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` Sexuality. [Pt.3]

This is NOT a story! It's a bored entertainment post! I'm going to randomly throw people in here. So yeah!


 "How do you feel about people saying you promote promiscuity?"

<a href="">I</a> laughed loudly at the <a href="">journalist</a> and positioned myself in my seat. I then became serious, "How do I feel? I feel as if people should loosen the f*ck up and enjoy life and most importantly sex. I've been called disgusting, trifling, immature, a nympho, skank, slut and other disrespectful terms. You know? I just laugh it off and continue to be me. Breana Michelle Tyler ain't changing for no one. I say what other people are ashamed to say." "People say that your blog, career, and lifestyle is very inappropriate and can affect younger adults. They say you're no role model. Your input?" I laughed this time loudly, "I am a f*cking sex doctor, not a role model! If they don't want their children reading my blogs, then they should watch their children. I'm not trying to get them to be like me. I'm only informing young teens about sex. The good and the bad side of being sexually active. No, I'm not encouraging promiscuity, but I'm answering their questions of different sex scares and things of that nature. Parents are a trip. A trip I wouldn't want to take." I sat there spinning in my office chair as    a journalist from a magazine jot down my responses. "Why did you choose this profession?" She questioned, staring into my face. "Because.... I love sex," I retorted, laughing. "What's your favorite position?" I giggled loudly, "Reverse cow girl... Most definitely." She looked up and smiled, "Thanks Bree for your time. I got everything that I need. You've been a good sport." I smiled back, "No problem. Thanks for reaching out to me."

She smiled, while staring at me with her hazel eyes, "It was my pleasure. Maybe you can be my sex doctor." She winked, while handing me her card. I raised my eyebrows as I looked at her, "Ma'am, are you trying to find my cure? Because this doctor only cures men." She laughed, "Well, maybe the doctor should try helping other patients. I'm Giselle by the way." I laughed, "You're a trip Giselle, but if I was into girls, I would definitely try you." She licked her lips and headed for the door, "I'll be friends for now, but Giselle always gets what she wants." She winked. "B*tch, you gon' get this fist in yo mouth if you don't get out my office," I laughed, but was so serious. She giggled hysterically, "See you later ma. I better get a call tonight or else..." I laughed as I threw her card on my desk. I wasn't into girls at all, but Giselle was a bad b*tch. Did you see her hips? Damn! Okay, OMG I'm turning into a lesbo! Not good! I have a man! A sexy man at that! Okay, chill Bree. It's perfectly normal to be attracted to women. As long as you don't f*ck one! I logged onto my iMac as my assistant <a href="">Nallely</a> switched into my office with a cup of coffee. She sat in the chair that faced my desk and grinned. "How the interview go?" She asked cheerfully. It made me giggle because Nallely was such an upbeat person. It was rare when she was upset. I responded dryly, "It was good up until she tried to holla at me," I said, now laughing. Her eyes bucked, "Really? Well, did you get her number?" "The ho threw it to me like she wanted a b*tch to catch it. And yeah, she gave me her number, but I don't do b*tches NaNa. I'm strictly d*ckly. You know that." "Sh*t, you should try being strictly clitly too. Pussy good for the soul Freaky Bree!" I almost choked on my coffee, while laughing at her.

"Lemme try that soul then NaNa. Open up," I joked. She laughed, "You so silly, but sounds like she wants it. Question is, are you gonna give it to her?" I shot NaNa a look, "Are you out yo mind? Do you see that sexy ass nigga right there?!" I pointed to the <a href="">picture</a> that sat on my desk. Yes, I was dating R&B singer Trey Songz. We've been dating for a year now. She sighed, "Yeah, I see him and he's sexy, but he's no J. Cole. That's my boo!" I rolled my eyes, "It's Triggatown all f*cking day!" "Hell no Bree! Cole World!" "Ugh, I don't have time for this  lil' disagreement. Did I get any calls?" Her eyes lit up as if she'd just remembered, "Oh yeah, Dany called you, and you have new questions on the site. And I almost forgot! Nic called you too!" <a href="">Dany</a> has been my best friend for two years now. She always came to me about her problems with her boyfriend. And I knew that's what she wanted. Either that or to smoke. I didn't smoke weed though. So that's a no-no! And <a href="">Nic</a> is my little sister. She probably called to talk about her boyfriend Tyga as well. I didn't have time for neither of that sh*t today.

So, I checked my site for the many questions:

<em> Dear Sex Doctor, </em>

Me and my boyfriend have just started having sex and he wants me to suck his d*ck. I don't want him to know that I haven't gave head before. So can you give me tips. PLEASE!!!

<strong> Signed, </strong>

- <strong> A Desperate GF, Virginia</strong>

<em> Dear Sex Doctor, </em>

Hey, my name is Samantha. I want to have a threesome with my bf and his ex-gf. Does that make me a whore? What are your thoughts on the subject? Should I go through with this?

<strong> - Samantha, Texas</strong>

<em> Dear Sex Doctor, </em>

Okay, there's this girl that I find very cute. And I've been wanting to convice her that girls do it much better. She's straight, but she is so damn sexy and I get wet just thinking about the things I wanna do to her. Would I be wrong if I forced myself onto her? You know, like smack her ass or grab it? Do you think she would like that? I mean, would you want a girl to do that to you? What you think? Answer me soon :) 

<strong> Loved, Giselle ;), California</strong>

I decided to answer the 'desperate gf' first. I replied:

<em> Dear Desperate Gf, </em>

Hey desperate b*tch! How ya doing? Nah, but seriously. First, you should be very careful with his genitals. They are very sensitive! Imagine your teeth grinding them! Wouldn't that hurt? So, be VERY cautious! I personally, am not an expert on blowjobs, but I've learned from one of my very experienced staff members Keria on how to properly suck a d*ck :) Basically, imagine you're sucking a Popsicle. Just don't bite it. And pay attention to his balls as well. Oh, and when you spit, don't miss! You'll only look like a fool! There's nothing wrong with tasting his cum either! You don't have to swallow! Just spit it on his d*ck and suck like you haven't had sh*t to eat all year. And since you're what I like to call a beginner bobblehead, DON'T try to deepthroat. You'll only gag and he'll know for sure that it's your first time! I hope this helps. 

Ps: Make sure to give him eye contact!

<strong> - Sex equals NO stress. F*ck on! ;)</strong>

I then finished responding to Samantha and Giselle:

<em> Dear Samantha, </em>

Hi there you slut! No, I don't think it makes you a whore! It makes you a BIG trifling ho :) I'm kidding, but it's natural to explore your sexuality, but with your current significant other and his ex? That equation equals disaster! Threesomes with friends and/or exes never works! My best bet to you would be to have a threesome with two complete strangers because that way, no feelings will get involved. It would only be you & them trying to reach the same goal--climaxing. So, PLEASE reconsider this ménage trois and fantasize about it for now!

<strong> - Sex equals NO stress. F*ck on! ;)</strong>

<em> Dear Giselle, </em>

Wow, this made me laugh because I just got hit on  by a girl today! And I'm thinking that b*tch is you! :) but anyhow, I find it very flattering that you like this girl, but she is straight and you can't turn someone out. Contrary to belief! I find it an absolute turn-off to be overly aggressive! Just let the girl know that you're crushing, but don't be pushy about it or sexual! You'll only scare the girl away! And if she turns you down, let it go and move on! 

- Ps, you ain't slick!

<strong> - Sex equals NO stress. F*ck on! ;) </strong>

After I was done. I checked my email to see that I had new messages. It was one email that stood out to me though. The subject read: <strong> Spring Internships</strong> I forgot that I was requesting a new intern. I quickly opened it to see a photo of <a href="">him</a> and his resume. I read over his resume swiftly. It sounded very distinguished. And I loved his blonde hair. He was also sexy as hell! I now looked at NaNa who was playing with her fingernails. "NaNa, check all of my internships for me and setup interviews tomorrow," I demanded, while grabbing my purse. "Okay, got it. And you're going somewhere with Trey aren't you?" She responded excitedly. "In fact I am! We have a lunch date!" I smiled, knowing our lunch date would turn into a 'f*ck date.' "Okay, have fun!" She yelled after me as, I walked away. Oh, I sure was!


chris is too respectful for that job lol . bree gonna turn him baddd .

Lol Ana. I have no idea.

why did i keep saying
'hump it'

Awww. *Tear* Sex Doctor memories lol.

im sayyin tho Bree
you shld start this bck lol

run it!

Giselle is too got damn agressive! But I see she got a kiss tho. That ring was really nice but looks to be more than a promise ring. As for Chris, he is such a sweet person. He didn't have to help but he did. And he is very modest. He is sexy fa sho. Lol Update Soon


And yes lol... Only me.

LMAO, wow
only Miss Breana could write a story like this

ahhhhhh Pinkiie!!!!


See I knew somethin' was gonna pop off between Bree and G!

Lordd they better not get drunk and high around each other again cause s*** just may go DOWN!

Smh. And Bree that was really mean of you to say to Chris, he's such a nice boy, he probably don't even curse lol.

How in the hell you gon face him at work tomorrow? Lol I'm sure he liked it anyway. I can see You, Chris and G havin' a three some.

I bet Chris is a lil freak ANYWAY!


Lol never mind! I'll go steal my mother's.

i'd buy you one
but you'd have to
pay me back w/ tyga.

oooooh giselle gon get
you lol

Who wants to buy me a lappy top?!!

Aughhhhhhh !'

Aughhh Dany! I'm proud!!

And ughh, I'm adding later. this rain is making me sleepy af!

First of all, I would like to make an announcement!!!

<strong>I, Danyell Neveah Mendoza, has officially quit smoking weed!!</strong>

Now back to this add.

I feel like Bree is secretly feeling Chris and when she kissed him she proved my point.
Now Chris needs to stop acting like he doesn't like my homegirl Bree.
He's only acting like that because that's his boss, but fxck it.

Giselle is all on your clit!!!
You know dxmn well she wants it, but Bree do not give in.
All she wants is that good good, but she doesn't deserve it.

I love how you make me seem like such a friggin' alchohol and drug abuser, knowing dxmn well that i'm not!!!
Quit yellin' at me bxtch!! All I want is my best friend to hang with me!!
Fxck Jacob!! He just mad cause he can't handle all this!! Lol.
See, you weren't trying to invite me to that party, but if Soso and I weren't there your ass would've been in the hospital because Giselle obviously wasn't there.
I'm a real G, only I would whoop a bxtches ass high as fxck!!
Helen was out of line.

I totally agree with Chris about walking away, but then again she needed an ass whoopin'!!
He needed to stop being a little bxtch in the club and had a little fun.
I wonder why he wouldn't drink though?? He must've been through some things.
Chris boo, obviously you couldn't handle us boo!! We some bad bxtches!!

Why the hell is he denying that he doesn't like Bree??
He knows he wants some!!
Run it.

tf bree, you gonna be a Horrible Boss?
lol let's see how that one work out for ya
he might just run to Nalleley with you


run it

Lol Keria, I ain't sweating you. It's okay.

@Soso, lol f*ck that! I'mma put my name on Chris sexy ass!

-_- you would add a fighting scene lol just giving me sht to look back on lol but nahh

im trynna remember what I read earlier
so much on my damn mind! I havent been able to think str8

sht I do know that I love chris and how
intelligent and smart he is. I love the way he
thinks and its cute and adorable like
bree said.

Damn I kinda understand where dany coming from, she just
wants her bestfriend back and bree just been worried
about her career lately. Trey is really sweet and giving her
a promise ring was nice. It started rumors though.

It seemed like they had a good time at the party
except for the fighting and im surprised they
didn't go to jail lol. But they asses were really really really
drunk especially giselle crazy ass but for some reason
I like her.

Bree likes chris lowkey and poor trey
she done kissed chris and got mad
wit her drunk ass and then giselle and her kissed too
smh they asses need alot of rest lol

I cant remember what I read earlier
I just came back from being at the hospital all day
ugh! I'd be back to my normal self probably later this week
when everything is just back to normal..still trying to be a
faithful reader!


Sofia, please go a read your sex scene...
Don't make me come after you...after all the time and effort i put into it!

lmao you be leavin dany high drunk ass out of everything
but that is sad. this classy bxtch right here ain't get NO
muhfxckin play from chris bxtch im just...dany get real boo
he on wan none of that crazy shxt you be dealin, but BREE
COME ON MAN! bree you went in on that hoe, she fxckin deserved
that shxt with her jealous ass, just fxcking hatin on my cuzzo!
how you do chris like that though, bree wit yo drunk ass
i bet he gone feel uncomfortable af at work in the morning!
and giselle just working herself on you.
she bouta put her name on it! she want some cake cake cake cake

run it

I stared at Chris, who was still jotting down notes. I finished answering questions and stared at his beautiful face. He really was gorgeous and it made me kind of forget about Trey. I know that’s wrong to say, but it’s honestly how I felt. He now looked up at me nervously, “I’m sorry if I begin to take too many notes, but I just don’t want to disappoint you.” I suddenly smiled at his honesty, “Chris, you’ll do fine and you’ll learn your way around this sh*t. Trust me, it’s not hard at all. And I definitely will need you in my corner when it comes to these blogs. I am starting to get a lot of questions now! And the press is hounding me down for info about the campaign, so I need you more than anything right now! Can you keep up? You got me?” He nodded his head quickly, “I have you. I think I can handle it.” I smiled again,

“Good boy! I am impressed. So try tackling some of my goddamn emails!” He chuckled, while walking over to my computer, “Yes ma’am.” I laughed and walked away from my computer to retrieve my phone. I had four new text messages. I read the first one, which was from Dany: <strong> Bree! I’m coming to your office n a few mins!</strong> I then went straight to the next message which was from Nic: <strong> Ugh! Call me bree. So I can tell u wat dat btch mike did!</strong> I shook my head as I read the next message from Trey: <strong> Good Afternoon baby :) I miss you and I know you miss me! Have a nice day. Love you, will talk 2 u later</strong> I smiled widely at the text and replied: <strong> Thanks baby and you right! I do miss you Love! What am I gonna do, while my daddy gone? :(</strong> I then read the last message which was from Giselle: <strong> Hola amigo ;) U wanna hit up a party we me 2nite? The drinks on me! </strong> I rolled my eyes, while laughing and replying: <strong>Sure ho! Pick me up by 10!</strong>

I then received a new text from Trey: <strong> Um girl you better stop! Don’t make me catch a plane right now n come take care of u!</strong> I laughed loudly and replied: <strong> Daddy, I miss that d*ck! Come handle me! I need you Trey… Please ;( </strong> “Bree, you have a new email from a Sofia chick who wants to have lunch and discuss the campaign launching party,” Chris informed, now looking at me. “Um thanks. I don’t know why she didn’t call me!” I replied, while dialing Sofia’s number. Sofia was an exec at an event planning company. She was going to help me plan my launching party and things like that. She was the best and I had to have her for my party. She made things happen and that’s what I loved! She answered on the third ring, “Sofia Marguerite, how may I help you?” “It’s Bree! Why your ass ain’t call me? Sending emails and sh*t!” She giggled, “Ho, you are so unprofessional! I swear, but meet with me so we can discuss your party!” I also forgot to mention that she’s my cousin. So, I trust her decisions.

“Yeah, whatever b*tch! But I’m hitting up a party tonight with a friend. So, join me. I’ll text the address and sh*t to you later,” I replied as my phone beeped, notifying me of my new text. “Aight, let me know!” I then hung up and saw that I had new texts from Giselle and Trey. I read Giselle message first: <strong> Okay ho! Don’t get carried away with drinks either! Im not tryna buy the bar2nite!</strong> I laughed and ignored her message, now reading Trey’s:<strong> Bree STOP it! Im serious! Before u make me catch a flight! Daddy not playin with u! I’ll take care of u so good!</strong> I giggled loudly and replied: <strong> Lol, do what you gotta do daddy ;) </strong>I then faced Chris, “So, Chris I read that you volunteer each year in the blood drive, are a mentor in the big brother and big sister program and you’ve coached basketball before. You are a very interesting person. And you have experience with journalism! Why you such a good person?”

He laughed, “I really care for people and I just want to make the world a better place!” “Damn, you sexy and you’re a good person!” I quickly covered my mouth. I didn’t mean to say it out loud. He chuckled, “Thank you and I try to be. Well, I try to be good person. I don’t really think I’m sexy. I mean, I’m aight, but I don’t know about all that!” “Chris, you are so modest and it’s so attractive. I know you have a girlfriend. You just too unique not to have one!” He shook his head,“Nope, I don’t have a girl. And I’m not with that arrogant sh*t. I think it’s better to be humble.” I just looked at him, slowly biting my lips. He caught me and started laughing, “Um, do you need me to do anything else for you?” “Sh*t, not while we at work Chris. Not while we at work,” I joked. He chuckled, “Maybe later then. Maybe we can try something on the desk.” He winked, while getting back on the computer. I giggled, “Don’t play with me Chris! I swear you asking for sh*t you can’t handle!”

“Alright, let me stop! I’m not that type of guy. I respect you too much to do you that way.” I smiled, “You are one of a kind! Please don’t change! But on the serious note, you want to hit up a party tonight with me and a few friends?” He smiled nervously, “I don’t know Bree. Do you think it’s appropriate for me to spend time with my boss?” “Sure it is. It’s a chance for us to learn more and you’ll get to interact with a lot of people. You’ll learn a few things too. I want you there. So, go!” “Okay, fine. I’m there.” “Alright, give me your number,” I demanded, while handing him my phone. He quickly typed his information in and handed the phone back to me. “Put your number in my phone too,” He retorted, while handing me his phone. I typed in my information and gave him back his phone. “Bree, you been dodging my calls and sh*t.” I quickly turned around to see Dany. I rolled my eyes, now facing her.

“Danyell please. You’re not talking about anything special anyways and besides I been busy.” She focused her attention on Chris. She had the look in her eye that said it all. She wanted Chris and I could tell. I had to quickly remind her that she was with Jacob. I pulled her to the side, “Um b*tch, I don’t know if you noticed, but you have a boyfriend! Does Jacob ring a bell?” She sighed, now rolling her eyes. “If you would’ve answered your damn phone, you would’ve found out that we broke up yesterday! So, who’s this sexy motherf*cker in your office and how can I be down?” “He’s my intern and slow your roll. He’s not into the whore scene. He likes respectable women,” I retorted, raising my eyebrow. She twisted her face, “I know you are not questioning my classiness! I am a respectable woman! And you have the nerve to talk! You laying up with a man who ain’t even your boyfriend!” “B*tch, don’t make me slap you! Don’t cross that line with me! I’ll drop yo ass like a bag of trash,” I roared.

“Is everything alright? I heard something about being slapped and trash?” Chris butted in confusedly. I laughed, “Everything’s fine Chris, but I want you to meet my desperate—” I was quickly cut off by Dany nudging me. I laughed and continued, “I mean, my best friend Danyell. Danyell this is my new intern Chris.” Chris walked away from the computer and extended his hand, “Nice to meet you Danyell.” Dany was smiling like a damn school girl. She showed all 32 of her teeth, “Nice to meet you too and just call me Dany.” Chris smiled back, “Okay then Dany. You’re going to the party tonight?” Dany looked confused, “What party?” I shot Chris a glare, “Damn Chris! You talk way too much! You already f*cking up! And a party with Giselle King.” “Sorry Bree! I thought she knew about it! I’m just going to keep my mouth shut! Sorry again boss,” Chris replied, now looking at the floor. I wanted to jump on him so bad.

He was so sexy and so adorable to me. I was snapped out of my quick fantasy by Dany pointing her finger in my face, “You didn’t tell me about a party! Like what the f*ck? I thought you were my best friend! I might have to cancel your ass! Like that sh*t is stupid! You barely answer my calls! You act nonchalant about my problems and now you don’t want me to party? Like what the f*ck Bree?” Danyell hasn’t been into a party in I don’t know how long and I didn’t want her to go to one because the simple fact is Danyell lives to drink and smoke. And whenever she drank or smoke, problems arisen quickly. And I didn’t feel like dealing with that sh*t. Truth is, I bail her out of too much sh*t as it is! So, I’m just like done with that sh*t.

“It’s cool Chris. It wasn’t your fault. And Dany, you know that you get f*cked up! I don’t feel like the drama today! I am so f*cking serious!” I replied sternly, while looking into Dany’s eyes. “I got you, don’t worry about any of that sh*t. Just text me the address tonight and I’m there!” Dany exclaimed. “Yeah, aight but tell me more about the break-up,” I said, now sitting down. She sat in the chair beside me, “I mean, there really isn’t much to say, but that I’m done with his sh*t. I want something new and fresh. I’m starting over and if he can’t accept my flaws, then he’s not the man I thought he was.” “Damn, I’m sorry Dany. I thought he was the perfect match. I mean, you motherf*ckers were getting high together! I thought it was a match in heaven!” I joked. She shook her head, laughing a bit, “Yeah, well we both were wrong about that, but I’m good. So, there’s no regrets!” “Well, that’s good. In my Drake voice, ‘I’m so proud of you.’ For real though.”

Dany laughed, “Sh*t, I’m proud of myself, but Nic told me how you was ducking and dodging her ass too!” “That b*tch just wants to talk about her and Mike! And I’m not in the mood for that sh*t Danyell! I’m sorry. I’m just not!” I roared, while Chris sat at the computer. “I understand, but that’s still your sister though. So, you should just listen.” “Yeah, you listen to the sh*t then! I’m done with her going back to Mike’s cheating ass. Ugh! Next subject!” I yelled, wavering my hand. Her eyes adjusted to my promise ring. She picked my hand up, “BREANA! ARE YOU F*CKING ENGAGED?!” I snatched my hand away and pushed her. That’s how rumors got started! “No, and stop being so goddamn loud! It’s just a promise ring! You loud ass!” I spat, annoyed. “A promise ring that I knew nothing about! See what the f*ck I mean! You never tell my ass sh*t! Ugh!” Dany spat, sounding hurt.

“I love you Danyell, but I’m just working on my career. I don’t mean to neglect you, but I’ve been a little busy and I forgot to mention it to anyone really.” “Hmm, well I’m sorry to intrude, but you didn’t have to mention it. It’s already on like 5 blogs and gossip sites!” Chris shouted. I ran over to his computer and my eyes lit up. The headline on the screen read: <strong> Trey Songz And Bree Tyler Engaged?</strong> I then finished reading the article:

<code> This morning, we caught wind that R&B singer Trey Songz and sex columnist Bree Tyler have gotten engaged yesterday afternoon. The two were at their normal lunch spot, when paparazzi snapped the pics of Bree opening up a small box. The paps snapped further to see a huge engagement ring on her finger. In the pics below, you can see the couple swap spit to celebrate their engagement. The two have been together for a year now. So, maybe it could be a little sudden? Especially since Trey also known as Mr. Steal Yo Girl is known for his infidelity and his ways of seducing women. Who knows? Maybe Bree could be the girl to change him! We reached out to Trey’s camp and they have confirmed the ring to be a promise ring. But who gives out 14 carat promise rings? I understand that Trey doesn’t want to mess up his image with engagement rumors, but this could indeed help his career. Besides, he’s not getting any younger. It’s only so much we can take! Who wants to see a fifty year old Trey shirtless and singing about sex? No one! Trey, you have a lot to think about! This story is developing. What are your thoughts? Is it an engagement ring or a promise ring?</code>

“Congrats Bree,” Chris retorted. I stared at him, “Ain’t no damn congrats! It’s just a promise ring! Trust me! Hell me and that nigga barely toget—I mean our relationship isn’t near that point yet.” Dany shook her head at the screen, “Wow the sh*t is already on the internet! That sh*t is crazy!” “You telling me about it! Trey didn’t even tell me he talked to them! We’re going to have a conversation about this sh*t soon!” “Well, you do that, but I gotta go home and get ready for the party! So, see you soon! And once again, nice meeting you Chris!” Dany yelled, while heading to the door. “Nice meeting you too Dany,” Chris retorted. I shook my head continuously. I couldn’t believe this sh*t.

- - - -

<strong> Many Hours Later… </strong>

Giselle was on her way to pick me up for the party. I really didn’t know what to wear, but I decided to wear something short and maybe something light. I quickly did my makeup and finished my hair. I then sprayed perfume all over my body. I just got out the shower like 20 minutes ago. I then got <a href="">dressed.</a> I walked over to the mirror and looked at myself again to make sure that my appearance was perfect. I did it one last time until I heard my phone vibrate. It was a message from Giselle: <strong> I’m out here.</strong> I grabbed my purse and headed out of the door. I hopped into Giselle’s car and saw that she wasn’t <a href="">wearing</a> a dress. She greeted me, while taking off, “Well, I see you chose to be slutty tonight.” I laughed, “B*tch, alright. I’ll make us crash, but I guarantee I’m going to survive! I don’t know and don’t care about you!” She laughed and touched her heart, “I’m hurt.” “Whatever! Can you hurry up and go get Dany?!” I roared. She flipped me off and sped off.

“Where the hell does she live at again?” I guided her through the roads to get to Dany’s house. We soon was there. Dany came out within minutes and hopped into the backseat. We then drove off. We were at the party in no time. We all got out and walked to the front of the club. I found <a href="">Sofia</a> at the front of the club. She greeted me, “B*tch, why you got on white? You ain’t at yo wedding yet!” I pushed her, “Shut up ho! And I’m assuming you heard about the engagement rumors huh?” “Yeah, everybody talking about the sh*t. I’m hurt because why you ain’t tell me?” “Did you listen to anything that I’ve said? They are rumors! We are not engaged! And this Giselle and Dany,” I said, introducing Dany and Giselle.

“Hey y’all, I’m Sofia, but call me Soso!” Sofia replied, while adjusting her purse onto her arm. Just then I got a text from Chris: <strong> Where are you?</strong> I quickly texted back: <strong> I’m in the front! At the door!</strong> He replied: <strong> Alright. I see u now. </strong> He then walked over to us, “Hey you guys. You all look beautiful.” “Chris, this is my cousin Soso and the event planner of my campaign party. Sofia, this is Chris, my intern. And this is Giselle.” Chris extended his hand, “Nice to meet you Soso.” Soso looked him up and down, “Mmhmm, nice meeting yo sexy ass too!” Chris chuckled and I laughed. Chris then extended his hand to Giselle, “Nice to meet you Giselle.” “Nice meeting you too,” Giselle replied with a smile. “I cannot take you hoes nowhere! Y’all ready to go in?” I asked.

Everyone nodded their heads. We walked into the club and Danyell immediately hit the bar. I shook my head as I made my way over to the V.I.P. lounge. Giselle and Chris followed me. Giselle popped open a bottle of the champagne and poured all of us glasses. I slowly sipped the wine, while Chris declined it. “Chris, you don’t drink?” I asked, while getting up and dancing a little. “Nah, that sh*t brought me too much pain in my life. I can’t drink that,” He remarked. Giselle chugged the champagne like it was water and pulled me over to the dance floor. “Let’s Dance,” She demanded. I agreed, while Chris made his way over to the floor. Giselle and I danced to Beyoncé’s ‘Party’ and boy was that my song! I was really starting to feel myself. So, after Giselle and I finished dancing, I asked Chris to dance. He was a little hesitant, but before you knew it, he was grabbing my hips and dancing to ‘Boo Thang.’

I was so into the song that I started to grind on Chris. Giselle was having her own little dance session with some group of people. I looked up again to see that she had two drinks in her hand. After that song was over, she handed me one of the drinks. I gulped it, while facing Chris. “You sure you don’t want a drink Chris?” I asked, now becoming tipsy. It didn’t take much to get me drunk. He shook his head laughing, “No and you sure don’t need another drink either!” I laughed and headed to the bar and came back with two more drinks. Chris looked at me, now grabbing one of my drinks. “Bree, you don’t need all of this,” He stated. I was chugging the other one, “Okay. Ch-Chris this is my last one.” My words were now slurring.

I was definitely drunk. Sofia came out of nowhere, “Bree, are you drinking?” “Y-yes! W-where’s Dany?” Before she could answer, Dany walked over to us with low red eyes. I knew what that meant. She was high. Giselle joined us, “Come on Bree! Dance with me!” She was just as drunk as I was, in fact drunker. “Let’s go back to V.I.P and talk!” Sofia demanded, while grabbing my hand. I followed Sofia. Chris and Danyell followed us, while Giselle danced with random people. I laughed at her as I made my way to V.I.P. Sofia sat me down onto the couch, “Bree, look at you. We been here for what? 30 minutes? And you drunk already? Come on g! No more drinks for you!” “I agree Bree and Giselle shouldn’t drink anymore either. She’s all on the floor grinding and dancing on random people!” Chris spat. “And I’m about higher than a kite,” Dany added, laughing.

“HIGHER THAN HEAVEN!” I added, laughing. Chris slightly chuckled, “You girls are stronger than me! I can’t do this sh*t. I’d probably be like Giselle right now if I had a drink.” We all laughed. “So, b*tch you getting cozy with other niggas?!” My laughter soon stopped when I saw <a href="">her.</a> I rolled my eyes. It was Helen, Trey’s ex. I swear this b*tch was jealous of me. She just mad because Trey dumped her ass and moved on to the next b*tch—Which happened to be me. She bitter because he splurging on me and loves me. Meanwhile, he wants nothing to do with her. She keeps sending him texts and calls and even tweeting subliminally about me. She’s a psycho, but I’ll show that b*tch crazy though. “B*tch, get yo owl looking ass away from this area! You weak b*tch!” I roared, getting up.

Chris held me back, “Bree, don’t feed into that.” “Ho, whenever Trey look at you, he thinks of me! You whack ass b*tch! Everything about you fake! I look ten times better than yo ho ass! You engaged, but you all up on the next d*ck? You truly a ho! I don’t see what Trey see in you!” She roared, while her posse tried to hold her back. “LET ME GO CHRIS! AND HO YOU WEAK PUSSY ASS B*TCH! YOU OUT HERE F*CKING ALL THESE NIGGAS AND YOU STILL CAN’T PAY RENT? DAMN, I FEEL FOR YOU RACCOON ASS B*TCH!” I spat, trying to break away from Chris. Before I knew it, I felt a drink splash onto me. I looked up to see that Helen threw it. That’s when I charged towards Helen. I grabbed the empty champagne bottle and started beating Helen with it. I would punch her then smash her head with the bottle.

She got in a few scratches and weak punches as I threw her on the floor and got on top of her. I was drunk, but I was alert now. Her friends now participated in the fight. I felt kicks and hits everywhere. I started swinging on everybody. I didn’t care who I hit. There was a crowd of people around us as we fought. I saw a lot of people recording it, but I didn’t give a damn. I even saw Dany and Sofia come to my rescue. They all were fighting Helen’s posse. Helen gripped my hair as I continued punching her face out. Chris yanked me away because I couldn’t stop. I ran right back over to her. This time I felt hands around my body. And it wasn’t Chris’ hands this time. I was being dragged away by security. And so was Dany and Sofia.

We were thrown out of the club. I sat on the ground laughing. Dany sat right beside me laughing as well, “Damn, my high is gone thanks to Bree!” “We all good. Them ratchet ass broads do too much for me! This is a damn shame though!” Sofia spat, shaking her head. Chris soon walked out with an angry Giselle. She pushed Chris as he dragged her over to us. “Let me f*cking go! I’m grown!” Giselle spat, beyond drunk. “Man, I’m tired as f*ck. I’m out. Bree, we’ll have lunch tomorrow. Dany you want me to take you home?” Sofia remarked. Dany nodded her head as she followed Sofia to her car. “And I’ll take you two home. I’ll just get my brother to drive my car home for me,” Chris retorted. “Giselle, give him your keys!” I spat, still drunk.

She rolled her eyes and threw them at his head, “Don’t you f*ck up my ride aye!” Chris still remained calm as he loaded us into the car. I instantly sat shotgun as Giselle got into the back. “CHRIS! YOU KNOW THAT I DIDN’T START THAT SH*T RIGHT?! SHE STARTED WITH ME! SO I HAD TO SHUT THAT B*TCH DOWN!” I spat, coming out of my heels. He drove off, “Yeah, but Bree you have to learn to ignore ignorant females like that. It’s not worth it. She’s just jealous. So accept it as a compliment and move on.” “NAW F*CK THAT! IF A B*TCH OUTTA LINE! CUT THE B*TCH UP AND WATCH HER BLEED IN DE YARD! WAIT, BREE YOU GOT INTO A FIGHT?!” Giselle roared, springing up from the backseat.

“AND THEN THROW THE B*TCH IN THE RIVER! AND DUH B*TCH!” I added. Chris ignored our rants and continued driving. I gave him directions to my house to the best of my drunken ability. Minutes later, we were pulling up to my house. Giselle opened the door and got out, “Bree! I’m staying with you!” I stared at Chris, “Thanks Chris. Sorry I ruined your night!” He stared back into my eyes, “You didn’t ruin my night. And it wasn’t yo fault. You should just learn to step away from the negativity. You’re too beautiful for that.” “You really think so?” I asked. “Yeah, I—” I cut him off by kissing him. The kiss lasted for about a minute, until he broke away. “Bree, we can’t do this. You have a boyfriend and plus you’re my boss. I’m sorry.” “F*CK YOU CHRIS! HOW DARE YOU LEAD ME ON MOTHERF*CKER! F*CK YOU!” I roared, while getting out and slamming the door.

“Breana, you’re drunk—” He replied, getting out the car. I stormed away from him, wobbling. I almost fell as I walked to my doorstep. I fumbled for my keys as Giselle lied on the ground. Chris retrieved the keys from my hand and opened my door, “Just making sure you got in safely.” “F*CK YOU! LEAVE MY DOORSTEP!” I roared, walking into the house. Giselle plopped down onto the living room couch as Chris stared at me unsure of what to say. “Bree, I’m—” “F*CK YOU!” I yelled, while slamming the door into his face. I joined Giselle onto the couch. She climbed on top of me and kissed my lips. I grabbed her ass as the kiss deepened. I got up laughing, now falling over. “My kisses ain’t free ho! Pay me!” She chuckled uncontrollably, “F*CK YOU HO!” I now laid there onto the floor. My eyes were now closed. I opened them to see that Giselle was now asleep. I now drifted off to sleep.

I read it, ill be back with a comment!

Lmao. This person is listening to the freakiest song next to me!!! LMFAO!

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My nigga Trigga...
Cute relationship.
I knew Bree liked him and now it's official.

Nicki Licky...
Is she really a bisexual?
And she and Bree have an interesting friendship.

Speaking of interesting friendships...
Giselle, she's still chasing that.
If a girl isn't into girls, don't pursue her.

Chris, very respectful.
He's seeming like a good boy in this.
He's not a hoe or a drug dealer...

Run it.

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