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*~*Diary Of A S H A T T E R E D Soul*~*(_*_The ƸӜƷ Effect_*_)


Dear Diary,

As i write what will be my last entry my wrist are bleeding out as the 5 different pills i've taken are startin to taken an effect.I promise to leave you right by me i want everyone to know my story of why i decide to take my life on a night such as this one.Mom and Dad if your reading this i want you to know i love you very much and im soo sorry i know i've disappointed you've both.Shannon i love you with all my being your the best little sister anyone could every hope for and i hope when you get to be my age you turn out nothing like me.To those who are know what is yet known as unknown I FORGIVE YOU

Love Forever,

<a href="">Blue Harper</a>


Girl if you don't run this lol

Run it

Run it

adding around 3 so run it

Awe that's cute!
I can't wait to be mrs. Neverson, she can't wait too mrs. Brown! Lol!
What would be funny is if during this project Trey knocked Laila up? Like they didn't learn anything! Uhh ohh they gone closer and closer, lol!

For some reason I love the way Chris is lol
But May bump my girl one more time and we gone have a problem RNS

R U N I T ! ! !


Trey:yeah you say that s*** now
Laila & Blue:*laughs*
Mrs.Draper:okay class i would like everyone to now seperate and sit with your partner once your settled i'll explain the project
(everyone moves thier chairs and desk around)
Mrs.Draper:okay now this week's project to take on the task of a married couple,meanin assigning the head of the house hold,childern or no if so how many,etc.....i will now pass out the assignment sheet with all questions and task you and your partner must complete.
Chris:well well looks like your mrs.brown now
Blue:in yo dreams boo boo
Chris:yeah but it could become reality *winks at her*
Blue:*makes a stank face* ugh plz like i want any of may's sloppy seconds
Chris:see why yu gotta go there
BLue:cause its true
Chris:why dont you guys like eachother didnt you use to be best friends
Blue:yea till she started thinking she was betta den every f***in body *rolls her eyes*
Chris:yeah i see ya point there
Blue*sighs*anyways can we get to the task at hand
CHris:okay okay*rasies his hands*
Blue:whose the bread maker...wait nevermind thats me
Chris:hold the hell up who said i wanna be some stay at home type nigga
Blue:*sticks her tongue out*
Chris:why yu keep teasing me boo *lips his lips and grabs his crotch*
Blue:*rolls her eyes* boy please .... ew
(the bell rings)
Blue:see you play to much *sucks her teeth*
Chris:chill we'll go over the rest a lunch .. okay?!?
(everyone gets up and heads off to their next class,gia bumps into blue on purpose)
Blue:wtf ...excuse you b****
Gia:no excuse you....betta slow your role hoe*roll her eyes and walks off*
Blue:*shakes her head and heads to her next class*


Gia need to take her ass on somewhere hell. Chris is a fool.

R U N I T ! ! ! ! ! !

Run it I lov it Chris tryna b all up on blue lol n Gia a hater


*Home Ec*

Mrs.Draper:good morning class
Class:good morning mrs.draper
Mrs.Draper:today we will be doing something fun to start of the school year
Laila:i wonder what her idea of fun is *rolls her eyes*
Blue:word!shes as much fun as gettin hit by a bus
(they laugh as trey and chris walk in)
Mrs.Draper:well hello mr.brown and mr.neverson...5 minutes both have detention
Chris:*sucks his teeth* its not even my fault
Trey:*puts his hands up* whoa whoa i kno u not bout to try to blame this s*** on me
Chris:hell yea i am f***
Trey:you yellow mother...
Mrs.Draper:*cuts trey off* shut it ... the both of you go take your seats
(they go sit by laila and blue)
Chris:*stares at blue*So blue wassup how you been
Blue:*avoids eye contact*ive been good and you
Chris:hm...i guess ive been wassup with me and you hanging out sometimes*reaches over and rubs her hand*
Laila:*shakes her head and chuckles*
(Gia pushes her books on the floor causing everyone look back while she gives chris a warning look)
Blue:*shakes her head and moves her hand* i think u needa slow your roll
Trey:word before gia say something to may
Laila:i wish that b**** would *looks back at gia and flips her off*
Chris:aint nobody worried bout gia or may rachet asses
Blue:funny ....i would love to see you say that to her face
Chris:*chuckles* you think im scared ...*gets cut off*
Mrs.Draper:today assignment will be a project
M/v1:on the first day of school?!?
Mrs.Draper:yes on the first day
Mrs.Draper:with that said all girls come up and pick a name out of the hat ...that will be your partner for this project
(all the girls come up and pick a name)
Laila:who you'd get?
Blue:.....chris *rolls her eyes*who'd you get
Laila:my baby of course *pecks trey's lips*
Chris:dont fight it yu know yu want me baby *liicks his finger and rubs his nipple through his shirt while biting his lip*
Blue:*cracks up*
(laila,blue,trey,and chris look back)
Gia:*gives blue a stank look*
Blue:*flips her off and turns back around*
Chris:dont pay her no mind

(srry guess im got prego brain i'll finish up the add lata once i take my nap anyways run it)

May and her little crew need to go on some where!
Do I see a connect with miss. blue and chris?


Lol me n mike nasty let's jus beat may SSS alreadi she irritation run it

I'm feeling it. I can tell there's finna be somme s*** between Blue and May...and it has something to do with Chris. I like the characters.
R U N I T ! ! ! !

no runs .... not even frm the cast ...hmmm okay *walks back out*

today's the first day back to so excited yet whole winter break was a complete bore on the account of my friends getting boyfriends and all.(yeah im still single :/) but i did have a little fun i guess.i actually got to go to trey's (laila's boyfriend) party it was cool and all until some people showed up...i had to get outta there once that happened.but lemme go my mom is naggin bout me being late i shud really care im no longer a freshman anymore ..this year im finally a sophomore ;*

Pickles & Pimp Jucie


<strong>*AT SCHOOL*<strong>
Blue:*walks in cafeteria looking for her friends*
<a href="">Miya</a> :yeo blue ...over here *waves back and forth*
Blue:*runs over* heeeeeeeeyyyyyyy booooooooosssssss *embraces her friends in a big group hug*
<a href="">Laila</a> :where the hell you been at hoe
<a href="">Nicole</a> :word! you just up and disappered on us during the summer like
Blue:not even ya'll were just to busy with ya'll boos to even notice little ol me *pouts*
Nicole:*plucks her in the forehead* dont even try it tramp kus you know that aint true
Laila:yeah! you know we're all sisters for life no niggas will get in the way of that
Miya:*nods in agreement* its blood in , blood out thug life b****es
Nicole:*looks at her like shes crazy*
Blue:lol,anyways speaking of "boos" where the guys at
(soon as she says that the guys walk in through the door)
Blue:*spotting them* hmm speaking of the devils
Miya:*turns her head in the same direction* how long you think its gonna take for them to spot us
Nicole:who knows when it comes to laith's slow ass
Miya:*glares at her*
Nicole:*falls over laughing*
Blue:they must have heard nicole's loud ass cause they comming this way *waves at them*
(the guys walk over and take a seat next to the girls)
<a href="">Trey</a>:hey boo*pecks laila's lip*
Laila:hey ... what took ya'll so long to get here
Trey:*shakes his head* please dont askk *notices blue* hey blue girl wassup how you been *reaches over to give her dap*
Blue:*daps him* ive been good you kno how i do *pops her collar*
Laila:*rasies her eyebrow* no the f*** we dont know how you do
<a href="">Mike</a> :*cracks up*
Blue:*throws a peanut at his head*
<a href="">Shad</a> :wheres everybody else at like classes about to start
<a href="">Laith</a> :noe i know you're b**** ass aint talkin about some damn class
<a href="">Mason</a> :word we all know what you come to school for
(everyone laughs at shad)
f/v:well well well who do we have here ...
(blue turns around to see who it is)
Blue:*rolls her eyes* hello May
<a href="">May</a> :hello blue.... i see you're looking well being you're not cover in slushie......yet *smirks*
Nicole:come on now may ... can we all jst get along its the first day of school
May: hmmmm *taps her chin* ...i guess your right *takes a seat next to shad*
Miya:ugh! im so bored i wish the bell would just ring already
May:girl is you crazy *shakes her head* im in no way ready to go to class
Shad:word ....cutting buddies?!? *puts his fist out for her to dap*
May:cutting buddies *daps his fist*
Nicole,Blue,and Laila:*shakes their head*
(two other girls walk over to the kisses mason while the other kisses shad)
May:hey you hoes where ya'll been
<a href="">Gia</a> :im late kus of this heffa *points to kimm*
<a href="">Kimberly</a> :girl i woke up late i had to f***ing rush this morning like ughhh im already dreading the school year

(chris walkss in the door and over to the table)
<a href="">Chris</a> : sup people?!? *gives the boys dap*
May:and whats your excuse mister
Chris:*pecks her lips* dont start with me .....*notices blue and smirks a little* hey blue wassup
Blue:*waves* hey
May:*notices what chris is doing and kicks him under the table*
Blue:im just ready for this day to be over *dramatically pretends to faint*
Miya:*laughs*why ...from the conversation last night i gathered you was hype about this year
Blue:**makes the -___- face*
Laila:*busts out laughing*
Trey:why ouldnt ya'll be hype ya'll no longer freshmen anymore
Nicole:word! i know thats right *daps Laila*
Blue:yeah thats cool and all but still its school ........
Laith:just sad
Nicole:You *points at laith* shut it kus all you guys are seniors this is ya'll last year there is nothing for ya'll to complain about
Miya:word *folds her arms and pouts*
Shad:so what like blue said its still school *daps blue*
Kimberly:*rasies her eyebrow* and since when do we agreee with people like her *gives blue a stank look*
Blue:*smiles and blows her a kiss*
Nicole:come on we already talked to may bout this ... be easy the school year has even really started yet
Miya:*shakes her head,whispers in blue's ear*if this b****es keep trying you just gimme the word and we can both drop em right here right now
Blue:*laughs hard,starts choking n her juice*
Chris:whats so funny i wanna know the joke
Blue & Miya:*looks at eachother* hmmm.... Nay *falls out laughing*
Nicole:stank heffas *rolls her eyes*
Miya:we love you too Nic *blows her a kiss*
Mike:man *sucks his teeth* im hungry
Nicole:you always hungry babe
Mike :i know should come feed me *reaches between her legs while licking his lips*
Gia:ew nasties get a room
(everyone bust out laughing)
May:chris baby
Chris:hmm *not really paying attention to her*
May:im thristy
May:dont you wanna get me something to drink
Chris:**looks at her up and down* is something wrong with your legs
Chris:then no
May:*glares at her*
Blue:*winks back*

(the bell rings)

Shad:ugh! finally

(everyone gets up and heads off to class)


Damn I wonder what brought her to do something like that... I wanna know

R U N I T ! ! !