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"yeah baby....right there thats my...mmm...yeah"i moaned as he pounded out my pussy from the back."whose pussy is this"he barked smaking my ass."ooo....its all yours daddy" i said knowing i just finished saying the samething to <a href="">him</a> last week." bout to cum"he moaned."thats right...cum for me baby...cum in this pussy"i said as i started playing with his balls."Aaggrrh"he said as he came just a minute later.he dropped down on the bed beside me all covered in sweat."well...its been fun but"i said hoping he'd catch my drift."yea i got u...hold on"he said as he rolled off the bed and walked over to his safe."6,000 right"he asked. I nodded "cash money"i said. He walked over to me and dropped a duffle bag full of money at my side."we gotta do this again ma" he said."no doubt <a href="">Rick</a> no doubt"i said counting the money. Now to tell a little about me...


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"we know we know"said abby as she and jan did a turn showing off their outfit."what took ya'll so long babes"asked trey."this hoe
said spring pointing to me."b**** the only hoe i see here is you ...trey just too in love to see it now"i said."um....why we out here mackin wen deres mad fy ass niggas in side u kno them b****es farren and kaydn in there trynna bag"said jan.word lets go"i said as we than all made our way inside ova to vip."ay yo b****"yelled <a href="">Farren</a> ."ay shorty mac" i said spotting her dressed in <a href="'0662/hot_sexi_women_wearing_gold_sexy_dresses.jpg">this</a> with <a href="">this</a> ."what the hell u wearin b****"asked spring."some high class flay ass s*** ...BIOTCH"farren said obviously already intoxicated."ay see im tryna get lik her"i said."wheres kaydn"asked spring.both jan and farren pointed over to <a href="">her</a> dancing on <a href="">him</a> ."yeo b****"i yelled as i walked over to where they were."Tee baby"she said tryin walk over to me in a straight line.when she got closer i noticed her <a href="">top</a> <a href="">pants</a> and <a href="">shoes</a> ."ow okay b****"i said looking at her up and down."i shoudl be saying that to you"kaydn said with a wink.Abby Jan Farren and Spring walked over with a bottle of Peach Ciroc 1 blunt of Ari 1 of Kush and 1 with Loud."ready to get f***ed ......up"asked farren."you know this man"i said.we all laugh and popped the bottle. As the night went on i spotted my girls all paired off Spring Dancing With Trey,Kaydn Making Out With Tyga, Abby Chillin And Mackin With <a href="">J.cole</a> ,Farren Taking Shots With <a href="">Drizzy</a> and Jan Practically f***ing On The Dance Floor With Sean(big sean). Yet I at Only Boppin My head to "man down"wen i heard a vocie behind me"why yu sittin ova here all alone" i turned around and seen <a href="">him</a>."im noot alone anymore"i sad with a grin.he laughed and sat beside me."so wassup you make it big and dont hit up you best friend anymore"he said."nah you the one who dont be hittin niggas up"i said ."!?"he said innocently than laugh ending it with a smie that made me a little wet"so wassup"he said."nuttin chillin"i said."i see that...why yu not out on the dance floor like the restof ur girls"he asked."noone to dance with"i said with a shrug."i can change that" he said as he grabbed my hand and lead me to the dance floor."Bicycle" by vybz kartel started to play and i wasted no time putting it down on chris.we danced to that song and "im so prud" until some <a href="">girl</a> walked up to us looking pissed."chris"she shouted."its not what it looks lik"he said backin up with his hands up laughing."yeah f***ing right"she said to him then turned to me and said"stay the f*** away from my man or else b****"she rolled her eyes grabbed chris by the wrist and pulled him away.he turned around and mouthed "im sorry" to me and disappeared into the crowd."what was that"my sister spring asked as she and the rest of the girls appeared by my side."as if i f***in now"i said with much attiude."i kno u not just gonna let tht hoe disrespect u like that"said kaydn."im most defiantly not"i said as i marched off in search of them i didnt know who that b**** thought she was but i was about to show her why they call me M O N S T E R



With these <a href="">shoes</a> ."um a bit much"i said."b**** please...lets go" she said and with that we were out the door. We pulled up at the club about 45 minutes later and was met by my sister's fiancee <a href="">Trey</a> and my homies <a href="">Jan</a> who was wearing <a href="">this</a> and <a href="">this</a> while <a href="">Abby</a> was wearing <a href="">this</a> with <a href="">this</a> ."oow b****es"spring said

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I pulled up to my house 5 hours later all the lights were off so i went and snuck in through my window to only find my sister waiting for me on my bed."where have u been"she asked."rick ross"i said with a sigh."i guess thats a good enough reason to miss my engagement party"she said as she rolled her eyes." so srry"i said giving her a hug."yeah yeah...we having an after party so if u wanna come get dressed now"she said walkin out my room. I hopped in the shower. Got out and put on this <a href="">top</a> with these <a href="">bottoms</a> with this <a href="">shoes</a> . I curled my hair and headed down stairs to see my sister with wavey hair and wearing this <a href="">top</a> with theses <a href="">jeans</a>

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Names <a href="">Tequlia Lee</a> daughter of <a href="">Debra Lee</a> . Part time model/dancer other times im just a simple old money lovein junkie like my half sister <a href="">Spring</a> . As to how old i am 17 but its not like that matters to celebrity dudes when my mom(Whoses now blowing up my <a href="">Phone</a> right now ugh...ignore) basically runs BET. Anyways besides the fame men and drugs im your ordinary teen.i got regular ass friends. I go to a regular ass school. Im the best of both worlds even tho some may say im a M O N S T E R

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