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<a href=>Dr. Phil</a> sat on a <a href=,r:8,s:87>private set</a> of his show. "Today on the show we're telling the story, well my guest is telling the story of her life. Her name is <a href=>Sophia Robinson</a> who is on the right side of the picture with her tongue sticking out. Jasmine is on the left - her best friend. Now, i want you to take a look at that picture. What would people automatically, INSTANTLY, think about this girl. That a party girl. She loves to go out and hang with her frineds. Have a good time. Party night out with the girls. Well, take another guess. She hates partying. Hates it! Absolutely hates going to parties. She hates drinking, doesn't smoke. It's not like she had some epiphany or something awhile ago. she just doesn't do certain things, and i don't blame her. It's her decision. But it was also her decision to tell somebody about the things that she let go on. I'm not saying it's her fault that things happened, which i'll tell you in a second. But i am saying that she had the power, the right, the decision to let someone know that something bad was going on. It ruined her persepective, her views about men and, it changed her life. I'll say it again, it is not her fault that the situation she was put in happened because she was a minor, at the time. But she knew and was told by teachers and principles and staffs and parents that if something ever happens, to tell somebody. Seven years ago and for four years, Sophia was being <em>raped</em> by two grown, adult men who were also teachers at her high school. Sophia is here on the show today."

The camera gained full view of Dr. Phil and <a href=>me</a>.



lmaooo i'll never forget how stevenson
and brown tortured

no pressure

@na na i'll think about it

Them moment's he calls me into his office...cause he only want one thing!

Then when I kids get older, and they out with they friends, and they dad pull and they friends start laughing "Yo, that's your pops?" they shaking they heads, "Naw, naw that's our granddad!" lol Tremaine be sitting there all sad!

We can't use that student teacher foreplay!

um wow
im like tf right now

i felt bad for Sofia
but you i did at first but
as of now i dont. . . .
i reallyy reallyy dont smdh

wow. . .
damn at leas she happyy i guess


runs s(DOT)


im sayying tho. . .
*ahem* there should be a part 3. . .
hint. l . . .hint lol

Wow -____-

yea mr. neverson gotta be at least 30-40 up in this story. i'm assuming since he principle. lol

run it!

but that has to be awakward! What do i look like calling my husband, Mr. Neverson? Then at them awakward family dinners, my big broter and sister sitting there like ummm, am i getting a detention or sumthing? then my parents didn't we have to go to your office, for her, now your marrying her? Well, i hope he forgives me for cheating, if not he can always take his viagra and some lotion?

Dang Laila!
What the hell?
The whole time I was looking like this 0_0..
That's crazy as hell though!!

She actually liked it, but how the hell are you gonna get Mr. Moss fired, and you're doing the principal!
His d*** must of been SHORT -_______-

& she did Mr. Brown & cheated on Trey with him?!?
Then she came out pregnant with his..


Atleast she kept it real but damn man.

Run this Soso..

run it

<em><strong>in t h e studio</em></strong>

"YOU ARE JUST SHOCKING THE HELL OUT OF ME RIGHT NOW, LAILA!" Dr. Phil says. "First, Mr. Brown. Then, Mr. Moss and at this point, you are still keeping the little secret, and now...the principal? What kind of school is this?! It needs to be shut down!"

"It's in the process of being shut down," Laila says.


"To continue, I eventually began liking the sex with Mr. Neverson and only Mr. Neverson because...he never raped me. I consented to have sex with him."

"Was it your mind that was messed up? I have to assume that by this time, your mind was making up excuses and saying it's okay to do this. It's fine, you've done it before and you know the consequences. Just going with the flow. Am i correct?"

"Those thoughts were pushed to the back of my head. There was no excuse anymore. I let these things happen. I had opportunities. Other girls had opporuntinies, but none like mine. I actually had open doors where for others...their door to escape was literally closed. My was open the whole time and i didn't run at all. I fought just like the others."

"Why? What made Mr. Neverson different that you gave him permission to enter your body? He's a grown man for Christ sake."

"He is a grown man and I thought that he was extremely sexy. Unlike the others, they were okay. But...Mr. Neverson, i felt something. Like it sounds crazy but at that moment i walked back into his office and...we didn't initially have sex when I walked back in, we talked for awhile, and it was love at first sight. It was not a crush. It was more than that. I fell in love with him."

"Okay. Let me get this straight. You fell in love with principal who's raped probably THOUSANDS of girls?"

"And i forgave him for those sins."

"Fast forward to senior year in high school, will you. I would like to know the ending."

"Before senior year, I had told Mr. Neverson about Mr. Moss, and so Mr. Moss was actually fired."

"Just him - Mr. Moss?"



"And so during senior year, my grades were back up. I was doing fine. Daniel and i were closer than ever. We were getting ready to graduate. I was planning on going to the prom with my boyfriend, Michael-"

"Let's...get into- Let's talk about your boyfriend, Michael. Did he ever find out about your fling with Mr. Neverson?"

"Fling? This was no fling. i loved this man. he loved me. I tried to tell Michael about everything and he thought i was crazy."


"Yes. Mr. Neverson, i did not tell him about. But he thought i was crazy and we broke up before the end of junior year."

"Didn't believe a word. He feels guilty now, i bet. Have yout talked to him?"

"i've gotten an e-mail from him apologizing for not believing in me. I forgave him."

"And the other teachers."

"Yes, i forgave them, too."

"And the ending?"

"By prom, i still wanted to go to prom with Michael, but he declined. So it was me and Daniel there together. I graduated at the top of my class, and i also was pregnant."


"Yes. I got pregnant by Mr. Neverson."

"Were you two very active?"



"We were. Before Christmas we were very active."

"Nothing in your mind was telling you that this was wrong?"

"Well, i was going to be 18 before i graduated. I'd be a grown woman. So i said f*** it, i love this man. we love each other. I'm not about to let him go."

"wow." dr. phil clears his throat. "so you got pregnant, right?"

"yes. i was pregnant with twins, Trevor and Amaya. But also during the last year as a senior, the last semester...i had got caught up by Mr. Brown again."

"WHAT. No...No," Dr. Phil shook his head.

"Yes. I had to take the last speech class in which i was able to ditch because of Mr. Moss, but still got raped by Mr. Moss during jr. year. So last semester of senior year, Mr. Brown threatened my graduating stance - i was top of my class - i had to prepare a speech. So i had to work with Mr. Brown at least two days out of the week after school, in which he continued to rape me."

"So why didn't you tell Mr. Neverson on Mr. Moss?"

"I didn't want Mr. Neverson to worry about me every second of the day, every teacher i had."

"But he knew...that Mr. Brown was raping girls?"

"No, he did not know. ANd if he had known, then i was sure that Mr. Brown would be fired."

"I'm not believing this."

"But i graduted. Had twins by Mr. Neverson, they are three years old now; however, two years later...Mr. Brown and I bumped into each other at a club. I couldn't believe it. Like what was his old ass doing at a club, but...we both had been drinking and the next think i know is that im pregnant again."

"So you're pregnant now. Is this his baby - Mr. Brown's - that you are carrying?"

Laila nods. "Yes."

"Do you have ANY shame to your game?"

"No, i don't! This is no game! This is my life and i've taken the cards that God dealt me. I was a grown ass woman by this time. Now before, I hated myself during those three years from Mr. Brown to Mr. Moss to Mr. Neverson, even. However, i overcame that all and I began to love myself. I was praying to God and whenever he'd take away the pain, I would then know was going to be okay."

"Why did you think that God put Mr. Neverson in your life? What reason?"

"Because i learned that from my experience, there's always a different outcome with every situation. It's not always the same and it's not always bad. I really didn't have that bad feeling with Mr. NEverson. I was just angry that things were going down the way they were. That everybody thought that people were lying about rapes. That nobody cared so i began not to care either."

"I'm still shocked from you having kids- From you loving this man?"

"Everyone is. Just like the young boy who was raped by his female teacher, she went to jail pregnant with their daughter and she got out from jail and they married. They live happily ever after now, together, in a home. Humans are meant to be forgiven. Most humans don't have the strenght to do that i feel sorry for those people because keeping that hate is not helping them move on. I've moved on and if others can't then, that's the shame. And yes, i'm keeping the baby. It's my consequences."

"You are correct. It is your life. You were a grown woman. How did all of this end?"

"Mr. Neverson and I got married at the end of my freshman year in college. I dropped out because i wanted to be at home with my husband and kids."

"And Mr. Neverson, what does he do now?"

"He teaches online classes at a college."

"And you don't have a job?"

"Only taking care of my family."

"What does your family think about this?"

"Exactly what everybody thinks, that i was crazy; but they still love me."

"You were raped by two high school teachers from sophomore to senior year. got pregnant by the principal, two years down the line, you got married to Mr. Neverson, then cheated and got pregnant by mr. Brown again, and you are, telling your story. I was glad to have heard it."

"Thanks for letting me come on the show and share it. Not every story has a sad ending."

"Well good luck with everything, and the baby. I am glad that you were able to overcome everything and raise a family."

"Thank you."

| <strong>THE END</strong> |


So Mr.Neverson is raping the children too?

They need a whole new staff..I mean replace everyone shid.


I wonder if the janitor is even raping them too..he should be Weezy lol jk

Run this Soso.

um i can't think of anything right now
maybe thursday i'll add again

You should please add? *bats eyelashes*

You should so run this tonight, please? You know wheneve you get the chance? That was extra uber short *kind of like me, lol*

whyy Nastyy NaNa gotta be
in this??
i aint mad tho lol
whoop whoop

im sayying i shld
be in part 3



<em><strong>f l a s h b a c k</em></strong>

"You ready for this?" Mr. Neverson asked Laila. She nodded and smiled, still biting her lip. He grinned, "You know you nasty girl...but not as much as Nasty Na Na." RECORD SCRATCHES. "What?" The smile wiped off her face. Mr. Neverson smiled more, "Don't worry. She just sucked me off so she wouldn't get expelled for fighting damn near the whole school along with Bree." Laila laughed and then stopped. "Don't be tryna play me girl," Mr. Neverson stood close to the edge of the desk, pulling Laila closer so she couldn't try and get away. "You want an education or not?" He began nibbling on her ear and planting kisses her neck, eventually sucking on it. Laila moaned and then she snapped out of it pushing him off of her. "No!" She shook her head. "No! No, no, no, no...what am i doing?" she hopped off the desk. "Chill out. It ain't like it's new." Laila stared at him and then walked up to him and backslapped Mr. Neverson. And with that, she walked out. "No education it is," he sighed. "Laila," Mr. Neverson cracked the door to see if his secretary was at her desk, which she wasn't and then swung it open. "Go ahead and throw your education away." "i'll go to another school." " man, Sean Combs owns that school in the next to, too. Go ahead. Run to a place where you'll get it worse than you have here. So i suggest you come we can <em><strong>talk</em></strong about your options." Laila stood at the office door, tears falling. She knew what he wanted in order for her to not get suspended or even suspended. "Do you want to graduate?" He asked. "Yes," she now cried hot tears. "Yes?" "Yes, Mr. Neverson, I want to graduate." "Come back in here, girl." He walked away from the door. Laila turned around and went back into Mr. Neverson's, office, closing the door.

its okayy hun
i was being funnyy
i knew it was a tyypo. . .

s*** that was my fault
i knew i had accidentally
written mr. stevenson some
where but i guess i missed

ummmm Laila im getting
a lil worried abt you hun. . . .
you called him <strong>Mr. Stevenson</strong>
. . .awkward lmao


He spread on open wetter than the ocean!
Baby, he man so be through them boys!!!
RUN IT, Soon?

sorry i cut it so short
i ain't have time to save it
and so i just posted it
i'll add more of the flashback

"You could have...gotten away." Dr. Phil looks at Laila. "You could have gotten away!" Laila shook her head. "How long did this go on with Mr. Moss?"

"Till i graduated."

"Wow." He clears his throat, "Anything in particular that he made you strip or dance or know everything about him?"

"He was a risky guy. He liked it in the office, in the lounge, in an empty classroom, in the lockeroom. He fantasized and satisfied him. He even found me at gym one time - class was over - and he made me stay in the bench room so he could sex me in there."

"In all honesty, did you ever like it? Not that you were comfortable or that it was normal being raped, but you took it and sex is a great feeling; however, when you're raped it is not and if you don't like it then you fight or you can't because you're being controlled and are enslaved. Could you have asked for a different counselor."

"With good reason, yes, i could have asked for another."

"This was not good reason - being raped?"

"Like Daniel said, who'd believe me?'

"I"m not blaming you; however there are chances and opportunities to get help. Could've went to the police and said that you were raped, that a man at your shool had sex with you without your permission. You understand, what i'm saying. And for all the young girls out there now, you know, there's so much that be found out by just yelling or screaming for help, regardless if you feel embarrassed or made fun of because this is a serious topic that will always be around for people to speak on and become victims of."

"Right, and to get back to if i liked it? I like sex, when it's with permission. Not without. It felt good for my body; however, not for my mind because my mind was trying to fight that feeling. It lost and i let it happen. I let the tears dry."

"So what happened with the last rape?"

Laila smiled. "Daniel...wanted to see if it was true, that the principle would take a situation so lightly, and be in disbelief and not take it to the authorities, not report any of it. To let these things go on. So he went with his parents, spoke about it - not saying any names - which really didn't get him anywhere because without names, without witnesses or evidence, you can't really do much. So Principle <a href=>Neverson</a> pulled me out of class one day and took me to his office. And i was a junior by this time, in high school."

<em><strong>f l a s h b a c k</em></strong>

Laila sat down in the seat in front of Mr. Neverson's desk as he sat behind it in his huge, comfortable chair. "So Ms. Lawson, it's seems as if you've been getting into a lot of fights lately." "Ok? And?" Laila had attitude like a muthaf***a now-a-days. Females were talking s*** about her because of simple rumors. Niggas be accusing her of being a hoe, the teacher's b****, specifically Mr. Brown's and seeing a whole bunch of teachers. Being bi-sexual, lezzy and all of that. Laila wasn't about to take that and Daniel couldn't fight all her battles. She started to do so on here own. Females liked to talk s*** and Laila wasn't no s*** talker. She acted on what she was about. Except for the few times, when she was being controlled by a higher authority with a so much power - mr. brown, mr. moss - it was impossible for her to try and fight her ground. "What, you gonna suspend? Ok, get it over with. I don't give a f***," she said carelessly. "Young lady, you're going to watch how you talk around me. I won't tolerate it. You're not my daughter and i'm not your father, but i damn sure won't have you up in my office, at my school, disrespecting me!" Laila rolled her eyes. "Whatever. So are you gonna suspend me, expell me, what?" She shrugged. "You used to be such a good student-" "AND THAT WAS LAST YEAR!" She rolled her neck. "It's this year, now, and i've changed. s*** happened. Boo hoo, okay, so what? What?" Mr. Neverson sighed. "Anything going on at home?" Is something serious happening to why you're acting out, parents getting a divorce, somebody died?" Laila sighed. "If it was, i wouldn't tell you!" Mr. neverson stood up and walked around the desk and leans in Laila's face. "You better fix your attitude, missy and do it right the f*** now before i put you in your place," he says. Laila smiled and licked her lips, "Try me...dude!" Mr. Neverson yanks Laila up by her arm and bends her over the desk. Somebody knocks on the door, "Come back later!" "Okay," they go away. Mr. Neverson grabs Laila's hair, she laughed. "You think this s*** is funny, huh?! You like that?! You like it rough, baby?" "f*** yeah," she moaned. "Ooh Mr. Neverson, i'm so scared." Mr. NEverson shook his head and let her go, rubbing on his d***. "Take your clothes off." "Why don't you?" Laila turns around and sits up on his desk, biting her lip. Mr. Neverson smiled and then started unbuttoning his <a href=>clothes</a>. "So it's true?" Laila shakes her head. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, dirty ass bastards!" She yells making Mr. NEverson hurry over to her and cover mouth, then moving his hand down to her neck, gripping it tight, almost choking her. He let his hand move down to her breasts and further down to her waist. He smiled at her and then spread her legs open as Laila grabbed on his belt.
<strong>RUN IT</strong>

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