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`*.. AbNormaL <3 7/12/12 THE END!! FINALLY :)

Everyone <a href=",r:4,s:0"> I </a> passed laughed at my halloween custome. I loved it and didn't see anything wrong with it. I stumbled into a different room. The music was really cool and everyone seemed to be having fun and I was glad. I Looked up to see <a href=",r:8,s:88">some girl</a> . I quickly covered my eyes and turned around "IM SORRYYYYY...i DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING" I said now scared of her reaction. "its ok..come in" she said. People often judge my appearance and think Im a thug. I was the opposite. I was suprised at myself for even being at this party. I was shy and not really talkative. I tried to make the best while I was here. I turned around and rocked back and forth on my feet and held my hands together waiting. "YOUR ASS IS FAT" I screamed. I covered my mouth and looked at her. She came up to me

"whats ur name sweetie?" the girl said. I laughed and smiled. She looked at me. "why don't you just get out of that...let me help you." I let her take my costume off and I Looked at her. She looked at me and bit her lip. I looked confused "you ok?" I asked her really concerned. She took me to the bed and pushed me on it. "oh im just fine baby..."

I watched her get on top of me and my eyes widened "MOM'S GONNA GET ME" I yelled. "you ok...u have tourettes ( some of yall may think its terex) or something?" bree asked being silly. But it was true, I did. I smiled at her cause she got it right. "you 2 fine to have fcking tourettes...tonight ima get rid of that baby" She said. I clapped my hands fast and smiled "really?" with hopeful eyes. She shook her head and laughed "don't do that anymore...and ur name?" she asked. "my name is chris.." she said. She whispered in my ear "I wanna tear you up and feel you all in me, oooo baby I loved the way you looked in that costume", "FCK YOUUU" I yelled at her. She looked at "good thing chris" I laid back a lil "good thing?" I asked her. She smiled "yea...good thing chris." I think I like this girl. She started to move closer to my face and my eyes blinked a million times, just like my heart began to race. i coughed and cleared my throat "sorrry.." I said. She kissed me on my lips and I looked at her the whole time with my eyes open. "relax..."she whispered. I moved my lips around blinked more and more.


I sorta felt bad for chris but at the same time i can tell the nigga was packing like fck and when he walked in by accident I didnt want to get rid of him. Sht the nigga looked like he had good dck and I wanted some of it. I rubbed my hands up and down his body. I started kissing on his neck...he yelled "OHHH MYYYY GGGGGOOODDD" I laughed a lil. I started to take his boxers off and the rest of my clothes. He covered his eyes and I took his hands and placed them on my breast. His mouth opened wide. I couldnt take this feeling anymore "I need daddy dck in me right now..." I took his now fully erected dck and slid on it. "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" I moaned instantly. I saw chris's reaction and his had went straight to the back. I didn't know if it was out of pleasure or he was overwhelmed. I started to ride that dck faster and played with my pussy. He stared at me and I started to hear him breath really hard. It turn me on even more. "you like how this tight pussy feel chris?" I asked him. "FCKING SLUT" he yelled. "OHHHH YESS CHRIS, IM DADDY SLUT OOOOO" I started to get wetter then before. I turned around and started getting it reverse cow girl. I bent that ass all the way down and started to ride his dck again giving him a full visual of my sht. I felt his hands spread my ass apart "YOUR a**hole BREE." he bursted out. "pull my hair daddy..." he did exactly what i said without no hesitation and with a lot of force at that. 'AHHHHHHHH YESSS CHRIS...OOO I FEEL DADDY DCK INSIDE ME" I roared.

"mmmph" chris groaned. I looked back at him to see what he was doing and he had his eyes to back of his head. I turned around to bounce on his dck. "choke me chris" i said. He took his hands and choke me "SLUTTY WHORE" he bursted out again. Little did he not know his condition was turning me the fck on even more and this dck was long and huge just like i like it. "AHHHH YESSS DADDY". i bounced on his dck a lil more and I watched as he made a couple of facial expressions and blinked a lot. I hope he wasnt cheating on nobody but at the time fck that btch if he was, this was my dck at the time. He was gripping the fck out of my neck and I kept slamming that dck inside me. I bent over and put my ass up. "chris...fck me right now, you'll get it, just move back in forth , in and out ok" I said. "back and forth?" He questioned not really understanding. I got up on the bed and showed him how to do it and he nodded his head. He got behind me and pushed me on the bed and rammed his dck inside my pussy almost mistakin it for my a**hole. "OOOOO YES..THIS PUSSY SO WET" I moaned loudly. He didn't know what he was doing at first so I reached my hands back there and helped him but grabbin his hips. He found the rhythm and he took my hands and pinned them on the bed. "STUPID BTCH" he yelled. "mmmmmm, omgggg chris I love daddy dck" I moaned. "mmmmmmmmm' he moaned. he started to go faster "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, AHHHHHHH" he moaned and went even faster. 'AHHHH YESSS, YESSS, YESS YES FCKKKK CHRIS IM BOUT TO CUM BABY' I moaned. "mmmmmmm, mmmmm,ahhhh FCKKKKKKK" He moaned & groaned. I can feel myself and him about to bust so I tried to hurry before him so I can back away from him incase he didnt know. He was banging my sht like I wasnt human "OOOOOOOO SHT YOU DCK GOOD ASSS FCKKKKK, OOOO SHTTT DADDDDY IM COMMMIN AHHHH" I squirted all on his dck. I turned around and chris was still hitting me just by the front. He bent down and licked my titties and looked at me. His eyes told a story, he was so innocent and his eyes were so intense it was almost like...I felt something when he looked at me. He looked down at his dck "mmmmm". I panted and tried to regain my breathe as his pumps slowed down. I backed up and started jackin his dck off and he came on my stomach.

I got up and whipped myself and he did the same and came back. "YOUR A DIRTY BTCH" he roared. I wanted more to do with him. When I looked into his eyes...I felt like I was looking at a good person with a heart no matter what his condition was.... I smiled at his comment because i know he didnt mean any of that. He looked at me and smiled like a lil boy. He was soo fckin cute. He looked at me "bree....was that sex?" He said still naked. I nodded my head "yes chris" I said. He looked at me and put his costume back on. "my mom said I have to be room at... (He looked at the clock) STUPID MOM" he blurted. "go ahead and get home chris...please be safe ummm..why don't you call me and let me know u made my number" I gave it to him. He blinked numerous of times and smiled. He walked out smiling and waving continuesly until we couldnt see eachother anymore. I covered up my body and laid on the bed thinkin about what just happened....


Okay, from the stuff that I DID read those are my ratings.

I'm just saying dat i don't give 2 s***s about ur ratings cause you aint finished

Then why you even say something to me? You do care man. Stop flexing lol.

its over now lol idc

Yeah, I really did... I'm sorry..... I kinda... Idk what happened with that. I think I was very lazy during the time you were writing this.

man you can't something you stopped reading and you were a main character

10/10 Plot

10/10 Originality

9/10 Characters

10/10 for digustingness I felt for Kathy lmao... nah, but this was good.

aww thank you!

Girl, I saw the title yesterday and instead of doing my work for Uni I ended up reading. There were several occasions I had to force tears to nit escape my eyes. I really loved this. U did extremely well with this story and ur morals are just on point.

Well done.

aww thank you!
it was rushed toward the end and I apologized!
I was personally getting tired of typing this and a lot of ppl in the story stopped reading so that's one of the main reasons I was getting tired because I needed there feedback the most especially if their in the story. But I make my own characters now lol no more cast calls or ppl i know in the story.

I have a new one with twist and turns lol
its called Nose Candy feel free to read

new reader**
i love the story so many twists but it was rushed! *pouts* sequel!! :D

I love this version of Chris hes so sweet and innocent with a that freak inside and kathy is a really good girl for him to marry
dam how did trey even find them o.O
i think crazy runs in kathy family.... first her mom then her cousin

anyways good job on it :)

lol thanks

this story was the s***! i loved it :)

:) thank you

ayeeee this was my story. definitely different. loved it and always will <3

i remember this lol


thanks trop!

Idgaf about anybody else, I love your stories.
I'm guaranteed to read them, they are TOO good to pass by.

lol its officially over even though it had a cliff hanger!
i am DONE with this lol
im focused on a different story of mine called Nose Candy
so ima just focus on that for a while and
i doubt i bring the horror back nobody shows me enough love on this board so its easier for me to get bored and lazy with the stories i come up with.

This was my favorite story on the board :')
I miss that horror story though! Lol.

Are you going to continue with this one or is it officially over? :'(

thank you :)

Loved this story and the morals behind it!

thank you so much guys for not giving up on me :)
i love you guys
and yall comments are so appreciated!

KERIA!!!!!!!! I loved it and you left it on a cliff hanger....

My thoughts:Bree misscarried and wasnt anywhere near sad, she's a se;fish heffa. Cant believe Trey was gonna kill Chris still, what f***ed me up even more was when it was revealed that that Bree ass had something to do with it. She's supposdly love Chris and ended up apart of a plot to have him killed. OMG crazy. And look what happened her ass ended up Dee along with Kae, the motherfr's that tried to end it between Kathy and Chris ended up dead. Aside from Trey and Symones psycho ass.
Aww it was beautiful that Chris and Kathy got there second chance and are even expecting a baby. And his proposal was sweet. AWWWW.
Hasnt they asses learned to not open a door without checking whos there especially when the ppl that was tryna murk you still alive somewhere and could always come back... Case in point this nigga Trey showing up. Loved the story Keria, it was a great read. And you left me suspensful...

aww that was AWESOME!! i loved the story..that ending had soo many twist and turns..they have been thru sooo much and im so happy they got to live happily ever long as trey leaves and minds his business..he really need to be in jail but anywho..the story was great and i loved the end with the messages..u was speaking the TRUTH! lol u cant trust everybody and yes wrappin it up is a must!!!!

oo48. The Light...

I bent down and brought him into my chest letting him use me. I couldn't believe he said all the stuff he said. I wasn't expecting him to open up that way and especially not now. I feel so bad for using him for sex and I feel like I am not the person he should look up to but since I was then I needed to be right and be there for him as much as possible. I was in so much shock of what was all going on today and how this wrong medicine was taking a tole on him. He definitely needed a good sleep so this medicine could ware off. I definitely looked at him different now. I knew it wasnt easy for him to trust me with his secrets and I really feel grateful for that. I must care about him more then sex because I just left my fiance for him. That should prove something. I looked up at him and whipped his tears. His eyes and face was so red. I looked into his story telling eyes and wonder if there were more things he was hiding inside. I kept my hands on his face and whipped more tears. He grabbed a hold of my arm and kissed my inner wrist and looked at me. "thank you..." he said. "anytime... im here for you" I said. We stared at each other what seemed like forever."bree please kiss me..." chris said softly.

"if i had a green light, i would turn it into yellow, pedal to the floor cause i kno ur heart is turning red, and if I had the mins. i would turn the into hours... and make love to your mind and not your body instead..I was just a fool, a fool for you, that didn't know what i had until i lost you, and every single moment that your not here, its evident to me that everything just seems all clear, and I want it all bacccccccckkk, i want it all, i want it all , girl i want it all back, i want it all baaaccccccckkkk, i want it all, i want it all, girl i want it all, you never miss a good thing til its gone, i want it all, now i want it all backk." Chris sung and looked at me. I was blown away again by his amazing voice. "chris...I have a fiancee..." I said with tears in my eyes. I knew that every single word he sung was from the heart and I was smashing it. "fi- fiance?" he said. I nodded my head. I watched chris drop his face into his hands. I heard him sigh really deep and he began to cry again. My bottom lip started trembling because... I sometimes felt like, sht I didn't know how to feel anymore, he was so amazing and didn't need someone like me around but if he wanted me to be there for him then i was willing to do that. Chris looked at me "I..I wanted to marry you..." he said with tears falling from his eyes.

"chris you still know nothing about me" I said letting some tears fall. "YES I DO, YOUR PRETTY, SMART AND I KNOW YOU LOVE ROSES! YOU LOVE TO BOWL, YOUR FAVORITE COLOR IS PURPLE, PEOPLE WHO ARE IN LOVE KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE PERSON THEIR IN LOVE WITH, I MAY HAVE A CONDITION BUT IM FAR FROM STUPID..... IM IN LOVE YOU WIT BREE" He cried out. "how do you know that and chris we could never be together your too young" I said. "YEA WELL YOU DONT GIVE A FCK ABOUT MY AGE WHEN WE FCKING" He said standing up. "chris don't get mad plea.." "noo bree you dont understand, no one does...just take me home" He said. I whipped my tears and then started walking back to the car and he followed me. We got to the car and the car ride was silent and dull. I dropped chris off at his house and didn't bother to got back to seans. I just decided to go home. I sat in the car for a lil while before getting out and couldn't get my mind off chris.


I shook my head thinking about the times we had. I’d never forget going to the beach and walking along the sand with him. Here I was, sitting at my computer looking for wedding dresses. I never thought that sean would pop that big question again. I was sad and happy at the same time. Chris, chris, chris… I wondered how he was doing. Apart of me will never forget meeting him for the first time at the Halloween party. He was soo cute in that green alien suit showing his goodies to the world. I had to admit that when I saw him I couldn’t resist having him at that moment and that’s when everything started. Why did I think of this young boy so much when im old enough to be his sister? It never really dawned on me about how much of a sex offender I looked f***ing with Chris. He’s such a sweetheart at the same time and he’s condition made me want him even more. I shook my head as my mind filled with more and more thoughts of the good times I shared with Chris.

“how you feeling?” I looked up to see sean walking in my house. I smiled to myself as I continued to look for a wedding dress offline. “its going good.. How was your day?” I asked him. “its been going well..but its even better im here now” He smiled. Sean made my heart warm but not as warm as it once felt when our relationship was good. I know relationships aren’t perfect, but my love for him was slowly fading away. I couldn’t get my mind off chris, but then I wondered if he was really for me. Was sean really for me? Was I made to be alone with 36 cats or what? “What’s on your mind?” he snapped me out of my daze. “nothing Im just busy planning…got a lot to think about you know nothing major” I expressed. Sean nodded his head “well im about to go in the kitchen and make some dinner okay? Take a break and then maybe me and you can have some alone time” He winked and proceeded with his plans. I laughed a lil just because when I wasn’t interested deeply inside about anything he just explained. I had to figure out where the wedding was going to be held, the dresses, the brides maids, the cake, decorations and everything else. The last thing I was gonna be doing was sliding down sean’s d*** and getting myself knocked up again like the first time. “Sean…. Before we get married I need you to let out all of your dirty laundry because I won’t be married to a man with secrets” I let him know. Sean walked back into the room I was in and stared at me. I glared at him back showing him how serious I was. “there’s nothing else to tell you bree…” he stated. “are you sure?” I looked at him in the eyes. “Im a good dude and you know that, yeah I f***ed up before and Im trying to make up for that now” He remarked. I sighed and nodded my head and looked back at my computer screen. “okay… I just wanted to know” I spoke softly. “is there anything that I need to know?”

I shook my head no and sean approached me and bent down to look in my eyes. “I said nothing sean…you know everything” I informed him. “whose baby was it?” He looked dead in my eyes. Water quickly filled up my eyes as tears hit my face. I shrugged because I really didn’t know and I hate the fact that he had to bring this up now when there was other s*** I had to be worried about. “answer me bree… I just wanna know if I was the dad” Sean prolonged the situation. “I don’t know sean okay? I don’t and what the f*** does it matter now its dead because of you!” I started to break down and regret everything. “Because of me?” Sean’s voice sounded surprised. “YES! IF YOU WOULDN’T OF f***ING CHEATED AND SPREADED THAT DAMN STD THEN IT WOULD BE ALIVE” I pushed him while crying harder. “ARE YOU GOING TO CONTINUE TO HANG THAT OVER MY HEAD? ACCORDING YOU, YOU DIDN’T WANT THE DAMN BABY ANYWAY SO WHAT THE f*** DOES IT MATTER?” Sean yelled back. I screwed my face listening to him yell. How dare those words come out his mouth. Whether I wanted the baby or not he knew he cheated and had an std and didn’t warn me which is completely f***ed up. How was I suppose to trust him? I shook my head and tapped my foot because my blood was rushing through my body the more angry I got. “WHETHER I GOT AN ABORTION, HAD A MISCARRIAGE, OR NOT THE BABY’S MURDERER IS YOU SEAN! YOU f***ED A b**** GAVE ME AN STD THAT WOULD OF KILLED IT REGARDLESS! HOW THE f*** AM I SUPPOSE TO SIT HERE AND PLAN A f***ING WEDDING WITHOUT YOUR HELP? I CAN’T f***ING THINK OF WHAT TO DO ANYMORE IM NOT JUST GOING TO FORGET WHAT YOU DID OVER NIGHT. JUST GET OUT!” I roared. Sean’s eyes filled up with tears as I yelled at him. He’s word were more then bullets to the heart so I didn’t have enough to feel sympathy for him. I watched him leave out crying and slammed the door behind him.

I sat up in my bed listening to the noise that was going downstairs. I was more furious to find out the way I did about Bree’s miscarriage. We used to be so close ,but ever since I graduated its like a lot of things changed. I know I was a b**** to her about first learning that she was pregnant to begin with but hey how was I suppose to react when she was a b**** to me? I know what mike did was unacceptable, but where not together I have no kids and Im trying to do something with my life. Bree used to have a mind of her own now it was corrupted and not there. I heard her crying all the way from my room and rolled my eyes to myself. I heard things start to crash downstairs and then decided to check on bree. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I yelled for her to stop. “JUST LEAVE ME ALONE NIC, GO TO YOUR ROOM” She yelled. “Why do I always have to find something out through the great vine? What happened to communication?” I asked her. “what are you talking about?” Bree looked at me crazy. “I heard everything before he left…. Are you sad about what happened?” I asked her curiously. Bree sighed and shook her head “if your trying to be sarcastic and a smart ass then I don’t have time for that” She wiped a few tears. “You wish you were with Chris don’t you?” I inquired. “What? Where are you getting this from?” Bree stated confused. “im not stupid bree…he’s come between us and everything else that’s most important in your life” I snapped. Bree wiped the rest of her tears “that’s not true Nic I don’t know where you getting all of this from all of a sudden and how come you didn’t tell me you felt this way before?” She asked me. “because before WE had a relationship then once Chris got into the picture you started to care about him more then anything else” I remarked.

Bree shook her head and walked past me heading to her room. I shook my head as well walking to mines hoping that Chris was dead already. YUP! I knew about the whole plan as well that trey was trying to create. I sent Mike for me to make sure everything was going according to what was planned. I grabbed my phone off the bed and then saw missed calls from Mike. I quickly dialed his number and then headed outside. I listened to the phone ring several times until he finally picked up. “ Nic!” Mike sounded worried. “What’ happening?” I waited for an update. “Trey…” Mike spoke softly. “Trey WHAT?” I started to get irritated. “He shot Kae… h- he- sh” he started to break down. I hung up the phone with my throat burning. I put on some sweats and my shoes then prepared to convince bree to drive. I walked into her room and saw her crying still. I sighed and then asked “can I see your car really quick?” My voice started shaking. “For what?” She questioned. “Got damnit I just need it really quick” She said. “No…tell me where your going first” Bree replied. “Im going to see Kae…she needs me” I informed her. “Well Im going to” she said getting up. “NO!” I yelled at her. Bree screwed her face and looked at me and proceeded. “Your not going any f***ing where if im not going so were both going LETS GO BEFORE I CHANGE MY DAMN MIND” she yelled. I bit my lip to control myself from bursting out in anger. I was more then beyond myself. I wanted to scream and cry all at the same time. All the thoughts kept running through my mind of what kind of state Kae was in. Nothing was going how we pictured.


“MIKE BRING YO ASS OVER HERE” I yelled at him. He put his phone back in his pocket and walked toward me. “who was that? Huh?” I asked him. Mike stepped back “that was Nic chill the f*** out” he responded. “No you chill the f*** out! And keep your mouth closed or you’ll be lying next to Kae understood?” I warned him. He sucked his teeth and nodded his head. “NOW everybody in this room need to listen the f*** up! What just happened was a mistake because that bullet was for that b**** nigga” I pointed at Chris. “Now…Kathy” I continued walking in front of her. I watched as she cried hysterically as the duck tape remained around her mouth. “Im only doing this because I love you…. You should be glad that b**** is gone because she wanted what you got….or what you had right?” I laughed at myself. “Is there any last words you wanna say to him?” I looked in her eyes. She nodded her head and I took the duck tape off of her move. “Trey pleasseee….please… don’t kill him…he didn’t mean it, he loves me” She cried. “I don’t want to hear that bulls*** Kathy okay? He could of ended your life your lucky you didn’t catch AIDS then you would want me to shoot his yellow cake ass” I retorted. I watched Kathy’s red face continued to tear. “Kathy I have to do what I have to do…”I told her. “chris….I love you! That’s all you need to know, I forgive you an….I love you” she continued to cry. I rolled my eyes and put the tape back over her mouth. I walked over to chris and c**ked my gun. “NO!!!” I heard a voice.

I looked over and saw Nic. “what are you doing here and with her?” I laughed. “She wouldn’t let me come alone” She said. “What the f*** is going on here?” Bree said. “NIC!” Mike noticed. I watched nic walk over to Kae and bend down. “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDDD” She screamed and began to break down. Mike ran over to her and tried her best to console her as she wept. “NIC WHATS GOING ON….ch- …CHRIS?” Bree yelled and ran to him. Nic looked at her and shook her head. I walked up to Nic’s sister and said “say your last words because im bout to shoot him” I put the gun to his head. “WAIT…NO! WHATS GOING ON?” She got up and looked at me. I kept the gun to Chris’s head as I watched him cry like a b****. “this here nigga gave my cousin an std because he wanted to be a b**** nigga and f*** around with other hoes.” I stated. Bree looked at Chris and he shook his head for her not to tell. “So… with that being said im bout to end this nigga life right now. “TREY HOW COULD YOU!” Nic cried. “Just calm down baby” Mike continued to try and console her. “shut up mike…” she whined. “WOULD YALL SHUT UP…THE b**** WAS CAUSING TOO MUCH CONFUSION NOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN HER THEN JUST SAY THAT!” I yelled at Nic. “Wait…this is all because of me, take me” Bree stated. Chris shook his head repeatedly so I pistol whipped him. I saw the blood gush through the duck tape over his mouth. “What the f*** you mean its all because of you? NIC! What is she talking about?” I asked her. Nic hovered over kae’s body crying for her to come back but she was already on the other side. “trey….im the one who chris cheated on Kathy with an- “. I cut her off by pointing the gun toward her and that’s when I fired.


There was so much going on I didn’t know where to begin. I heard another gun shot go off and me and nic looked at each other. Chris head was down full of blood and Kathy couldn’t stop crying. I felt extremely bad for ever being apart of this plan. I watched Nic go over there to discover another person dead…..her sister. Nic couldn’t even curse trey out she was so sad. I quickly pulled out my phone to call the ambulance. “911 whats ur emergency?” . “We need the ambulance on 12- “Who is that?” Trey said. “Bruh ba- “hello?….helloo??? Were sending help!” The dispatcher hung up as I wrestled with Trey. He tried to pistol whip me but I caught the gun in my hand and fired. I continued but missed every time. I untied Kathy and did the same for Chris. “Where did he go?” Kathy ask as she couldn’t control her shaking. “I don’t know but I called the police before he tried to f*** with me” I told her. I then ran over to Nic “baby…the paramedics is on the way okay Kae and your sister is going to be okay?”


I took Chris and looked at him. “Baby…baby look at me” I moved his head around. “He should be alright in a few he did get pistol whipped” Mike said. I looked at him and nodded slowly… “ how I know you won’t kill me?”. He shook his head “I wasn’t apart of this…I only participated until Nic came. Im so sorry you had to go through this” Mike apologized. I looked at Nic and couldn’t believe that she was in on this. I was a little sad that two people she really cared about was on the floor with a pool of blood next to them, but you know that ol saying “you reap what you sow.” Chris laid on the floor and I waited patiently until the paramedics came an hour later. Mike and Nic had already taken matters into there own hand and took Kae and Bree to the hospital. I sat in the waiting room until I got a chance to see Chris. I walked in with a bouquet of Flowers, candy, and a teddy bear for him to see. I smiled and tears hit my eyes as I looked at him. “I thank God your still alive…” I spoke into his ear softly. “I brought this for you baby…” I smiled widely. Chris sat up and took the flowers from my hands and smiled. “Wow! I never had anyone bring me flowers before except…for kae how is she?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders and sat down next to him. “I don’t know baby ….I don’t know” I stroked his cheek. “Im glad I still have you as well Kathy” Chris smiled. He made my heart feel like the very first time I saw him.

Years later things changed dramatically between me and Chris’s relationship. He and I were expecting which I was most excited about. We both ended up going to the University of Miami and plan to stay in school even though our baby was on the way. Chris’s condition was getting better each day now that his dad wanted to finally step up to the plate. There was no sign to where Trey was or Symone. I remember the day she came to orientation with me and after the whole rumors she spread I never saw her again. I wouldn’t be surprised if they both planned a get away trip. It still hurt me til this day that I have a monster apart of my family. Trey was the start and tried to corrupt everyone to go with his plan that didn’t succeed. I laughed to myself as I sat in my room thinking about everything. “You okay?” Chris asked me. I nodded and continued to think. I had to admit that the college life was fun while it lasted but now it was time to step up. Chris came and sat next to me with a bowl of cereal and smiled. “What?” I giggled. “Nothing… has trey called you?” Chris asked for the 100th time for months. He didn’t think I noticed the days he would cry silently because of the death of Kae and Bree but I caught him and left him alone. Other times I would hold him and watch him cry himself to sleep. I didn’t understand why he put his trust in those people to begin with because those where never his friends. I tried to tell him that once I figured they were all fake. He might have been the abnormal one but I wasn’t blind to the bulls*** instead I saw right through it. “No baby I haven’t…you spoke to your mom today?” I asked him. “Yes” He cheesed and continued to eat. Whenever he smiled brought joy to my heart. Nothing felt better then knowing I had the man I loved and loved me back right next to me. “you didn’t make me non…” I playfully hit him. “Ill make you some princess” He hopped right up and went to the kitchen. “I was just kidding” I chuckled then heard my phone ring.

“Hello?” I picked up. “hey baby…” A female voice came through the phone. “Mom?” I questioned. “Hey Kathy…I just wanted to see how you were doing, haven’t heard from you and your auntie told me you don’t stay with them anymore whats going on?” She asked. I was shocked to hear from her and felt a lil awkward. “Im fine…and yea Im in college now you know! Not that much of a little girl” I joked. “How old are you now?” she inquired. “Im 21” I laughed. “Oh my your getting so big…Kathy? Are you still mad at me?” She questioned. I smiled to myself as I watched Chris come over with my cereal. “no mom…im not!” “Oh thank you Kathy…thank you soooo much!” My mom joyfully cheered. I laughed took a spoonful of my cereal as Chris stared at me. I felt something in my mouth and pulled it out. “Chris…” I said softly. “Baby? You still on the phone?” My mom called out. “ma ima call you back” I quickly hung up.


I looked at Kathy and got on my knees. “Katherine….I love you so much and words can’t express how much you mean to me. You’ve watched me mature over the last 3 years and…I c-can’t picture life without you. Back then when I messed up… I was fighting for us and now that I have you I haven’t stopped fighting. I will always continue to do whateva it takes to see your smile. When you laugh I feel like the most happiest kid on earth. I have never felt this way about anyone and I MEAN that. You have shown me what true love feels like and I want to feel that the rest of my life….with you. Our baby is on the way and that makes a family. You’ve made my life 99% complete but with this commitment and our child will make it infinity. So…will you marry me?“ I asked with tears falling from my eyes. Kathy buried her face in her hands and burst out crying. I rubbed her back and kissed her hands while whispering in her ear. “Its okay baby….”. She finally looked up to me and nodded her “hell yes ill marry you babe” She grabbed my face and kissed me so passionately. I couldn’t help but to break it because of my laughter. “Chris…Im so happy” She smiled. I rubbed her stomach and looked into her eyes and said. “me too.” I took her face and kissed her so passionately and leaned in farther to make her lay on the couch. I got in-between her legs and sent vibrations through our mouth’s with a moan. “mmmmm”. Kathy bit my lip and I then attacked her neck. The door bell rang and scared both of us. We laughed and I got up to go see who it was. I opened the door to see. “……Trey?”

The End...

Moral: This is just a common sense moral to just Be aware of the company you keep. There's only so much you know about someone even your own blood. It may sound crazy but its true! Always remain yourself no matter what. Don't believe in everything you hear as well. Trust is easy to break but hard to regain. Everyone needs a little Kathy in their life and im sure anyone who die to have someone like Chris.

<cite>Moral As Far as love: Safe Sex is the Best Sex! It really needs to be taken seriously because too many people die because of silent STD's and other diseases because of unprotected sex. Just because your in love doesn't keep you from being at risk. Get tested with your partner! If he or she isn't up for it then he or she is "suspect" in my opinion. People who love you will keep it honest. </cite>

<cite>If you find someone like Kathy male or female then take advantage of the greatness in the person and don't take them for granted. Cheating is overrated and only some people will accept mistakes and offer second chances. Either way your first try should be your only try to make someone happy. Im not against second chances BUT if you have someone good don't screw you. The saying "you don't know what you have until its gone" is very true</cite>

<cite>AUTHOR NOTE: I am so happy that you guys gave this story a chance. I hope it lived up to some of you guys expectations if not then there are other stories of mine that are out there please check the out. I am very appreciative for all of the silent and non silent readers who stuck with me throughout of the whole story including writers block. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed this story
- Love Keria</cite>

oo47. <cite>The end of it...</cite>


I woke up this morning with the worst headache ever. Sean and I had went partying last night and came back home drunk as f***. I can admit that he was a lot more fun then what he used to be. Our relationship was progressing after he proposed of course. I knew he was only trying to impress me and it was working a lil. I thought about chris often, but I didn’t want to make his life more complicated then it already was. I secretly wished that I was engaged to him. It was something about Chris that I wanted and Sean could never uphold that special thing that Chris has. I sighed to myself as I rolled over and finally got up. I wiped the crust out of my eyes and headed to the bathroom. I hopped in the shower once the water was out and bathed for about 15 minutes. I got out and dried off and noticed blood dripping down my leg. I didn’t know if I was suppose to be bleeding since I was pregnant. I took the towel and wiped myself and then noticed some more cushing down again. “seannnnn” I called him nervously. I was starting to panic because I never experience this before. “SEANNN” I cried out. I saw the door open and looked at sean who had a worried look on his face. “what’s wrong?” he asked me. “Im bleeding and it won’t stop!” I quickly answered. “Well let me just take you to the hospital then” Sean suggested. I nodded my head and put on some pants.

I took an extra towel to put on the seat in the car as Sean drove quickly to the hospital. “I hope everything is okay baby” sean spoke. “me 2 sean” I told him. The rest of the car ride was silent until we finally pulled up to the hospital. Sean opened his door for me and I hurriedly walked inside the emergency part of the hospital. Sean sat in the waiting room with me as we continued to wait. Once I got pulled to the back I walked into my emergency room and sat on the examination table. “What brings you here?” the nurse said while taking my blood pressure. “I keep bleeding from my vagina” I told her. “okay are you on your cycle?” she asked. “No im pregnant…” I informed her. “Okay sometimes during the first trimester your going to bleed it depends sometimes because not every woman goes through it.” She then took my temperature. “ok… where going to take a look at you just incase to make sure its nothing severe. How long have you been bleeding?”, “for about 2 hours non stop” I looked at my hands. “okay let me get the doctors to assist you because if you lose too much it can become a problem okay?” the nurse stated. I nodded my head becoming more scared by the second.

I sat on the examination table for about 30 more minutes staring at the wall and trying to find some type of entertainment for myself. I pulled my phone out and saw a missed call from Nic. I decided to call her at a better time because I didn’t want to be on the phone once the doctor came in. I looked at my phone and saw a text message from Sean. “is everything going okay?”. I sighed because I was growing more impatient by the second. “yes.. Im fine but Im just waiting on the doctor to come” I responded. “okay baby… im out here and just know everything is okay, ok?” He sent back. “thanks sean…” I text back. I appreciated his encouragement but I just didn’t feel like everything was ok. While I was thinking I was still bleeding. While I was looking at the walls I was still bleeding. Im STILL bleeding now. I heard a knock on the door and saw it open. I looked at the doctor and smiled uneasily. “Ms. Jones?” He said. “ yes..” he said. “Due to the amount of blood that you lost it has come to the conclusion that you’ve just experience a miscarriage, I am so sorry… where going to draw some blood to make sure that our results are accurate it will be just a moment” he said walking out. I watched him walk out and felt no type of emotion. The baby was going to die anyway according to me. I know it may sound bad but I was actually happy to save money from not getting an abortion. The doctor came back within 15 minutes after the nurse drew blood and confirmed that my baby was dead. I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders and happier that I didn’t have to go through the baby daddy thing and figure who’s it was. I wasn’t proud of sleeping with both of them and not knowing but its over and done with so there really was no point in feeling bad.


I sat up in my bed looking at the collage that I just finished full of Chris pictures. I held it up and smiled at it. I had went to his face book page and downloaded a lot of his pictures from when he was younger. I looked at the video he sent me a long time ago about 3 times a day. I wanted chris and I was going to get him by any means necessary. I haven’t spoken to any of the girls in a while because I was trying to focus on me and chris’s relationship. I was going to make sure he knew that we were going to be together forever and that Kathy was not going to be around soon. I heard my phone ring and looked to see that it was Trey. “you got her?” I asked him. “Yea where yo ass at?” he asked me. I chuckled “calm your ass down im on my way im just getting all of my gifts together” I smiled. “iight well I got them here so just hurry your ass up” he said hanging up the phone. I laughed and shook my head and continued to get my things together because at the end of the night Chris was coming with me.

I finished packing my presents I had for chris and put them in my car. I got into the drivers seat and drove off to the location they were at. I got out the car carrying the things I had and walked in to see chris and Kathy tied up to a seat. “hey trey” I kissed his cheek. “bout time you’re here” He said. “what you doing here?” mike chimed in. “I can say the same thing about you” I spat back. “im here because of trey” he said. I shook my head and laughed while walking over to Kathy. I ran my fingers threw her hair as she stared at me suspiciously. “well mike, im here to take chris once and for all” I laughed in Kathy’s face. She screwed her face and looked away. “im glad you sealed there lips trey because I didn’t have time to hear the sob stories but you can go ahead and kill Kathy so that I can have Chris.” I told him. “wait what? Im not killing my cousin so you can have the nigga im trying to kill” trey snapped. “im so f***ing confused” Mike retorted. “well stay confused and shut the f*** up” I interjected. “Kae that’s not what we planned, I came him to kill this mothaf***a for f***ing with Kathy’s heart” he said nudging the gun on chris’s temple. I looked at chris as he cried his eyes out looking hopeless. I sighed and walked up to trey. “I can’t let you kill him trey…please I love him” I said looking in his eyes. Trey began to laugh which was starting to piss me off. “and you think I give a f***??” Trey chuckled. I walked away and faced Chris while snatching his duck tape off his face. “Say your goodbyes kae” Trey said pointing at Chris.


“TREY don’t pull it yet!” Kae yelled. I looked at them go back and forth with my back up against chris. I didn’t know what was going on. Earlier before Kae got here I was pleading for Trey to let him go. I can’t believe how all of this is my fault. Tears started to form in my eyes as I shook my head listening to them bicker. If it wasn’t for my big ass mouth then me or Chris would be in this situation right now. I wanted to tell him how bad I was sorry. Nobody deserves there life to be taken away especially over non-sense. I tried my hardest to get the duck tape off of my mouth by forming spit. I thought that maybe if I had enough it would start to slid off. I guess I was wrong because it wasn’t working. “WILL YOU SHUT UP KAE? I GOT THIS AND I KNOW WHAT IM DOING” Trey responded. At this point I was confused by everything that was happening. I didn’t know get what the f*** she meant about her taking chris once and for all. “Kathy were going to get out of this do you hear me? I love you and I will ne- “ SHUT THE s*** UP!” Trey cut chris off. Tears fell down my face because I needed to hear those words. I know that Chris begged and begged me to take him back as well as confessing his love to me several times, but at this moment it felt so surreal. He almost made it seem as if he knew he was going to die and wanted to say that to me before leaving me. “Just go ahead and kill me if that’s what the plan was Yes! I know I hurt Kathy and I messed up but… she knows I love her” chris said. “SHUT UP CHRIS!” Mike yelled. “you shut the f*** up and stay back here and be a mute” trey remarked. “aye nigga don’t talk to me like that foreal ion have to be in this b****” mike responded. “you right because I can take your b**** ass out like the rest” trey bodly stated. More tears ran down my face as I listened to trey speak the way he was. He wasn’t himself and I never thought a day In my life that I’d be put in this situation that my own cousin had power over.

“chris… everything is going to be okay and im going to make sure of it” I heard kae tell him. I heard her kiss him and wanted to knock this chair over and whoop her ass. I watched Kae walk over to me with a collage full of pictures of me and chris but with my face cut out. I thought with the f***? What was her problem? “this is suppose to be me b**** ME! Okay? You and chris will never happen again” she rambled. “kae watch your mouth please” chris politely interrupted. “You watch your f***ing mouth chris before trey does kill you” Kae retorted. “I WILL kill whether you like it or not” trey chimed in. “ SHUT UP TREY!” “NO YOU SHUT UP!”, “EVERYBODY BE QUIET”, “KATHY I LOVE YOU”, “NO YOU DON’T! CHRIS” , “SHUT THE f*** UP!”. BOOM, BOOM. My heart raced as I heard 2 gun shoots go off. I felt like the whole world stopped. I didn’t hear chris speak and from where I was facing I couldn’t tell or see who just got shot and was possibly…..dead.

thanks mo!

Aww damn dude WTF. Chris was trying to get Kathy back, and alllll this happens. Symones a ol dumb stupid jealous heffa, cant belive she agreed to help Trey and did what she did to Kathy. Loved Chris poem tho it was so Chris.... and it rhymed. I think she was gonna forgive him too. Until all this mess. WTH dude. And why did Michaels dumb ass agree to help Trey Chris aint never did s*** to him for him to betray him like that. I just cant belive all this. I hope they find him, I really do. RUN IT!!!