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Hey everyone (( : My name is Asia , Okaee so ummm im stuck in my room cus i shot my brother's friend with a bebe gun in his forehead . Hahaa , Too scared to leave my room tho cus i know he's going to tag my ass so i've been occupying my time with reading some of the stories on this board which i L O V E . Yall r some amazing writers #RealShidd

Anywho im just stopping by to say wadd up to everyone :D


lol it didnt hurt it just was funny af lol it was so unexpected it shocked me that he actually did it though but it wasnt a actual pelet it was plastic lol

heeeyyyy all the newbie idk.. and kenni and bald head.. and Avenue (it stuck sorry.. there's no goin back. lol)

i am Nazar... the awesommest of awesome!

It's nice too meet me.. i know! =)

lol jk

welcome to the board! :)

dnt talk to KenBear
she a deadbeat
dadyy lmao

Hi NaNa , Nice to meet yu

@Kendra Girl my friend use to tear my legs up with a bebe gun . That ish sting .

@Bree , omgee yu had me fool foreal ! Btw that shidd was funny af he got what was coming to him .
Nice to meet yu .

ima do it again if
i dont get child support

I got shot in the ass wit a bebe gun b4 -___-

Hey Robyn , and thanx ( :

Lol , thats y im still in my room but his asz deserved it he was urkin my nerves .

lol u have me laughing
soo hard Bree

Another waste of space huh? Home girl hit us with that same line every newbie use, "I love yall stories." -__- REALLY?! Why yo silent ass aint comment? Why tf you braggin about shooting somebody with a bebe gun? That shid aint funny... My dog died frm that shid. You insensitive prick! I dnt like yo unwanted ass. You dont like me? Come whoop me. You not gon win. I roll 200 deep... Fuk you. Gtfo MY nigga site... You just irked tf outta me. Wtf is a honeybee or whatever yo name u used. BYE. U AINT SHID TBH! -_- LMAO. I'm kidding. IM Bree... Welcome to the site

Nice to meet you too!

i'm Nallely but
call me NaNa

welcome to cbw!

TWO people i met on here named 'Asia' thats such a cute name. I'm Robyn BTW. And ooohhh if I got shot with a bebe gun, i would've snapped too. lol

Hi Jade , Nice to meet yu ( :

Hi Asia! I'm Jade (=

Hey Kendra & Danyell , Nice to meet yall as well

Well im glad im not the only new person on here

Hey Ave , nice to meet yu .

Heyy im kendra

hey i'm Danyell.

It's a lot of new people coming on. I'm new too though. LOL. Hey I'm Ave'!