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R U A Chris Brown Fan?!

Answer these questions to find out!!!

1.Would you get mad if Chris Brown had a gf? Why or why not
2.Would you buy every cd that came out of his? Why or why not
3.Go to every concert that u could possibly go to of his? Why or why not
4.If you had a chance to meet him would u scream and yell or play it cool? Why or why not
5.If you ever had a chance to work with him would u do it for the money or to meet him?Why or why not
6.If u had a choice to take home 5,000 dollars or meet Chris Brown which would u pick?Why or why not
7.If Chris Brown gave u a expensive gift wwould u accept it or jus ignore it and spend time with him? Why or why not
8.If Chris Brown was to give up all his money and the fame woud u still truly like him or move on to anothe celebrity? Why or why not

*People please answer this honestly in your reply with ur other comments!!

*This test is not to judge people but for fun only. I will let the fans decide if u r a real fan or not!! People please don't take this offensive and please don't make any rude comments!!