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-A Night With Chris Brown ... 2/26

Title::A Night With Chris Brown
Birth:: December 24, 2011 9:00pm estrn
Inspiration:: the video on youtube when chris gives the girls lap dances from his concert.

- - - -

"Okay Nia. This is your last gift. It's kinda a christmas & birthday gift me and your dad put together. "

"We hope u like it baby. Merry Christmas" my parents said to me as I said in the livingeoom opening my gift.


LaNia" my mom called out for me

"huh" I replied

"are u done?"

"nope. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. yall are the best parents in the world.! yall.. I gotta go call my girls this is surreal.!

I screamed again running upstairs. To my room to call my to bestfriend on 3way.
Small cast
Need 2 best friends
And choose trey or tyga.


Sh.t!! He can get!! Run It!!

OMG Best bday ever, s*** I wish I'd gotten picked to go onstage with Breezy then have him tell me he wants me. All I'd say is OKaY and Where lol. Get it LaNia.... She getting Christopher.... RUN IT!!!

I'm so stuck on callin you that , my bad Le'Asia !If I spelled that correctly ?

Ayee' Nia ! !
Run thiss , I'm in love with it yo ! !

Dead ass. There was a few of them ou there with 5 inch stacked stilletos. I remember I went to the bathroom and I saw this one girl who was squatting down (I guess her feet were hurting because she was one of the ones with the 5 inch stacked stilletos) and her dress was so short you could see all her biz. She didn't bother closing her legs, thank goodness she doesn't go commando otherwise the concert wouldn't have been the only show. On top of all that the concert was from 7-11 and these two dudes came at 10:30. Kinda pointless then

*bust into laughter*

Oh hell no. u not serious.!

Oh snap! She got Chris Brown waiting for her? That's wassup. I went to the fame tour, I saw this girl there with a bra, Mc Hammer pants and 5 inch stacked stilletos. I know she was cold. Update Soon

omg plz run it.!!!

Run it

__You lucky ass b**** .! I know you dont wanna hear me call u that but it's how I feel __

__lol i'm just now catching my breath__

__where are you ? __

__i'm back stage. In this room__

__ok. Be safe ima call you after the show__

__ k __

About a hour later. I woke up to a hand caressing my cheek. I opened my eyes and seen chris brown .

" I was hoping you would still be back here when I came " he smiled .

" umm when u have a girl come backstage when have u ever came back and they not be here"

" thats true. I'm not even suppost to be back here. I should be getting ready for the meet and greet"

"than why are u back here ?" I asked

he just stared at me . "i honestly dont know"

"well when the show over I need to meet up with my girls "

"you need passes ?" He asked

"no I have some"

"are you coming with me after the show "

"your giving me my birthday present ?" We both laughed.

"ofcourse I am. How old are you ?"

"20. "

"has it been a good b day for you?"

"yup and it just seems yo get better" I said smiling. He stared at me again . Until someone came in

"chris. C' mon u still need to get dressed" a lady said

"he grabbed my hand. Wait for me ?" He asked holding my hand

"for a night with chris brown . Ofcourse l will"

" no your getting a night with Christopher." He kissed my cheek leaving .

A night with Christopher. I thought in my head

-December 27th

Today has been the best birthday ever . Hitting the big 20 with a bang. ! I woke up and my parents took me to ihop. I been getting pampered. I got dressed in my black shapley dress with my red booties :) Ranee had a gold sequence short dress with gold rhinestone shoes. My hair was fully spiraled curled . Ranee had twisties and stand up twisties in the front and spiraled in the back. Kyannah wore a black high wait pencil skirt. And a off the filter black & white striped half shirt . Her hair pulled up in a french roll with a swoop with stones lining through her swoop .

We we're BADD. FLATOUT.!

I got into my 2011 mercedece benz truck. That I got for my birthday.! All black

" uhh im soo happy to be your bestfriend right now" ranee said


- - -

The concert is crazy.! Soo far trey songz is tearing it up.!! Literally. The way he tore his shirt off singing love faces was amazing.! I'm surprised Ranee still breathing. The lights black out. && chris brown came out. I screamed at the top of my lungs.

The way he look his sweat hos singing ohhhhh. He did 2 songs than just stopped

"all my ladies 18 and older make some noise" sll the girls screamed. "who wanna come up here with ya boy" they all screamed again . He walked to the right and looked around. The girls all reaching to heaven .. Than he walked over to the left and we did the same . He stopped. Bend over . And grab my hand. Ahhh omg.

"whats your name" he asked holding my hand


"pretty just like you. You looking nice" he lead me to a chair. I whispered in his ear

"todays my birthday " he smiled

"everyone say happy birthday to LaNia" I sat down. Most girls screamed. "i'm wondering would she mind if I give her a dance .

{O.O} hell no . I thought. He seen my facial expression and chuckled. The music came on anf he stood to my right facing the crowd. One of the dancers in front near my feet. And the other behind me rubbing my back.

-Baby come here. I wanna take ya body lay you on the sofa.

Chris sang as girls screamed the guy in front grabbed my foot rubbing my leg. As the one in the back continues to rub my back .

-And as I pull ya hair. Im stroke ya body make you bend over for me

He pulled my hair... I'm soo hot i'm surprised I'M breathing

-see you been waiting patiently for me to break you off. And ya clothes are still on but ima take em off.. With my teeth yea yea yea.

He leaned over biting my shoulder pulling my dress the crowd screamed again. I was mosit but i'm wet now.!

-And ima whisper this into ya ear

they stood up close to me as the squat low

- how deep do you want me to go. Do you want me speed it up speed it up or go slow.

They started grinding. I could stop smiling I could believe I wasnt screaming

-start from the bed , than we end up on the floor. girl you in for a treat now but dont fall in love.

He stopped singing and let the music play as he sat on my lap. And grind on me. I put my hand up his shirt on his back . He whispered in my ear.

"i want you " {O_O} Omg ima die.

"have me than." I whispered back.

"meet me backstage after the show" he said kissing me neck on the side the crowd couldnt see . He got up with a hard on. And the guys started circling me

Another guy came up taking me off the stage . Them b****es {x_x} . They lead me to a room and I sat on the couch and turned on a tv. My phone in my bra started vibrating.


"Soooo... What exactly are you wearing ?" Ky asked me


"what are u looking for ?" Ranee asked

" lol idk..." I just want it too look cute. As we walked into the store.

"Hello ladies you need any help"

"yes we need MAJOR help" I said

"special occasion ?"

"yes. Her birthday and chris brown's f.a.m.e concert with backstage passes" ky said smiling .

"heyy.! Happy birthday & congrats"

"thank you" I said

"soo u may be looking for something sexy. Tight & shapley" we all looked at hee


she laughed. " what color" ?

"black. Hmmm with red accesories ?"

"ok go to the back where th dressing room is & i'll be back shortly.

She got concert tix to see Trey and Tyga in concert with backstage passes. Lucky her! You know they are happy. Lol Update Soon


Update today

Update today


run it.!


"omg LaNia who are you taking ?" Kyannah (emily llano) askws me

"don't be stupid. I'm taking my parents duhh" I aaid az me an d renee started laughing

"what ?"

"hey you asked a stupixd question I gave a stupid answer lol"

"uhhh i'm soo mad we gotta wait 2 days till your birthday" renee (latoya lucket said

"ikr. Omg tyga and trey on the tour. " I said as we started sceeaming again.

"i'm still tryna figure out how your about to be 20 and still getting gifts" eenee said

"she spolied. And ahe the only child".

"isn't it great !!! But everything will change when I move out on my own next year". I said.

"but back to this concert thing.!!!! Shopping tomorrow?" Ky asked

"ohh for the sure. Ohh I forgot to tell you I have back stage passes".


"lol I know right . I feel the same way."

"i'm f***ing trey.!!!" Renee said as we laughed

"you sound straight up like a groupie.!" I laughed. My girls are crazy.

"i.... Don't.... Care .!" She sanged. Renee had a beautiful voice. & wasn't scared to use it.

"hey you guys I gotta go. It's still christmas & it's family day. Yall still coming over later to exchange gifts . " I asked

"idk. I dont think my gift can compare to what mom & dad got you. " ky said laughing.

"it doesn't . But it's the thought that count" I said

"the thought wouldnt compare. Lol love you. Call us later" Renee said kissing through the phone .

"i love yall too . " I said as I hung up
Gotta get the boring stuff out the way.!

Run it. Comment Merry Christmas

I like this Run it!

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