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*~*&+*The Brown Family*+&*~*(_*_The ƸӜƷ Effect_*_)

I sat at my desk staring at this camera my professer gave out to my class today.we're suppose to
flim our family for and month and half and than edit whatever we get into a short film (max:45 minutes)
.Now dont get me wrong when i say this i love my family honest to god i do but they are a bit dysfunctional
and yes that includes me too......<strong>*shakes her head*<strong>......i swear if this wasnt 60% of my
final grade i wouldnt be doing this s***.

<Strong>*turns on camera.picks it up and turns in on self.*<strong>

"hi my name is <a href="">melody c.brown</a> ,im 18 and i go to the baby on both sides of the family.....i think but
im going to school to major in flim.welp that enough about me lets go meet my family. <strong>*forces a big smile*<strong>

<strong>*turns the camera forward.walks into the next room.sees a girl dancing and singin into her brush in front of the mirror
in nothing but her underwear*<strong>

"ummmm <strong>*snickers*<strong> meet my sister <a href="">Nani Brown</a> she one of the most famous stylist only at the age of 20...hey nani turn
around and say hi to the camera"

<strong>nani turns around.screams.tries to cover up and starts yellin*<strong>


<strong>Nani starts throwing pillows while melody laughs and backs out of the room*<strong>

"okay okay im sorry sheesh im going".

<strong>turns the camera towards the stairways and spots someone comming up<strong>

"and this is my cousin <a href="">chanell brown</a> ..wave to the people chanell"

<strong>chanell waves nonchantly.<strong>

"where you comming from on this lovely day"<strong>*asks melody*<strong>

"i was downstairs till your brother and his dragon came and f***ed up my aura"

"oh IT is down there"

"ummmmhmmm"<strong>*chanell replies as she walks away**<strong>

<strong>*melody to the camera:"watch this".melody jogs downstairs and walks into the living room"<strong>

"heyyyyyyyyyyy looky looky there goes my big bro bro <a href="">christopher</a> and my future EX-sis-in-law <a href="">HOE-fia</a> "

<strong>*sofia rolls her eyes and replies*<strong>

"its sofia"

"umm hmm sure it is dear ANYWAYSSSSSSS chris say hi to my brother is chris brown how f***in .....lame is that"

<strong>*chris and melody laugh.*<strong>

"please i know yu glad to my sister"he says poppin his collar

"HA! not when you got that THING hanging off your arm" <strong>melody says pointin to sofia<strong>

<strong>melody to the camera:"and we're off to the kitchen"<strong>

"okay okay in here we have my lovely <a href=""">mother</a> my aunt <a href="">Nikki Brown</a> and my big sis <a href="">Shardonnay</a> ....say hello to the camera guys"

<strong>*Zooms in and out on her mom's face*<strong>

"Melody if you dont get that damn thing outta my face"JOyce says pointin a butter knife at her.

"ooohhhh im so scared"melody says while laughin

"why you in there giving that girl a hard time"nikki asks

<strong>*melody bats her eyes & pouts her bottom lip*<strong>

"why what are you talking about auntie"

"dont play that mess with me girl im the one who taught yu kids that trick dnt try it"she said

"honestly auntie i just be messin with the girl...trynna see if shes got the touch skin need to be apart of this family"

"who dont have tough skin"a female vocie asks

<strong>*turns camera in the direction of the voice*<strong>

"oh s*** its my homie my bestie my ace boon coon <a href="">Malachi</a> "

<strong>*puts the camera on malachi as she throws up fake gang signs*<strong>

"oh god"shardonnay says laughin shaking her head

<strong>*Melody and Malachi to the camera- Melody:"now what was all that s*** yu was poppin jessica do she look lik a man
b**** say sumfin b**** i dare yu double dare lik i said we'll drop ur big ang lookin ass hoe". Malachi:"BAP! BAP!"*<STRONG>

Joyce"ya'll stop all that mess,melody chut off that camera and come help with too malachi dnt try to tip top outta here

<strong>*Picture goes blackZ*<strong>

Run It or Dump It :/


I'm so mad at Chris for praying like that lol
I see I'm the mature one in the family
Love it
Run it

Lmao Chirs a fool for praying like that.
Run It

wtf is wrong with chris
for praying like that!

run it

<strong>*Melody to camera:okay my mom bout to have a titty fit so real quick let me introduce you to this two men ova here*<strong>

"this is <a href="">Micheal</a> <a href="">Jermaine</a> and <a href="">Mark</a> yea yea their famous get over ...koay now to the kitchen"

<strong>*walks into the kitchen.places camera on counter facing the dining table where every one has now taken their seats*<strong>

"bow your heads and close your eyes ..chris can you please bless us with prayer"Joyce said.

"ummhmm"chris states clears his throat "the devil thought he had me ...ahhhhhhhh....but i ruunnnnnn"he yells shakin his head back and forth.

<strong>*everyone looks up at him*<strong>

" now now i wanna thank god for chicken...mmmmmhmmmmm...didnt have to do it he did...gave them to legs...two thighs....two wiiinnnnggggssss"chris says flapping his wrists.
"iiiiiiiiiiiii hmmm hmmm...wanna thank u GOD and baby jesus creators of heaven and all the other planets....creator of roaches and birds lord of lord king of kings ...iii wanna
thank you cause theres just one creation that you made lord jesus i would like to believe was made for men just like mmmmmmeeeeeeee...that creation is whoa i said that creation is the pussy...

hmmmmm hmmmm thank god for the pussy".

"AMEN!!"joyce says looking at him like he crazy

"amen"everyone says as they start to pass around food and fix their plate.

"sooo ma did daughter tell you about the horrible thing she did to me today"nani said diggin into her potato salad.

"what you do melody"joyce asks

"nothing shes just over reacttin you know she the queen in family god forbid anything happens to her"melody says with an eye roll

"cant we just all get along"shardonnay says

chris,melody,and nani look at eachother than shardonnay and say "no"

<strong>*everyone bust out laughin.theres a lil bit more talk as dinner is continued*<strong>

<strong>*after dinner is finish everyone is in the living room playin on the wii*<strong>

"micheal if you move ya boney ass out my face"chanell says swating him with mj experince game cover.

"you just mad yu aint me name after the greatest micheal"he said tryna dance along with the game.

"you may be named after him but you damn sure dont move like him"chris says as he snatches the controller"move lemme show you
how its done"

<strong>*till bout 1 am everyone plays the game.till everyone gets tired and heads to bed or goes home*<strong>

<strong>*Melody to the camera:welp! thats day 1 now didnt i tell yu my family is dysfunctional......well mainly its chris but still
lord help us *laughs*goodnight*<strong>

<strong>*camera goes black*<strong>

sorry if the add is short but i got a headache :/ RUN IT

Run IT!! LOL I like it thus far.


Lmbo HOE-fia
This is funny
Run it!

Lol Nana is busted. Hoe-fia aka IT
This is going to be a great story
Run It

lmao tf??
ayyyye new nickname
lol jp jp


tf how you gon do me
like tht!!?? lol
i was in myy undies =[

i like this though lol

run it

aw he'll naw!
that pic of that
slutty ass white girl...smfh!
ha ha caught nAni off guard!
but that's cool for
a project she doing
seems very interesting
that she has to do it.
I likes

run it