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-A Night With Chris Brown ... 2/26

Title::A Night With Chris Brown
Birth:: December 24, 2011 9:00pm estrn
Inspiration:: the video on youtube when chris gives the girls lap dances from his concert.

- - - -

"Okay Nia. This is your last gift. It's kinda a christmas & birthday gift me and your dad put together. "

"We hope u like it baby. Merry Christmas" my parents said to me as I said in the livingeoom opening my gift.


LaNia" my mom called out for me

"huh" I replied

"are u done?"

"nope. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. yall are the best parents in the world.! yall.. I gotta go call my girls this is surreal.!

I screamed again running upstairs. To my room to call my to bestfriend on 3way.
Small cast
Need 2 best friends
And choose trey or tyga.


Yay your back. This story was greatly missed.

so glad your bck boo!!



whoa whoa whoa @nessie
ranee ain't do nothing so
what are you talking abt.?

but anyways please update.!

wat happened to this??
iwuld kill kyannah ass!
ranae whoeva! both of em
s***! lol bt ilike this

oooooh smh

wht kinda bff is she??


um where the hell you been at???
going all m.i.a. && ish!!!

Mannnnnn Run this!! Lol I wanna see what happens!!

...i gotta catch up on this story
i'll read it later

babygirl you slippin on your updates lol
you getting like me lol

Run it so i can beat that bytch ky's ass.!!!!!

Run this ish!! I like it!

JS! Chris a father? NO WAY!
Kyannah or who ever is just sad. (N)
I actually like this story ^-^
Run it

well at least he aint try
to deny his kids doe.!

Run it.!!!

Aww he wants them and after she have the babies she should beat her ass!

Chris found out. Glad he ain't denying his children. Run It!

Dmn Uh oh Chris found put I cnt believ her bestfriend tld run it

~~ A week later.

I was sleeping peacefully for once when my phone woke me up outta my sleep. I answer it with out even looking at the caller id .

"hello" . I said sheepishly

"LaNia. We need to talk" the person said as my heart stop for a min.


"Are you pregnant by me ?" He said ignoring my question it took me by surprise.

"how did u know ?"

"it's all over the word up magazine . Which made it all over BET. VH1. MTV. Which made it all over the news"

"that's impossible. Only 2 people knew." I said starting to cry.

"bae please dont cry and upset my kids."

"how did they find out"

"Kyannah. I guess your bestfriend wrote a story on being bestfriends with Chris Browns babymom. She said she did this looking out for me cause you wasnt gonna tell me. Is that true."

"i wasnt ready to talk to you yet. ofcourse I was gonna tell you. Wait woah. U believe me ?"

"ofcourse I do. I've been wanting a baby for a while and things really got intense on your birthday so I forgot to put on the rubber. Look im flying you out here tomorrow"

"how u figure I dont have plans"

"they can wait I wanna see my kids"

"your not gonna be able to see them unless we go to the doctor"


"im not coming by myself. Im bring my true best friend"

"okay txt me ya card number and email so I can send this"

"ok" I hung up calling ranae.

I couldnt believe this b****H

-TEASER.!!!! More later =D

Oh My. She's preggers with Chris Brown's babies. She's gotta tell em now. F Rhianna! Run It!

Omg gosh twins! and she should tell him sooner either way he's not gonna like it

I knew she was pregnant I knew it n yay twins oooh that wud b cute if it's a girl n a boy awwwwwwwwwww run it n she need to tell Chris but I understand she needs time run it

" your being childish. He needs to know.!"

"and he will when im ready.!" I yelled she hung up.

"theirs something sneaky and that. Keep your eyes on her LaNia seriously" nae said as we went to get something to wat.

Are you ready for the results"

"yes" both me and nae said

"Your 8 weeks pregnant. And your due date is Sep. 29. " I felt like my heart collaps to my feet. I looked a Ranae and a smile came on her face letting me know everything is ok. "now let's listen to baby's heartbeat"

He put jel on my stomach as I heard my baby heart beat. A tear ran down my cheek. But a concern look came over his face.

"dr. Jones is everything ok."

"yes.dear we're just gonna switch it to the screen altra sounf" he said and he plugged it up to the acreen "awww yes see. "he pointwd at 2 dots " the heart beats was going too fast and I got concern but right here it's showing your carring twins.!" He said as nae screamed

"twins ?" I asked shocked

"yes ma'am twins im gonna print these altra sounds for you and have them schedule your next appointment" he said lwaving

"i always throught chris had stroke but twins? This nigga made twins!" Nae said laughong

"shut up nae" I said smilling. " i'll tell him in a month"

"take all the time u need I just hope u give him the choice instead of making it for him"

As we we're leaving the room I made a appointment for march 20th. We got in the car and nae screamed again

"whaat girl" I said

"your pregnant with twins.!! I have 2 God babies.! Omg ima spoil them.!" Nae said I rub my stomach

"im pregnant with twins.!" I took my phone and called ky.

"what the doctor say ?"

"im 8 weeks carring twins" I said as she screamed

"omg your carring CHRIS BROWNS BABIES.! 2 of them" she screamed on speaker. Nae just shook her headhead

"ky shut up"

"when are u gonna tell him " she asked

"ima give myself a month" I heard her smack her teeth.

"what the difference between telling him now than next month nia?"

"i need some time. Im not really ready to talk to him

After I picked up nae I was nervous on my way to the doctors office. I mean 2 home pregnacy test said that I was. But I was still hoping in the back of my mind I wasnt. But after today. I will know the truth.

"Good Morning. Name , birthdate, and appointment time"

"LaNia Daniels , dec 27th 1991 , and 10:00am"

"Thank you. Have a seat and we will be with you shortly".

I sat down and picked up a magazine hoping it will calm my nerves. All of a sudden I looked up on tv and seen GMA accouncing Chris Brown on the show. I rolled my eyes and looked at Ranae she shruged her shoulders

"to bad you cant change the channel huh?" Nae smirked

"damn right too bad" I actually looked at the screen and watch. Gosh he looked so good. But I had to stop my tears from threatening to leave.

"So how do you feel about your relationship back with Rhianna."

"im happy she gave me another chance. I'm not gonna mess this up again. I just wish the media would shut up about it"

"LaNia Daniels" I was called by a lady. Thank you me and Nae jumped up walking through these doors and into a room

"hello i'm nurse smith and before the doctor comes im gonna check your blood pressure and weight. "

She said as she checked both. When I was on the scale I was disappointed to find out I gained 15 pounds.

"165.!" I yelled

"i dont know why you complaining. You gonna gain more than that" nae laughed

"okay Miss Daniels. Im gonna draw some blood so if you could sit back on the bed i'd appreciate it"

After she got my blood she told me dr. jones will be back to give me my results. 20 minutes have pass and me and nae was talking about what-if's and possibilities . The dr. came in holding my fate

" Hello Miss Daniels"

"Good morning Dr. Jones"

wait where are u puttin the adds????

Aww damn Nia is pregnant with Chris' baby. Chris brown's baby! She could be like my mom. My mom didn't know she was pregnant with me until almost her 2nd trimester. She has a condition, were the hormone used to detect pregnancies in her was low. So 3 months went by before she even knew I was coming. Talk about shocking. Lol Update Soon

Aww damn she preggers by Chris. Aww s*** just got real. Where can I find the rest?

where is the rest going to be?

That was my last update on here.!

You know where to find me for the rest.!

LeAsia <3

Dmn she pregnant wow run it


My birthday was the most embarrassing day in my whole life. I mean c'mon I figured It would be a one hitter quitter when he said he wanted me. But I got in the room he started saying other s*** and getting my feelings invovled.! f*** HIM.! f*** THAT b**** Rihanna too.! I dont f*** with neither. when im watching tv. & they pop up. It's time for me to turn! The only thing that made me laugh is when nae called me the next morning to get the tatt.! && might I add is sexy as f*** fareal.! Niggas && b****es hating but WHO CARES.

We was at the mall shopping cause everytime I wore a pair of jeans it would hurt where the button lies. I mean I love leggings dont get me wrong but the s*** was nerve racking.!

"Nia u just getting fat" nae said as we was looking through a pair of jeans

"shut up nae. She's not fat " ky said looking around too

"obviously she did if we are now looking for a bigger size."

"you guys shut up.! I dont wanna think about me no longer being able to fit a size 10". I said picking up 4 pairs of jeans.

I tried most of them on to a perfect fit. I left macys with about 8 pairs of new jeans.

"i wanna slushie." I said rubbing my stomach walking to the food court.

"you wanting miscellaneous s*** is the reason u getting fat.!" Nae said laughing

"3 cherry slushies" I sajd to the lady. "hush your mouth. Yall want one too.!" I payed the lady as we recieves our slushies.

Walking to the car a lil fast cause it was the end of feburary but a smile crept on my face cause spring was next month.

"what the f*** are u smiling for" nae said as got in the car.

"spring is next month yall.! I been tired of winter.!" I said with head nobs in agreement. I sat my slushie down in rhe cup holder. And took my coat off it was getting hot even tho the car was on and the heat was too. This was something different. And something came over me which caused me to open my car door and throw up outside. I got back in the car and wiped my mouth with a napkin. I looked over to ranee.

"this is like the 3rd time u threw up this week nia" nae said as I backed out the drive way

"i know" I said taking my phone out and calling our family doctor.

"dr. Jones office" the receptionist answer

"yes I need to make a appointment for a pregnacy test"


"LaNia Daniels"

"birthday ?"

"December 27th 1991"

"i have a opening tomorrow ? 10:00 ?"

"yes thats perfect thank you"

"thank you" I said hanging up. I pulled up in the wallgreens parking lot. As we all got out walking in.

"do u kno what this means. If your pregnant that means your caring ch-" ky said getting cut off

"don't say that b**** niggas name. Im not pregnant i've been sick " I said looking at the pregnacy test

"than why are we in here looking for pregnacy test ?" Ranaee said smiling

"you are wipe that smile off your face im just playing it sade like justin case safe auto" I said putting the two boxes on the counter paying for them. We left and I drove fast back home.

We waited forever in my bedroom for ky's phone to buzz letting us know it's been 2mins. This s*** has been the longest wait in my life. As it buzzed we ran towards the bathroom. Me being the only one walking in I grabbed the stick reading a plus sign as my heart stopped . Nae came in.

"babe that's why you bought 3. Do it again" she said kissing my cheek and leaving . I did it again and ran out the bathroom I layed on my bed with nae & ky begining to cry .

"if you are. Are u going to tell him. ?" Ky said

"f*** him and f*** no. ima take care of my child myself he probably wouldnt want the baby anyway. "

"nia thats not right. I mean your well of but he's famous he has the money to support you and the baby"

"i agree with ky. But not about the money part. Your carring his seed. Atleast give him tge choice to be in the babys life or not. Dont make it for him" nae said as the buzzer went off. I walked to the bathroom & picked up the stick . Negative sign ? The f*** ?

" when you go to the doctor tomorrow you'll be for sure ." Nae said hugging me. I took them home telling them how much I love them and i'll see them tomorrow .

I came back home and cried in my bed. I cried so hard I fell asleep. When I woke up it was 8:00 at night. I went to go use the last stick. As I went back to my room and set my phone on a timer . I didnt know what to feel . As the buzzer went off I went to the bathroom and picked up the stick that had a positive sign on it. I signed & walked back to the room and called nae

"the last stick said positive" I said to ranee when she answered

"Lania everything is gonna be ok. Im here for u and my God-baby" I laughed

"i thought I was suppose to ask you"

" no need I already know my place." We both laughed

"can u come to the doctor with me ?"

"of course I will" I felt her smile so I smiled too.

"ok ima try & go back to sleep ima call u tomorrow"

"okay I love you"

"love u too nae " I said hanging up.

Damn . I shook my head in thought