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<a href=>Channing</a> stood at the top of the bleachers and watched as her <a href=>brother</a> took his last shot in the gym. She looked down at her watch.

"Hey!" She called. He looked up at his sister and then down at the ball in his hands. "We've gotta go. C'mon."

He dropped the ball and walked slowly towards the bench where he'd sat his backpack. Channing walked down the bleachers and they met halfway. She rubbed his head and kissed his forehead.

"Did you turn in all of your books?" She asked.

He nodded, "Yeah. I officially don't go here anymore." He said, looking up at her.

She smiled, trying to save face. "Let's hit the road. The movers should be on their way to the house now. It's beautiful, I promise."

He shrugged, "It'll never be home." He mumbled, walking ahead of her.

Channing sighed and followed after her brother. She turned on the radio as they drove out of the school parking lot. Aaron stared lifelessly out of the side view mirror as they drove away from the school. Channing rolled down the windows and got on the highway. Their destination was 400 miles away. 400 miles away from memories. 400 miles away from <em>home</em>.



Aaron's positing attitude didn't last long. Channing was up consoling a crying Jasmine at 3 AM when Aaron kicked open her door.

"I....can't....sleep." He mumbled. "Shut her up!"

"I know, I'm sorry. I'll take her downstairs." Channing said, leaving the room and walking downstairs.

Jasmine must've been exhausted, because at this point, she only cried softly and lied her head on Channing's shoulder. Channing rubbed her back and walked around in circles, until Jasmine was sound asleep. She took her upstairs and slowly tried to peel her away and put her in her crib, but she started to cry again.

"Okay okay. You can sleep with me." Channing said, walking down the hall and sitting down slowly on her bed.

She looked down at Jasmine, to see her big, beautiful eyes staring back up at her.

"What have you seen, beautiful?" Channing asked, stroking her cheek.

She lied a pillow down on the other side of the bed and laid Jasmine down next to her, on her stomach. Jasmine didn't sleep for a while, so she and Channing lied looking at each other. By the time she'd fallen asleep, it was 5:30. Aaron was up for school at 7, so he walked into the room and shook Channing. Channing rolled over.

"Huh?" She asked, delirious.

"I'm about to go." He whispered.

"Okay. Be careful please. Text me when you get to school." She said softly.

He nodded and kissed Jasmine's cheek before he left. Channing rolled back over and went back to sleep. She was in a deep sleep when she felt hands on her face. She opened her eyes to see Jasmine sitting up, hitting her repeatedly.

"Thanks for the wake up call." Channing mumbled, looking over at the clock. It was 10. "5 hours of sleep?" Channing whined.

Somehow, Jasmine had gotten her pacifier from the nightstand and was sucking it, her eyes stuck on Channing. Channing went to stand up and Jasmine spit out the pacifier and started to cry. Channing turned back around and picked her up. Jasmine smiled and they left the room. They were attached to each other for the rest of the day. After bath time, Jasmine was a little more comfortable with being on the floor, but Channing had to be in the same room. Dora the Explorer was on, and Jasmine was on the couch, watching and drinking apple juice while Channing did some work. A knock at the door startled both of them. Jasmine dropped her juice and Channing laughed and handed it to her. She stood up and went to answer the door. <a href=>Devin</a> stood there, holding gifts.

"Hey Lil Bit." He said, smiling.

" was your trip?" She asked, looking over at Jasmine who was on the couch.

"It was good. I bought you some things." He said, handing her the bags.

Channing smiled a little, "You didn't have to." She responded, shaking her head.

"I wanted to. Are you watching Dora?" He asked, laughing.

"Um, yeah." Channing said, looking down at the gifts.

Channing looked back at the couch. Jasmine wasn't there. Channing's heart began to race. She sat the gifts down and left Devin at the door. He walked in and shut the door. He noticed the baby bottle immediately. Channing found Jasmine on all fours, in the dining room. She scooped her up and kissed her cheek repeatedly. She walked back into the living room to see Devin standing there, with a big ass, "WTF" face.

" she..." He mumbled.

"Jasmine's staying here temporarily. I might adopt her. Still debating." Channing said.

Devin smiled a little at Jasmine, who was looking curiously at him. Channing sat her down on the couch and she resumed to drink her juice. Devin stood awkwardly near the door.

"Thanks again for the gifts." She said.

He nodded, his eyes on Jasmine. "She's beautiful." He said.

"Yeah she is." Channing said, smiling over at her.

"I'll let y'all bond...but, I want to have dinner some time this week. So that we can talk." He said.

"About?" She asked.

"Whatever you want." He responded. "If nothing else, we should still be friends. I mean, we are neighbors." He said, flashing that smile that once made Channing want to strip off her clothes.

"Dinner as friends sounds perfect." She said, putting emphasis on friends.

He nodded and smiled, "Bye Jasmine." He said waving.

Jasmine kicked her foot in the air and Channing laughed, "Guess that was her way of saying get out." Channing said.

im glad she got here!
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Channing was covered in yellow paint when she walked downstairs to the door ringing. She paid for the pizza and Aaron came down and washed his hands. They sat on the kitchen floor eating.

"We've gotta let that room dry out for the next two days. They deliver her crib tomorrow." Channing said, peeling a pepperoni off of her pizza and popping it in her mouth.

"...I'm excited to meet her." Aaron said softly.

Channing smiled, "She's beautiful." She said.

"What do you think Devin is gonna say?" Aaron asked.

"I don't know, really." Channing responded, shrugging. "Don't care much either."

"You don't like him anymore?" Aaron asked.

"Not after what he said before. Kind of a turnoff." She responded.

The next day, Jasmine's crib was delivered and Channing decorated the walls with a clock and wall art. Aaron didn't think Jasmine would notice, but Channing wanted the room to be beautiful regardless. When she went to pick up Jasmine the next day, she was in a really fussy mood. She cried the entire way home and Channing hadn't realized until right then, that she didn't know the first thing about parenting. When she pulled into her driveway, Aaron's car was there. He opened the door and walked out onto the porch, as Jasmine's screams exploded through the neighborhood. Channing unbuckled her seatbelt and picked her up.

"Shhh." She said softly, wiping Jasmine's tears away.

She gave her the pacifier and Jasmine's cries stopped. Her eyes were stuck on Aaron. Aaron smiled and walked towards her.

"Lil Jas." He said.

Jasmine popped out her pacifier and screeched joyfully.

"Aaron will you hold her while I get her bag?" Channing asked, handing her to him.

He took her hand into his and smiled. Channing grabbed her bag and headed towards the house. She and Aaron took Jasmine upstairs and put her things down. Channing took off Jasmine's jacket and sat her down on the floor. Jasmine sat in the middle of the floor, sucking on her pacifier and watching Channing. Channing lied down on her stomach and smiled.

"Welcome home." She said.

Jasmine put her hand on Channing's cheek, and looked her in the eye. Aaron came and sat down next to them. Jasmine shrieked, spit out her pacifier and crawled into his lap.

"She loves you already." Channing said, smiling.

Aaron hugged Jasmine and looked at Channing, "Best decision you've made since we moved here." He said.

shes adopting!!

hope theyy let her
&& everyything goes well


The paperwork process was grueling. Not to mention all of the psychological tests and background checks she had to undergo before she was even qualified. By the time she'd made it through, it had been a month. Channing finally got to visit one of the orphanages and choose one of the children. She was clutching the profiles of the children, and walking next to the head of the home. The woman opened the nursery and walked in. Channing's heart fell open, at the explosion of pinks, blues, yellows and the cries of babies across the room. Channing walked around, looking in all of the cribs and consulting with the director. She left the nursery and walked down the hall to where the playroom was. Channing walked in and spotted <a href=>her</a> playing with some blocks and crawling around. Channing walked towards her and kneeled down.

"Hi." She said, smiling.

The girl sat on her bottom and smiled. The director came and picked her up.

"This is Jasmine." She said, running her hand through her hair.

Channing looked at Jasmine and then at the director.

"Can I hold her?" Channing asked.

The director handed Jasmine to Channing and Channing looked her in the eye. She looked at the director.

"How old is she?" Channing asked.

"Jasmine is 8 months. Her mom died giving birth to her." She responded.

Jasmine lied her head on Channing's shoulder and Channing smiled and looked at the director.

"She's the one." Channing said softly.

Channing had to leave Jasmine at the home for another 3 days, before she was able to pick her up. That gave her 3 days to get her room together, and buy her everything that she needed. She and Aaron walked around Toys-R-Us picking up random things. Aaron picked up a baby doll and looked at Channing.

"Yeah toss it in." Channing said, scanning down her list.

She walked over to Babies-R-Us and bought Jasmine a bunch of new clothes, diapers, head bands, bottles, food dishes, lotion. Aaron looked in the cart.

"You're buying all of this and you don't even know how long she'll be with us." He said.

"I might adopt her...if everything goes okay." Channing said, looking at him.

Aaron smacked his lips and smiled, "They're not gonna let you." He said.

"Why not?" She asked.

"You're not married." He responded.

"But I make a married couple's salary. Besides, I adopted you." She responded, looking him in the face and walking off down the aisle.

Channing handed Aaron his car keys and looked him in the eye. He'd grown about 2 inches over the summer, so he was the same height as her.

"Call me when you get to school. Be careful, okay?" She said.

He nodded and grabbed the keys, before he put on his backpack, kissed Channing on the cheek and walked outside. Channing stood and watched as he got in the car.

"Seatbelt!" She yelled.

He tossed her a look and got in the car. He rolled down all of the windows, opened the sunroof and put on his music, before he drove off down the street. Channing shut the door. She was worried already. Tiny followed her around the house the entire day, as Channing worked from home. She wanted to be there when Aaron got back from his first day of Sophomore year. There was a knock at the door, so Channing stood up and pulled it open. Mel was at the door.

"Hey." Channing said, hugging her and opening the door wider for her to come in.

She kneeled down and kissed Tiny between the ears before she sat down on the couch next to where Channing had been working.

"How is everything?" Mel asked softly, looking over at Channing.

Channing exhaled, "Great. Aaron's first day of school was today. I let him drive, so I'm just waiting on him to get back." She said, looking over at her.

"How is everything with <em>you</em>?" Mel asked.

Channing smiled a little, "I'm really good." She said.

"You're sure?" Mel asked.

"Yes!" Channing responded. "Are you hungry? I've got leftovers from dinner last night."

"You know I don't eat leftovers." Mel responded.

"Well excuse the hell out of me, princess!" Channing exclaimed.

"What ever happened to that guy that you got pregnant by? Is he still around?" She asked.

"It sounds so bad when you put it that way." Channing said, sighing. "But no he's not. He's out of town for a while on business." Channing said.

"Hmm. Were you two together before he left?" She asked.

Channing shook her head, "No. We...kind of wanted the same things, but in different ways I guess." Channing said.

Mel sat quietly for a moment before a smile fell on her face, "There's a reason why I'm here."

Channing took off her glasses and sat back, "What's up?" She asked, sitting indian style.

"Well...I work with this program, where kids are placed in homes, after being pulled from foster homes. Usually the foster parent was abusive, or unable to care for them - whether that be financially or physically." Mel said.

"The home that they're placed it permanent?" Channing asked.

"It can be. But only if the person decides to adopt. If not, it's temporary and it could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on how quickly social services can find another foster home." Mel said.

Channing's mind was all over the place, "...Where do I sign up?"

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Wow!! Channing really needed that time to clear her head. Everything happened so fast!! I think Devin and Channing should've waited for sure. It seems like all the guys want back in her life. She definitely needs the time to think and get herself together before jumping into another relationship. Aaron got a car, so he better not f*** up anymore! But he's been good. I don't know who she's gonna end up with but I hope they treat her right. Maybe she meets a new guy :)

thank you readers!

im glad she went && saw another
its always good to have a second
opinion :)
-i hope she was right
i reallyy want Channing to be able to have kids

awe Ryyan is a sweetie
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mmmmm Devin. . . i knew his asz was
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YAYYYYYY!! Aaron got his car!!
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Wow glad to see that she still has a high chance at having kids...I like devin but he was wrong for what he said, and he knows it. I hope channing can end up happy...Love It! RUN IT!!

thank you @Mizz_Monique25

See I'm just so torn I want her to say F em all Devin, Nick and Ryan but then they all manage to see the a**holes they were to Channing and try to get back in her good graces hoping she'll get with them ugh and they bring on the charm and Im sorry's so thick. Like I wanna say F Devin cause he said and acted off some dumb hurtful sh*t, but then he comes back with that "I missed yo soo much while you were gone all that time yada yada yada I realized I missed and want you..." like what do you say to that glad they got interrupted during that convo. Nick and his mind games "I wanted you to say you wanted to be with me you never did but she did so I chose her, now I miss what we had and want you back" type ish ugh. Ryan "I'm sorry I cheated I was stupid and it meant nothing, then the you'll be a great mom your so loving sweet, caring, kind someone who deserves to be a mom...." stuff like ugh why they gotta be like dat. Who will Channing choose Im done tryna figure these dudes out they too much lol. And I'm glad Channing got her second opinion and the doctor offered her hope, that she may still have a chance at being a mom. I do hope she gets a child whether it's Ryan, Devin or Nicks baby. Hell maybe she'll meet a new dude who knows.S/N: I knew there was something fishy about Tristans mom,abuse, cps, etc she was mistreating him his whole childhood that's why he despises her janky heffa. Poor baby I hope Channing can get through to him and save him from himself. Aarons a great lil bro he's really a nice young man bet he's loving his new car too. Aww Tiny, I love that lil dog too.... Loved the add Carmen Run It!!!

enjoy (:

Channing woke up Saturday morning and took her vitamins and the medicine that the doctor in New York had recommended. The medicine made her a lot more tired at night, but the vitamins were making her hair grow thicker, and her skin was a lot clearer. She smiled at her reflection and washed her face before she walked downstairs and sat on the couch. Aaron's car was being delivered today and he had no idea. Devin had taken him to take his driving test. She hoped that he passed, so that he could drive to school next week. At about noon, he came in with a big smile on his face.

"I'm guessing you passed." She said, sitting her water down. Devin walked in and Channing looked over at him, "Thanks for taking him." She said, standing up and taking the license from Aaron. She smirked and shook her head. "Can't believe this." She said, kissing his forehead.

He walked into the kitchen and Channing looked at Devin. He bit his lip.

"At the risk of saying too much, I made a mistake." He said.

Channing laughed, "Saw this coming. You did say too much. Devin, you made the right choice for you. This isn't what you want." She said, shaking her head.

"It is though. It took y'all leaving to make me realize that. I'm too old to run away from commitment." He said.

"Devin, I may NEVER have kids. Right now, I'd like to think that I can. But let's be honest. You can't survive another miscarriage." She said.

"I can." He said.

"You can't. Just find a woman that will promise you children, because I can't do that." She said, shaking her head.

He opened his mouth to say something else when there was a horn outside. Channing smiled.

"Aaron! Someone's outside for you." She said.

"Bryce thirsty ass." Aaron said, leaving the kitchen.

Channing and Devin followed him outside and Aaron walked wearily towards the car.

"The f***?" He said.

Channing smiled and jumped a little, "Happy birthday!" She shrieked.

Aaron looked at her, his mouth dropped. "This mine?"

"Yes!" She said, smiling and walking towards him.

The delivery guy handed Channing the keys and Channing handed them to Aaron. He smiled and hugged his sister.

"I love you so much for this!" He said. "Devin you see this s***?"

Devin smiled and walked towards him. He dapped him up.

"You owe your sister straight A's all year." He said.

"s*** hell yeah." He said, getting in the car and looking around.

Devin looked at Channing, "You're an amazing sister." He said.

"Aaron lost his mother and, although material things can't make up for that, he deserves the best things out of life." She said.

"He already has the best." Devin said.

Channing looked over at him.

"He's got you." He said, looking her in the eye.

I am beyond excited for Channing now the only question is who will be the lucky guy to share her joy with? Maybe she can give Ryan just one more chance

Channing got home from work and opened the back door of her car. Tiny hopped out of the car and waited in the grass for Channing. Channing walked down the driveway to get the mail just as Devin was grabbing his. She smiled a little and turned to go back inside. He crossed the grass.

"Where've y'all been? It's been a few weeks." <a href=>He</a> said.

"Went home. Wanted to clear my head." Channing said, kneeling down and picking up Tiny.

She looked down at Tiny and rubbed in between her ears. When she looked back at Devin, he was staring.

"You look good." He said, smiling a little.

"Thanks." She responded.

"Is everything okay? No hospital trips, right?" He asked.

"Actually everything's really good. I got a second opinion while I was home. I'm okay." Channing said, nodding. "I've gotta go though. Got some work to do. It was good seeing you."

She turned and walked up the steps to go inside. Devin rubbed his head and walked back next door. Channing shut the door and put Tiny down. Tiny followed her around all evening, as Channing looked over Tristan's file with critical eyes. She found some medical records near the back of the file. There were countless hospital visits from the time he was 3 years old. There was even a report of a social worker going out to Tristan's house on a call that his mother was unfit. Channing took off her glasses and looked down at Tiny, who was asleep at her feet. She picked her up and put her in her lap.

"Mommy missed you." She said softly.

Tiny licked Channing's cheek. Channing smiled and stood up. She walked to the kitchen and looked out of the window to see Devin and Aaron shooting around. She considered going out there, but she turned off the kitchen light and went to bed instead.

When Channing and Aaron headed back home, he looked over at his sister.

"We had a cool lil' day with Ryan yesterday." Aaron said.

Aaron, Channing and Ryan had gone to Dave & Buster's last night. Ryan insisted on seeing Channing before she left so they all went to eat and played games. Aaron and Ryan ended up getting along by the end of the night, although Aaron gave him hell at first.

"We did." Channing said, smiling. "Thank you for just, being with me, out here Aaron. It's good to know that through all of the miscarriages and heartbreaks, I've got one constant in my life - you."

"And Tiny. Don't forget Tiny." He said.

"I have to remember to pick her up from Nick's when we get back. I hope that they took care of her." Channing said.

"I'm sure Nathan did. Nick's ass...I don't know." Aaron mumbled, texting on his phone.

Channing smiled and zoned out, with the long stretch of highway between them and home. He let his seat back.

"What are you gonna say to Devin when you see him?" Aaron asked.

"I don't know. I've been asking myself that." Channing said. "I'll just be polite."

"You're better than me. I would've left s*** on his front porch." Aaron said, looking out of the window.

"Sometimes I wonder where the hell you come up with this mess." Channing said, shaking her head.

"I'm a cold blooded mothaf***a, Channing." He said.

"Language." She responded.

"f*** that." He mumbled, putting his earbuds in.

"Oh now you won't talk to me!" She said.

"Shut up." He said, turning over and going to sleep.

Channing sighed and plugged up her iPod. She put on "February Sun" and smiled to herself as the beautiful music filled her car. She rolled down the window and stuck her hand out.

Nooope! No, no, no! Absolutely NOT!!

How in the world does her mother want her to go back with Ryan when he had SEX with her best friend?!

I just don't get it...

Hope the second pair of eyes finds hope for Channing. She deserves it!