his chest as he stroked her hair.

"Good , I want you to meet someone". Rhyan smiled , pulling Justice up from her seat. Justice followed behind Rhyan as the walked into the dining room that was also connected to the family room. Rhyan walked over to <a href="">him</a> as he held a conversation with another boy sitting down.

"Sorry to interrupt fellas , but Khalil this is <em>my</em> best friend Justice. Justice this is my cousin , Khalil!". Rhyan introduced the two , smiling from ear to ear.

"Wassup , its nice to meet you , Justice!". Khalil smiled , putting out his hand to shake hers.

"Hi , nice to meet you too!". Justice looked him up and down smiling , as she shaked his hand.

Rhyan turned her back towards the two , leaving them to start a conversation. Rhyan danced as Beyonce's <strong>Dance For You</em> began to play. Khalil took a sip of his drink , looking at Justice from the corner of his eye , Justice noticed him.

"Are you just here in North Carolina for Rhyan's graduation?". Justice turned to Khalil.

"Nah , I actually moved down here three days ago. Trying to get into school down here!". Khalil said , standing a little closer to Justice so he wouldn't have to yell over the music.

"Oh ok. College or High School?". Justice said , taking a sip of her drink.

"College. I look that young?". Khalil laughed.

Justice laughed with him. "Sorta. You have a baby face , but your tattoo's make you look a little older".

"I'm guessing that's a good thing and a compliment?". He asked , tossing the little bit of his drink back.

"Yeah , it is!". Justice smiled , exploring his tattoos.

"Good. You graduating next week too?". He asked.

"Yeah , finally!". Justice answered , leaning against the wall with her hands behind her back.

"Uh oh , that's wassup!". He laughed. Justice smiled , her smiled practically never left since she was first introduced to him. Corey watched from the opposite room. Wondering who the dude was that had Justice smiling ear to ear. He watched as Rhyan tapped her arm , pulling her in to dance.

<em>tonight I'm gonna dance for you , ooh ooh oh
tonight I'm gonna dance for you , ooh ooh oh
tonight I'm gonna put my body on your body , promise not to tell nobody
tonight its going down , I'll be rockin' on ya' babe , rockin' rockin on ya' babe
Swirling on you babe , swirlin' swirlin' on you babe</em>

Justice and Rhyan danced , grinding on themself. Khalil and his friend watched from behind. Core walked up behind making her grind on him. Justice turned around pulling away.

Corey smacked his lips. "Oh , I can't get a dance in with you?". He said , turning her back around.

The smell of weed and alcohol hit Justice face as she pulled away. "Corey , you're drunk!". Justice stepped back.

"So , it ain't like you never seen me drunk before!". Corey said , his words were slurred. He grabbed her hand turning her around , pulling her close to him.

"Corey , let go of me!". Justice yelled , trying to break from his grip. She looked over his shoulder trying to see if Khalil was still standing there , he wasn't.

"You have a five minute conversation with a random nigga and he already got you actin brand new!". Corey pushed her to the side , taking a sip of his corona.

"Jealousy. Alright Cor , you gotta go!". Rhyan said , pointing towards the front door.

"Aight , but she's leaving with me". Corey reached out to grab a hold of Justice's hand.

"No she's not , goodbye Corey!". Rhyan yelled , causing Khalil to walk out of the kitchen.

"Bet!". Corey put on his hoodie , looking over at Justice. He grabbed her arm pulling her out of the his with him.

"Corey let go of me , you're hurting my arm!". Justice cried , trying her hardest to pull away.

Rhyan ran after them , with Khalil chasing after her. "Corey , let her go!". Rhyan yelled.

"Corey , please. Don't do this in front of everyone. You're drunk!". Justice pulled away. Standing in frnt of Corey , begging him to go home.

"Are you gonna f*** him once I leave?". Corey asked , looking over at Khalil.

"I don't even know him!". Justice said.

"You're still mine Just , remember that!". Corey gave Justice a sloppy drunk kiss , walking away. He grabbed a girls hand from the party as they walked towards his car. Justice wiped her lips , disgusted at Corey and the way he acted. She was embarrassed.

"You ok?". Khalil asked , standing next to Rhyan as she comforted her friend.

"Yeah , I'm cool. Thanks!". Justice said.

"He's an asxhole , Justice!". Rhyan said , walking away.


Aww,its cute that Khalil notices all the small things.

That stuff makes a good relationship.

Run it.

Hey ive missed this story, ok so I kno it wasnt been that long since ur last add n u got other stuff to do but this is one of the few stories that I <3!
Run it

<em>`11 |</em> <strong> Justíce</strong>

Justice appled extra lip gloss to her lips , checking <a href="">herself</a> out in the bathroom mirror inside of Bennihana's. Justice grabbed her clutch bag from the sink , walking out of the bathroom. She slowly made her way back to her and Khalil's table , as she waked she notice<a href="">Corey</a> and a familiar face. Justice waited until the femae piced her head up from her cellphone. It was , Remy. Corey had cheated on Justice with Remy their whole reationship.

Justice shook her head , laughing to herself as she sat down at the tabe.

"`Bout time!". Khalil sad , looking down at his watch , looking back up at Justice.

"I was gone for two mintues , you miss me?". Justice puckered up her lips.

"Nah , not really. I was hoping you took a lil' longer so I could leave you with the bill". Khalil smiled , looking over at the bill.

"Cheap!". Justice laughed.

"You look beautiful tonight". Khalil winked.

"You're so corny , thanks babe!". Justice took a sip of her drink.

"Dang , I'm just tryna compliment my girl". Khalil laughed.

"I know".

"You never told me why you chose to cut the one side of your head?". Khalil asked.

Justice ran her fingers through her hair before answering. "It was a bet , Rhyan & I made".

Khalil licked his lips. "A bet? What was it?".

"Eww , look at you. Thinking it was sexual". Justice smirked.

"Your to much of a good girl , I know you got some secrets". He smiled.

Corey looked over his menu multiple times , checking the time every other minute on his watch. Patiently waiting for his date to end.

"Is there a problem , Corey?". Remy snapped. Looking up from her menu.

"Don't start , order something". Corey said , looking down at his menu.

"Why would you ask me out tonigh , if you're not going to say a damn thing to me?" Is this a <em>rebound</em> date?". Remy closed her menu.

"Trust me , if you were a rebound you wouldn't be sittng in this restaurant!". Corey looked over at her.

"Well where would I be if was a rebound , because I'm pretty sure that's what the hell I am!".

"You'd be in my bed , trying to figure how the how you're getting home in the morning!". Corey snapped. Remy sook her head reaching for her purse.

"Hi. I'm April , your waiter for tonight. I can take your orders for tonight , along with your menu's". She said.

"Sorry April , you can bring us our check for these drinks". Remy said standng up.

"Can you give us a minute!". Corey looked over at the waitress.

She nodded her head , walking away. Corey stood up , walking over to Remy.

"I'm out Corey. Its kind of funny , Justice three tables away from us at the same restaurant and you call me out of all your bxtches to come out with you , find a new bxtch tomake Justice jealous!". She started to walk off.

"Yo , come sit the fck down!". Corey yelled , grabbing her arm.

"See , I knew you had secrets. You lost your virginty , prom night".

"Its not a secret , you just never asked. And it didn't count anyway!". Justiced wiped her mouth with her napkin.

"It didn't count? Or you didn't like it?". Khalil smirked.


Khail and Justice looked over at a hostess and waiter who were pushing Corey out towards the door.

"Damn , he pops up in every conversation we have that involves him". Khalil said , pulling out Justice| chair for her to get up.

"Funny , right?". Justice said.

Khalil paid the bill as Justice watched Remy leave the restaurant crying. "You ready?". Khalil asked.

"Yeah". The two walked outside , towards Khalil's truck.

"Justice!". Corey yelled.

Justice rolled her eyes , getting inside the truck. "Can I talk to you?". Corey yelled , running towards her window.

"Nothing needs to be talked about , move on!". Khalil yelled out window , pulling off.

It was nothing but silence the whole ride home. Khalil pulled up in front of his house , opening up Justice's door for her.

"Are you ok?". Justice asked.

Khalil took a deep breath , running his fingers across his waves. "Promise me you won't go back to him!".

"I'm with you , I have no reason to". Khalil smiled , kissing her lips.

Justice followed behind him as he walked into the house. Justice looked around the living room , seeing if Khalia was still woke.

"Aww , I wanted to see love bug". Justice poked her lips out.

Khalil laughed a little. "She'll be up in the morning". He grabbed her hand , walking upstairs.

"My rooms the first door on the right , I'll be right back". He walked inside the bathroom. Before walking into his room , Justice peeked inside Khalia's room. She was sound asleep. She tip toed over to her bed , kissing her forehead softly. She left her bedroom , peeking into a <a href="">small room</a>. Her eyes lit up when she seen the piano. She walked over , sitting down. She ran her finger over the keys , as Khalil waked in.

"You play?". He asked , walking inside with only his basketball short and nike slides.

"Yeah. I love the piano. I didn't know you played". She scooted over for him to sit next to her.

"I don't. My mom made this room for her. Play something for me". He said.


"Yeah , play something. Anything. A song you like".

Justice smiled as she fixed her fingers to play. She began playing , Alicia Key's <em>You Don't Know My Name". Khalil bobbed his head as she played , then stopped as she started to sing.

<em>Doing more than I've ever done , for anyone's attention
Take notice of what's in front of you , `cause did I mention , you're about to miss a good thing
And you'll never know how good it feels , to have all of my effection
And you'll never get a chance to experience my lovin' - -</em>

"Oh!". Khalil shouted.

<em>`cause my loving feels like , ooohh</em>. Justice laughed out loud at Khalil.

"What's so funny?". He asked.

"You adding your sound effects!".

"You gotta nice voice , talented". Justice looked over at him.

"Yeah , you're very talented. I pay attention to weird shxt you do". Khalil smiled.

"What weird things do I do". She asked.

"When you paint your nails , you mix every color with yellow. Your favorite color. When you have tomatoes on your hoagies , you cut `em in half , throwing the other half away. You only only wear rings on your left hand , because you wear your ankle braclet on your right , you think its too muc jewelry if you wear rings on both hands. And , you use a dark shade of mascarra on your right eye , your left eyelashes are fuller than the other. That type of weird shxt!". Khalil stood up walking out of the room , into his.

Justice smiled following behind him. She pulled off her dress , putting on one of his t-shirts and his boxers. She climbed into his bed sitting on her knees looking down at him.

"You notice all that?". She asked.

Khalil turned the tv on , changing the channel to Sportscenter. "Yup , everyday that I'm wit you". Khalil looked over at her.

Justice kissed his lips. "You know what else I noticed".


"You say <em>really</em> everytime you get a compliment. Your not used to someone , well a boyfriend to compliment you.".

"That's true". Justice lied down beside him.

"Don't be suprised when you get one from me , I'm just telling you the trut. I admire everything about you Justice". Khalil kissed her forehead , as Justice smiled closing her eyes.

Corey flicked through the channels as he spent his first night in his new apartment. He didn't like the feeling of being alone. He grabbed his iphone , scrolling up and down his contacts. He began to text , Destiny.

<strong>Wassup baby?</strong>

Corey sat his phone down.

<strong>hey baby</strong>

Corey reached for his phone , reading his text message

<strong>I miss you , come over tonight</strong>

<strong>let me pack my over night bag</strong>

Corey began to crack his blunt.

<strong>aight .. make sure you got a ride in the morning</strong>


Run it ! : )

Awwwww, I like her & her dads bond. Its cute. (:
Khalil's picking her up tonight, ooooh snap!
Wonder what they'll be getting into ...
I like them together. :)

run it

thnx readers ,

add coming up soon (:

Awwww that was very nice that Justice got to see her dad!! They seem close......RUN IT!!!

<em>`10 |</em> <strong> Justíce</strong>

<strong>Beep . . Beep . . Beep</strong>

Justice quickly turned over in her bed , slamming her hand on the snooze button of her alarm clock. It was 8:15 in the morning. Justice quietly snuck out of her bedroom , peeking down the hallway to see if her mothers bedroom door was shut , it was. She walked into the bathroom , closing the door behind her. She showered along with washing her hair. Twenty minutes later she was fully dressed , leaving her hair wet and curly Justice put her hair up into a bun , slipping on her yellow and white Air Max `95. She heard her mother walking around , getting herself together. Justice lied back onto her bed , she grabbed her iphone texting Khalil.

<strong>Good Morning , big head</strong>

Justice sat her phone down on her stomach , turning her tv. She turned volume down real low , watching Spongebob. Her phone vibrated.

<strong>Good Morning , ugly one. You nervous?</strong>

She laughed a little reading her text from Khalil , replying back.

<strong>No. More so excited</strong>

She yawned , continuing to watch her silent tv.

<strong>That's good , that's how you should feel. I wanna take you out tonight since your leaving me in tw days</strong>

Justice smiled.

<strong>I'm all yours :)</strong>

<strong>Good. I'll see you tonight!</strong>

Justice's mother knocked on her bedroom door.


Justice replied back. She stood up reaching for her purse. "Come in".

Her mother searched through her purse , not paying attention to the fact Justice was up and dressed.

"Morning love bug , I'm on my way out to go see your father --". Her mother looked up at her.

"You're up early , going somewhere? Or just getting in?". She asked.

"No , up early to go see dad!". Justice smiled turning off her tv.

"Oh my god". Her motherseyes watered , bt she kept herself together.

"I think its time. Being that everything wrong has happened , and I'll be leaving for college soon. I want to see him".

"I love you!". Her mother kissed her forehead.

Corey listened to Young Jeezy's , <em>Dreamin'</em> while he got dressed. This has been the earliest he's even been woke. He held up a newspaper , looking down at the address of the circled apartment he wanted to look at. He grabbed his car keys , heading out the door. The apartment was three blocks down from his mothers house. He pulled up , seeing a short white older man standing out front. Corey got out his car , hitting his automatic lock button , walking towards him.

"Corey Wallace?". The man asked.

"Yes , Tim Weathers?". Corey asked.

"Yes. Follow me". Tim began walking towards the apartment. He unlocked the front door.

"Its a newly remodeled apartment. Two bedrooms , full kitchen , full bathrooms , living room. And back deck off the master bedroom". Tim showed Corey around.

Corey studied every room in the apartment. Happy with what he saw.

"I like what I see so far. Rent?". Corey asked.

Tim looked over at Corey. "Is this your first timeliving on your own?". He asked.


"I'll make a deal. Just for the simple fact I knew how hard it was when I moved in first apartment , my mom pretty much kicked me out". Tim said.

<em>Yeah , mines too</em>. Corey said to himself.

"$250 a month , utilities , water , heat no payment. Just be on time with the rent".

"Free? Your not gonna try no bullshxt , and cut shxt off?". Corey asked , raising his eyebrow.

"No. Like I said , I've been in your shoes before. If you need this apartment , its yours".

Corey looked around once more. He didn't want to pass up a good offer , and the thought of going to college never crossed his mind.

"Deal". Corey shook hands with Tim.

"I can have a key for you by noon". Tim mentioned.

"That's wassup'". Corey left the apartment.

"All visitors for , Jason Taylor. Please stand". An officer shouted.

Justice and her mother stood up.

"Mother an daughter?". The officer asked , while searching the two.

"Yes Sir". They answered.

"Ok. This is Jason's first and only contact visit. The visit is thirty minutes. No sexual contact. Forehead kisses areallowed , no clevage showing , dirty talk , one arm around the inmate hugs , when entering room you must sit across from the inmate". The officer read the rules , opening up contact visit room.

"Jail rules are strict!". Justice whispered to her mother.

"Tell me about , twelve years of entering and exiting hell". Her mother said. The two waited in the room. Waiting for her father to enter.

The metals door unlocked and in walked her <a href="">father</a>. Justice and her mother stood up. Her mother rubbed her back. Justice heart beated faster and faster by the second. The look on her fathers face was priceless. He looked up as if he was praying , thanking god. He looked back over at Justice and her mother with a face full of tears , hugging them.

"Justice , lady bug. Damn , you don't know how excited , thankful and happy I am right now to see you standing in front of me right now. You look beautiful. You to Amy". Jason said , sitting down across from them.

Amy sat back , letting Justice enjoy this moment.

"Hi dad!". Justice cried.

"Love bug , don't cry". Jason wiped her tears.

"Tears of joy , dad". She smiled.

"Good. So what's been up? You off to college yet?". He asked.

"Nope , two more days. I'm excited".

"Proud of you lady bug , you gotta design me a new jumpsuit. Orange really ain't my color". He pointed at his self. Justice and her mother laughed.

"You're crazy dad! Did you get the poems and cards I sent?". Justice asked.

"Sure did. They're all taped up on my cell wall. The one about Rhyan , that was real. One of my favorites. Read it every night". He smiled.

Justice smiled back , wiping her tears that fell. "Thanks dad. That's one of my favorites , also".

"I could only imagine how you felt then , and how you're feeling now. She's an angel now , your angel. She watching over you , making blessing happen for you. Just like you said , theirs a reason why she introduced to , Khalil. He is that blessing. You really like himm , huh?".

Justice smiled and blushed. "Look at your face , it says it all!". Her father lauged.

"Dad , don't embarrass me!". She laughed.

"Nothing to be embarrassed about. Shxt I been there before , I know that feeling. Just promise me you'll know your worth this time. Never make the same mistakes twice , always move foward!". He said.

Justice knew exactly what he meant , Corey.

"I love him to death , like a son. But that relationship ain't right , or healthy". He added.

"Five minutes!". The guard yelled.

"Damn". Her father mumbled.

"I love you ,dad". Justice stood up , hugging him.

"I love you too , make me proud in the outside world. Stay focused and maintain happy. Keep me updated in those letters and poems!". He kissed her forehead.

"I will".

Her mother and father hugged each other as Justice watched. Justice thought about the times her mother and father were still together and how much closer they are now , still. After the got divorced. A friendship she wished she had with Corey.

"Lady bug , tell Khalil he picked a winner , don't mess it up!". Those were her fathers last words before the metals slammed shut.

Awwwww, I like Justice & Khalil's type relationship. They aren't rushing things.
I just hope Justice keeps her word & don't leave. Like for Corey,smh.
As for Corey, he needs to go to college!

Aye, Corey mama ain't playing!! lol I love her lol and Khalil and Just are cute along with his babygirl!


Run it!!! I think Corey should go to college but we will see!!

Run it

<em>`09 |</em> <strong> Justíce</strong>

"Why are picking out black and white shxt for your dorm room?". Khalil asked , he stood behind Justice as she tossed in accessories for her dorm.

Justice turned out , looking at him. "What? You don't like it?". She asked.

"Are you a goth?". He raised his eyebrow.

"No fool". She laughed. "I like simple colors , ok?". She began to push the buggy.

"These three days are gonna come quick!". Khalil shook his head.

"I'm going to miss seeing you everyday". Justice poked her lip out.

"Not me , I'll be jumping up down the minute you drive away". Khalil started jumping up and down.

"Really? That's ok , Khalia will miss me. I'll come and pick her up to come visit instead of you".

"Yeah ok". He kissed her lips.

"Thought so!". She laughed. Justice stared at Khalil for a few minutes , she still wanted to know why he avoided the conversation Khalia had started the other day. He hasn't talked about it since.

"Can I ask you something? You don't have to answer ifyou don't want to?". Justice asked.

"Shoot". Khalil said , grabbing circular black and white mirrors.

"When Khalia asked what my mother was like . . Why'd you cut in?". Justice looked over at him. Khalil looked down at the mirrors , and then at Justice.

He sighed before answering. "Khalia is smart to be two years old. She knows a lot. , she catches on quick. She knows her mom ain't around. Her mom had her , never even told me she was pregnant , she hid her pregnancy from me. The day she gave birth , she left Khalia at the hospital. Told the doctors and police i'd be the one to come take her and raise her. Right then and there , I couldn't and wouldn't say no. I did what I had to do , provided for my child". Khalil avoided looking at Justice.

"Is that why your so worried about me getting attached , and then leaving off for college?". Justice asked.

"Yeah". He nodded.

"At first I didn't want to get attached , for the simple fact that I didn't know how close you and I were going to get . . But I promise I'm not going anywhere". Justice smiled.

"I trust you , Justice".

<a href="">Corey</a> stood in front of his car , his phone beeped. It was an email alert. Corey opened up the email , reading outloud.

<em>Corey Wallace ,

On the behalf of John Adams Senior High School , our staff would like to Congratulate you on completing your furty hours of community service , and receiving you twenty credits. You will be able to receive your Diploma in the falling week. Please continue to plan out your future and head down the right track. Congratulations!</em>

Corey slipped his phone back into his pocket. He was shocked and kind of happy , it was a blessing to him. He locked his car door , walking inside his house.

"Morning , Son". His <a href="">mother</a> spoke. She sat on the couch , with her feet up on a foot rest drinking a glass of wine.

"Morning , ma'". He said , kissing her on her cheek.

"Hey hey , you're blocking my view". She shooted him away.

"Corny ass soap operas". He said leaning against the wall.

"I'm still your mother!". She snapped.

"My bad ma' , I have something to show you". He pulled out his phone.

His mother sighed , praying it wasn't a message saying <em>"I'm pregnant"</em>. She grabbed his phone , reading the email. "Oh my god son , Congrats! Now you can apply for college". She jumped up from the couch , hugging him.

". . Thanks!". He said , unhappy.

"What's the problem?". She asked.

"Ma' , you know I wasn't planning on going to college". He reminded her.

"No , I didn't. Because if I did , you wouldn't beliving under my roof , doing nothing!". She yelled.

"So what are you gettin' at?". He askd , raising his eyebrows.

"Either you start applying for some colleges , or apply for your <em>own</em> apartment!". His mother snapped once again , sitting back down onto the couch. Corey shook his head , pulling off his hoodie. He walked out of the living room , upstairs to his bedroom slamming his bedroom door.

"Fck am I gonna do?". He mummbled to himself , falling back onto his bed.

Awww, what a cutie. A complete cutie. :)
wonder why it bothered him for? Hmm.

Aww that was so cute

Awwwww that add was adorable!!! Justice is so good with Khalia already I love it :) can't wait to read more!! RUN IT!!!!!

<em>`08 |</em> <strong> Justíce</strong>

Justice watched as <a href="">Khalil</a> chased Khalia's puppy around the living after giving him a bath. Justice quietly , wondering wha Khalia was like. She wanted to finally meet her , somehow everytime they were together , she wasn't around. She wanted to know if Khalil made sure she wasn't around for them to be alone , or if he wasn't ready to bring her around Khalia.

Khalil looked over at Justice as he sat down on the couch. "What you thinking about over there?". Khalil asked , wrestling with the puppy.

Justice sat up on the couch. "Where's Khalia?". Justice asked.

"She's having her little girls day out with my ma' , why?". Khalil smiled , still playing with the puppy.

"Just wanted to know. She's never here when I come around . . I would like to meet her!". Justice laughed a little.

Khalil's smile slowly faded. "What if you two get real close , and then you stop coming around?". He asked.

"Why I would I stop coming around?". Justice asked , looking confused.

"College". Khalil sat back on the couch.

"It's not like I wouldn't come to see the both of you , if we did get attached".

"I just want make sure we --". Khalil stopped talking in the middle of his sentence , as his mother and daughter walked in through the front door.

"Hey Khalil". She said looking over at Justice , "Hello Justice. How are you?". <a href="">Miss LouAnn</a> asked.

"Hi , I'm doing much better and yourself?". Justice asked.

"Just taking it day by day". She smiled. "I'm going to get dinner started , Justice you're more than welcomed to stay if you'd like?".

Justice looked over at Khalil who was nodding his head up and down. "I'll be here". Justice said smiling.

"Good. Come on Khalia , let's give them some alone time". Miss LouAnn walked into te kitchen.

"Nah ma' , she's cool". Khalil stood up , picking Khalia up tossing her over his shoulder. He spun her around a few times , falling onto the couch.

Khalila laughed. "Daddy , I'm dizzy!". She sat up next to him.

Khalil laughed. "So am I , lady bug".

Justice's eyes got big , along with the smile on her face. They both shared the same nickname.

"Are you going to say hi to Justice?". Khalil looked down a Khalia. Khalia smiled , hiding behind Khalil.

"Oh , now your going to act shy lady bug?". Khalil tickled her. She laughed , peeking over at Jusice.

"I'll be right back!". Khalil stood up , walking out of the living room. Khalila kicked her sandals off , sitting back on the couch.

"<a href="">Khalia</a> , you have a pretty name". Justice smiled , sitting up on the opposite couch. Khalia blushed , hiding her face.

"Are you shy?". Justice asked. Khalia nodding her head. "You don't have to be shy around me". Justice smiled.

"You're pretty , like me". Khalia pointed to herself.

Justice laughed. "Thank You". Khalia jumped down from off the couch , running over to Justice. She stood on the side of her admiring her colorful nails.

Khalia picked up Justice's hand. "I like your nails".

"Thank You. I painted them all by myself". She smiled. Khalia smiled , running out of the living upstairs into her bedroom. Khalil peeked his head into the living room.

"What happened?". He asked , sittng down on the couch.

"I don't know, she looked at my nails and went upstairs". Khalia ran downstairs with a pink barbie box , filled with nail polish. She smiled standing in front of Justice.

"Can you make mine pretty , please?". Khalia asked , handing Justice her barbie box. Justice looked over at Khalil and smiled. "Of course , let's sit down on the floor.

Justice began to paint her nails. "How old are you?". Khalia asked.

"I'm seventeen!". Justice answered.

"Oh my. Daddy's bigger than you". Khalia covered her mouth.

"He is". Justice laughed. Khalil smiled at the two , turning the channel to Sportscenter.

"Are you daddy's girlfriend?". Khalia smiled hard.

"Um. I'm your dads friend right now". Justice looked over at Khalil.

"Oh. Daddy , likes you". Khalia tried to whisper.

Khalil and Justice laughed. "I like him too". Justice whispered.

"You can right him a note and tell him". Khalia laughed.

"A note?".

"Yes". Khalia looked down at her nails.

"Maybe later". Justice said.

"You know we have the same nickname". Just smiled.

"Your daddy calls you lady bug too?". Khalia yelled.

"Yep. Since I was your size".

Khalia gasped. "Are we twins?".

"No , were daddys girls". She laughed.

"Can I call you Jelly?". Khalia asked.

"Only if I can call you , Peanutbutter?".

Khalia laughed. "That's a silly name".

"Really? I think its cute".

"Ok. What's your mommy like?". Khalia asked , blowing her nails.

Khalil cleared his throat. "Lia , why don't you go wash up for dinner".

Khalia jumped up , running towards the bathroom. Justice watched Khalil's body movement. She could tell that the question that Khalia had asked , bothered him.

Sorry Readers , .Baketball's been kickin' my ass !

I'll def have a few adds in the morn (:

Adding after I studyyyy :)

Adding after I studyyyy :)

Awwwwww yes I like this Corey A LOT better!! He actually seems to care lol RUN IT!!!!!

Awww, I like this alot.
RIP to her friend, guess Justice will have to just be okay.
Getting closer to Khalil & getting to know him.

Justice is a lost soul.
She just lost her best friend and i kno that had to be painful.
And the boy she thought she wanted to get over her,
finally has, and she's upset.
Why dont they just stop the nonsense and be together.
It just makes sense.
Sometimes people aint no good for us,
but you just cant seem to let them go.
They might as well be no good together.
But her dad is lowkey a good dad from a distance.
At least they communicate.
And at least he knows what he did wrong and has apologized.
Those are little things, but they matter.
Anyways, i'm likin it more and more.
Run it.

run it

Aww Corey!! I like him like this vs the way he was at the beginning... Death can change people
Run it

<em>`07|</em> <strong> Justíce</strong>

Justice rang Corey's doorbell a few times. She paced back and fourth on his porch. She called his phone , straight to voicemail. She rang the doorbell again , no answer. She walked through the driveway , causing the automatic light to turn on. She noticed the blue light , from a cellphone turn on. She opened up the back door to the yard. She seen <a href="">Corey</a> sitting with his back turned towards her , smoking and lookin through his phone.

"Corey . . Can I talk to you , please?". Justice asked softly. Corey ignored her , continuing doing what he was doing.

"Please Corey , I really need someone to talk to . . Someone who understands the hurt I'm feeling". Justice wiped a tears away.

Corey scooted over for Justice to sit next to him. Justice sat down , she twirled her fingers around like she always did. Corey blew out smoke , staring out at his backyard. Justice tried her hardest to keep her emotions but her tears wouldn't let her. Justice cried , into her hands. Corey sighed , feeling her pain. He scooted closer , putting his right arm around her shoulder , pulling her against his chest. Justice wrapped her arms around him and let it all out.

"Don't hold that shxt in , Just!". Corey said , rubbing her back in a circular motion.

"I'm sorry , I'm --". Corey caught her breath , picking her head up.

"Nah , don't apologize its not your fault". Corey wiped Justice's face.

"But it is , I didn't answer your call or to think about calling you back. I didn't go to that party like she wanted me to!". Justice calmed herself.

"Just , if I made you feel guilty by what I said and how I said it , I apologize. But , you should've have answered. You thought I was calling to fck up your shxt , to get on your nerves. Jarvis was wrong for leaving her , he shouldvetook her home knowin how drunk she was. I should've grabbed her when I went to my car , put her inside". Corey shook his head. He held his head down , picking it back up with a face full of tears.

"I wish it just played out differently. I wish me ad her were better , she couldn't stand me at times but shhelped me a lot. I understood her dislike towards me , I was like a brother to her and I treated her best friend like shxt. She would always pull me to the side , telling me I was better than what I acted out to be , crazy thing I was never acting. I just . . Didn't know how to love you , I still don't. I hurt you over and over and you still put up with me , why?". Corey wiped his face , looking over at Justice.

Justice took in a deep breath , turning towards him. "Corey , you were my first boyfriend. I didn't know anyone elseb ut you. Rhyan alway told me to give you shot after shot , and one day I would find my breaking point. I don't know if I really reached it yet , but this time apart made me realize a few things. I loved someone who wasn't ready to love me. But I'll always be your friend". Justice smiled.

"I'll change soon , I just need to focus on me". Corey held her hand.

"And that's fine!".

"So , you like this Khalil dude?". Corey asked.

"Yeah , I'm starting to". Justice looked away.

"Yeah , I think you should try it out , you and him". Corey smiled , standing up. Justice's face expression changed quick. She wasn't expecting to hear that , mainly from Corey.

"Really?". She asked.

"Seriously. I was jealous at first , but I can't keep stopping you from wanting to be happy. I'd rather see you smiling , being respected from a man who deserves you. Then from me who made you cry and unhappy more than I made you smile and happy". Corey walked inside his kitchen , while Justice following behind her. Justice was happy to hear what he said , but she wanted him to be jealous.

"Thanks , Cor". She smiled.

"No prob. So , what's dude about?". Corey said down opening up a can of pop at his kitchen island.

"Well , he's 19. He just moved here from California . . And he has a daughter". Justice looked over at him. Corey choked on his pop a little.

"A daughter?". He asked.

"I never met her , I'm waiting for him to make tat decision". She said.

"Damn". Corey shook his head. Justice's phone vibrated , she pull it out of her pocket of her jacket. Reading a text from , Khalil.

<strong>'Sup beautiful. Had some time to clear my mind , just wanted to check up on you. Make sure everything is ok with you. I'm here if you need me , hopefully I'll see you soon.</strong>

Justice smiled , replying back.

<strong>hey :) , I'm doing ok now. I hope you're holding up ok aswell. You'll definitely see my face tmrw , k. Goodnight.</strong>

Corey looked over at her , noticing her smile. "Khalil?". He asked.

Justice phone vibrated again.

<strong>Goodnight , beautiful</strong>

Justice picked her up. "Yeah". She answered , putting her phone back into her pocket.

Corey stood up , taking off his hoodie and slipping off his shoes. "I'm about to shower and lay down , I guess I'll holla at you , soon?". Corey stood in front of Justice.

Justice steppedback , walking towards the front door. "Yeah , before I leave for college". She put her arms out for a hug.

Corey hugged her , nodding his head up and down. He pulled back looking her in her eyes. Justice waited for a peck on her lips , instead he hugged her again pulling away opening the front door for her.

"Call me if you need anything , ok?". He said.

Justice looked up at him before leaving , "ok". She said , leaving out. Corey shut his door leavng Justice to think about a lot. His feelings for Justice were , gone.

: ( i just shed a couple of tears ! i know how it feels to loose i bestfriend. . & i hope corey talk to her. . this could be a new beginning if they try . . !

Noooooooo Rhyan died :( this is soooooo sad! That letter from her dad was so nice, but it must have broken Justice's heart to read about her and Rhyan's friendship in that letter........I really hope Corey doesn't feel too bad because he did try to stop Rhyan and I hope he talks to Justice soon. RUN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg! That hurt my heart :( *tears* I hope justice realize this wasnt her fault and hopefully Corey Wont be an ass towards her...

Run it