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-A Night With Chris Brown ... 2/26

Title::A Night With Chris Brown
Birth:: December 24, 2011 9:00pm estrn
Inspiration:: the video on youtube when chris gives the girls lap dances from his concert.

- - - -

"Okay Nia. This is your last gift. It's kinda a christmas & birthday gift me and your dad put together. "

"We hope u like it baby. Merry Christmas" my parents said to me as I said in the livingeoom opening my gift.


LaNia" my mom called out for me

"huh" I replied

"are u done?"

"nope. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. yall are the best parents in the world.! yall.. I gotta go call my girls this is surreal.!

I screamed again running upstairs. To my room to call my to bestfriend on 3way.
Small cast
Need 2 best friends
And choose trey or tyga.


LOL @ Ranee saying she's really getting Trey's autograh tatted on her now thats what I call a fan lol. Aww Ky got nervous with Tyga ats aight she'll get another chance with him hopefully. I'm pissed at Chris how could he do that to Nia he used her basically, talking bout he dont wanna mess up him and Rhianna getting back cool, f*** her and him being with Ni wont complicate nothing. Ugh dumbass nigga.... Poor Nia RUN IT.

This nigga. I don't see what the point of that was. Update Soon

Damn. Juat realized you updated this x_x
Oh Chris.. The FREAKY heartbreaker smh @ him..

He bold that's so dumb he shud dump Rihanna run it

run it
*evil laugh*

Chris jumped up and started looking around for his ringing phone. He figured it was Nia since he was the only one he was expecting. He finally found it and answered


Lania: I'm here

Chris: aight I'm coming

Chris opened the door and was caught off guard by the beautiful body that stood on front of him.

Chris: <a href=";current=antonia-carter.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> Damn

Lania: *laughs* what what 's up?

Chris:nothing your just damn

They both laugh and Chris wraps his arms around her waist and directs her into the bedroom.

Lania: oh my gosh Chris this is so <a href=";current=Royal-Suite-at-The-Lanesborough.png" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> nice!

Chris: yeah i guess its okay but look its something we need to talk about

Lania: *confused and sits on the bed* okay whats the matter Chris

Chris: *rubs the bac of his head* I mean I don't know if you can feel what I'm feeling but I really like you and everything about you your walk, ya talk the way you laugh *she laughs* allthat s*** and I just really wanna show you instead of talking.

Lania hopped up and grabbed the remote. She put a movie on. A Porno.

In Chris' Mind

I was not expecting this one. She sat close to me, pushed<a href=";current=chris-brown-shirt-off.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> me

back on theand started to undress me and take my d*** in her soft hands.

I couldn't control myself more. So I took off her clothes as quickly as she took mine off. She hesitated and then started to suck my d***. I was enjoying that moment and I sucked her titties.

She laid down on the bed and asks me to pleasure with her body. I obliged not that I could contain myself any longer. I pushed my inside her pussy. She gave a loud cry with pain. She pushed me away but I enter all 11 inches into her wet pussy.

She was screaming …………ahahahahahahahahahah…aah aaah.

Her pussy felt like something I had never felt before.

Now she was demanding that I moved harder and put it all in. I did and started to pump in and out of her pussy deep and slow. She was crying for more. “Ooooh Chris Harder! Yes bay! “.

She asked me to lay down on the bed. She straddled my d*** and coating it with her juicy pussy and started to move up and down. I held her titties firmly and sucking them. She was screaming and moving up and down quickly.

She came and I was about to cum. When I felt it coming I pushed into her pussy harder and deeper.

She started sucking my d*** again until I came and made sure she got it all into her mouth. I gave a loud groan and filled her mouth.

We both caught a shower and got into my bed. She cudled up to me on my chest and fell asleep instantly. I rubbed through her hair and kissed her forehead.

"I love you Nia."

I tried to fall asleep but I couldn't I had to tell her the truth about us, that it would never happen. I shook her awake so we could talk. She sleepily looked at me and smiled.

Lania: *yawning* Round 2?

Chris: *laughs nervously* nahnah umm we gota talk

Lania: about what?

Chris: you remeber when I told you that I was really feeling you and alla that *she smiles and nodds* well I meant eery word I said but we just can't

Her smile drops and I see tears slowly fall out of her eyes. I tried to wipe them but she smacked my hand away, got out the bed and started to put her clothes on. I got up and pulled my boxers on. She walked towards the door but I caught her arm and turned her around.

Chris: Please just listen

Lania: *folding her arms* What Chris?

Chris: I'm feeling you I really am but me and Rihanna just got back on good terms and *rubs the back of my head* we--we just we don't need this bad press *grabs her hand* I hope you can understand that all of this was just a one night stand. . .this *looks back at the bed then at her* this that just happened can't ever happen again Nia

Lania: *fighting back tears* Good bye Chris lose my number I never wanna see or hear from you again you bastard.

Lania runs out of the bedroom and out of the room. I hold my hea down not even bothering to go after her. I know she hates me and there's not enough money in the world to take back the hurt and pain I saw in her eyes tonight.

I laid back on the bed to think and clear my head; my phone interrupted my thoughts. I looked at it and saw who it was.

Chris: Yeah babe?

sweetheartz can u check ur
mesages PLEASE!!

Awww Ky got nervous. Nae didn't have to mess with her about it tho. See Nia was all sad coz she thought she didn't have Chris #. Well now she has it, I wonder when she will use it

Awww Ky got nervous. Nae didn't have to mess with her about it tho. See Nia was all sad coz she thought she didn't have Chris #. Well now she has it, I wonder when she will use it

run it

so my run doesn't count lol

Ooops ! Thought I did !

RUN IT BOO ! ! !

No runs ? =(

whoa whoa whoa hold ya pants.!!!
i cant believe she called me ratchet
and tainted just because i knew what
i wantes and went for it and she was
too scared.! IT AINT MY FAULT.!!!

nia you need to comw swoop me back
up so i can have a night with trey while
you have yo night with chris
#justsaying lol

Run it.!!!

Hold on. Ima check now.!

run it hun

did u get it???

Yay she got his number dey all crazy run it

" is that all you want from me" he asked with puppy dog eyes

"of course not. I'll take a poster too". He started writing. Than handed us the posters

"did that nigga trey really sign your-"he said getting cut off

"yes that nigga did.!" Ranee said proudly.!

"trey.!" He called out to him trey looked up and seen us and smiled.

"aye man I just. Look bro" trey said stumbling over his words

"i understand man. I do. " chris said looking at me smiling.

"uhh I wouldn't talk if I was u" ranee folded her arms.

Chris raised his hands in surrender. "hey im not saying nothing"

"i kno that right. Now take this picture. " ranee pushed me on him. We stood side by side from each other as his head leaned on mine. Than we took a group pic. He kissed me on the cheek as we walked away.

As we got in the car I thought about how I didnt get chris number so I wouldnt get to enjoy my special night. We all talked about today's even as I took ky home first.

"love you see you tomorrow" I said

"love u too nia.! Thank you for tonight" she said getting out the car

"ughh I couldn't believe all the ish she talks about tyga but when she meets this nigga she freezes up. " nae said

"just leave her alone about it I mean she isn't as outgoing as us"

"i mean I kno but she froze up like they God. They like we fans treat them regularly "

"i'll be coo. She'll have more oppurtunities when goes on tour with ymcmb"

"i guess. Im just sad u didnt get chris number"

"me too girl " I said pulling up infront of her house

"gurl I love u. Tonight was awesome I enjoyed myself I talked to u in the morning so u can take me to get this tatted

"you was serious ?" Stupid question I thought.

"Lania do I look like im playing. And we gotta go in the morning so I can come back and take a shower " she said as I laughed.

"ok love u"

"love you too" she closed the door as I pulled off.

On the drive home I thought about the dance from chris. And him backstage. I smiled. Than thought about how that was it. I suddenly got sad. I pulled up in the driveway to my house .

I walked to my room and took my clothes off preparing myself for a shower . I decided to hang up my poster by my other posters of him. And read what he wrote.

-To my number one beautiful fan. I'm glad to be the gift that keeps on givong and finally on your special day. H eyes my number 702-461-7141. Call me when u ready. I'll be waiting.

I smiled storing his number in my phone under BMC. And hopped in the shower. Tonight wasn't over .


We walked up to tyga's table and I seen ky freezing up.

"hello ladies"

"hey tyga that was a good show u put on "i lied and said. I was in the back room chris when he was performing.

"thanks ma you know everything I do is for yall."

"everything " Ranee said with her eyebrows raised. tyga looked at me and I started shaking my head

"is that a trick question" he chuckled "nice autograph" he pointed to ranee

"thats ma boo trey".!

"only that nigga man" tyga shook his head. "what ya name ?" Hw asked kyannah as she stood their in a daze .

"her namw is kyannah. But we call her ky like your name is tyga but we can call u ty. U see ty, ky it goes together " ranee said as I laughed lol

"is that what yall can call me " he laughed and walked infront of his table "you too pretty to not use this as a opportunity to talk to me ma"

She smiled " I know. But being around u right now I.cant handle it"

"aww ma it's coo. Look ima sign this shirt. And when u can handle me ima be waiting."

"well can we get a pic" I said he smiled as we took a pic and walked away.

"yo wtf was that" ranee said

"ranee chill" I said

"ikr I was nervous. Everybody isn't outspoken and ratchet lik ed your tainted ass" ky said

"b**** I got your ratchet and tainted ass alright."

"look yall please stop. Can we just see chris brown than we'll leave. " I said as they chilled and we waited in line. As we walked up a big smile creep up on his face .

"hey beautiful" ranee started coughing and he smiled looking at her . "and beautifuls beautiful friends" I laughed

"hey chris" they both said

"what can I get yall ?"

"well we know what u getting birthday girl but we'll take 2 autograph cd's and posters lol" mah eyes got huge.

check ya messages


LMAO Ranee's a fool lol. Had me dying how she came at Trey lol. They freaky butts. Run It!!!!

Oh snap! Her and Nae and Trey gotta thang goin on!

yeah re-send the info
&& ill tryy before i leave

I'm lovin thiss ! I wish I hadn't missed the cast call . = (

Run it ! !

*New readerr*
Ooo. A night with Christopher :$$
I like how this story isn't rushed.
this is good. Run it ^_^

Nae crazy run it

Idk why. U want me to send u my info again then logg out or ?

check ya messages Nia
i couldnt log into urs but its readyy

" so he wanna smack that after the show ?" Ranee said

"yup" I laughed

"i hate you.! I really do " kyannah smiled

We walked around backstage. As Ranee pull us to Trey's table. We waited in line as I turned around && seen Chris walking to his table. He looked soo sexy .!!! He saw he smile at him & he winked. I turned around

"you see that shiit" ky asked Ranee

"who trey ?"

No Nae not trey" ky said shaking her head. I laughed as we walked up.

"hey beautifuls" trey songz said to us.!

"hey trey" we all said

"what can I sign for you"

"you can sign my boob & i'll get it tatted over tomorrow" ranee said as I smacked my forehead and a kyannah put her head now .

"no she didnt ky" I said laughing

"yes she did. She did it. "

"ohh u gonna get it tatted over huh? Trey smirked. "how would ya man feel about that "

"obviously good since he about to sign his name on me " everyone laughed.

"ahhh my nigga to cridd .! Ky said giving Nae dapp

"she got game. I liked that" I laughed

"that was nice. Come here." She sat on his table. "ima sign my name up by your coller bone cause thats sexy. And than..." He started to say as he kissed a stop next to his name he sign bitting her. She held his hand caressing his ear. They both let out a moan.

"ooooowwwweeee" kyannah and I said

"biitches these days will do anything" a girl behind us said . I turned around and ky turned back aaround .

"not tonight sis . It's ur night" ky said

trey lifted his head up leaving a hicky "that should last a couple days. But right here. I want you to get a pair of lips done. In memory of tonight and what we just shared. "

"mmm yes sir" she said.

"well can we get a picture in memory of tonight. " I said. We laughed again.

"iight c'mon"

"go on Nae you first" ky said. He grab her hand

"whats your name ?" He askes

"Ranee Neverson" she said. He blushed and we started laughing again

"that girl a fool." I said as ky took her phone out.

"i like you" trey said as they took 2 pictures. One regular they just holding each others waist. And another they facing each other treys hands on her butt kissing her neck and her head back laughing while her arms wrapped around him . We came up taking a group pic. I was on one side of trey. Ky next me me. And nae on the other side of him. We we're too busy laughing ky's eyes was closed me and treys eyes so squinty they look squinty and t nae eyes was making a funny face look .

We was walking away and ofcourse girls was hating. Next stop tyga ty.!

"My turn" ky said leading the way.!