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*Two Minds Are Better Than One*

If I was to tell you about me, you’d tell me I was insane. After some time, I thought the same thing, but then, she is there and shows me that, while I might be strange, I am not insane. Ya know, insanity is a funny thing. It is based upon a norm that is established in the world we live in. My norm was so different than what anyone is use to, what they can conceive that I must be crazy in your eyes. If you could only experience it for yourself for one day, you would understand.

You see “I” am not an “I.” “I” am a “we.” I know it is confusing. Let me try and explain. I am a twin, and a twin unlike you have ever met. At an early age, I found that my twin and I could switch bodies just by touching our foreheads together. Sounds strange, I know, and it wasn’t really clear to us at the time. We didn’t really understand the limits of our bodies. We switched and only when our parents started to call us and us respond with language did we understand that something was strange. At one point we tried to explain it to our parents (no dad…. I’m Chris), but of course they just didn’t understand. Eventually we didn’t try to explain it anymore.

We learned how to use it to our advantage. We switched for certain things at school, certain chores that I didn’t like/she didn’t like and we made it work. Life went on and we gradually got so use to the transitions that we began to refer to each other outside the bodies that we held. We talked about Chris’s body… Mikha’s body, not “my body” or “your body.” Gender was not even in our minds. I peed just as normally in her body as mine. Life was normal whether I was in her body or in mine. Then one day it all changed.

Shory story just wanted to trt somethin new