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"push me harder <a href="">chris</a> "i screammed only a couple feet off the ground"i would if you wasnt so fat"he said back pushing the swing more."im not fat you ass"i said pouting."ok your not fat....your just Phat"he said laughing.I stopped the swing with my feet and marched off."hey where you going"he asked still snickering."home"i yelled not even looking back. He ran after me and grabed me around the waist."why you such a big baby i was just playing"he said as he gave m kiss on my neck. I pushed him off and turned around to face him "im not a big baby...i just dont like being called fat"i said with the screw face. he just looked at me not responded which got me madder."f*** you" i said as i flipped him off. He laughed a little and pulled me closer to him"you know when you get mad you look real sexy" he said."whateva christopher"i said tryin to avoid his gaze."im foreal boo..yeo look at me"he said turnin my head towards him."what" i asked now looking into his brown eyes."gimme sorry" he said inching closer.I leaned in like i was about to plant one on him and then said"eeeeerrrrkkkkksssss"as i put my hand in his face like jamie foxx would do to braxton.He got mad which only made me fall over with laughter."oh you think that s*** funny"he said."ummm....yeah"i said between laughs.He tackled me onto the grass and began to wrestle me.He pinned me down and began to tickle me"say sorry"he said."never"i screammed still laughing."oh really"he said as he started tickling me harder."okay okay"i said.He stopped and looked into my eyes."im sorry babe" i said."good now gimme sugar"he said as he puckered his lips.I leaned in this time and gave him a passionate kiss that lasted until the park sprinklers went off. We got up laughing running off home holding hand.<em>

"come back here b****" <a href="">He</a> screammed after me. I ran for dear life holding onto the small package i had just stolen from him and his crew. They chased me a good 3 blocks before i dipped off down an alley and hid behind some crates.They ran past me not spotting me.I sighed as a sign of relief and unwrapped the package. I grinned down at 20 oz of cocaine that would hold me for the rest of the month. After hiding out for 20 minutes I jogged down the block towards my friend <a href=",1271789784,1/stock-photo-pretty-black-girl-51379405.jpg">Jordan</a> house. I looked back for a second still jogging and end up getting closed lined."you f***ed up big time b****"the guy said as he punched me in the face.The rest of his crew than jumped in delievering blows to my face,head and body.I curled up and tried to protect my face as i drifted off to another place.<strong>

<em>FlashBack: Someone started pounding on my door.I was in the middle of my nap so i swung the door open with much attuide "what" i said annoyed. Chris and My Friend <a href="">Miguel</a> was on the other side covered in blood. I looked at him horrified "Miguel what happened" i asked.He broke down and started crying"his dead....his dead". I started Panicing "whose dead" i asked.he looked at me with sorrow in his eyes and imediately broke down knowing who he was talking about."nooooo" i cried out as i fell to the ground. Miguel wrapped his arms around me and rocked me back and forth.I couldnt believe the love of my life Chris was now dead.<em>

<strong>Present: "enough"some man said.The guys stopped and backed up so i figured this mustve been there boss.He did a double look at me as if he thought he knew...well maybe he did cause he than said"put her in the car".His men looked around dumbfounded.The guy who had punched me first stepped up and said "did i ask do what i f***ing told you to do"he yelled at him.With that the guy picked me up and threw me in the backseat."be easy shawty"the boss man as he slammed the door closed and jogged over to the driver seat got in and sped off. I laid in the back in pain and agony fading in and out.At a red light he looked back at me into my eyes and then i knew i knew him" <a href="">Chris</a> i mummbled as i than passed out.<strong>

<em>Flashback: I walked into miguel's house alarmed being his door was wide open."miguel"i called out. I walked through the house carefully. walked up the stepds to find him inside his room withdrawing a needle from his arm."what the hell" i yelled at him.he ust looked me with glassy eyes and cracked smile"heyyy <a href="">Gazelle</a>."dont f***ing hey me what are you doing"i said with my hand on my hip."mourning"he said as he than proceeded to cry.I dropped my bag and hugged him rubbing his head."its okay"i said with tears in my eyes."he was my best f***ing best friend"he said."i know"i said.he looked up at me and said"i know what im doing is wrong but it makes me feel soooo much better....try it it'll make the pain go away". I was taken back by his approach but said"no"."dont you want it to stop...i promise it'll take it all away you feel soo much better pleae just once just once"he said.I started to weigh the pros and cons and decided to try it once.He got up and got a clean needle."just relax"he said as he then tied my arm with a rubber hose and stick in the needle in. Bout 20 minutes later i was floating high laying back on miguel's bed.I dont know what happened but before i knew it he was kissing all over my body."stop"i mummbled trying to push him away."sssshhh relax imma help make you feel better"he said as he continued to do what he was doing.That night i didnt just try coke for the first time but i also gave my self to someone else.



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<strong>Present:"later that night i was n the kitchen making a milkshake wheni felt someone come up behind me.i jumped and turned around to find a drunk hank."hey wassup"i asked."nothing just a bit hungry"he said eyein me."hmmm"i said turnin back around."soo wassup with me and you" he asked gettin a bit closer."i chuckled and said"i dont know why dont you tell me".he moved in closer and turned me around to face him and said "im serious i really want you to be my girl you seem like a down ass chick and thats what im looking for"."so you wait till your drunk to tell me that"i asked while rasing my eyebrow."hell ou your a fiesty ass chick got niggas shooked in the place"he said with a laugh.i couldnt help but laugh with him."so like wassup you with or what"he asked leaning in closer."i bit my lip ad said "yeah im with it "."cool"he said as he than leaned in for a kiss.i stopped him and said "if you play me or hurt me i will i repeat i will cut yo m'f***in d*** off".he smirked and said "okay babe".with that we leaned in and sharedd out first kissed.and i have to say it sent real chills up my spine that i had never felt before."ahh ummm" a voice said.we broke apart and looked to see chris and sarah standing there."oh wassup"hank said."you tell me"sarah said with a smile as she looked back and forth between us."this my boo now"hank said wrapping his arm around my waist and kissin my forehead."oh really ...iight now go head"sarah chuckled as i seen chris tighten his jaw."you okay baby"sarah asked."im good"he said giving me the look of death as he walked out of the kitchen."whats his problem"hank said."i have no idea"i replied with a roll of my eyes.<strong>

<em>flashback:"chris how many kids do you want" i asked as i laid on his chest."as many as you want mrs.brown"he said as he kissed my forehead."well then i want 12"i said with a serious face.chris started chokin on his spit trynna catch his breath.i laughed and asked"you okay" as i patted his back." am i suppose to support 12 kids"he said."i was just joking"i said now laughin harder on the verge of tears."hahaha not funny at all"he said rolling his eyes."im sorry babe"i said as i straddled him."yeah okay"he said pouting.i pecked his lips and started to pull away till he pulled me in for a long passionate sexual kiss."im not ready"isaid a bit ashamed."its okay babe we can lay here and just watch some tv"he said.i laid back down on is chest as we channel surfed finally landing on the simpsons."<em>

<strong>Present:"its been a whole week and chris has completely ignored me or has given me and hank stank looks when he thought noone was looking.i was sitting in my room watchin family guy when there was a knock at the door.i opened it to find chris standing there trynna give me th puppy eyes."can we talk" he asked as he than pouted."i guess" i said as i moved aside for him to come in.he walked inside and laid back on my bed as i closed the door."so wassup"i asked."i think i should ask you that"he asked obviously pissed."why yu say that"i said as i laid back beside him."since when do you like hank"he asked turnin his head towards me."at first i didnt but as i got to know him he grew on me ...his a good dude"i said staring him right in the eyes."and im not"he asked."you are but your not MINES"i said getting aggy by the momment."that could change"he said in a slight mummble."yeah'd break up with sarah just for me"i asked now rasing up on my arms."if you ask me too and only if you'd leave hank too"he said turnin his body towards me."yeah right christopher your so full of s***"i said about to get up.chris rolls over on top of me and says "im dead serious gazelle im still very much in love with you i wish we would have never been interupted last time cause i really wanted to make love to you s*** i still do i want kiss and lick every part of your body i want to taste your sweetness on my tongue again i wanna explore your walls till im deep in side of you causing you to scream my name the way you use to....but i wont do it till your all mines and trust when i say that wont be took long from now"he said as he than kissed my lips and walked out of my room leaving me wet as hell."

<em>flashback:"are you sure your ready"chris asked.i nodded as he than slip inside of me.i gasped as i dug my nails into his back."its okay"he whispered into my ear as he than kissed my neck.he pumped in and out slow and deep hitting my spot everytime as he licked and sucked on my nipples."mmmm"i moaned as the pain started to fade away."that feel good"he asked in sexual tone.I nodded unble to speak.he grabbed both my legs and pushed them up resting on his shoulders as he grabbed ahold of my waist keeeping the same pace he continued to dig me out just a bit harder."what my name"he groaned."aahh"i said as my eyes started to roll into the back of my head".he slammed into my hard and said"ahh isnt my name".i just gripped the sheets ready to bare more roughness i wanted him to take me beyond extascy."i see you think im playing" he said as he than flipped me over and entered me from the back,pullin my hair and pumping much faster and harder he asked me again.i just moaned as mylegs began to shake."your not commin on this d*** till you say my name"he said as he pulled all the way out only to slamm right back in .he repeated this until i had tears in my eyes and was begging him to stop my legs were shakin much worse.'say my name"he said as he slapped my ass."chrissss"i yelled as i exploded all over him.not to long after that he came as well.dspite it being my first time he said i was the best he ever had and we fell fast asleep in eachother's arms that night."

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<em>flashback: i sat there high as f*** with miguel passed out beside me."i should kill you right f***ing now"i said."mmmm"he grummbled
as he than rolled over.Thats when i spotted his .22 tucking in his back.I sat there and thought long and hard and reached over for it.
as soon as my hand touched the handle he snapped up adn grabbed on my wrist to stop me."f*** u think u doing b****"he said."
"i stuttered."yea was gonna try to kill me wasnt you" he said as he than lifted the gun to my head.i shook my head no.he just laughed
and than pulled the trigger only that there was only a click he pulled it again and again and each time there was only a click." bullets"he said
as he than busted out laughing.i just sat there silently crying thanking god that my life had not been up to an end.<em>

<strong>Present:we sat in the kitchen silently staring at eachother not knowing what to say."umm...what was that all about"i asked."to be honest i dont
know"chris said." go"i said as i walked up the stairs to the <a href="".
guest bedroom</a> . i laid down turned on the tv and watched two and half men till i heard a knock on the door. i got up and went to answer it.when i opened the
door chrs walked and started tongue kissing me.without breaking it we closed and locked the door and made our way over to the bed. with him on top we kept kissing
while our hand roammed eachother's body.he stopped for a momment and asked "are you sure"."the question is are you sure"i said back rasing my eyebrow.he snickered and
started kissing me again.we stripped eachother of our clothes.chris pinned my hands above my head and started kissing my neck down to my belly down to the top of my
thong.he looked up at me one last time and than pushed my thong to the side and started sucking and licking on my pussy fast than slow."mmmmmmm"i moaned as i gripped
on the sheets and arched my back.he started to hum on clit which drove me wild.suddenly there was a knock on the door."yeo chris ya girl downstairs"benji said.chris just
kept on doing what he was doing."cccchhhhrrrrriiissss"i moaned trynna push him away."mmm...what"he said between licks."stop"i said as i finally got him off."whats the problem
he asked obviously pissed."um..ya girl downstairs"i said pointing to the door."imma get rid of her"he said getting up walkin to the door."yea sure"i said now turning my attention
back to the tv.he walked out the room and i waitied a couple of minutes before i decided he wasnt comming back.i went to sleep only to be awakened by a head board banging against
my wall and sarah's moans.i just rolled my eyes turned over and went back to sleep.<strong>

<em>flashback: i walked into the house to find miguel on the couch f***ing some <a href="">girl</a> ."what the f***
is goin on"i yelled causing him to jump up."its not what it looks like babe"he said putting his hands up."yeah f***ing right"i yelled back.the girl just sat there staring back and forth between
the both of us."what the f*** u looking at b****"i said seeing red.she just shook her head and started gathering up her clothes "im so sorry...ima just go" she said trynna pass me to get to the
door."f*** naw"i said as i hooked off on the right side of her jaw.i grabbed her hair and started stomping on her face. she started swinging back only scratching me in the processs which only made
me madder."chill"miguel said as he finally pulled me off of her."f*** you and her"i screammed as i then walkedd out the door.i ran to the park and laid in the grass staring up to the sky wondering
what i did to deserve this life.<em>

<strong>present: i woke the next morning to find sarah down stairs cooking breakfeast with all the guys seated at the table."good morning"she said to me with a smirk on her face as if that was going to
bother me."morning"i said back to her with a smile.the guys just looked back and forth between us both confused." there something we're missing" asked jaquan."nope"me and sarah said together."what
you making"i asked her."oh just some chocolate chip pancakes sausage eggs and cheese grits"she said."oh"i said as i poured me some orange juice."do you want some"she asked with a slight attuide now."yeah sure ...if
its no problem"i said."nah its all good"she said.i wlked out the kitchen leavig the guys siting there speechless. a few minutes later hank walked in and sat beside me on the couch."i hope you know we all kno what happened
last night: he said with a smirk."i know"i said while laughing." just so u kno i would never do that to you"he said with a look in his eyes."i'll take that into consideration"i said back with a smirk. sarah walked in
with my plate of food and i said "thanks"."mmhmmm"she said smirking at me and hank. she walked out and hank said "you kno she gonna go in there and blow everything up"he said smiling.i shrugged and dug into my food. an hour later
the guys walked in to see my and hank on the couch with his arm around me."whats this"asked shawn smiling."nothing just chillin"hank responded.chris just stared at us with a pissed look until sarah came up behind him and wrapped her
arms around him."so...ya'll chillin chillin or just chillin"asked carmello."why yu wanna know"i asked."cause if he aint trynna bag than ima let u kno whats real"he said as he than winked at me making me him and hak bust out laughing.
"sooo come over here and let me kno"i sat scooting over.carmello walked over and sat dow on my other side and put his arm around me too."i feel left out"max said pouting."theres room for everyone"i said laughing."yay"he said as he jumped onto my lap.
Benji Shawn and Jaquan just sat there laughing at us.while chris just got madder."lets go upstairs"he said to sarah not even waiting on her response just dragged her up the stairs."oohhhh somebody's mad"benji joked.I just shrugged and turned my attention
back to the tv.<strong>

<em>flashback:i walked into the room and it was lited up with candles with roses peddles spreaded out everywhere.miguel was sitting on the bed with a big smile on his face."whats all this" i asked in confusion."i love you soooo much and i cant picture my life without
you for one second your the air i breathe my soul my heart my everything i want us to spend the rest of our lifes together babe will you marry me"he asked as he got down on his knee and pulled out a ring."i ...i...yes"i said.he jumped up and kissed me. we made love that
night till the morning only to find out that it was all a joke.the next morning i was choked punched cut and tied up throw into the closet.

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<strong>Present:we arrived at the glub and all the girls headed straight for the bar while the guys hit the dance floor."Jack and daniels"i told the bartender."damn girl starting out heavy i see"melo said."that the only way to do it"i said as i than threw my shot back."make that 12 shots"lola said."nah excuse me but i'll just have a martini thank yu"said sarah.we all just looked at her and shook our heads.about 40 minutes later we were just about wasted ...well except for sarah but we hit the dance floor and immediately spotted the guys.As chris was in the middle of a circle dougie'n."just lik chris always gotta show off"lola said nugding me knowingly."yeah but watch this"i said as i pushed my way through the crowd and ended up in the middle of the circle."oh snap looks lik we got a battle"said benji.Chris smiled and danced harder as i than micked his moves while adding my own style."go g go g go g"lola and girls started chanting.we kept dancing till "pon di floor" came on and he grabbed me by the waist."oh s***"jaquan said.I bent ova and started ticking and grinding on chris until i felt some body push me."b****"yelled sarah."did yu just touch me"i asked her gettin in her face."yeah i did f*** u gonna do"she said gettin in my face."chill ya'll"chris said gettin between us."no f*** dis junkie ass b**** rachet ass hoe"yelled sarah.I hauled off and punched the b**** in the face causing her fall."dammmmnnnn"all the guys said."f*** this im outta here"i said.and with that i bounced out the club and started walking down the block.<strong>

<em>Flashback:"who the f*** was she chris"i yelled now in his face."nobody babe ets just go"he said trynna push me out the cafeteria."no i wanna kno who she is"i yelled point to the girl i had just caught all up in face while he was just grinning away."f*** gazelle i said nobody damn let it go"he yelled."f*** that"i said and pushed past him and marched right up to girl."what" <a href="">she</a> said."why yu all up in my man face"i asked her with my arms folded.she laughed and said"sweetie please i was just asking for some school just run along cause yu all up in my face lik u want a problem i kno u cant handle...if i wanted ya man i'd take him just like that"when shre said that she snapped her fingers and soon as she did that i headbutted her right in her face kicked her in the stomach grabbed her hair and started to pound in her face."gazelle let her go"chris yelled trying to pull me off her."f*******...say....some...s*******...f***in...hoe"i said in between punches.theres was crowd around us that got parted when the security guards came in and carried me away.that day i got suspened and that day was also the first time me and chris broke up.<em>

<strong>Present:"gazy wait up"yelled nai.i tured around and her and the rest of the girls were running behind me."why yu just leave like that"asked raven."cause i wasnt about to let that hoe get the best of me f*** dat"i said."hmmm...if i didnt kno any better i'd say yu and my bro was still feeling eachother"said lola."man im not gonna lie i still love him i never stopped but im hurt and he got a girl so f*** it f*** him and f*** her"i said."i hear dat"maria said."where were u going"asked melo."i dont kno i just need to cool off"i said.we reached the corner and spotted another night club."hey ya'll wanna try out over there"asked maria.we all nodded and headed over.needless to say we went in drank some more and hit the dance floor.I was whine on the floor to "im so proud" when this <a href="">he</a> came up and started dancing behind me."whats yo name ma"he asked after we finished dancing."gazelle"i said extending my hand."nice to meet u gazelle my name is Kam"he said with a goregous smile."well kam the dance was nice and all but im outta here my girls are waiting"i said as we than both looked over at the door where lola nai raven and maria were waiting."well take my number maybe we can do this again soon"he said."okay"i said with a smile.he wrote his number down on a piece of napkin and with that i was out the door.<strong>

<em>Flashback:"hey"chris said walking up to the swing i was on."hey"i said."how you been"he asked."ok i guess"i said with a shrug."oh...i've missed u"he said.i just shrugged."damn gazelle wud yu talk to me i know i f***ed up but all i ever did was flirt i never f***ed around on yu and i swear to god on that"he said with tears now running down his face.i started to tear up and said"im not gonna sit here and act like i havent missed u cause god knos i have BUT the fact that yu was florting with all these b****es wen i suppose to be your one and only ...i cnt"i said as i than walked away."will you ever forgive me"he asked with tears still in his eyes."i turned around and said "of course i could never stay mad at yu i love u too much".<em>

<strong>Present:"so how was the rest of your night"asked hank.i just looked at him sideways like yu punched me in the face my dude."ikno i just wanted to say im srry for ...well yu kno im not really that much a a bad guy once yu get to know me"he said.i shrugged and said"i night was good"."thas wassup"he said with a smile."yu kno u dnt look half bad once u smile"i said laughing.he started laughing too."so wassup with that blow u gave homegirl back a the club"he asked."psshh...i dont like the b**** simple as that"i said."he nodded and said"truth be told none of us do but s*** cnt tell chris nothing even if its for his own good"."dont i kno it"i said."well goodnight"he said."goodnight:i got up and walked him to the door.soon as i closed it chris came down the stairs.i rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen to find something to eat."dont do that"he said walking in behind me."dont do what"i asked rolling my ees at him."i told yu she was jealous"he said."sooo not like she kno im basically ur ex or lik u still have feelings for me"i said as i bent over to look into the fridge."damn"chris said under his breath i turned my head a little a peeped him staring at my ass."i dont even care anymore its what eva"i said."yu always say tht and then it comes back to bite me in the ass"he said."trust me i dont care"i said looking into his eyes.i started to walk away till he pulled me back."what..."i started to say till i got cut off by him kissing me.<strong>

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<em>Flashback:"gazelle"miguel screammed."yes daddy"i said as i walked into the room."i need you to do something for me"he said fidgeting with jeans."wassup"i asked sitting beisde him."i got some guy comming over whose gonna hit us up with 3 months worth of supply"he said."ok wats that gotta do with me"i said now getting nervous.he just looked at me not syaing anything and i finally understood what he was saying."no im not doin that again...u said i wudnt have to do it again"i said."just this last time"he said."no why dont yu try doing it yourself"i said in anger>miguel jumped up and kicked my in my face."b****"he yelled as he than grabed me by my hair pulling me over to the bed.He laid me down and tied my arms and legs to bed."ayo yo in here"he called out into the hallway.Not only did 1 guy walk in but about 20."before yu start wheres my s***"asked the guy.the guy threw over the drugs to miguel who than turned and left me not even looking back.That day i was gang raped and it wasnt the last time like he promised.<em>

<Strong>Present:everyone was packed up in the living room watching the bride of chucky when the door bell rang."i'll get it"Jaquan said.he walked over and open the door and i heard a bunch of female voices."great"i said to myself."hey broooooo"a <a href="">girl</a> said.once she walked iinto the room she seen me and screammed"gazey bear" she ran to me and hugged me."lola"i asked."yeah omg where have yu been i've missed you"she squealed."i been.....around"i said smirking."omg chris how could you not tell me my bestest friend in whooooolllllllleeeeeee world was here"she said punchin him in the arm."owww...i didnt think yu'd remember her that was lik 5 years ago yu was only 12"he said rubbing his arm."i could never forget my gazey bear" she said smiling at me."what going on here" asked another girl who was followed by 3 others.'this is gazey bear"lola said."hi....i've heard alot bout yu" a girl with redd hair said to me."heard from who"i asked."lola and chris they wud talked about yu sooooooooooo much" she said smiling at the three of us."oh really"said sarah obviously getting upset.i just rolled my eyes."so are you gonna introduce your friends"asked max."oh yeah this is <a href="">Melo</a> that one over there is <a href="">Raven</a> shes <a href="">Nai</a> and thats <a href="">Maria</a> ."hey"they all said together."so what was ya'll up to"asked Nai."watching bride of chucky"said Benji."ooohhh thats my movie"said maria as she jumped on the couch between Jaquan and Carmello."dang girl the word is excuse me"said carmello as everyone laughed.<strong>

<em>Flashback:"chris your such an ass"i screammed as him and miguel were on the floor laughing."its not funny"said lola.we were cover head to toe in chocolate and whip cream."ohhh im srry baby"chris said."if you so srry gimme a hug"i said with my arms out."nah i aint that sorry"he said backing up smiling."oh no give me a hug punk"i said walking towards him.He took off running and i chased him as lola started chasing miguel.I tackled chris on the kitchen floor and smeared him with chocolate."okay okay you got me" he said laughing.i stop and looked into his eyes as he looked into mines.we started kissing rubbing all over eachother bodies."eeewwwww get a room"lola said smirking.we both jumped up and faced ola and miguel who looked kinda pissed."um imma go up to the shwoer"i said."okay babe"chris said eyeing miguel."you comming"i asked him>he turned to me smiled and picked me up."nasty asses"lola said.i flipped her off and we made our way up stairs.<em>

<strong>Present:"im bored now"said raven."word"said shawn."i know lets go dancing"said sarah."heeeyyy im with it"said lola."well yu guys have fun"i said geting up bout to go back up stairs."hellloo no yu commin gazelle i havent party with yu yet and i still remeber u promised"said lola pouting.i laughed and said"fine but i dont have nothing to wear"."oohhh i got the perfect thing for you"lola said as she took my hand and ran up the stairs.2hours later everyone was dressed and ready to go"lola and gazelle if ya'll dont come on we're leaveing yu"shouted chris."wait nigga damn we commin" lola said walking don the stairs."wheres lola"asked carmello.just then i walked down the stairs in <a href="">this</a> and <a href="">this</a>."dddaaaammmmnnnnnnn"all the guys said.i just smirked."can we go now"sarah said as she rolled her eyes at me."hating ass"nai said shaking her head."yeah we can go now"chris said wrapping his arm around her.i justt shook my head and headed out in front of everyone.<strong>

<em>flashback:"ma im hungry"chris yelled."then go fix yourself somthing to eat" she said as i laughed."why cant yu do it"he asked now pouting."cant you see iim busy"she said.i was painting her nails as she watched general hospital."man ....gazelle baby im hungry"he said pouting in my direction.i just stared at him as to say "i know u see me doin something"."man forget you both"chris said stomping away.we both laughed and then she turned to me."gazellei know yu and chris been having sex"she said with a serious face." mama joyce"i said liein."dont lie to me not trying scold you or anything but i do hope you are protecting your selfs im too young to be grandmama....other then that im cool with it ...its not like i dont already know one day ou'll be my daughter in law"she said ."yup thats right she gonna be the future mrs.brown"chris said walkin into the room with a pbj sandwhich.boy who told yu to interuptt my conversation"joyce said smacking him the back of the head."ooowww"he said rubbing his head.I laughed and contiued to paint her nails after all she would be my mother in law one day.<em>


<strong>Present:I woke up in a <a href="">Room</a> i wasnt familar with. I got up carefully and fell to the ground screamming out in pain. he boss man came rushing in looking alarmed. I got a good look at his face and immediately knew that he was chris."here let me help you" he said bending down tryin to help me. I scooted away from him into a corner "dont f***ing touch me your suppose to be dead"i said."Gazelle calm down please let me help you" he said moving closer."dont" i screammed out causing <a href="">Him</a> to run in."whats going on ...ya'll good"he asked looking back and forth between me and chris."yeah we good"chris said eyeing me."iight"he said walking back out."would you please come over here and let me explain"he said.I eyed him and ascooted all the way back over to the bed and pulled myself up on it.chris chuckled and said"still the same stubborn girl i see"."far from it"i said rolling my eyes with a slight shudder.He noticed and said "i see...what happened to you"he asked.I gave him a evil glare making him put hi put his hands up and say "okay oay i know me first"." waiting"i said tapping my foot."short or long version"he asked sitting beside me."both"i said now looking him directly in the face.'Hmmm...short version i faked my death hid out for a bit and rebuilt"he said."and the long version"i asked."someone was plotting on me so i staged it to look like i been shot in front of people who knew me bet so everyone else wouldnt doubt it when there was a closed casket.i hid cause i had to find out who it was tryin to take everything i worked hard for ...and to answer your next question yea i found him and i made him pay and after that i rebuilt"he said nonchantly."and what about me"i asked."honestly i came looking for you and when i didnt find you i just thought yu moved away and found something better"he said with sorrow."hmmph"i said as i chuckled."so what happened to you"he asked."miguel happened to me"i said. He sifted in his seat a bit and rubbed his face and looked at me and said with a bit of anger"what you mean miguel".Before i could answer a <a href="">girl</a> walked in looking confused."babe wats going on"she asked chris."babe"i said eyeing both him and her."nothing boo this is a friend on mine that needs help thts all"he said walking over to her."oh okay....well i'll be downstairs"she said as she than pecked him and walked out."now where were we"he said turning toward me.I at there staring at him."umm....see"he started to saying catchin on."save it"i said holding up my hand"wheres the shower"."this way"he said as he helped me up and walked me over.I Turned around to close the door to see him inside the bathroom with me."um...i got it from here"i said avoiding eye contact."o...kay"he said as he turned and walked out.I got undressedand turned on the water and did what i havent done in 5 years.....cried.<strong>

<em>Flashback:"where is it b****"miguel screammed as he thew a vase above my head."i...i...i smoked it"i said now scared.he didnt say a word just charged me tackling me to the ground and started to pund on me"you smoked my s*** b**** f***ing b**** you smoked my s***"he screammed."im srry daddy"i said tryin to block his blows."oh your srry alright"he said getting up off me as he than dragged me up a flight of stairs by my ankles.He threw min the hall way closet and locked it>i started banging on the door crying saying"im sorry" hoping he'd left me out. It wasnt until bout 3 weeks later he finally let me out."you been a bad know what you gotta do right"he asked obviously now high."yes"i said as i crawled over him and unbuckled his pants. I took out his and d*** and proceeded to suck it."awww yeah thats a good girl....thats daddy's good girl"he said holding the back of my head.

<strong>Present:I made my way downstairs to see chris and that girl and a couple of guys all sitting around chilling. The guy from earlier looked back and seen me"hey"he said to me making everyone look back.chris got up and walked over to me and said"everyone this is a long lost friend of mines gazelle".I rolled my eyes at him saying "friend" knowing it was only for the benefit of this new hoodrat he was with."this is Jaquan"he aid pointing to the guy who ran into the room earlier.and thats <a href="">Shawn</a> Thats <a href="">Benji</a> thats <a href="">Max</a> Thats <a href="">carmello</a> and thats Hank"he said pointing to the guy who had punched me."hi"i said waving."babe yu didnt introduce me"the girl said>"oh" he said "this is Sarah"he said.I just looked at her and walked off into the kitchen."rude much"she said.all the guys just snickered i guess everyone but her knew the truth.

<em>Flashback:"im sorry ms.simms your baby didnt survive"the nurse said.I broke down and cried the last piece of chris i had left was now gone and its all my fault.If i never would have gotten cought up with miguel's crazy ass this s*** wouldve never both my babies were gone.maybe i deserved this punishment for being such a s***ty daughter.I left the hospital later that evening to only be gretting by miguel's fist."where the f*** you been hoe"he screammed at me."at the hospital"i said now crying holding my eye."what the f*** you at the hospital for"he said."cause i had a miscarriage"i screammed out wishing i could take it back."whose baby was it and dnt you lie to me you slut....was it chris'"he asked now all in my face."no its was yours"i said.he slapped meand said"dont f***ing lie".i cried some more and said "im not liein its was yours".he looked at me for a momment and got up and walked off saying "good riddens i dnt want no lil f***ers around here anyways".I hated saying it was his knowin it was my true love's child but f***ing with miguel i couldve ended up right back in the hospital had i admitted to it being chris'.

<strong>Present:"why you gotta be so rude"chris said walking into the kitchen."when was i a friend"i asked biting into a strawberry.he just looked at me the same way he did that tie we was at the park."well"i said as i batted my eyes."you was never a friend....but she dont need to know that"he said."why is it cause im junkie or is cause im junkie and shes really a jealous b****"i said."the second one without th junkie part"he said calmy."yea right"i said grabbin the rest of the strawberries ready to walk out the kitchen.he stopped me by puttin his hands on my hips"im being honest i dnt care that you WERE a junkie and im saying were cause imma help you beat this you hear me shawty"he said now looking into my eyes."wateva you say chris"i said pushing his hands off.I walked back out where the rest of the guys were and sat down on a love seat by myself.everyone just stared at me."what"i asked."nothing...your just ....real pretty"carmello said."thanks..ii guess"i said with a shrug.chris than walked out the kitchen with a bag of popcorn."we bout to watch a movie you staying"he asked.i just shrugged. he went a popped in the movie and sat down next sarah but would look at every once in a whilei hated o admit it i was jeaous but its ok cause i know him and that s*** aint gonna last

this is good

im just confused AS HELL!!

lol is Chris dead or is he alive
i dnt understand

but. . .

run its seems interesting