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im bored out of my mind!! someone update something...


LMAO i love when he say that

*Trey Songz voice* I wouldn't be me if I didn't get a little nasty.

smh u so nasty bree

lol hey nana



Lol rough sex is the best!

Tyga KNOWS that!



Hit me harder!

Come on b*tch you can do it!

i found something to do, which is whoop yo ass into a coma

DAAAAAAMN, that hurt. lol


I just e-slapped yo ass lol

Come slap me b*tch.

ima slap the fck outta u btch, im sick of yo smart ass mouth lol

To Miickey... DUHHH.

who u talking to lol

Yes ma'am.....................................

It's short af :(

That's why I didn't want to read it lol


I'll read it.

my story got updated twice you should go read it please its called uninvited guest.