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Strip (Finished-3/05)

<em>My name is <a href="">Rico</a>. I'm 24 and I'm every woman's fantasy- at least, that's what they tell me. You'd be surprised the kinds of things women would pay for. After years of doing this, I'm not. I make good money doing what I do. It's not the most ideal job, but I never have to want for anything. I grew up with nothing and I'm not going back to that. Ever.</em>


"How can I help you tonight miss?" Rico asked as he walked into the living room.
The woman smiled and turned on the radio.
"Strip," she replied.
"Your wish is my command."

Run or dump?


This was sooo good <3
Wish it was longer!!!

Here's the link to part two if anyone missed it! Thanks for reading lovely people! :-) and remember, any ideas or suggestions, feel free to share.

<a href="">Dance for You</a>

That was a beautiful wedding/ ending glad Benjis mom was able to come, glad Kenji and Rico are really cool now and everyones got there happily ever after.....hopefully. Off to read pt.2

im awesome sauce lol

thanks for the support guys.

@nani i was thinking the same thing! you're awesome.

tht ending was so cute!!

wht abt Dance For You??

Aww they got married :) Now they are part of the mile high club. Lol Update Soon

ooooo da freak bouta come out

Can't wait for Part 2!
Love how you brought the title into the end..

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww run it

Awwwww I am so happy they are married now!!! I love their relationship!! Yess please do a part two I would love to read more!! Mmm wish I could help with names but I am not too creative lol.

*tear drops*
i really liked
this story. it
was good.

Awwwwe, they got married!! :)
Run it

so, this ended sooner than i expected. i didn't plan it but when i was finishing the last add it just seemed like the next portion should start a new story. there's def going to be a part two though, i've already started working on it. i'm not sure what to title it though...i kinda want it to be something about guys have any ideas?

“Thanks for agreeing to be my best man Ken,” Rico said as he finished buttoning his shirt.
“No problem,"Kenji replied. "You ready for this?”
“I’m nervous but I don’t understand why. We’ve been living together for the past couple of months, all of her stuff is already moved in…nothing really needs to change but I feel like it will.”
“As much as you guys have been devoted to one another, I doubt that anything will change that much, if even at all. Have you spoken to her today?”
“Yeah. She sounded so excited…”
Rico sat down and scratched his head.
“You good?” Kenji asked.
“What if I mess up?”
“You’ll apologize and you guys will get over it. You’re gonna make mistakes, everyone does. What’s important is that you guys are able to work through them.”
Rico smiled.
“You’re a much different Kenji than the one that liked to talk with his fists.”
Kenji laughed.
“You’re partially to thank for that. Things with Sofia are going really good. Thank you.”
Rico nodded his head.
“I’m glad things are working out. Maybe this time next year I’ll be attending your wedding?”
“I don’t know. We’re taking it slow right now…she’s still not fully ready to open up to me yet. But anything can happen. You ready? I think we should head down now.”
Rico and Kenji checked themselves in the mirror one more time before heading down to the ceremony.

Benji’s mother adjusted her hair and smiled.
“I’m really happy for you Benjiro…I know your father is too.”
Benji hugged her.
“It means so much to me that you came. And that you approve. I know I’m young Ma but everything in my body is telling me this is right. I wish dad was here…”
“He’s always with us sweetie. Tyrique asked me to give you this.”
She opened her hand and revealed Benji’s locket.
“I thought I left it at home.”
She smiled as her mother put it on her.
“You look absolutely perfect,” her mother said as tears started to form.
“Please don’t cry Ma.”
“I’m sorry baby. You're all grown up now and I missed out on a lot. I just feel so bad for all those years-“
“It’s ok Mom. I don’t blame you. All that matters is that things are different now.” Benji hugged her.
“I love you Benji.”
“I know Ma, I love you too.”
“They’re ready for you downstairs Benji,” one of the bridesmaids said through the door.
“Thanks, I’ll be right down,” Benji replied. “You ready Ma?”
Her mother nodded her head and Benji grabbed her hand and headed for the elevator.
Benji and Tyrique chose to have a small beach wedding. Benji wore a knee length gown with cute pair of strappy sandals and Tyrique wore black slacks and a crisp white button tie, no jacket. They said their vows as the sun began to set, something that Tyrique really wanted to happen. Their reception was in the hotel and they partied with their guests until they were ready to pass out. When it was over, they headed to the airport and boarded their honeymoon flight to Aspen.
“I love being able to call you Mrs. Miller,” Tyrique said before kissing Benji.
“Benjiro Alannah Miller. It’s got a nice ring to it. You want something to drink?” Benji asked as she got up.
“Nah, I’m not thirsty. But, you do owe me a favor. You didn’t think I could make it to our honeymoon without having sex and I did.”
Benji smiled and turned to him.
“I’m woman of my word. What do you want?”
Tyrique grinned.


I think Benji has a great idea!! I love their relationship! RUN IT!!

theyy are the cutest!!

but enjii gotta chill out
with the accusing smh
thts sad he heard her



Idk why it took me so long to read this but I'm glad I did!!

I love this story!!!

Benji and Tyrique are soooo adorable..

But she does need to trust him...

RUN IT!!!!

Hell yeah, that's a good couple!

She has the ideas, and he has the mula!


I love this.

Run it :)

I missed a lot. They spent the whole rainy day sexing. lol. Theyre such a sweet couple. It was nice of Ty to get her that car and fix up the old one. As 4 Benji's idea, I think its great! :) U
date Soon

Aww I love there love. Benji needs to let those insecurities go all together. That was so nice of Rico to buy her a new car it's really nice, and I like that he pimped out her old car. He's amazing. Benji's idea for there business venture is really good. She's a very smart girl they make a good team. 1 month till the wedding yay.

very good idea run it

benben got a good idea there
i likes

run it

That's a good idea run it

After a 20 minute drive, Rico pulled up in front of an abandoned building.
“This is where you wanted to go Benji?”
“Yeah, come on.”
She got out the car and waited for him to come around. Rico followed her inside and, unsure of what was going on.
“Is this an old strip club?”
Benji laughed.
She turned on the lights and revealed a small presentation.
“What is this Benji?”
“Please have a seat Mr. Miller,” she said as she pulled a chair up.
Tyrique sat down and watched her walk over to an easel.
“I have a proposal for you.”
“I’m listening.”
She then proceeded to tell her about her idea of turning the building into an oasis for him. On the first floor would be a dance studio where the both of them can teach classes to couples, singles, etc. Upstairs would be office and therapy space; a space for people who wanted to talk to gather and feel comfortable, in private with Tyrique or in a group with others. She walked him around the building as she spoke, sharing her vision with him.
“Well…I think it’s a great idea. I actually wish I would’ve come up with it before. Do you know how much this space is?”
“No, I saw it a couple of weeks ago and came in to look around. The realtors don’t even know that we’re here. It doesn’t have to be this space, I just wanted to give you an idea.”
Rico laughed and hugged her.
“You’re the best. I’ll get the number and look into it…we’ll have to come up with prices and stuff…what are we gonna call it?”
Benji grabbed her things and they headed out to the car.
“I can’t come up with everything Ty.” She smiled and he opened her door.
Before closing it, he bent down and kissed her.
“Thank you,” he said.
She smiled and pecked his lips.

Yea she realli needs to stop that's all I hav to say befor I say sum mean stuff run it

Awwwwww Rico!!! That was SO SWEET what he did for her; he is so thoughtful! I understand how Benji feels though about her insecurities, but Rico loves her and she loves him, so that's all that matters! I LOVE this story!! RUN IT!!!!

“Babe, why are you dressed like that?” Rico asked. “You got an interview or something?
Benji stood in the mirror and put her earrings in.
“No…just something important to do. Wanna take a ride with me?”
“Where to?”
“It’s a surprise.”
Rico looked at her and raised an eyebrow. She smiled and slipped on her shoes.
“Come on Ty. Trust me.”
She went downstairs and he followed her.
“Can we take your car?” she asked.
“No, let’s take yours.”
Benji went outside and Tyrique grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator. Benji ran back in the house.
“Babe, someone stole my car!”
“Calm down Ro.”
“Calm down? Someone stole my car Tyrique!” She pulled out her phone. “We gotta call the police.”
He grabbed her phone from her and put it in his pocket.
“Calm down baby. Let me show you something.”
He grabbed her hand and walked outside.
“I don’t understand why you expect me to calm down when someone stole my baby. Can I have my phone back Tyrique?”
Tyrique ignored her and led her to the front of the garage.
“Open it,” he said, handing her his keys.
“This better not be a game Tyrique.”
“Just open it Benjiro.”
She pushed the button and waited for the door to open.
“Tyrique, what is <a href="">that</a>?” she asked referring to the brand new car sitting in the garage.
“Your new car.”
“It’s your new car.”
He pulled another set of keys out of his pocket and handed them to her. She walked around the car and he opened the door for her. She hopped in and looked around.
“Babe, this is great but…I can’t accept this.”
“You’re gonna have to. It’s custom made and I can’t return it.”
He laughed.
“Tyrique, I was ok with my old car…and you can’t keep spending money on lavish things like this. You should be saving it or making investments.”
“Benji, if I couldn’t afford it I wouldn’t do it. You deserve to be spoiled and I’m going to do just that.”
Benji was silent.
“You don’t like it?”
“It’s not that…my old car meant a lot to me-“
“I know it did.” He pulled her out of the car and walked around the corner. “And that’s why I didn’t get rid of it. I wouldn’t do that.”
Benji ran over to <a href="">it</a> and ran her fingers across the new paint. He smiled.
“I got you a new engine, fixed the breaks and all of that, updated the dashboard and interior, new tires and painted the whole car <strong>one</strong> color.”
Tyrique’s smile faded when she turned to him with tears in her eyes.
“What is it Benji?”
“Why do you do these things for me Tyrique?”
“Are you serious Ro? Because I love you.”
“No. No one is ever this nice to anyone unless they want something or they feel guilty about something. So which one is it Tyrique? Huh? You tricking again?”
Rico walked towards her.
“Benji, I know that your insecurities are speaking for you right now and I understand. But baby, after everything we’ve been through together-“
“That doesn’t matter Tyrique! Every guy I’ve ever been with put me through hell and that didn’t stop them from hurting me again!”
“I’m not them Benjiro! God! Can’t you see that? Do I want something? Yeah, you! I want you to be happy! The only thing I’m guilty of is treating you like the queen that you are, the way all those other n**gas should’ve been treating you. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to have nice things. Don't you?”
Benji leaned against the car and crossed her arms. Rico leaned next to her.
“I can deal with your insecurities but these accusations have to stop.”
“This is the first time-“
“No it’s not. I’ve heard you on the phone expressing your doubts about me being truthful with you, on more than one occasion. Benji, I understand that you want to talk about your issues with your friends but our relationship needs to stay between us and only us. I don’t like having other people involved in my personal life. If you wanna talk about something I did that’s troubling you, you talk to me. Aight?”
“Now I have my own insecurities but I get myself past them because I don’t want them bringing us down. We’re supposed to get married in a month Benjiro. If you’re having doubts about that, let me know right now.”
“…I’m sorry,” she said softly.
“You don’t have to be sorry.” He pulled her in front of him and hugged her. “You just need to promise me that you’re not gonna let your insecurities get the best of you, or us.”
She nodded her head.
“I know it’s hard, but you gotta trust me ok? This whole relationship and love thing are new to me and I’ll admit that I’m a little nervous about where we’re going but as long as I’m with you, I know that I’m gonna be fine. We’re gonna be fine.”
He stroked her cheeks with his thumbs.
“Do you believe me when I say that I love you?”
“Yes,” she replied as she nodded her head. “I love you too.”
He kissed her and hugged her tight.
“Thank you for my cars,” she said softly.
“You’re welcome. You still want me to take a ride with you?”
“Yeah.” She handed him his keys. “You can drive.”